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bluemike21 27 posts  |  Last Activity: May 19, 2015 7:21 PM Member since: May 25, 2011
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  • by bluemike21 May 19, 2015 7:21 PM Flag

    If anyone knows chart plays should know that IG was pinch play only and go back down near 5.00 level until earnings and most know will sell also the volume was nothing like it when going up.............I see many traders coming in at this level putting on a short trade to ride back down to 5.00 and playing both sides of the trade,

  • by bluemike21 May 15, 2015 4:06 PM Flag

    I will be buying back in at 5.50 or less on the dip,but had to take all profits on 10,000 shares.

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    Shorts buying here.

    by add_tostock May 15, 2015 1:43 PM bluemike21 May 15, 2015 4:04 PM Flag

    those shorts won't cover until a dip

  • by bluemike21 May 15, 2015 11:59 AM Flag

    I see are types of post on this board.I see it trading 5.00 to 5.50 range by chart, There were times I thought would break under and test 4.75 and still might test that level..Until gets new FDA approve drug will trade in a range of 4.75 to 5.50 is there isn't any long term investors in this company...May even get a downgrade and by the questions on CC will have light revs. on 1 key drug is in the back of my mind....That why lost a penny a share...

  • by bluemike21 May 15, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    Anyone can tell and those think or even sell at these levels are wrong by chart.............I feel the bottom is at 1.14 to 1.16 .

  • by bluemike21 May 15, 2015 11:27 AM Flag

    I selling all my shares within the next hour or around 12.00pm and others will notice and the reason I think is because going to miss there numbers.

  • by bluemike21 May 15, 2015 10:38 AM Flag

    This company won't make a profit until the next 5 years and make fish oil like AMRN,,,,,,,,,,,

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    12 minutes into the CC

    by ssipssiws May 14, 2015 1:06 PM bluemike21 May 15, 2015 10:34 AM Flag

    they will say anything to save there jobs about banks and far from the

  • by bluemike21 May 15, 2015 10:24 AM Flag

    Next month will see more lows in a research note I read today,-----I been reading so many reports in the pass week saying more profits in shorting a miner than buying shares in any miner in long run.............They saying by raiseing rates in USA bad for gold and traders are scare to buy gold and take profits while you can..........

  • by bluemike21 May 14, 2015 5:47 PM Flag

    I'm going to make so much off this trade and each it ran up I borrow those that was buying shares..............Come on and sell these worthless shared...........WEEEEEEEEEE

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    Love Shorting

    by mikeanthony1956 May 14, 2015 12:18 PM bluemike21 May 14, 2015 1:01 PM Flag

    sounds good and I'm going to short also and heard revs. will be down and still need to do another offering after earnings to pay to make these products,Why didn't they offer more shares to pay to make these products or do they need FDA approved another stage to make them.

  • by bluemike21 May 1, 2015 5:03 PM Flag

    I'm in a chat room and study charts and most of us bought at .25 and now unloading and chart saying over bought ,these guys are selling and I pop into another chat room and was saying the same and see .30 or under and these guys aren't long term investors................The same web site upgrade NNVC to 7.25 pop a little and now under 2.00 hitting new lows,YGYI just a chart play,I will buy again along with others and like XGTI been a great chart play also...............YGYI has a big problem and still trade on pink sheets and another problem is YGI needs a 800 # for CC and than traders and investors than may stay long..........I call YGYI many times and told them to get a 800 # where hedge funds ,traders and investors could call in ,but investors won't waste a dime on a phone call to listen to CC,.........Traders and investors alike thinking YGYI to cheap to get a 800# when this I feel would help the companies shares.............I like YGYI and told my chat room about when it was trading at .18 when I first bought my shares and sold at .33 and this year bought back at .25 ,but I face the facts and told them that YGYI sales products like HLF and AVP and this is the real problem..............I like YGYI more for the coffee part of the business than any other part of the business and think the CC I listen to last night puttting a price on at .44 was a mistake..............When having a CC talk about growth and don't put a price on the shares of .44,traders and investors already know what shares are worth and I knew by the chart was over bought ,but Dave last night putting a price shares stop buyers because traders see risk is to the downside........................I seen a few from other chat rooms on the boards today and why they selling and they see pumpers doesn't help and stop this would be better................I will go long again when I see a chance by chart and see the selling stop...............I was hoping to double my money and traders do the same.

  • by bluemike21 May 1, 2015 7:11 AM Flag

    I'm for one thinking of selling and locking in profits before others do..............I been reading some comments on this board and hearing shareholders complaining about the share price since 2011 and will scare someone to sell and wanted to wait til .50,but if others like myself read all the #$%$ won't buy or will just trade and get out...........

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    Carl sold VLTC

    by bluemike21 Apr 6, 2015 2:31 PM bluemike21 Apr 6, 2015 2:49 PM Flag

    I was checking the stocks Carl was buying and I check VLTC and does shows he reduce stake and I'm, not sure if he did or not.............if anyone knows the truth just put it out and stop the name calling,I like the truth myself.

  • by bluemike21 Apr 6, 2015 2:31 PM Flag

    VLTC Voltari Corp 2013-06-30 Reduce -0.01% $3.4 - $7.415
    ($4.48) $ 2.63 -70% Reduce -90.00% looks like Carll sold 90 percent of stake in VLTC.

  • by bluemike21 Apr 1, 2015 3:11 PM Flag

    volume left to go to winners instead of a loser like all my winners,I know when to leave a loser than riding it down.................Didn't say to buy AVEO and THCZ just a few of my winners.

  • by bluemike21 Apr 1, 2015 2:27 PM Flag

    Who ever stays in after today will lose there pants and my whole chat was in last Friday from the new letters that was sent out for this news..................Just saying will sell off hard because of e-mails and were told to take profits after the news and if you look back before Friday that the volume was low until e-mails was sent out and my chat room selling today because we all know about the e-mails and very over bought..........We are not long term traders and telling to take profits today.

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    Pump and Dump

    by bluemike21 Mar 31, 2015 10:38 PM bluemike21 Mar 31, 2015 11:57 PM Flag

    what errors are wrong..............tell me buddy.............I know the facts

  • by bluemike21 Mar 31, 2015 10:38 PM Flag

    The news letter we got last week was great to sell today and the reason traders knew about this news today and why much volume,,,,,,,,,,,,I think those that hasn't look at the pass news will be selling after looking at the pass news on this company................I think if you thinking buying at these levels better go check out all the old news from the pass and than you will understand why it was trading at 2.00 area and the sell off in the pass. This was a pump and dump stock from a penny web site.

    Sentiment: Sell

  • by bluemike21 Mar 31, 2015 12:05 AM Flag

    If a company want people to buy shares needs a 800# and I already told them last quarter that shares will never go up because this shows that the company to cheap for there shareholders.........They have a clowns working there I see after a large investor like myself would buy if they had a CC calls with 800#,but are a bunch of fools I see because they don't listen to a investor that already told them to get that type of number............I will never listen to a CC calls where I'm charge for a phone call................This will never trade any higher because no fund will invest into the company for this reason...............They make billion dollars and still won't trade over .35 in the way they care about investors...........

    Sentiment: Sell

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