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  • UPS shows ONCE AGAIN, much like Detroit did years the textile industry did decades ago...and like everyother cost laden industry with union labor.

    The problem is education. Simply put, union leadership does not know how to balance a checkbook. Worse yet, they could care less if their added cost to operate cast upon the host or company drives it into the ground.

    Who won in Detroit? Union bosses, their Daughter's still got to go to college, they didn;t have to sell their Lake Michigan beach house but poor labor types, they lost EVERYTHING. Even white collar types lost their jobs.

    Now once again, we see the fault line created by having an intermediary chain of command, that being the Unions, and the poor labor type voting for more and more benefits only to end up in the monetary dumpster in the end.

    Shame on UNIONS who seem best at representing themselves at the leadership level but as for everyone else, they LOSE......every single time....and history validates as much.

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Feb 1, 2015 10:56 AM Flag

    One of the most CRUEL ends to a loved ones life, for Family, is alzheimers. I hope and pray that BIIB is on the right path to finding a cure or perhaps a means of reducing or slowing the effects of this identity erasing disease that is the saddest thing I have ever wittnessed.

    GO BIIB !!!!!!!! KICK BUTT on this thing called alzheimers!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jan 29, 2015 4:16 PM Flag

    Most folk know little about CHINA. Other than the politics of China.....I do know one thing, CHINESE NEW YEARS is THEE HOLIDAY of the YEAR in China and it lurks around the corner in Mid -Feb.!

    Could be a near term catalyst...who knows? i sure don't!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jan 29, 2015 10:47 AM Flag

    is about two weeks away.............hmmmmm.........isn't the New Year the biggest celebration in China? Does any business get conducted leading up to and thru this Holiday? Just wondering...........?

  • Wahtsapp now has 700 million+ users (and growing) who each ay a annual subscription fee of a dollar.....this is of course at some point, a bigger revenue maker. But setting that aside, Instagram is breaking the sound barrier at warp speed as I understand it and it seems OOPS, monetization has alot of room to grow.

    Back to FB....roughly 25% of the world is using was stated on yahoo finance article....and monetization of FB is an ongoing/evolving process.

    AAPL blew expectations out of the water, well above and beyond ANALyst expectations.....which might also mean a few more FB users might have been gained....hmmmmmmm....gee I wonder....!? Oh and no currency slam on AAPL........................hmmmmmmmmmm..............oh and sporting events, the holidays, National Weather Reports crying wolf over polar dips in recent months........... .

    I suppose what I am getting at is that the stock price seems to be held in check as though someone thinks earnings and forecast will be lackluster. But I have to say, the NAYSAYERS have not been correct YET! Um I think naysayers have somehow chosen to ignore the fact that FB is in GROWTH MODE and will likely remain there for some time to come...since it is afterall, the pioneer cutting the path that others are FORCED to follow! All IMHO...............

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jan 21, 2015 4:12 PM Flag

    Agree...regardless of where oil goes looking forward, NG is the future. SW Gas was bought out, that leaves CHK is the next biggest independent player. up the balance sheet serves shareholders well going forward regardless of whether or not CHK is bought out.

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    Blodgett asks "..but what's next"?

    by boar292hog Jan 10, 2015 7:00 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jan 10, 2015 8:41 PM Flag

    You mean the OIL drop isn't due to over production and reduced demand? We see growing conversion from heating oil / electric (residential) and coal (power stations) to NGas which is an accelerating dynamic . Increasing fleet of EVs, growing conversion from gas to NGas amongst many municipal and commercial fleets as well as the Transpo/industry have anything to do with the drop in oil demand?

    OIL was artifically HIGH due to the likes of the Oil Cartel in the M.East and RUSSIA , Venez. and other ENEMIES of the US!? The Cartel is GONE, the tide has turned, they will NEVER dicate oil prices again, EVER.

    Having said that, there is another new dynamic, it started yesterday in France, the outrage of this Islamowhacko attack has traction and I believe it is the start of rebuilding relations between current enemies. You see Russia and China have this Islamowhacko problem as does the rest of the world frankly. Ironic that the wave if Islamic Terror could unite a divided world toward a common enemy/goal !!! With this will come certain economic cooperation addressing debt and other monetary issues. Of course demand for energy will also go up.

    I don't expect the above hypoethesis to happen overnight but in the meantime, I don't see markets adding to the problem not with the acceleration of innovation in so many areas including tech, communications, entertainment (AAPL TV) war against CABLE, commerce ( IE AAPL pay), BIO.....etc., to name a few.

    When OIL prices go DOWN, consumption goes up. Consumption of EVERYTHING due to greater disposable income. Employment is increasing, prices that have gone up so dramatically due to higher oil prices will begin to settle and likely come down. Produce/Agri./livestock feed...etc., etc. Everything that relies on ENERGY in any way, will come down in cost. Lower prices are here to stay short of manipulation. AND If I am wrong and prices go up....well then, we're both wrong! Sorry to bable...too much caffeine! LOL!

  • He was positive on the apps announcement recently but asked whats next with aapl which is the same question doubters have been asking for the last 24 months.

    Wearables are on the way, AAPL Tv is likely to make more inroads, and improved current tech. Perhaps too, a meaningful purchase?

    I have no clue and I'm confident that Blodgett doesn't either.

    One thing is certain, APPL has once again, made investors alot of money over the last 24 months while these boobirds have been ehausting the same doubt! Oh well, time will tell !

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jan 10, 2015 12:11 PM Flag

    This Bank/Leadership cadre has it's "S" together IMHO. Nothing more need be said.

    However, anyone who has questions can look at the track record since inception and taking into account the many smaller banks that failed into and through the recession, I view this BANK is much more than a survivor!

    HFWAs footprint has grown and it seems where value and opportunity are found, will continue to do so!

    Move over Nationals and Regionals, and new player is making it's mark!

    All IMHO of course!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jan 8, 2015 1:59 PM Flag

    Thanks for the small profit, moving onto a smaller bank and will let them finance my Grandkids College fund.................BAC = lackluster.......after having someone reminded me of the BAC....I withdraw my strongbuy and move to another .....later Mr Moynihan.....good luck.

  • Funny, when you see a picture of a Big Mac for instance, it looks alot more appetizing than the hockey puck bun and burger you get at the store!

    I once asked a McDonald's employee why the bun had changed and he said it hadn't. well Oakbrook, fly on out to Reno, NV and go to one of your drive-thru's here in Reno. First, order 3 different meals, go with different sizes, and make sure to check your order AFTER you leave, as though you are a customer driving the meal home to your Family.

    Don;t be surprised if your order is either incomplete or altogether wrong! Second, please note the picture of the burgers on the menu board at the drive thru, in fact, take out your smartphone a take a pic or two.

    Now when you get home, it's as though a bit of magic has occured, the buns are smaller and thicker. resembling a bread bun version of a hockey puck OH and don;t miss the GRAY colored beef you have paid to eat.

    Or....maybe this is just my i apologize to all MCDonald's owners but it sure seems to me that todays Big Mac comes no where close to matching the same burger of even 10-15 years ago. Again, maybe it's just me...... .

    Of course, perhaps others feel the sameway and maybe this is part of the sales DROP-OFF and subsequent migration to Sonic, Jack, and name a few.

    When people go to MCDs, they are not going there for HEALTHFOOD, they want the REAL DEAL MEAL, not the SanFrancisco version of healthy fastfood. In fact, E FFFFFFFFFFFF, SanFran and all the soccer Mom's that live there. Oops! Happy New Year !

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jan 8, 2015 11:48 AM Flag

    Mr Moynihan, has BAC come down with what I call the GE syndrome where no matter what happens, no matter what the news or expectation, the stock price stagnates in the ZombieZone?

    I mean with a triple expected this year, one would think the stock price would reflect that expectation yet, here we 17+/-.....and a paupers DIV of a nickle a quarter.

    Sure BAC has climbed rather well from the huge drop years back but it is still trading below BV !

    I think , like JPM, that the parts are worth more than the whole. That the DIV should be at least DOUBLE what it is today...............and that M.L. can be spun off to shareholders as a reward for walking down this FED SNIPER laden path FOR YEARS now.

    Wash. Mutual should be spun off as a subsidiary and BAC retain 25% ownership in case BAC decides mortgages are the place to be a decade or so down the road.

    BAC has UNDERPERFORMED the sector for years once again and you Mr Moynihan, have been at the helm. M.L. has lost ALOT of talent because of the Banker Identity cast upon it by BAC Bankers.

    Will BAC EVER lead the industry? If not, then perhaps a name change is in order, maybe BOM or Bank of Mediocrity.

  • Projected earnings argue for a STRONG DIV increase sometime in 2015............lets not wait another 3-5 years before shareholders are rewarded.

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    FREE Merrill Lynch! Breakup BAC !

    by boar292hog Jan 7, 2015 1:26 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jan 7, 2015 2:01 PM Flag

    NEST......LMAO...okay let us both stop wasting time simply put, you are the very first person I have ever heard define BV as "historic cost".

    Last I checked, BV was the accepted breakup value of the asset after all liabilities but hey.......whatever works 4 long as you can work with it! I think we are probably MEANING the samething but using different labels............have a good one.

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    FREE Merrill Lynch! Breakup BAC !

    by boar292hog Jan 7, 2015 1:26 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jan 7, 2015 1:38 PM Flag

    LMAO! Okay, ................if I disagree with BV (20+) then IAW my view, it is an "assigned", arbitrary value relative to breakup value. By the way, last I checked, BV is essentially NAV...............and if the NAV is incorrect, well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time analysts got it wrong!

    IE, JPM's BV is roughly 56 yet it's breakup value is pegged at the 80-85 range by MAYO.....THEE BEST Bank analyst IMO.................

    So, BACs BV is WAY OUT OF LINE if it were to spin-off M.L. in my view, for what it is worth...and nothing more............

  • BAC worth much more than the 20+ book value it is assigned. Earnings this year alone are expected to nearlt triple................okay lets say they only double, ONLY DOUBLE! I like that trend!

    Spin-off Wash.Mutual, let them live or die on their own time.......the FEDs will monitor them and not YOU, BAC!

    STOP suffocating Merrill Lynch with Bankers Identity Crisis and let them ACCELERATE in this new upcoming world market.opportunity being created right now by the doom and gloomers...........coupled with an accelerating QUALITY OF LIFE emergence worldwide and the infrastructure, manufacturing, and consumption that will result. All IMHO..............

  • trash Wash Mutual, sell Merrill Lynch.....go buy some small regionals or even smaller............

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jan 6, 2015 4:06 PM Flag

    explain why not....IN DETAIL.

    The SHARKS are circling and BAC is one of the targets. With an BOOK VALUE of around 21, and most of the FEDs witch hunting out of the way, and Merrill Lynch needing to be FREE from Banker identity seems BAC should be formulating a way to GET AHEAD of the industry rather than lagging....not even in lock step!

    Yes, the DIV moved from .01 cents per qtr to .05 cents.......with a forecasted earnings per share of 1.40 plus....I have a very hard time digesting a 20 cent annual dividend.

    Further, talking heads on CNBC raise the issue of JPM, C, and BAC possibly becoming targets for breakups because the breakup value justifies it.

    We were promised a DIV increase YEARS AGO and got it last year. Thank you but if the current business model/structure prevents BAC from performing as it should, more importantly, if it prevents BAC from LEADING the PACK, then we have an issue here at BAC that EVERY SHAREHOLDER should be barking about.

    Mr Moynihan, "Tare down this wall" borrow a famous qoute from Reagan ref. East/West Germany...........and to bring it full circle................BAC has a WALL that needs torn down, it's called unrealized value/potential. All IMHO.........

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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