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  • boar292hog by boar292hog Feb 11, 2015 9:37 AM Flag

    Assume the position!

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    UPS = Newest UNION VICTIM......

    by boar292hog Feb 3, 2015 10:16 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Feb 7, 2015 9:49 AM Flag

    Losing money trumps ROI...............

  • UPS shows ONCE AGAIN, much like Detroit did years the textile industry did decades ago...and like everyother cost laden industry with union labor.

    The problem is education. Simply put, union leadership does not know how to balance a checkbook. Worse yet, they could care less if their added cost to operate cast upon the host or company drives it into the ground.

    Who won in Detroit? Union bosses, their Daughter's still got to go to college, they didn;t have to sell their Lake Michigan beach house but poor labor types, they lost EVERYTHING. Even white collar types lost their jobs.

    Now once again, we see the fault line created by having an intermediary chain of command, that being the Unions, and the poor labor type voting for more and more benefits only to end up in the monetary dumpster in the end.

    Shame on UNIONS who seem best at representing themselves at the leadership level but as for everyone else, they LOSE......every single time....and history validates as much.

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Feb 1, 2015 10:56 AM Flag

    One of the most CRUEL ends to a loved ones life, for Family, is alzheimers. I hope and pray that BIIB is on the right path to finding a cure or perhaps a means of reducing or slowing the effects of this identity erasing disease that is the saddest thing I have ever wittnessed.

    GO BIIB !!!!!!!! KICK BUTT on this thing called alzheimers!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jan 29, 2015 4:16 PM Flag

    Most folk know little about CHINA. Other than the politics of China.....I do know one thing, CHINESE NEW YEARS is THEE HOLIDAY of the YEAR in China and it lurks around the corner in Mid -Feb.!

    Could be a near term catalyst...who knows? i sure don't!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jan 29, 2015 10:47 AM Flag

    is about two weeks away.............hmmmmm.........isn't the New Year the biggest celebration in China? Does any business get conducted leading up to and thru this Holiday? Just wondering...........?

  • Wahtsapp now has 700 million+ users (and growing) who each ay a annual subscription fee of a dollar.....this is of course at some point, a bigger revenue maker. But setting that aside, Instagram is breaking the sound barrier at warp speed as I understand it and it seems OOPS, monetization has alot of room to grow.

    Back to FB....roughly 25% of the world is using was stated on yahoo finance article....and monetization of FB is an ongoing/evolving process.

    AAPL blew expectations out of the water, well above and beyond ANALyst expectations.....which might also mean a few more FB users might have been gained....hmmmmmmm....gee I wonder....!? Oh and no currency slam on AAPL........................hmmmmmmmmmm..............oh and sporting events, the holidays, National Weather Reports crying wolf over polar dips in recent months........... .

    I suppose what I am getting at is that the stock price seems to be held in check as though someone thinks earnings and forecast will be lackluster. But I have to say, the NAYSAYERS have not been correct YET! Um I think naysayers have somehow chosen to ignore the fact that FB is in GROWTH MODE and will likely remain there for some time to come...since it is afterall, the pioneer cutting the path that others are FORCED to follow! All IMHO...............

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jan 21, 2015 4:12 PM Flag

    Agree...regardless of where oil goes looking forward, NG is the future. SW Gas was bought out, that leaves CHK is the next biggest independent player. up the balance sheet serves shareholders well going forward regardless of whether or not CHK is bought out.

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