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    Share buyback or DIV increase?

    by boar292hog Oct 28, 2015 3:47 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 29, 2015 1:34 AM Flag

    Spot on! Buy backs erode flexibility and opportunity for growth. Growth by reducing shares by itself shows a lazy chemistry in the decision making department. BAC should be SCOPING out med to small well as even smaller State dominant players.....HFWA comes to mind as an example in Wash State that I am familiar with and full disclosure, have a position in. BAC needs to recognize the Merrill Lynch is a GROWING ASSET about to catch the BOOMER WAVE of retirees which frankly, already started amidst this recent economic bust.

    With a rate increase imminent in Dec 2015......banks are going to benefit as should FINALLY, BAC shareholders! Great insight/comment plateofeggs! Thanks for spelling it out!

  • How about BOTH? After years of hollow promise brought on by various circumstances/issues, shareholders deserve just a little boost here. Yes....BAC trades at a HUGE discount to BOOK....thus a great reason for buybacks BUT, shareholders have carried ALL the weight for BAC for the better part of the last decade, so spread the love Mr Moynihan!

  • It appears many UPS retirees are headed for as much as a 50% cut in monthly pension checks. Teamster Truckers in the Midwest just went through the same.

    The Government and Corporations and of course, the UNIONs all bare some responisibility here. UNIONS and STATES promised too much as did Corporate Pension types. Over time ALL costs go up and medical costs usually lead the way. To add insult to injury, PENSIONS became antiquated false promises as far back as the 1960's/1970's. Not one entity mentioned above, EXCEPT corporations, adopted 401k plans. Funny, how the government structured 401k's as a replacement but then stood back and watched poorly led, greedy UNION leadership place it's own interest well before those they pretended to represent. Oh and State/City PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONs! Wow, WAY OUT OF STEP with any sincere monetary forecasting of needs.

    In fact, as City after Coty files some form of bankruptcy, we see those Public Employees find out that a PENSION is not a promise, it was little more than a lie, or a dream depending upon where one sits in life.

    In fact the interesting phenom here is that PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNION pension shortfalls SHOW EXACTLY what happens when TAX PAYERS are driven to ruin and can no longer pay the benefits of others which, I might add, is often better that what the tax payer expects to get from SocSec.

    The above clearly shows the disadvantage of electing ideologies verses business acumen. Our Government, AT EVERY LEVEL, can no longer run itself fiscally, as an irresponsible nonprofit.

    In fact if the IRS were to investigate government at every level, it would BAN Government from existing as a NONPROFIT. Wow.....the irony is overwhelming AND..I know the naysayers are going to say Government is not a corporation or a response is you are correct, it is the very end of the American way BECAUSE it is neither and unfortunately, answers only to it's constituents/ideology and not FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY .

  • I love the smell of panic...when SHORTs are forced into another Twisted Wet Panty Syndrome (TWPS) session! Smells like..............well, it smells like..............SMELLS LIKE VICTORY!

    C aaaaahhhhBOOM!

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    CAUTION Cigna HSA holders..........

    by boar292hog Oct 26, 2015 1:26 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 26, 2015 5:57 PM Flag

    Well geez....I should have contacted you first! It is a high deductible with an HSA we put money into each and every payday. We designate what gets invested amongst a few choices and what remains accessible to pay med bills. We got use to a 45 co-pay and still do so, perhaps that is our mistake, I will double check. Thanks for you assistance in the matter and by the way, it is obvious that you are somehow linked to the MED Industry because your verbal bedside manner sucks. The ATTACK was not directed at Cigna, it is meant to shake up the MED BILLING PROCESS which is antiquated at best, full of thieves at worst, as you eluded too yourself.

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    CAUTION Cigna HSA holders..........

    by boar292hog Oct 26, 2015 1:26 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 26, 2015 1:27 PM Flag

    sorry disregard over print and start at "YET"..........geeeeeeeeez

  • otni ottnuocca worcse na otni ssecxYet another Human Glue trap waiting to happen thanks to our wonderful tax code. SCENARIO:

    You pay a 45.00 Co-pay each time you visit your Dr. The total cost is 117+/ find that after the agreed upon CIGNA discount your Dr agreed oo, ha you owe 40.00. already paid 45.00. OOPS.

    Your Dr's BILLING group hen does an annual audit and finds out you went to you Dr for follow ups for whatever your health issue was and in fact paid 117 for4 visits...and ultimately owed a balance of 160.00 only you paid 180.00 (45 each co-pay visit). Only now it is 2016......guess what! YOU PULLED 20.00 dollars out of your now owe both a penalty and taxes on that excess withdrawal.

    Only you have a Family of 6 ! You had some norovirus//////flew////and other short term illnesses blow through your home after the school year started and every illness in your region got brought home from school along with the homework!

    Now you have overdrawn say 400 for the year.....add in the 10% penalty......taxes owed...and penalty accrued each month for delinquent taxes....possibly a visit to the accountant to re-file the 2015 tax year..........

    ...and all CIGNA can do is tell us that we need to address the care taker and get paid back by his office in the event that we overpaid.

    Well, F.....CIGNA.....any and all medical billing procedures....the IRS........and this added PAIN the tax payer must now look over his/her shoulder for EACH and EVERYTIME they visit the Dr's office.

    I can not imagine those old surprise bills that hospitals like send out 6-12 months after you visit them for something as simple as a in/out one day procedure.

    ANY other INDUSTRY in the US that is regulated by ANY GOV'T entity would be in COURT over this process/ it should be. FIX IT CIGNA........stop the F INSANITY.
    I suppose we could ask our provider to credit back our HSA account or keep an IOU or apply toward next visit.

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    With a PE over $100 it's much to rich

    by babilion Oct 22, 2015 6:14 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 22, 2015 10:17 PM Flag

    Sometimes seeing change is hard even when it stares you in the eye. Forward PE of 36+ and a YOY qtr rev increase of 38+ %............Instagram, WhatsApp, and the new ocular effort around the corner....FB has moved far beyond a social media type to a business app, communications, scrap booking if you will, advertising vehicle....and who knows what comes next? Not me! Once you stop innovating, you give birth to your own competition , FB has not stop innovating.

    I remember folks questioning MSFT, ORCL, back in the early 1990's..................oh my how the doubters missed out!

  • There are TWO primary business models chipping away at the WMT empire, AMAZON and COSTCO. WMT needs to change or get in line behind other Smithsonian entrants like Kmart and soon Sears as well as a list of others who not only FAILED to change with the times, deliberately gambled on their image/distribution etc., to MAINTAIN, yes, MERELY maintain their pace!

    10k boomers are hopping onto SOCSEC each and some point MANY THOUSANDS per day are going to want GROCERY DELIVERY to some degree.

    In fairness..the oldest WMT in our area just completed a new layout inside which does give it a more user friendly feel. However, I wonder if it is not merely putting "lipstick on the pig" so to speak, this store is still smaller than the newer stores going up. To add, there is a SAMs next door and I have to "SAMs" the best you can do compared to COSTCO?

    WMT........why are YOU becoming the most direct threat to your own future? Thanks for feeding everyone during the ECON bust...hats off to you...on the otherhand....pull your HEAD out of the sand or make reservations at the Smithsonian............

  • Living in a casino town, it is easy to see demographic FOOD TRENDS and BREAKFAST has been an accelerating phenom for the last 5 years or more. In fact despite casino BFAST buffets.....EVERY RESTAURANT across the city seems to have WAITING LINES to get in and eat on Sunday mornings.

    Makes sense. As a young Boomer, it was a reliable experience to walk into a diner/coffee/breakfast place and see ALOT of older/retired folks. Now, we BOOMERS are those older/retired folks and we are flooding restaurants across the nation to the point that (FINALLY) Taco Bell got smart and reintroduced BFAST and MCDs is doing the same. EXPECT ALL OTHERS to join this model.

    Unfortunatelym it seems YUM has left PizzaHut and KFC to die on the vine. KFC killed itself when it was a mere 70 for 2 buckets of chicken and a couple extra sides for a Family get to gether. SORRY KFC but YOU gave birth to every grocery chain across America including WMT to offer fired chicken for a FRACTION of the price. Sorry but KFC can not survive on once a year get togethers or graduation parties each June and survive, WHERE IS YUMs business model?

    YUM has BY DEFAULT, become the KMART of fastfood. Yes, it's okay...the chicken is wonderful, the prices are....suffocating....and the service? Wow...THEEE worst by far in my metro. I drove to a KFC driveup.....waited seriously, for about 3 one came to the order speaker....I drove to the one came to the window.....I stayed there for another few minutes waiting to ask what was going on....and finally gave up and drove away. Of course all I wanted was cole slaw for the chicken I had just bought elsewhere.

    YUM is dying fast. It seems to be relying on CHINA.....where it is plagued by either bad luck or Communist style blackmail.....and has virtually abandoned the US market settling for whatever it can get which seems to be dwindling as I type this post. Love the ORIGINAL.....too bad!

  • get harpooned. NEVER.......EVER.. under estimate your competition. AAPL could BUY FORD today and in so doing, bring the COST TO BUILD an EV down to a fraction of what YOU PAY.

    However, my point is simple......I have watched many a spouting whale, seemingly on top of their game so to speak, become a victim of their own OVER CONFIDENCE and thus, tunnel vision toward their own take on where they are and where they need to go. GULP! Only ultimately, to fall on their own sword so to speak

    I hope I am wrong......but it wouldn't be the first time you struck out at every at bat. Touting is more than unsportsman like conduct, it MOTIVATES those you ridicule who are likely, already motivated, especially former players of yours who wear a different uniform now.

    Oh well, it will be interesting to see who wins......

  • What they didn't say was that the UAW gets the next increase..............despite SHAREHOLDERS blindly waiting for some news on the Ford Pension situation....oh.....hey... gee Wally, that's another HUGE bennie given to our friends in the UAW.......................of course the LABOR in the UAW hasn't heard about the TEAMSTER TRUCK DRIVER's pension getting cut back as much as 50%.

    UNIONS..the HATS make money even when the UNION isn't working! Labor....tales it up the rear end because they UNFORTUNATELY, BELIEV WHAT UNION LDRSHIP tells them.

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    There are 347,000,000 guns in America.

    by foxnewsbschecker3 Oct 2, 2015 10:30 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 5, 2015 11:52 AM Flag

    Your understanding of US law is flawed. While I agree that folks with KNOWN...mental problems should not have a gun in hand, we all know how this can be shaped to please the LEFT. If someone for instance, is a member of the Tea PArty, well the DHS Sec, Napolitano pronounced any and all members of the Tea Party to be domestic terrorists. being anti-government for whatever reason, from whatever ideology could be used to DENY weapons.

    You must remember that owning a car is a privilege, an earned one at that. Owning a Gun is a RIGHT IAW the 2nd amendment......the intent was to have an armed citizenry that could defend against a tyrannical government etc.

    Changing the rules as you have suggested provides our government with a WORK AROUND means of denying anyone, for any reason.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Oct 4, 2015 11:29 AM Flag

    LMAO! That's why HILLARY and OTHER USELESS DEMs surround themselves with ARMED SECURITY but REFUSE to allow us to do the same for our schools. Somehow PREACHING that gun control is the solution! LMAO! Meanwhile local graveyards fill a few times a year with our defenseless young.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Oct 3, 2015 10:48 AM Flag

    Actually, if we could post a list of WORTHY TARGETS.....for the whackos.....I would place the IRS right up there at the top! OOPPPPSS! Sorry IRS.......LMAO!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Oct 3, 2015 10:46 AM Flag

    Foxnews.......anyone can flip out so when those weapons were purchased years ago, or before a mind altering auto accident that sends someone over the top or after a person gets monetarily RAPED by the IRS and flips get the picture. STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT is a relationship you MUST learn to UNDERSTAND. Not necessarily agree with but AT LEAST UNDERSTAND. Look, we all know that MOST DEATHS resulting from gunshot are SUICIDES. Most murders resulting from gunshot are drug/gang/organized crime/cartel related, PERIOD. 500,000 plus people per year die from some form of CANCER.

    Why can't YOU ADMIT that the problem is, we have GUN FREE ZONES that are indeed advertised as such. ANYONE looking for a simple target that will set-off a mountain of outrage is going to target such. If we can pay for ARMED SECURITY for Hillary, can't we also afford PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN?

    Your WAY HAS NOT WORKED. While an ARMED GUARD might not eliminate this issue, it will definitely DETER some and further, help minimize such an event, HOPEFULLY.......but thanks to your views and many like you, WE DON'T EVEN TRY to protect our YOUNG. With that,,,I am WAVING my rosey red at you this very minute! Smile!

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    Gotta love irrational Ford stock movements....

    by boar292hog Oct 2, 2015 1:56 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 3, 2015 10:36 AM Flag

    Yes, over regulation, fear of lawsuits has led the consumer to a point that is similar to the movie "The Jerk" when Steve Martin is running a carnival booth and a kid asks what he can win. Martin's character turns to a prize display spread out over about 4 or 5 shelves and he says the kid can win anything between point a and point b and continues to whittle it all down to finally just one prize that the kid can win. Same goes for warranty law these is an "if this", "than that" but only if it "doesn't include this, or that", AND, "it must be from this time till then"...."but only if this and that are met" , AND, "you notify us within".

    We can thank a bevy if lawyers who have over the years, eroded our system from a right and wrong scenario to a technicality driven framework where despite EVERYONE knowing what happened, it must be proven. Now add in the trap door environment I spelled out above and that fairly well defines our justice system when it comes to warranty law and once againm the consumer is left spitting into the wind.

    I don't blame FORD, I blame lawyers and our funked up system thanks to their avoidance of common sense, and the right or wrong issue altogether only to be replaced by something ONLY a lawyer van understand because it is written by lawyers, for lawyers. not for you and me....IN ANY WAY despite our involvement as consumers.

    I have a lawyer in the Family......and our legal system has more or less become a the expense of, again, tossing out any notion of right or wrong.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Oct 2, 2015 3:00 PM Flag

    LMAO! The emotion is electric! LIBTWITs like numbers as you have proven so lets talk numbers! The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of gun related deaths in the US are crime related and, committed by criminals with illegally owned guns.

    Second, given the number of guns in the US....I think YOU used 340+ million guns as YOUR NUMBER...then one could say (I am going to bend your mind here Libtwits and YOU, Foxbuttsnifer) the incident rate is STATISTICALLY insignificant!

    But I won't, what I will say is that even YOUR fearless leader seems able to ignore the gun related deaths that happen in CHICAGO on a DAILY BASIS!

    One more STAT REF., for your emotional breakdown. Given the overall number of folks in the US, the number killed by guns is STATISTICALLY insignificant. More die from breast cancer, cancer of any type, auto accidents etc. each year, than by gunshot!

    Now, NO LIFE is statistically insignificant, we all know this Foxbuttsniffer so unbunch your panties and read on alittle more.

    You can PLAY "The Catcher in the Rye" and try and save everyone from themselves but the simple FACT of the matter is this, outlawing guns will NEVER remove guns from our society and, frankly, WILL make our society even more vulnerable than it is today. Yes, contrary to your imagination and dreams, there are folks living today who are alive because THEY HAD A GUN. While this number is also statistically insignificant that's OUR CHOICE, not yours. So try and make the best and STOP announcing to EVERY WHACKO that our Schools are GUN FREE ZONES and instead, advertise YOUR OWN HOME as a GUN FREE ZONE and maybe YOU can help save those children yourself by offering up a safe place for WHACKOs and criminal to do their thing!

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    There are 347,000,000 guns in America.

    by foxnewsbschecker3 Oct 2, 2015 10:30 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Oct 2, 2015 2:07 PM Flag

    Taking away guns is about as rational as denying CAR OWNERSHIP since SO MANY are killed or permanently maimed in auto accidents across our nation EACH and EVERY year. In fact we're so smart about CARING for our innocent, our Children, that we don't even REQUIRE seatbelts in School busses!

    Then we hear the BROKEN LIB record on gun control, perpetuated by some emotional, illogical LIBTWIT who keeps offering up the same solution while verbally stepping over the bodies of our INNOCENT. Of course, only after LIBS proudly TELL the WORLD that our Schools are GUN FREE ZONES!

  • It DIPs, Twists, Runs for no apparent reason at all and while the DIV is nice AND, appreciated, this stock has UNDERPERFORMED......oops, GROSSLY UNDERPERFORMED the market over the last few years, PERIOD.

    Where is the PENSION LIABILITY effort? I mean WE, Shareholders are paying for it too, shouldn't we know where the money is going? What our liability is as participants in EVERYTHING FORD DOES?

    As for the UAW.....learn YOUR OWN history before you BLINDLY REPEAT IT and then ask what happened when it's all over AGAIN...just like the last few times.

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