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  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz 17 hours ago Flag

    Look no further than Canadair.

    The Federal government must demand transfer of the multiple-voting Class A shares from the family to the government and seats on the BOD as a condition of any equity injection. This would effectively prevent foreign or private equity takeovers that would be to the detriment of both Canada and BBD shareholders alike.

    Last time around government sold the crown corporation to BBD after incurring huge losses on development of the Challenger jet, while BBD and the family profited immensely afterward. Well think of this as payback time... a reverse Canadair transaction that allows the government to recover those lost profits via the new CSeries. And the family and common shareholders can stick along for the ride if they like.

    @Federal officials are privately telling reporters the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is concerned about how Bombardier is run, particularly the company’s ownership structure that gives its founding family control of the company through a special category of multiple-voting shares. Some industry observers point out that the dual-class shares are in fact protecting the company from a foreign takeover, which would be made easier as the company’s stock price has fallen below $1 (Canadian). They note that a buyer would likely break the company up, creating a political and economic crisis for Canada’s aerospace sector as the effects ripple to suppliers and other companies.

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    Trucking Stocks

    by echk06 Feb 6, 2016 11:58 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 6, 2016 12:54 PM Flag

    I've been riding the rails, specifically CNI (more accurately CNR.TO), down through this correction. CNR.TO has been stuck in a wide trading range of 70-90 for well over a year now, but overall has been pretty resilient. It's a long-term holding for me that has provided a very decent return over the years, and I plan to hold it forever, as I do tobacco stocks.

  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 6, 2016 12:45 PM Flag

    This puts USA (aka the coalition) firmly between a rock and a hard place. After years complaining about the lack of commitment by SA to put men into direct ground combat with the 'enemy' , that nation has now called USA's bluff.

    An invasion of Syria, even if under the guise of attacking ISIS, will be rightly viewed as a declaration of war. I do not see how Russia and Iran would stand idly by. No unanimous approval by UN Security council will be forthcoming. So once again, USA (aka the coalition) will be drawn into an illegal war.

    If USA rejects the offer, which I think they will end up doing if they have any common sense remaining, then SA will be exposed as a false ally. It's about time this all came to a head.

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    Have decided to vote for Sanders

    by aaplbash3345 Feb 6, 2016 8:49 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 6, 2016 12:35 PM Flag

    Great choice. As a Canadian looking in, I see no other candidate in the US, GOP or Democrat, who is even remotely as honest and outspoken as Bernie Sanders. These are qualities are are sorely lacking in politics and government. He reminds me a lot of now deceased NDP leader Jack Layton - a man of the people and for the people.

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    Trucking Stocks

    by echk06 Feb 6, 2016 11:58 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 6, 2016 12:11 PM Flag

    North American railroad intermodal unit traffic is up ~2.9% YOY in January. Intermodal makes up roughly half of all RR traffic. It's about the only bright spot in the railroaders so far this year, apart from 7.7% increase in motor vehicle carloads. Total traffic including the intermodal segment is down 6.8% YOY, largely due to a drop of 31.9% in coal carloads.

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    Can Shire get any cheaper?

    by gizmondo123 Feb 5, 2016 11:58 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 9:06 PM Flag

    Yes. 1 GBP = 100 GBp There's a great site to get quotes and information on European listed stocks.

    Google search: 4 traders

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    Can Shire get any cheaper?

    by gizmondo123 Feb 5, 2016 11:58 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 6:36 PM Flag

    There's a gap to fill on SHPG at ~151 from way back in April 2014. The chart of SHP traded on the LSE shows long-term support down at ~3400 GBp vs. a close today at 3671, which is another ~7% down. I'll be looking to add at those levels.

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    by blackoutbuzz Oct 17, 2015 10:43 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 6:29 PM Flag

    FDA accepted the re-submission. Target date for PDUFA news is end of July.

    @Shire plc announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has acknowledged receipt of the resubmission of the New Drug Application (NDA) for lifitegrast for the treatment of signs and symptoms of dry eye disease in adults. Shire resubmitted the NDA in response to the complete response letter (CRL) received from the FDA on October 16, 2015 that requested an additional clinical study and more information related to product quality. The FDA determined that the submission is a complete response and has assigned a 6-month review period for the NDA and a Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) goal date of July 22, 2016.

  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 4:37 PM Flag

    Why aren't OLED's latest P2OLED emitter material performance specs included in this comparison? This would be more appropriate than an apples to oranges comparison. OLED should regularly publish reports on progress in their soluble emitter products, and show that those products have performance equal or superior to that of competitors'' products. It's not sufficient, in my view, for OLED to simply claim that they will be ready when the market is ready.

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    Game over

    by blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 2:33 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 3:26 PM Flag

    And there it is. Russia won't happen for obvious reasons. But Toronto City is another no-brainer. Get on with it.

    @OTTAWA, Feb 5 (Reuters) - Canada said it was lifting some sanctions against Iran, including a ban on financial services, imports and exports, thereby allowing companies such as plane maker Bombardier Inc to compete against rivals. In a statement on Friday, the new Liberal government said all applications for export permits would be considered on a case-by-case basis. The European Union, the United States and other major nations have already lifted some of their own punitive measures, leading to complaints that Canadian companies were being left behind. Foreign Minister Stephane Dion said Bombardier, as well as oil, gas, chemical and agricultural companies, should benefit.

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 2:33 PM Flag

    If BBD eliminates the dual-class structure, the company will quickly be bought out by private equity at the current hugely depressed stock price. The federal government could assist BBD in various ways that do not cost it a single penny: two simple examples are 1- approve jests at Toronto City airport and 2- Lift sanctions against Russia and Iran. This is the death knell for common shareholders, and it is growing increasingly likely to occur with each passing day. Very sad ending.

    @The Canadian government is pushing for changes in the dual-class share structure of embattled aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Inc. in exchange for possible financial aid, officials familiar with the plans said.
    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, which is reviewing a request by Bombardier to help fund the development of its C Series jet, is concerned about the company’s corporate governance rules through which the Bombardier family controls the business, three people familiar with the file said, speaking on condition they not be identified because discussions are ongoing. If the Canadian government imposes a governance condition, it may force Bombardier into a tough choice: loosen family control of the business or give up federal funding.

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 1:14 PM Flag

    That name might very well be an homage to the Wolf of Wall Street. I'll bet Chuck and the BOD were having a good laugh when they came up with it. In the end, I suspect this will be Chuck's exit plan... to leave CREE and head over to run Wolfspeed.

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    Damn you JP Morgan

    by magic8ball_2u Feb 5, 2016 10:34 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 12:07 PM Flag

    Don't worry... it'll get there. The movements in CREE often have little correlation to news events. After years following this stock, I have yet to understand the mechanisms that actually drive it. I suspect brokers use it as an options playground and that they generate a large majority of their profits from action in the derivatives one week after another. Fundamentals are secondary to the price action in this stock.

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    OT: Boots on the ground

    by blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 11:25 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 5, 2016 10:22 AM Flag

    Even if this was to occur under the guise of an attack on ISIS, the Syria regime will equate it to an act of war, and rightly so. I would assume Russia and Iran will not idly stand by either. If the coalition approves of this action, they will have plenty of explaining to do to the UN Security Council.

  • blackoutbuzz by blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 11:25 PM Flag

    So SA now wants to send ground troops into Syria, purportedly to fight ISIS. I wonder what changed to make them suddenly so brave? Will USA - oops I mean "The Coalition" - approve?

    @A Saudi military spokesman said Thursday the kingdom is ready to send ground troops to Syria to fight the Islamic State group provided coalition leaders agree during an upcoming meeting in Brussels. Brigadier-General Ahmed Asiri told the Associated Press that Saudi Arabia has taken part in coalition air strikes against the Islamic State since the United States-led campaign began in September, 2014, but could now provide ground troops. The United States is scheduled to convene a meeting of defence ministers from countries fighting the Islamic State in Brussels this month. “We are determined to fight and defeat Daesh,” Brig.-Gen. Asiri said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. He didn’t elaborate on how many troops the kingdom would send.

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    Big money boys continue to dump

    by nsscover99 Feb 4, 2016 7:11 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 8:57 PM Flag

    Why would the "big money boys" cover their shorts if there's a recession looming?

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    Big money boys continue to dump

    by nsscover99 Feb 4, 2016 7:11 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 8:57 PM Flag

    CLF CLD X BTU NEM GOLD RIO BHP are "safe haven dividend plays"?

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    still long and strong 7k shares from $4

    by bulltard Dec 18, 2015 1:22 PM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 3:27 PM Flag

    Still holding out for that 500 target price on UHAL?

  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 3:01 PM Flag


    @Excluding unfavorable currency of $1.20, reported diluted earnings per share up by $0.86 or 18.1% versus $4.76 in 2014 Excluding unfavorable currency of $1.20, adjusted diluted earnings per share up by $0.60 or 12.0% versus $5.02 in 2014 Excluding unfavorable currency of $4.7 billion and the impact of acquisitions, reported net revenues, excluding excise taxes, up by 5.8% Excluding unfavorable currency of $2.4 billion and the impact of acquisitions, reported operating companies income up by 10.8% Excluding unfavorable currency and the impact of acquisitions, adjusted operating companies income up by 6.6%

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    Greg CREEd on Cramer?

    by kathlenebradshaw Feb 4, 2016 10:21 AM
    blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz Feb 4, 2016 1:51 PM Flag

    I agree. So do you think today's news warrants a 5+% jump in CREE stock price?

    @February 3, 2016 9:00 AM DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Wolfspeed, A Cree Company, announced today that Gruppo PBM, a leader in industrial battery chargers, is using Wolfspeed™ SiC MOSFETs in its new HF9 battery charger family to enable higher efficiency and power density at a lower overall system cost.

29.04-0.73(-2.45%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST