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  • blackmarango by blackmarango May 4, 2016 1:59 PM Flag

    For my 20,000th post I will wish the board the following:

    1. GERN is bought out SOON at a PPS greater than $10.

    2. jko and joanie get married and live in short squeeze heaven.

    3. Chippy is fired and lives happily ever after with proceeds from his egregious compensation.

    Now, back to the dummies, trolls, hypesters, spin doctors and imposters!

    Of course, IMO.

  • The timing of the FDA Hold and the $80 Million Fidelity secondary which promptly lost about half its value has always bothered me.

    We've discussed, on many threads, the FDA Hold Protocol which clearly states that the FDA will get in touch with the company and try to resolve the issue(s) prior to enacting a Hold. How long would this take? No one seems to know but I suspect that, in general, 6-8 weeks would be a reasonable assumption.

    I opine that chippy/ GERN, most probably, knew something was up with the FDA PRIOR to the secondary being finalized. There was only a little over a month between.

    So, why didn't Fidelity wait until the FDA outcome was known?

    It would have saved them about $40 Million.

    Why wasn't the Fidelity executive who signed the deal outraged?

    Why didn't Fidelity try to have chippy removed? As I recall, chippy was up for re-election following this mess.

    This situation just did NOT make sense back then and it still makes NO sense.

    In Market situations like this there is ALWAYS a reason. We just don't know what it is.

    So, I'm back to the start. Is Fidelity part of the problem? If not, what is?

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Mar 19, 2016 12:52 PM Flag

    EVERY worthwhile book describing company management will state that the CEO's Primary Duty IS TO INCREASE THE COMPANY'S VALUE!

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 19, 2016 1:05 PM Flag

    Give me all the thumbs down and and generate as many sinister aliases as you can, but, I told you guys/ gals so.

    Nothing is going to happen UNTIL we get some significant Phase 2 news! PERIOD. The Market simply does NOT care about all these conferences. The Market wants GERN to show something solid after all these 20 years of broken promises.

    And, it is simply a PPS killer that chippy issued the Exclusive World Wide IMET License for ALL Human Use with terms that were simply GERN investor unfriendly. If you don't see that by now you're just plain stupid as an investor.

    Chippy Must Be Fired before it's too late.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 12, 2016 10:15 AM Flag

    I received my Proxy Material from two brokers this morning via email.

    If you haven't received yours, you should have it soon.

    I urge EVERYONE to vote AGAINST chippy's egregious compensation.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 16, 2016 8:20 AM Flag

    I have been reviewing the metrics for chippy's bonus in his compensation package (YES, COMPENSATION)!!! It's difficult to fail the metrics when they're set at ground level. Chippy was "assured" full bonus virtually at the get-go. Gee, Thanks BoD!!!

    Vote Against for Huh to have another term. He failed investors!!!

    So, intelligent investors might ask what would be reasonable. I'll give you a performance based example for some of you spin doctors and hypesters who continue to profess that the PPS should/ will be $50, or $100, or more!

    Since the PRIMARY duty of a CEO is to increase investors' value, let's base chippy's bonus on increasing the GERN PPS. I'd recommend based on a Dec 31st GERN PPS evaluation date every year:

    1. I'd give chippy a 100% bonus (based on his current salary) if the PPS was increased by a factor of 2. $3.26 would have to be $6.52.

    2. I'd increase chippy's base salary by $500,000.

    3. If the PPS did NOT increase the PPS by a factor of 2, chippy would get NO Bonus or Salary Increase.

    4. Two successive years of failure, chippy is fired.

    Think about it spin doctors. Four years of successful chippy would get the PPS to about $50.

    Let's quit the gravy train and put some teeth into the performance metrics.

    Vote Against on the Proxy items.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Mar 28, 2016 9:57 AM Flag

    It's clear to everyone except the board dummies, hypesters and the spin doctors that we have a MAJOR disconnect between IMET clinical progress and the PPS reacting positively.

    The operative question is why?


    Why has our dear leader, chippy, been silent about this disconnect? After all, his PRIMARY duty, as CEO, is to increase company value!!!!

    He has failed.


    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 5, 2016 10:25 PM Flag

    As found in another thread, my point seems to be missed about why is Janssen recruiting in 47 sites and has 77 listed for only 40 near term patients? So, let me try again.

    It takes time, money and qualified people to set up worldwide testing sites. The site testing people must be trained and site/ country approvals must be gained. So, if you're only going to test just 40 patients ( that number has been used over and over again as 20 patients in each of two dosing arms), near term, why set up 77 separate sites in multiple countries?

    It just doesn't make sense. It would make MORE sense to have fewer sites and have more than one patient per site (my assumption of 1 patient per site). If more than one patient is actually being tested per actual site, my logic for far too many sites for current testing needs is even more profound. By the way, the "big" test with perhaps 100s of patients was to start AFTER this IMBARK dosing test.

    Why does Janssen need 77 sites with 47 sites recruiting? It doesn't make sense. While GERN/ chippy may do stupid things, I don't think that Janssen is adding sites just to wait months, even years ( chippy's chart 17 indicating that the data cut for preliminary analysis is 2 H 2017)!!! Again, the "big" test to be AFTER the dosing test.

    So, what's chippy NOT telling us about this testing?

    Janssen is doing this for a reason!

    These are questions that investors should be asking chippy.

    Sleep on it.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango May 10, 2016 10:35 AM Flag

    I think that most of us have been wondering the specifics of who/ what is causing our PPS to be depressed despite such apparent good/ excellent IMET testing news.

    It simply does NOT make sense. When things in the Market don't make sense, there is ALWAYS a reason!!! We just don't know what it is.

    So, let's approach the issue/ problem a different way!


    While some may profess that it's the shorts (who never seem to cover no matter what the PPS), the more obvious answer is the Buyer in a Buy Out.

    So, who would be the Buyer?

    The simple answer would be Janssen!!! But, is that really the correct answer?

    Might there be other companies, possibly not even the pharms, who may view GERN as a "Money Tree" with about a $ Billion in State and Federal tax credits, potentially Up To $900 Million in Progress Payments, AND possibly $200 Million (two, three, four times that) per year in Royalties as a Janssen $ Billion per year drug for many years into the future?

    Maybe there is a bigger picture here which we haven't examined???

    Just Think About It.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 25, 2016 1:09 PM Flag

    I think that they already KNOW whether they confirmed Dr. T's results and that IMET IS EFFECTIVE in a subset of MF patients. There is LITTLE doubt in my mind that this is TRUE!!!

    I further think that Janssen is stalling for time before buying-out GERN!!! Why the stall? I don't know unless it has to do with the most cost-effective way for them to do it.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango May 19, 2016 4:31 PM Flag

    I am beginning to wonder if chippy actually received and understood the message sent to him by the first questioner in the audience and the the first caller? He should recognize that things are NOT Peaches and Cream in GERON Land!!! And, folks are starting to voice discontent! It should be a Wake Up Call for chippy and the AWOL BoD!!! Their gravy train may just be in JEOPARDY!

    I think that this is the FIRST time that there were antagonistic questions for which chippy had NO prepared legalese statement.

    Anyone notice how chippy side stepped the submitted question as to why their compensation should not be tied to the PPS?

    And, to blame the sorry PPS on HFT and other trading techniques rather than his failed leadership is utterly ridiculous. We, investors, deserve better!

    It's time for chippy to recognize that he has FAILED to increase investors' value and it's time for investors to get rid of chippy before it's too late.

    Of course, IMO.

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    by shoenfield Mar 14, 2016 1:34 PM
    blackmarango blackmarango Mar 14, 2016 2:02 PM Flag

    The Operative Question that EVERY shareholder should be asking themselves IS can the PPS ever get to double digits with chippy at the helm????

    I fear the answer is a resounding NO!!!

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 9, 2016 10:36 AM Flag

    I think that most of us, at least the intelligent ones, would agree that there is: 1. something strange going on with the disconnect between the apparent good IMET results and the GERN PPS, and 2. chippy's schedule chart 17 and the continued, perhaps accelerated, Janssen testing site world wide site opening and recruiting.

    I opine that when things just don't make Market sense, there is always a reason!!! It's NOT happenstance!!!

    What if there is already a Conditional Buy Out in place with Janssen and it's 1. conditional based on some not currently achieved IMET success, and 2. contained in chippy's Secret Document(s)???

    You say that it can't happen that way?

    Please recall that chippy has not and, apparently, will not release the metrics for the BIG "Up To" Progress Payments. WHY NOT??? If chippy was doing his job increasing investors' value, you would think that the metrics would be GOOD news for investors! Why are they Secret?

    If there are any junk yard lawyers out there, please share your views whether such a Conditional Buy Out could "legally" be kept Secret until the "triggering" metrics were met.

    Some of you wanted some speculation and conjecture, so, here it is.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Mar 7, 2016 12:44 PM Flag

    We have a very nice continuation of the upward mo-mo that started last week with, apparently, little profit taking.

    Are the Big Boys continuing to play us or is there some news that is starting to leak, somewhere and somehow?

    After all, if you were a MF or MDS patient facing certain death and, all of a sudden, had a PR or CR, wouldn't you tell your friends and relatives? There may be up to 70 current patients. If Mayo's results are verified with Janssen's testing, there certainly should be some PRs and CRs by now!!!!

    The sad part is, with chippy's continued Veil of Silence and his Secret Document(s), we're not likely to get confirmation of anything anytime soon! We're treated like mushrooms!

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Mar 15, 2016 9:01 AM Flag

    Seems like everyone has their panties in a wad about the CPXX which only gives patients another 3-4 months.

    IMET, on the other hand, could offer PRs and CRs!!!

    Big Difference!

    Now, just maybe, some of you are starting to understand why I have been so terribly critical of chippy's inept management, Veil of Silence and Secret Document(s).

    We should have a PPS in the double digits. No Doubt About It. We have chippy to thank that it's nowhere near double digits.

    Of course, IMO.

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    by tazamatic2002 Mar 25, 2016 10:06 AM
    blackmarango blackmarango Mar 25, 2016 10:17 AM Flag

    All excellent indications that Janssen is satisfied with the IMET results that they have seen thus far!

  • blackmarango by blackmarango May 6, 2016 1:06 PM Flag

    Given what we've heard from chippy, how many of you think that GERN will get all the $900 Million in the next 3 years? No, let's make that 4 years. No way in Hell that's going to happen in 3 years!

    Thumbs Up = Yes

    Thumbs Down = No

    I say No. I think that they'll be bought out before getting the Continuation Agreement's $65 Million.

    Of course, IMO.

  • I think that it's time for us to discuss and assess the quality of the license dealt to Janssen by chippy in view of how it has affected GERN investors! And, the discussions indicated that the vast number of posters believe that the License has NOT been beneficial to investors. Of course, you could look at the current PPS and make that very same conclusion.

    I'm beginning to wonder if investors were "sold out" just like we were when chippy sold ALL the stem cell IP for peanuts?


    1. Up front payment of $35 Million which REALLY was not upfront

    2. Continuation payment of $65 Million paid who knows when

    3. How much of the $800+ Million "Up To" money will GERN actually receive

    and the BIG BIG Slam Dunk

    4. Exclusive World Wide IMET License FOR ALL HUMAN USES to Janssen for about 16 years (duration of patents)


    HOW HAS THIS HELPED INVESTORS???? The resounding answer is that it has NOT!!!

    Isn't it time that we get a CEO who puts increasing investors value FIRST???

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango blackmarango May 18, 2016 2:56 PM Flag

    So, you want us to believe that anyone who asked chippy a tough question is a fraud?

    Did you notice that chippy did NOT answer the question as to why their Executive Compensation should not be tied to the PPS performance even though he mentioned that it was asked?

    And the Continuation Decision in 2 H 2017?

    We should have gotten rid of chippy years ago.

    Of course, IMO.

  • blackmarango by blackmarango Apr 3, 2016 1:28 PM Flag

    Janssen started the initial MF testing in Sep '15 with 2 - 20 patient dosing arms.

    Initial patient results to be assessed at 12 weeks post injection.

    More than 6 months have gone by!

    How many of you think that Janssen has Initial Results on at least 20 patients?

    Thumbs Up = YES

    Thumbs Down = NO

    I opine YES for a starter!