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  • Will it FINALLY break out with some good news following the FEDs decision on Wednesday? The pungent aroma exuding from BAC's past 8 years of stagnation has smelled like everything bad one can conjure up in the mind, will BAC break free or is it condemned to FADE away like oh, say KMART!?

    Are Lampert and Moynihan the same person?

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 24, 2016 6:06 PM Flag

    cont. , tacitcs FORCING the innocent to essentially admit wrong doing in order to recover something, anything..............and all the time I was in uniform, I thought we were the good guys. Such TYRANNICAL leadership leads to distrust and outright hatred so perhaps we have GOV entities being run by unelected leaders who have NO CLUE what they are doing. Oh and when Napolitano declared all TEA PARTY bumperstickers identified a domestic terrorist this gave the IRS th open door to do WHATEVER they wished to regarding any and all admitted, or related TEA PARTY entities.

    Dear IRS, no one expects perfection but it is fair to say we do expect you and other GOV agencies to at least try. CREATING resentment....which leads to distrust and hatred produce NOTHING and in fact waste ALOT OF TIME and MONEY on needless witch hunts directed by IDIOT leadership bucking for promotion or pay-raise....maybe it is time to assume all Americans ARE INNOCENT until proven guilty and IF YOU, GOV entities don't have to time or money to FOLLOW the LAW, then back off because following your own laws is NOT WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT. Leave the "Keystone" cops of old for comedy and return to being the PROFESSIONALS you are PAID to be.

    APOLOGIZE to all for PREACHING but it is very difficult to get a platform for voicing concern.

  • Does anyone know if the FDIC or any other US GOV entity guarantee accounts at a UBS bank in Singapore?

    I assume they don't so I have to ask since we see the IRS pursuing it's foreign earned income witch hunt against individuals if this means by default the the FDIC and other US GIV entities have agreed to guarantee those accounts?

    One more question, why do Corporations get to shelter BILLIONS in overseas banks with no IRS witch hunt...and individuals can't ?

    I understand going after the bad guys but when the IRS lumps in all and anyone with an overseas account, it's SHOTGUN approach to enforcement has destroyed moire than a few americans in the process. Any and all US Servicemen/women who are stationed overseas, and NOW, APPARENTLY, have the misfortune of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying a foreign born become criminals the day that foreign born's Parent's pass away and LEAVE ANYTHING! It's outrageous.

    This is a foreign relations totally ignores the sovereignty of our Friends around the world complicates matters for the UNKNOWING I mentioned above who have NO CLUE the IRS has CHANGED THE LAW and is conducting a WITCH HUNT of epic proportion............Oh and the IRS is in the process of GIVING BACK assets/$ TAKEN from AMERICANS who were accused of structuring bank cash deposits for doing so in amounts lower than 10k as though it was on purpose not to arouse IRS attention and the INNOCENT BIZ folks who deal largely in cash can't help it and many have even stated that their BANKER TOLD THEM TO KEEP THE DEPOSITS LOWER THAN 10K or they, the bank has to file a report. This SMOOTHERING of the INNOCENT is intolerable. I have to ask, is it worth HURTING the INNOCENT in the HUNT for druglords etc. ? The MAJORITY of ACCOUNTS TAKEN by the IRS were less than about 35k. Those INNOCENT were forced to take it to coiurt or be willing to settle for a partial return under the agreement that it goes no further. Wow, talk about strongarm

  • at 12.59, F Div at .60 cents and a spec div this year of .25 cents......or .85 cents for 2016............assuming a repeat in 2017..........this is a 6.75% DIV rate at 12.59! YOWZA..............and by the way...whatever the Brits decision does, it won;t stop people from buying auto's! No, not even in the fact if the vote is perceived as a protest against current GOV socialist policies and the COST of entitlements relative to over all earnings.....................well, MORE disposable income at low rates equates to a consumer spending increase.......not today, not tomorrow, but certainly going forward.

    6.75% isn't bad in this environment and UH-OHHHH! What if FORD increases it's DIV next year AND pops out another spec DIV? GULP!

    The BOOGIEMAN in the EU is GOV/EU suffocation of everyone from those who work and pay entitlements to those receiving entitlements ALL with the backdrop of KNOWINGLY admitting Johnny Jihad across borders w/out ANY VETTING what-so-ever.

    LESSON LEARNED EU................oh and more to come fasten your seatbelts............

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 21, 2016 1:56 PM Flag

    On the other hand, it could absorb/accommodate any and all outside tech/provisions...adaptations...etc. thus ABSORBING and rendering competition useless, ineffective etc. by being UNIVERSAL to all related, applicable innovations.

  • Reply to

    Same trading path each quarter.....

    by boar292hog Jun 21, 2016 9:48 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jun 21, 2016 10:18 AM Flag post is directed at SHORTS, IE BooBirds............

  • Looks like the FB BooBirds are at it again and they are WRONG AGAIN ! You BooBirds better go get yer cups on cause like last quater, yer gonna get kicked and maybe, extra hard this time! Can;t wait ! All IMHO and nothing the smell of SHORT PANIC in the morning! Smells like........well, it smells like victory! LMAO! Buh Bye !

  • This Wed., the 22nd? If so, can't wait for up to date info. flow.........hope they have some good news to share!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 17, 2016 3:33 PM Flag

    Chicago should change it's name to "Libtard Killing Fields" where the good fellas still run the place and thugs do as they wish for tax free income while receiving their monthly entitlement check, food stamps, free cell phones, reduced or free housing, education, medical care etc.

  • With this years spec DIV early on, combined with the .60 cents per year, F yield for 2016 exceeds 6% and even without the spec DIV, it yields 4.5% for today's newcomers. Trading in the low 13 range today, I think one can make the argument that F has a built in 15%- 20% possible stock price increase on top of the current DIV and if the past is any indicator at all of the future...then we can expect a DIV increase next year or perhaps another Spec Div in lieu of such.

    For the first time in a few years, the prospect for F return to shareholders seems to be heading upward IMHO and we can thank the FED for forecasting it's own rate hold for the foreseeable future. All IMHO but even analysts are starting to pay attention to the auto industry which they have ignored for a few years now despite the BULL performance at the likes of F on what seems has been an almost quarterly, year over year improvement AND.................lower rates will bode well for both the Auto and Housing industry as Millennials get a second chance at locking in historically low rates. AGAIN...all IMHO..............

  • Perhaps it is finally time to bring manufacturing back to the US. It's not like we don't need the jobs! But the real message China has given the world is that with the waive of a pen, your status in CHina can change into NOTHINGNESS regardless of the reason.

    Of course this could merely be some politician with power that extends to the very top, essentially strongarm robbing AAPL seeking some kind of payout in order to continue selling product in China. WELCOME to the REALITY of CHINA. Get use to it..........who ever said China has PRIDE in DOING the RIGHT THING!? LMAO!

    CHINA has EGO and will do whatever it wishes, to whomever it wishes to do it too. CHICOMs know NO BOUNDARIES, LITERALLY and when one reviews China's claim that this is to be THEIR CENTURY I would suggest to all that this encompasses EVERYTHING including changing or worse, making the rules as they go long as they can determine HOW the CHIPs fall!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 13, 2016 12:58 PM Flag

    Perhaps what he should have said is that Snapchat has an inrodinate amount of relevancy given the backdrop of FB and MORE!

    Last I checked, LEFT was batting about 56%..sure he is a homerun hitter but his own record shows he is also a strikeout king!

    LEFT has to ASSUME that innovation at FB is dead or dying. He also has to assume that FB is no longer gaining market share in advertising revs..............while the day may come, me thinks LEFT needs another swig of dream juice to get him through some hard times on this one. Afterall, there is NOTHING stopping FB from BUYING and entering an entirely new genre of mobile ANYTHING at this point!

    LEFT could be right but I am SHORTING his reputation based on his own track record. As we all learn at some point, SPOUTING WHALES get HARPOONED. All IMHO and nothing more..........

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jun 8, 2016 9:34 AM Flag

    by entering the iedological PIT that separates our nation in two like no other time since the civil war. FB has to realize that by choosing sides, it will lose users. FB should rise above the fray and treat all equally.

    Regarding the anti-gun stuff, I have to ask, does ZuckerBUTT have armed guards surrounding him 24/7? I only ask because the overwhelming MAJORITY of FB users can not afford such a luxury and thus, if for whatever reason they feel the need to have protection, they buy a gun.

    I wish ZuckerBUTT could grow up alittle and realize that the one thing that has made our Nation great since it's birth is our freedom of speech combined with the compromise that opposing views USUALLY leads too over time. To SHUT OFF those whose views you disagree with is a very counterproductive MO which historically leads to the worst events the human race has ever perp'd upon itself.

    Mr ZuckerBUTT, your actions / words aimed at the right reveal a very poison ideology aimed at destruction verses compromise. GROW UP twiddle dee..........and stop being twiddle dumb.

  • YHOO's finance user base has virtually no interest in the so called "SPONSORED" advertising pieces that literally COAT the daily list of news breaking articles ref finance/investment/stock/fed news etc.

    So much a nuisance that I anticipate many who use the site will gladly opt for a competitor the moment an adequate one emerges.

    Simply put, this user base on YHOO finance would likely VERY GLADLY pay an annual fee to become AD FREE so the information they seek or find and want to review isn't hijacked by ADS, more ADS, and even more ADS. Those who don;t want to pay the fee can still use YHOO Finance as it exists today, an AD SNIPING distraction that seemingly is getting even more layers of bogus, irrelevant advertising harassing folks who are using this site in many cases for over a decade, as a source for info. ref., the investment market place.

    So I guess it is time for YHOO to decide if it wants to continue it's harassment of it's own user base or, allow oxygen to flow once again instead of advertisement overload.

  • Time for some management team to fund a buyout of BAC......hold it for a few years...........breakout the M.Lynch..............and sell the pieces which are worth FAR MORE than the whole today and multiples of such over the next few years.

    Oh and send Moynihan packing with a bronze parachute rather than gold.

    Shareholders can't even stand up straight anymore due to the BENDING OVER and GRABBING their ANKLES since the econ debacle approaching a DECADE ago .....NOW.................time wise.

    BAC has earned the UNBELIEVABLE level of disappointment from seems BAC is working to earn a new stock symbol through it's deeds and lack of performance.perhaps "BOHICA" or, "BEND OVER, HERE IT COMES AGAIN".

  • over thin ice with absolute uncertainty. Lack of communications, lack of STOCK performance with a backdrop of RECORD company performance, and shareholders are still confined inside the FORD BUILT GULAG.

    Now that FORD and the auto industry seem to be souring on the vine, one can only wonder just how bad it can get? FORD stock performance has been a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.....I mean a gross 6% dividend for 2016 does not neutralize the stock price fact Detroit in general has forced Auto Co Shareholders to wonder what happens with a slow down? Or a falling out with China..................or a WAR with China.

    Today, "Fred Flinstone" would pass right buy a Ford dealership opting rather, for a foot driven cylinder wheeled ,canopied , hootch wagon , and Wilma wouldn't mind!

  • Brad Slingerlend..I believe of Janus comments on how FB growth is pretty much done! LMAO...FB is still deciding how it wants to shape and mold the ENTIRE LANDSCAPE.....much like Google and Apple! Including bumping foreheads with both!

    Me thinks Mr Slingerlend hath tunnel vision regarding what FB has shown BEYOND social and if one were too do a forensic break down of FB's growth, one could easily argue that social was merely THE START but most likely, no where near the end.

    Mr Slingerlend...there are SEVERAL MAJOR SECTOR evolutions occuring involving TECH......that comfortably fit into the game plane of ANYONE and everyone who wants to play the game...though the FB's/Googles, and AAPLs have a head start and that is mobility/content/entertainment/communications/VR/the Internet of everything........I mean we are LITERALLY at a cross roads being charted by the needs/wants/and demands/as well as expectations of BOTH BOOMER,s and MILLENNIAL's.

    Premature PAT is the name YOU don't want to emulate, Mr Slingerlend!

    Simply put...looking back, I can not recall a more uncertain and thus. more exciting time regarding TECH applications we can not even imagine right now. But, one thing is certain, there will be winners and there will be losers, right now, I thin CABLE is on the hot seat for change or entry into the Smithsonian as a memory.

    VR will reformulate the landscape as we know will become an entertainment/communications/educational game changer. Growth? Hmmmmm...I'd say that FBs growth is limited only by itself and right now, I see no signs of becoming fat/dumb. and lazy at Google/Apple/ or FB! ALL IMHO and nothing more!

  • boar292hog boar292hog May 18, 2016 3:59 PM Flag

    Kendall, thanks for clarifying so much of what little is known by we laymen and hopefully clearing up the confusion we all have managed to impose upon NVCR and the overall issue!

  • boar292hog boar292hog May 18, 2016 9:54 AM Flag

    Note, HUGE difference between getting a so called "cut" and merely being invested. If memory serves, the other Duke research going on right now involves the use of the Polio virus to treat solid brain tumors as well and I read where the staff at Duke involved in the research is also invested in the research.

    Also of note, more for arays....suggest not bad talking NVCRs application for it has already shown it's efficacy and thus it's approved us. Clearly it does not serve all patients HOWEVER , it has helped many and we wouldn't want to wrongly send people away for no treatment at all , of any kind. Further, the polio virus treatment has proven about a 50/50 effectiveness which while really good in my view, also proves it does not help everyone, for any number of reasons. Tumor/disease progress being IMHO, probably the single strongest factor involved but hey, what do I know, I am no Doctor!

    Finally, back to "getting a cut" is illegal, as in kickback. However being INVESTED in the procedure is quite different, I would LIKE ALL DOCTORS to have an interest in the OUTCOME of my treatments! Talk about MOTIVATION / reward! As I see it, other than reputation and steering clear of lawsuits....I sometimes find a Doctor almost burned out with dis-interest and would prefer a MOTIVATED...Dr and if having a financial interest in the OUTCOME of a new medical treatment exists, then I say RIGHT ON! You might say IN A PERFECT WORLD that the Doctor's have a vested interest in seeing such new treatment succeed, exceed, and proceed further via the FDA....! All IMHO !

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