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  • leading up to WWII.

    Hey OBAMA! Ya, YOU.....get yer hands out of your pants and answer my question......are YOU saying ISIS is equivalent to the NAZIs? Didn't you label these guys the JV? Why have YOU been dragging your feet on NAILING ISIS?

    .............and while really few German's were #$%$'s........they had to play the game or die........hmmmmm....just like ISIS....and while #$%$'s were often German Societies appears ISIS is too only ISIS gets thugs from around the world to join............and YOU, YOU sit on your thumb......flashing back to your youth.....and ignoring the SECOND WORST wave of HUMAN TERRORISTS in modern times................watching, doing nothing..................tell ya what OBAMA, get your Daughter to racist Dumb-a-holio..........

  • boar292hog boar292hog Dec 19, 2015 10:28 AM Flag

    Hey! You! With the twisted panties! Ya, YOU! How about sending some global warming here to the Sierra's, WE"RE FREEZING! Oh, nevermind, that's right, it's WINTER TIME in the SIERRA's! YEEEEEEHAAAAAA!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Dec 18, 2015 8:17 PM Flag

    Hey here's an idea! Why don't you ask Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Holder, and Obama what they did to get rich!? I mean race hustling and NOT PAYING TAXES like Uncle AL seems to be one of the MOs! Maybe adultry like Jackson? Or how about stirring up RACIAL TENSIONS essentially socially black mailing the target of the unrest into GIVING MONEY!

    I mean when our poor get food stamps, free cell phones, reduced or free medical, dental, legal, housing, education one has to SERIOUSLY ask why the failure?

    Here's why, LIBS celebrate INTENT/INTENTIONS as a SUCCESS then WALK AWAY...............they create/enforce ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY which is how the M. Brown's of Ferguson come about and make BAD CHOICES that in his case, cost him his life. He had choices.....drug thugging or education...........why did he choose becoming a THUG? Based on your posted view. was because of his homelife with dear ole Mom and Step Dad.

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    Many of us have defended FORD suggesting

    by boar292hog Dec 18, 2015 1:56 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Dec 18, 2015 6:30 PM Flag

    Thinking the same here.........was just reminded that it's liquidation time and hedgies with wedgies need to meet liquidation by clients who want to take their tax breaks this 31 DEC becomes the deadline for such.......................this of course doesn't excuse FORD for it's stuck in the mud performance...............and one can only wonder how much fluff is left for a DIV increase after pledging 8 billion to plant upgrades over the next 4 years and another 4.5 billion for EV development..not to mention increased overhead with wage hikes agreed upon recently with unions.

    I am seriously rethinking the Auto industry all over again because I get this feeling we are treading down the same path the Auto industry took for decades that landed in the DETRIOT SHUT-DOWN...though Ford did do better than the others. STILL.....there is nothing worse than dead money!

    So I hope for a DIV increase but frankly.......I get this uneasy feeling about because of the above mentioned liabilities...not to mention the FUNDING of their retirement fund........geeeeez....

  • the stock should be trading at 20+ (myself included) and all we see is stock price OXIDATION........and a turntable skipping and stuck on lyrics repeating the word "DOWN"..............SORRY FORD, no SLACK for you anylonger, you simply HAVE NOT EARNED IT .

  • .............with CUBs or BEARS fans? They're used to NOT WINNING and spending years of loyalty for the NOTHINGNESS ZONE !

    Olms! Olms! Olms for all Cubs and Bears fans.............oops, and FORD SHAREHOLDERS!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Dec 18, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    but PAIN to shareholders. 8 billion into plants, pay raises for employees, 4.5 billion into TECH CARS.....and a grossly underperforming stock ever since the climb out of the big dip.............7 YEARS AGO NOW.

    A leadership team th\at does not communicate to it's shareholders and while sure, reinvesting into the business SHOULD equate to a stronger stock and has already been a 7 year drought with a few DIV increases............ERASED by Southward leaning stock performance.

    The incubation period for the new leadership team ended some time ago and it appears that based on stock performance, shareholders are left to fend for themselves, kind of a thank you from Ford leadership followed by a "...don't let the door hit you on the rear end on the way out". My view of FORD leadership is that it is SAD, very fricking SAD..................................Obama like in FORD.....which means FAILURE for this new team.................change costs money which everyone understands, but don't tell us to fasten our seatbelts for some difficult roadways ahead and then not tell us where we are going while our money oxidizes before our very eyes.

  • So Senator Grassley and others.........a 80k +/- CURE verses a decades long drawn out illness which certainly expands into peripheral illnesses costing typically MILLIONS over a couple decades PER PATIENT? Seriously?

    No wonder we are 18 TRILLION PLUS IN DEBT. Dear SENATE, this is embarrassing. Please move on into areas you MIGHT have some knowledge of and work on issues that truly need addressing.

    Grassley! Your presence is requested this year in 2016 Summer School, SUBJECT, MATH........grade level, 6th. Bring your own paper/pencils text books are not needed, we will work basic math skills and then once this is mastered, we will show how to evaluate cost over time verses immediate solutions in today dollars verses tomorrows UNKNOWN actual dollar values. Please have a PARENT seign the release form allowing you to attend and expand your mind.

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    YHOO is HOSING it's advertisers!

    by boar292hog Nov 30, 2015 12:16 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 30, 2015 2:33 PM Flag

    Two completely different models...newspapers are a fix rate advertising model is primarily a CLICK or VIEW cost iof a system OPENS the ad when a person cliks on "CLOSE AD" then I would call it THEFT if indeed Toyota (in this case) had to pay for my TWO attempted ad closures clicks which ended up opening the ad.

    Very reminiscent of AOL which was offering a certain feature back in 2001/2002 and if a person clicked NO THANKS...suddenly the system automatically signed them up for the program they just said NO TOO!

    Worked at AOL at the time............what a mess that was.................

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    YHOO is HOSING it's advertisers!

    by boar292hog Nov 30, 2015 12:16 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 30, 2015 12:25 PM Flag

    ...and then while trying to read the piece on Sinead......I clicked on the "CLOSE AD" Toyota Truck advertisement and it opens! Now there's a paid for click! I click off YAHOO and then back on.....go to Sinead on same Toyota "close ad" and the ad AGAIN, OPENS...another paid for click by I would guess, TOYOTA!

    Ethics? "accidental" tech issue!? LMAO! Is YHOO that desperate?

  • Geeeeezzz......I flip back and forth all day long during market hours and the same ads keep popping up only to be CLOSED by me each time. I'm sure YHOO is counting this constant migration as a "click" if you will and if not, then disregard!

    However, if YHOO is charging for EACH TIME said ad appears on a page that is opened......well I consider it passive harrassment but those paying the bills for such should consider it less than ethical CHARGING for said service.

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    Hello? FORD shorts? DIV is tomorrow!

    by boar292hog Nov 30, 2015 11:34 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 30, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    Of course those reinvesting the DIV get that many more shares at this IRRATIONAL rock bottom price. Which frankly, I wouldn't mind AND communications beyond the "as a matter of fact" approach might be nice once in awhile.

  • GULP! Looks like SHORT daytraders trying to feed off the 600 million dollar tidbit of news.....right in front of the DIV payout....GULP!

    I expect we see FORD climb back to the 14.75 to 15.00 bucks by EOD if stock price is to repeat its DIV payout time behavior of the SEEMS LIKE FOREVER NOW.........past. Course only IMHO..................Hey FORD ldrshp? Where my DIV increase?

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Nov 29, 2015 8:26 PM Flag

    5 years ago......when regulation was suffocating the trucking industry and various State's viewed trukers as a means of REVENUE and each State gets in their moods.....trcukers have to pull over while bevery #$%$ UNSAFE cars drive down the road across America.

    Between Insurance costs, permitting, interstate permits, maintenance, etc., etc. the Company I worked for took over for alot of NOW OUT of business truckers who couldn;t afford to keep up with the bogus paperwork requirements alone.

    The fascinating thing about Transportation is that the TSA and Transpo IDIOTS expect the same from both PILOTs and TRUCK DRIVERS. The pay disparity is so great, that TRUCKERs should earn a 100% discount on costs// and something for the absolute waste of time scales, tolls, etc.

    I had ZERO incidents, loved the work, hated the PORTs......overburdened with SELF SERVING UNION IDIOTS....and working in an industry that is so over regulated and so harrassed on a routine basis that I walked away. I'd bet that an easy 75% of those driving would do the same if they could.

    I hope someday the trucking industry parks their rigs and walks away for one month then maybe folks will learn to appreciate how important trucking is to our nation and maybe then Traffic enforcement will stop the mickeymouse and zero in on those who have in some way EARNED it, other than merely being a trucker.

    Truck incidents are not pretty but the frequency of accidents/mishaps is SO SMALL that incidents are statistically insignificant compared to miles driven. Funny, as costs go up, everyone makes more except the drivers.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 29, 2015 2:29 PM Flag

    Agree....thus making the "Friends and Neighbors" promotion even more senseless! I think lovelincolns nailed it.......buying an AUTO is one of the biggest purchases most people ever make (outside a home) in their lives! FEELING good about it usually comes after feeling concessions have been's all psychological of course and many likely end up paying more via negotiating ( than rock bottom Friends and Neighbors discounts), but feel better because THEY worked the deal themselves and likely know or know of the sales person they are dealing with WHO ONLY GIVES the BEST DEALS of course! Wink! Wink!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 29, 2015 2:21 PM Flag

    The deal moves sideways until Walgreens can either find another buyer for 1000 stores RAD to be separated out via the merger or any combination of Walgreen and Rad stores obviously , that covers that 9 per share cost being given up to swing the deal; Or.....financing to create a very small player made up of said 1000 stores regardless of source/ie Rad or Walgreens. IMHO.........................assuming regulators would force such a culling of stores from such a merger.

  • MEANS this is our price, take it or leave it or at least that is how the average thinking man or woman must have seen it. The AUTO industry has taught us all that there are negotiations on an Auto purchase through which concessions can be won. Defining the process with boundaries sends the curious, or browsing potential buyers elsewhere. Further, anyone who had been planning on buying a FORD these past two months likely did so without incentive while those KNOWING year end values are usually offered up the closer we get to Dec were again.....buyers anyways!

    Realizing there are fewer options available these days because more equip/features have been standardized, perhaps a discounted upgrade or indeed a discounted option (what few remain).

    The time has come where Auto makers are seriously competing with one another since we're even talking about incentives which USUALLY means price reductions and all effects of such toward the bottomline.
    However, FORD has some aces up the sleeve and that would be the REBIRTH of both the RANGER and the BRONCO...and I'd guess......OR HOPE, that both will have ALUM Bodies like the F series truck models.

  • How many Americans passed away over said 2 years? How many cord cutters and how many NEW customers are cable co's seeing sign up for CONTENT?

    Not everyone wants ESPN....however with cable company FORCED PACKAGES...alot of folks who don;t care for it, pay for it!

    ESPN is FINE......Dis is Fine............cable co's are not, they need to start offering MORE A LA CARTE packages and as the NFLX's and AAPL TVs continue to expand their offerings..........I'm quit sure we will see numbers vary for quite sometime! Don't dismiss new entries into the content providers arena who gather up sources to package and offer up.

    We are seemingly headed toward the same insanity we saw LONG DISTNACE services go through in the early 1990's when costs came WAY DOWN for consumers and Long Distance providers cold called America 24/7 for about 18 months until the gimmick services died on the vine and major players FINALLY relented and essentially GAVE LONG DISTANCE out for free. I see this content war headed the same way.

  • 10k boomers turn 65 each day and this will occur everyday for the next 15 plus years. Boomer children.........are now coming into their own, buying houses, cars, and oh yes, GETTING CABLE! I have seen it...and while cord cutting gets alot of attention (as it should), CONTENT is KING and cable will continue to survie, though I hate cable prices.

    Bottomline, DEMAND will force cable to change and yes, we will being to see more USEFUL packages being offered by traidtional cable as it''s CHILD, it's OWN COMPETITION begins to expand it's offerings as well. I think we see more players offering more content, at cheaper prices. In fact, we are already seeing it, between NFLX and AAPL TV...we are already seeing it and I expect we will see even more AND, DIS and it's ESPN will fit in prominently in any and all serious CONTENT players menu.

    Not to overlook BLOCKBUSTING content from DIS's other menu items like "STARWARS" which is up and coming and will lead to YET ANOTHER GENERATION of FANS for LIFE!

    All IMHO of course........

  • While the Walgreen's purchase is all but done awaiting regulator is possible as some have suggested, that a rival bid could enter the fray.

    I still think WMT should buy increases their footprint and dresses out existing WMT locations with WMT's OWN Pharmacy ops! The PURCHASE POWER/pricing power a WMT could exert on Insurance Co's and pharma producers easily parallels the two major players, CVS and Walgreens/Boots.

    More importantly, such a purchase by WMT would lead to MANY MORE possiibilities inside a RAD location, IE products....beyond med related topics adorning WMT/RAD shelves, etc., etc.

    But the above serves to illustrate yet another possibility, ANY PLAYER wishing to enter this industry and establish a presence. One consideration would place alot of pressure on say Walgreens and CVS and that would be a consortium of bio/pharma a PFE....newly hqrter'd overseas or maybe a consortrium of INSURANCE Co's! What's that? Monopoly? Right now our Obamacare debacle would welcome ANY and ALL help in bringing costs down so don;t think for a minute that the Obama administration would vigorously fight such a move.

    Now, waking up(!) the above is a far fetched version of what change remains as a possibility but I sure wouldn't bet on it.....................then again, stranger things have happened under buyout scenarios!

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