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boar292hog 62 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 17, 2014 3:01 PM Member since: Mar 24, 2005
  • Like every generation that has passed before it, BOOMERs want to live longer! Innovations driven by demand AND MONEY have led to life changing medicines/cures etc., AND, this list will grow.

    GILD is expected to grow revenues by about 24-25% next year yet here we trade at a PE of less than 13 based on expected 2014 earnings of 7.96 ! This is laughable at best.

    Conclusion, GILD is oversold/under priced. While some say it is fear that the Hep C solutions are about to multiply thus taking out GILD dominance......I think it more likely that hedgies/MM's are TAKING profits in order to offset this years LAUNDRY LIST of losses! More importantly. .......timing wise. doing so BEFORE the 30 day wash rule prevents them from buying back into GILD before the end of DECEMBER so they can look good to their investors.

    Suggesting some other sector is going to somehow replace this WILL TO SURVIVE and LIVE LONGER is a head fake because the BIGGEST GENERATION, the MILLENIALS.......well don;t think for a minute that they don;t want to live longer as well !

    BIO has changed the landscape in so many ways, for YEARS now and we are not even close to peeking in the way of new discoveries, innovations, etc., etc.

    All IMHO and nothing more..............

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Nov 13, 2014 11:09 AM Flag

    Or should I ijust say AAPL!?

    BABA, Xmas stepping onto AAPLs front door.......gas prices down and expected consumer spending expected to oncrease for Xmas........Boomers are now the Grandparents and Johnny needs a smart phone or Ipad for college...and MORE innovation expected to come from AAPL!

    Maybe we shareholders should host a Chastity Belt Removal party for ANALysts! It seems the above mentioned dynamics matter not in their expectations!

    I see AAPL finsihing the year 2015 somewhere between a low of 150.00 and a high of 200.00. AAPLs leadership has proven themselves and there are still irons on the fire for future growth!

    I further, think we see AAPL help to shakeup the ANTIQUATED OVER CHARGING CABLE industry and why not!? The Consumer has placed his/her cable company on the same list as the IRS, dentist, lawyer, etc., etc. !!! lmao! All IMHO and nothing more.............. !

  • The Aussie or English accented spokes-people were cute the first few hundred times. However now, after a smacking of 15 plus such accented commercials per hour......well, I'm not sure which company is advertising anymore! Is it IBM or INVESCO?

    CNBC should know, they are the ones blanketing their viewers with repititious commercials to the point of pain but hey, maybe this is what IBM wants!?

    I know, I know, I can change the channel or turn the TV off for a few minutes.....AND I DO! Maybe this is what CNBC and IBM are pushing for........I just can't tell only I wish I could say it in an Aussie or English accent! LMAO!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 11, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    ...oh and add the Panthers to the list after last night..........

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Nov 11, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    Is there anyway you guys could figure out a way to play even more commercials on an hourly basis!?


  • no design or specific direction....each just waiting for change while all along denying any change is needed. Meanwhile shareholders and fans endure the hardships of being loyal to a cause headed up by folks who seemingly have no clue what to do next!

    No, in each example, it seems leadership is waiting for something to happen rather than pursueing any change and thus the DRIFT...............we are watching............I mean even ISIS seems to have a plan.........Putin, as Ego driven as he is....has a plan in Ukraine.......Obama......he has.........OH, nevermind......I shouldn't have mentioned Obama..........he has been drifting for 6 years now............

    Suggestion! Change leadership at both TWTR and the Bears............stop the irrational nonsense.....

  • New price targets are, chastity belt safe. TWO dynamics will drive BABA to a near double over the next 12 months IMHO. 1) the realization that China's level of consumer consumption has AT LEAST 2 decades of growth in front of it............2) BABA's presence across the world of consumers is just now really availing itself.

    All with the backdrop of MOBILE........and, BABA becoming a conduit for co's outside China to sell their wares inside China. Compounded by the likelyhood of BABA establishing working relationships with other world business giants as well as some BABA purchases along the way.

    BABA is theTrojan Horse in the world's economy today only our friendly, chastity belt wearing analysts can;t move beyond being merely amused!

    All IMHO....but hey if tesla is worht HOW MUCH? If AMZN is worth HOW MUCH? Surely BABA should be on that higher crest for all to see! Again, all IMHO..........

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    Answer me this

    by natty_0ner Nov 4, 2014 4:56 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 4, 2014 6:12 PM Flag

    Surely you joke!? The CHICOMS are MAKING FAR MORE cashola under their dictitorial form of capitalism than they ever did making sure everyone worked on a dirt farm!!!!!

    The PARTY MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES (buying properties in NY, LA, all around the US) are ADDICTED to the POWER that MONEY offers verses the old Chicom life of oppression and threats! Make no mistake about it, as long as China's NEW WEALTH adheres to the CHICOM mantra, it is MONETARY PARTY TIME in CHINA!

    Don't think for a minute they would jeopardize their own newly found lifestyles of wealth to steal a few bucks from Little Ole American, when it comes to Chinese crime syndicates, thats a different story and yes, often a Gov Type is involved but is the crime worth the execution? For many, no, especially now that China has made it's entrance into the economic world in a big way! The ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES in CHINA are like they have NEVER BEEN and this "event" is in it's infancy!

    So the ultimate question for the CHICOMs is this, do you really want a war and all that a war costs/destroys etc., over the Taiwan issue or would you rather SELL to Taiwan? Create joint ventures w/Taiwan? Etc., etc.

    Economics are FAR MORE POWERFUL than WARS. In fact, economics often leads too or is a large part of the reason wars start. Afterall, economics is how we entered CHINA in the first place! MCD, SHLD, etc.

    Sears was buying Chinese Goose Down (however it is spelled) back in the late 1970's......and that is when the Chinese "Wall" ( not the real one, the Wall China erected by separating itself from the rest of the world), came symbollicaly crashing down!

    CHINA is HOOKED and they are aiming at becoming the WINNERS economically speaking. The BIGGEST mistake they could ever make would be a war and/or allowing ANY distrust to grow between the worlds consumers and China's products/services. In fact, China is worlking hard to overcome both these issues right now! All IMHO !!!!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 4, 2014 2:36 PM Flag

    MeThinks there is more at play here. SA is largely SUNNI and IRAN is largely #$%$. OIL bankrolls both nations though IRAN is so isolated, they provide little (legal) oil to the WEST.

    If indeed IRAN and the US are talking, I'd bet talks include OIL as a peripheral issue. Further, while no direct alliance exists between IRAN and the US regarding ISIS.........they are both aiming at ISIS instead of at eachother. ISIS meanwhile, is a largely SUNNI extremist movement.

    History shows us extreme SUNNI movements are typically financed by players in SA just as extremist #$%$ elements are typically financed by IRAN.

    Conclusion, the US can create ALOT of leverage over SA with a renewed, decades nonexistent relationship with IRAN. In so doing, the US can essentially create somewhat of a truce via OIL as a tool of punishment, if you will.

    Simply put, IRAN / SA...... DO NOT like to openly isolate, pressure, or attack their own extremist groups fearing retribution. SA is better at doing such than IRAN but the #$%$ are so grossly out numbered worldwide that they have little choice but to find a friend in the West and who better than the US, for now, anyways.

    In otherwords, there are more than a few new, highly charged dynamics at play in the oil patch than say 5 years ago, AND...we can not forget Mr Putin's self interest in OIL prices as well as his interest for his nation and staying in power..............all with a backdrop of the thrid world economies coming online aiming at a western style quality of living which requires a growing and endless source of energy going forward which ultimately bodes well for all producers who will all suffer lower prices together until production costs eliminate profits. I think that bottom is in the 60-70 range but thats only my guess based on what the talking heads on TV have to say. However, remember we don;t all play by the same rules. Players like SA and Putin can subsidize their oil production costs but not forever! ALL IMHO

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Nov 4, 2014 1:36 PM Flag

    Obviously many have already. Of course the big boys will use the options strategies. Legal issues are always a concern but, it seems OIL prices really rule the day. Saudi.A. is waging a price war.....Iran and the US TALKING? Seriously? This adds downward pressure to oil prices as Iran could possibly gain access to markets it has essentially been banished from in recent years, primarily, the WEST.

    That's the bad news. The Good news is that Putin, Saudi.A, and the FRACKING US ..........ALL want higher oil prices. As energy costs go down, demand for energy will increase as economies around the world begin to heat up economically speaking!

    Of course who knows where OIL bottoms out but onething is certain, Saudi.A. would love to knock-off some of the US domestic adding it all up near should be no surprise that we see alot of shareholders trimming positions until SDs future becomes alittle more certain given this energy sector decline as a backdrop.

    Of course NG prices are up and SD has some good hedges in place for this year.........AND, the quarterly earnings conf. call is right around the corner and hopefully some insight as to where we shareholders now stand going forward.

    Of course, having trimmed some myself, MURPHY must be relishing the thought of making me pay for such a move! All IMHO and nothing more !

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    Tea Party suit against IRS tossed out

    by libertydies30 Oct 23, 2014 4:21 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 1, 2014 9:31 PM Flag

    Our war for Independence was fought against the tyranny of King George and HIS Parliment, all judge. jury, and executioners of the New World.

    I wonder how we let the IRS become the unelected judge, jury, and executioner that they have become today. Barbaric penalties that equate to chopping off a 13 yr old's hand for stealing a pack of gum. Worse yet, our entire justice system is totally ignored by the IRS because it seems one is preumes guilty until proven innocent. Many have gone broke defending themselves against this WAY FAR OVER REACH of power exerted by the IRS upon tax payers.

    We all know what happens to the King when the Villagers are enslaved via unreasonable taxes, unfair treatment, and essentially no recourse other than retribution itself in the form of rebellion.

    I asked a mentor shortly after the Marine Barracks were destroyed in Lebanon what would lead a man to become a suicide bomber and his response, "...when a Man has nothing left to lose, he suddenly has everything worth fighting for....". He was a VN Vet, silver star, airborne ranger....all the ingredients.

    At that point, this became a measuring stick for me and I have to say, the IRS has pushed many to that brink. Of course the atmosphere in DC which allows targeting based on ones ideology has proven an open invitation to Gov't agencies, again, none are elected, to create their own laws, swat type teams, enforcement tactics.

    It's farily outrageous. One comforting note,, MANY departing the military feel as I have written here, especially former Mi Leadership.

    Maybe Jefferson (or whomever said it ) was correct about alittle revolution now and then perhaps being a good thing. OOPS! Almost forgot.....E FFFFFFFFFF...the IRS.

  • we already offer the worst service in the service why not make flying even worse than it already is? any ideas? Makes the seats smaller and fly more customers!

    LMAO.............just kidding....they aren't smart enough to perform such a knowing conspiracey!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Oct 31, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    the common cold? or a more serious airborne type seating was tight to begin with for anyone everyone over an average height or weight. I hope no one w/EBOLA sneezes of coughes on someone else. Hmmmmmm....are the airlines trying to destroy themselves?

    of course this smaller seating is in line with the traditionally POOR SERVICE airlines like to extend their own customers so why not!????? LMAO!

  • Dog Facia Disease or DFD is when a stock price is so painful for shareholders that it appears to be a DOG , a DOG with BAD BREATH !

    Considering what the market has done over the last 24-30 months verses GE.......well......there are SO MANY OTHER names/sectors that would have rewarded shareholders.......that it is hard to justify current leadership and/or, current leaderships plan going forward.

    Trick or Treat? Shareholders have been TRICKED !

  • We want a REAL DIV on this stock/ has been a long, tough road.....those who were in before the economic debacle will NEVER recover their losses......those who bought in after have heard several promises that took YEARS to ful-fill......with earnings expected to TRIPLE next year, we shareholders are still wearing Wall Street hand-me-downs with holes everywhere!

    Feed us !

  • Give him a golden parachute, let him keep his shares, send him packing to some sunny beachside villa where he can doobie it up and order mixed drinks with little wooden umbrellas................when he talks its' like he is dodging verbal landmines and in the process, doesn't answer the question asked and sure doesn 't paint a rosey picture looking forward.

    TWTR has so much potential......but it is wielded like a plastic sword in a real sword fight by the wrong leadership. IMHO................we don't need excuses.

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    YHOO's article "Things Black Son can not do"....

    by boar292hog Oct 27, 2014 12:33 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 27, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

    Cont. hey here's an idea, stop celebrating one's race and place BEING AMERICAN at the front of ones value system and gee whiz! Guess what's going to happen? I know because we see examples of such EVERYWHERE, on TV, in sports, on Wall Street, in our stores, our Univ's, our PDs, FDs! The list is endless.

    So STOP YER WHINING and see the glass as HALF FULL, not HALF EMPTY............teach your Son to speak english, not shuck and jive bs...........because NO OTHER RACE in America has EVER separated itself out by speaking some delibrately race identity driven language.

    Fire Jackson and Sharpton and get an American Image leader, not a RACIAL MOTIVATED IDIOT.

  • or a titel to that effect.

    BS...........We have a Black President, Derek Jeter will be celebrated eterrnally as so many of the very best atheletes are......Colin Powell...the list is endless and growing.

    Why can't your Son do some of the things you mention, YOU DOLT! Is because of the Ferguson's of America. They fill our jails, our morgues, our court rooms.

    So if ANYONE can make a difference in your Son's life, it is YOU. The Ferguson's create the atmosphere of fear, distrust, and in some cases outright hatred. Especially when a THUG is celebrated as some representative of the Black Race.

    My Grandson is of white/black racial makeup, he is going to do just fine.

    Stop crying as though YOU and your SON are victims and don;t look at everything someone says/does as being racist. When we see the black gangs killing anyone/everyone on the news each night, we understand why the per capita number of blacks in our jails is so high.

    Often times it is the thug who turned away education and opted for the shortcut of crime. Society has bent over backwards cost wise, asset wise, and logistically to help minorities. It is WAY PAST DUE that these wayward Son's make better choices. From busing (to better schools) , an endless list of social programs designed to help those in need, welfare has expanded to include healthcare, foodstamps, to quotas in education and the TECH industry is now even eyeing more access to minorites, IE, Blacks. Why do I say this?

    because TECH is already littered with minorites and thats how it should be.......folks from India, all parts of Asia...the list is endless. So i guess if we need to HAND OUT yet another unappreciated opportunity to someone because of the color of their skin....well, expect the same outcome, failure.

    America is the LAND of OPPORTUNITY, not GUARANTEE......this is why SO MANY come to America, for THE OPPORTUNITY. Why our primarily inter-city youth, again primarily black, need yet another handout is beyond comprehension.

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Oct 27, 2014 10:20 AM Flag

    "Mass Apeal" ? Wall Street? The Queen of England just sent her first "tweet" and we see nearly every show on TV soliciting use or feedback via TWTR it seems , more so than FB !

    I would say TWTR is on its way to hitting "critical mass" as I like to call it and I think SHORTs had better put on that white suit with car tire track makrs on it and hope today isn't an instant replay!

    I would like to (GULP!) think that TWTR would have pre-announced if there were any downside surprises! What a great way to HARPOON the naysayers if indeed TWTR surprises! GULP! All IMHO....

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    Dear COST, parking lot safety ?

    by boar292hog Oct 25, 2014 2:15 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 27, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    "solution"......darn keybonics !

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