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    Why do idiots post in all caps?

    by hopeimakemoney 5 hours ago
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 5 hours ago Flag

    To make sure that we read their idiotic posts :)

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    by hwj1954 21 hours ago
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 20 hours ago Flag

    James Park a mirror image of Steve Jobs? I was told to purchase Apple stock 1998 because Steve was coming back.I just entered the market saw that Apple was in trouble new nothing about Technology was uneducated for a possible turnaround then on top of it all they are selling very low quality products.Life goes on

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    by hwj1954 21 hours ago
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 21 hours ago Flag

    Any large institutions own Fibit or are they waiting for ER?

  • Megan K., 38, a kindergarten teacher in Philadelphia, PA, had tried to lose weight before, but nothing seemed to work. “I’ve struggled with my weight on and off throughout my life,” says Megan. “And I had always been interested in fitness, but I was never able to stick with it.” So when Megan learned about Fitbit trackers from a friend last spring, her husband took note. “He bought me a Fitbit One for my birthday,” says Megan, “and it was love at first sight.”

    “I was instantly motivated by having a step goal,” she says. “Once I saw I could regularly hit 10,000 steps, I was unstoppable.” Megan spent the summer working out in the mornings, going for a walk or to the gym, and reaching her step goal by daybreak. And soon tracking steps became a family activity—Megan’s son began joining her on daily walks. “It’s really important to me to be a good example to my son,” she says.

    When she returned to school in the fall, Megan was 40 pounds lighter and her co-workers were impressed. “A lot of people were asking how I did it,” she says. Megan was more than happy to share her secret. She managed to convince the school’s human resources department to purchase 10 Fitbit trackers for employees to “check out,” and use to compete against each other in monthly challenges. The other teachers love the program. “There are always 10 people using the ones from the school, and at the end of the check-out period a lot of them end up buying their own Fitbit trackers!” says Megan.

    Today, Megan and several of her co-workers spend their free periods and lunches walking together, and the group of 10 has grown to over 30 teachers. “It really changed the culture of our work environment—even the students notice it,” says Megan. “We push each other to be more active, and I’ve increased my goal to 15,000 steps a day now,” she adds.

    Adding more steps to her daily routine was a good start, but Megan knew if she really wanted to improve her health she wouldn’t get there with a fitness-only approach. She also made an effort to make better food choices. “Being active and eating well go hand in hand,” she says. “Once you start doing one, the other catches up.”

    Her one-step-at-a-time approach is ultimately what helped Megan lose all of her extra weight. “It can be overwhelming to try to do 10,000 steps all at once,” she says. “But it’s really surprising how quickly it can all add up.” And after losing 100 pounds, it has certainly has added up!

    Megan’s initial goal to simply walk 10,000 steps a day has also lead her to try new workouts and activities. These days Megan can be found running, swimming, and biking, too. “My Fitbit has changed my life,” she says, “I’m more active than I’ve ever been, and my Fitbit One has made it so easy for me to get here.”

    Megan’s advice for others:

    Rack Up the Steps All Day
    “Trying to do 10,000 steps at once didn’t always fit into my schedule, and seemed hard to do,” says Megan. “But going on a little walk in the morning, and another after lunch helped my steps add up.”

    Set Goals that Work for YOU
    “I know some of my coworkers are hitting 30,000 steps on a regular basis, and it’s tempting to compete with that—I really hate losing,” Megan says. “So sometimes I have to remind myself that’s a lot of steps, and that number isn’t always realistic for me on a daily basis. 15,000 is what works for me, and that’s still super active.”

    Believe It’s Possible!
    “Even if you’re someone who struggles with fitness, or if being active doesn’t come naturally to you, you can do it—and it can all be done with walking,” says Megan. “You don’t have to go out and kill yourself every day, just set a goal with Fitbit and ease into it.”

  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 30, 2015 12:26 PM Flag

    I will give myself a thumbs up for this article.August 5th hurry up I am an impatient person.

  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 29, 2015 6:59 PM Flag

    Cody Willard invests in Fitbit that is telling you something idiot.

  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 29, 2015 8:58 AM Flag

    I don't

  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 29, 2015 8:14 AM Flag

    Another disgruntled idiot that cannot afford to purchase Fitbit.

  • SunTrust Bank Inc. is the third-largest bank in Memphis and one of the largest players in the Southeast, but it's also branching out to Silicon Valley in search of new investment.
    In August last year, SunTrust became one of a handful of banks to offer the San Francisco-based health technology firm FitBit Inc. a credit line of more than $180 million. Regional banks are well-versed in business lending and credit, but FitBit is different.
    As this Wall Street Journal article points out, regional commercial banks are almost never financial players when it comes to startups. That world is dominated by the very largest Wall Street banks and small investment firms who either have huge balance sheets that could handle the loss or are specifically tailored to handle high-risk lending.
    AUGUST 20, 2015 , 6:00PM

    AUGUST 28, 2015 , 11:30AM
    Super Women in Business

    OCTOBER 07, 2015 , 12:00PM
    MBJ Grow Your Business Expo

    See all Events
    "It's a neat example within the bank of a lending relationship that evolved into a good investment banking relationship as well," said Mark Brommer, investment strategist with SunTrust's Investment Advisory Group in Memphis. "We're proud to be a part of that deal."
    Mary Ann Hodges, managing director of Private Wealth Management at SunTrust in Memphis, is a big believer in the product herself, finding it a much better option than the other fitness tracker she had been using.
    "I went through several Jawbones," Hodges said. "But this one hasn't given me a moment's trouble."
    FitBit went public in June, and since opening with a share price of about $29, the price has increased to more than $45.

  • As per our playbook, I’ve been patient in waiting for good pitches before taking swings. This week, in the midst of this current stock-market weakness, I’ve started nibbling on some of my favorite long-term Revolution Investing stocks and now I’m going to step in and add a new name to the portfolio.

    Let’s look at one of the leading wearable companies on the planet, FitBit FIT, +3.51%

    I am starting a small position in some FitBit common stock today because I see big potential upside if this company delivers on the possibility of becoming an entire ecosystem of wearable technology and big data. Cody invested in many tech companies that eventually took off Apple being one of them.Very smart investor

  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 28, 2015 7:53 AM Flag

    I am baffled on why people would spend top dollar for a very low quality phone referring to the iPhone because people are not to swift?

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    the numbers on aug 5th

    by raggwead Jul 26, 2015 11:53 AM
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 26, 2015 5:16 PM Flag

    Yup and you will get burnt :)

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    the numbers on aug 5th

    by raggwead Jul 26, 2015 11:53 AM
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 26, 2015 12:16 PM Flag

    "Counte not thy Chickens that vnhatched be,
    Waye wordes as winde, till thou finde certaintee." Thomas Howell

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    Horrible Long term Hold

    by tropazzz Jul 25, 2015 1:27 AM
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 25, 2015 10:56 AM Flag

    Better yet I would not be surprised if he owns an Apple product a very low quality product at that.As stock climbs you will have a lot more of this.

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    Only 2.7 billion for HERE ?

    by giguy_1999 Jul 21, 2015 11:11 AM
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 23, 2015 8:10 AM Flag

    Fitbit :)

  • f there is one thing that Jim Cramer knows about the market right now, it is that investors despise value stocks and are going completely gaga for growth.

    Lately, money managers have been willing to pay insane amounts of money for the most turbocharged growth names, even in unusual groups like semiconductor and tech hardware makers.

    Three stocks have been a total battleground as high-growth companies that have high multiples: Ambarella, FitBit and GoPro.

    So, given the fact that we are in an environment that favors the growth stocks, Cramer decided to take a closer look at these three stocks to decide whether they really are too expensive or it is time to start loading up on them.

    "Remember, even if you hate these stocks, I need to you to understand how a stock gets from point A to point B, especially if point A is the base camp at Everest and point B is the summit," the "Mad Money" host said.
    First up was GoPro, the maker of popular, high-quality action cameras that trades at 31 times next year's earnings estimates. That can seem absurdly expensive, given that the average stock on the S&P 500 sells for about 18 times earnings.

    The bear case for GoPro is that many view it as a hardware retailer with a product that can eventually be replicated by the competition, which will ultimately dent its reputation.

    The bull case for GoPro is more complicated, as many believe that GoPro has a lot more time before a competitor will be able to design such a good camera. Additionally, GoPro is building out a media ecosystem that allows millions of people to generate content and share it. That's a dream come true for a market that already loves Facebook and Google.

    When Cramer looked at the numbers, he knew immediately why GoPro's valuation was justified. It grew revenues by 71 percent year-over-year, and its earnings more than tripled year-over-year. It released strong guidance for the year as well, as many of its snazzy new products will be in stores for the holidays.I know growth oriented money managers who would gladly pay as much as 60 times earnings for a company with these numbers. I think GoPro's a bargain at these levels," Cramer said.

    Next was Ambarella, the chipmaker that is the brains inside of GoPro and many drones. Ambarella currently trades at 35 times earnings estimates over the next 12 months, and its stock has been all over the map as investors try to figure out if it has China exposure.

    The bears think that Ambarella is linked to GoPro and has no control over its own growth. Cramer leaned more toward the bullish case, which thinks that Ambarella provides components for many different growth end markets, not limited to GoPro.

    And just like GoPro, Cramer found that Ambarella's numbers justified its valuation. It delivered 73.5 percent y-o-y revenue growth and more than doubled earnings. Even at 35 times earnings, Cramer still thinks Ambarella is cheap.Then there is FitBit, the leading maker of wearable fitness trackers. And while it might seem pretty insane at 61 times next year's earnings estimates, Cramer actually thinks the estimates could turn out to be too conservative, which would make it less expensive.

    The bears worry that the Apple Watch will eat into its business, but given the fact that it serves a totally different purpose from the Apple Watch at a cheaper price point, Cramer isn't concerned.

    "I think FitBit's got a terrific ecosystem, and I bet their first quarter out of the gate will be a good one, which is why I think it's a buy into any weakness over the next two weeks going into their earnings report," Cramer said.

  • Ungluing yourself from your couch in your air conditioned living room isn't easy to do during these long summer months, but there's still time to take advantage of the good weather and get active.

    If you need a little extra motivation to get up and out, strapping a fitness tracker around your wrist and watching the calories burn down in real time may do the trick.

    The Fitbit Flex has definitely aged a bit since its initial launch in 2013, but with its retail price now sitting at $75 — down from its usual $100 — it's an affordable entry point into the everyday fitness tracking tools provided by the Fitbit empire. Most of the things that made us recommend the Flex back when it first arrived still have their charms today. It is light and comfortable around the wrist, it doesn't look ostentatious, and it tracks calories burned, steps taken, and other basics through your computer or a smart device with Fitbit's handy app. It has a silent alarm that makes getting up for an early morning job less annoying for anyone else in the house, and its battery life is still fantastic.

    The Flex's occasionally inaccurate stat tracking and lack of an LCD display mean that it isn't the best Fitbit product for more intense training — try the Charge HR for that — and its older age requires that you make sure you have a smartphone or tablet that's compatible with it. If you want an affordable partner in your attempt to live healthier, though, it’s still worth a look.

    Fitbit Flex, $74.99 (originally $99.95), available at Amazon. [25% off]

  • blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 22, 2015 12:08 PM Flag

    When Apple can find the product that will suck the people in like all of their products then he will give how many people Apple screwed.Problem is not Apple it is the dumb people buying the products.If they built quality not so bad but they pump out very low quality products.All about profits

  • Tim Cook stated Watch sales were higher in June than in April or May. He once more declined to provide specific Watch revenue/unit figures, while asserting Apple has chosen not to do so to keep info out of competitors' hands.

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    More pain today for the bulls

    by ronmox Jul 21, 2015 8:48 AM
    blimpsrus2001 blimpsrus2001 Jul 21, 2015 10:19 AM Flag

    No pain no gain :)

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