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  • It appears the HERDs have begun to recognize SD's BIZ/OPS plan going forward as well as those pesky ASSETS in the ground....which is the reason you may have an interest in the first place. Even the CEO thinks SD is worth around 15.50 and Motley just broke down the numbers pointing to such.

    Well here's my question, do you seriously think SD is going to get cheaper as energy demand grows, political unrest seems to rule the day, and SD PRODUCTION levels as well as big well surprises increase in frequency/volume? Nor do we shareholders!

    Oh and I don't include the staunch naysayers or scammers on this board who are obivous to even the most casual of observers and to be sure, this is merely all IMHO but to net it all out....if there is a buyer, it seems we are fast approaching the point of no return, meaning, it is time to ______ or get off the pot!

    Frankly, with a potential 15 dollar target and DEEP RESERVES yet to be confirmed or denied as well as the likelihood of ongoing discovery................SD is pretty cheap right now IMHO and for those who have held this stock for years now anyways, whats another year or two to POP 15!???

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 3, 2014 4:26 PM Flag

    TREASON....JOKEBAMA does not have the power or authority to decide the fate of a conflict of which our own have fought and died for after being sent by CONGRESS AND most recently, BY JOKEBAMA himself. He sought no advice, did not inform Afghanistan that 5 Taliban Leaders are to be released, our Allies knew nothing about it.

    When will the JOKE or shoudl I say ACK-JASS in the WhiteHouse be held accountable for completely ignoring our process. Just because he disagrees with how things are done does not give him the authoroty ti circumvent our laws at will. He is behaving like the drunk fat AfAmer Lady we see on "COPS" who acts so indignant when she is pulled over for drunk driving like she is somehow EXEMPT from our laws. While I hate to bring race into this matter, I will stoop to OBAMA and Wright's level to make a point. Mr JOKEBAMA, you are not entitled to make up the rules and laws as we go. The only thing that keeps PEACE in our land is the rule of law and order............but apparently, law and order no longer matters. What an absolute, incompetent ACK-JASS.

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    A Sincere Apology

    by rainbow3100 Aug 10, 2014 7:39 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Aug 10, 2014 8:56 PM Flag

    It's time to lay this issue to rest. I am a VET, I have a Son who is a VET...and a Nephew who served several tours in Iraq. That doesn't give any of us a license to be a "D"-Head to others and it for sure does not give any of our relatives the right to be a "D"-Head to anyone else either. If they choose to stand up and defend the military that's their decision.

    However, trying to substantiate on a fricking message board what is real and what is not is alittle difficult to say the least ESPECIALLY considering the SOURCE. So cleint9 if you have a Son and he served, hats off to him, I wish him well in life's journey.

    HOWEVER, BS slingers have to assume all of their messages are met with doubt, distrust, and anyother negative interpretation their own behavior/posts lead too. Alittle manipulative in my view but hey, I'm just a casual observer......

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jul 5, 2014 10:29 AM Flag

    The Dictators of the world never knew how much wealth they would acrue if only their oppressed subjects made even more! Welcome to the twisted take on capitalism in China and Russia.

    As these heavy populated nations are joined by allies of ours such as India....and the growing improvement to quality of life throughout the world .....ENERGY is what literally fuels this growth.improvement of quality of life!

    Today might be the second most powerful economic leap in human history. The first, being the industrialization of the WEST.....the US primarily but our (now known as) western allies also particiapted.

    Improving ones QUALITY of LIFE is as HUMAN as it gets! Innovation and discovery help catapult said quality of life and today we see it in TECH, MEDICINE, communications/entertainment, utility and others yet to charge forward for recognition..........and what does this movement require? Again, ENERGY.

    BAC just forecast the US potentially becoming the largest OIL producer in the world after it overtakes S. Arabia. I see a consolidation of ASSETS...within the OIL/NG sector and frankly, it is inevitable and, may produce some players that are not even in the sector yet! For instance, a Bill Gates could become a player instantaneously if he chose too! The big oil patch players survive on EASY OIL.....the smaller...more innovative players such as SD, are producing in areas others have walked away from. This innovation was not cheap, it has its own inherent risks, but the end results speak for themselves AND.......it is likely, there are many other areas in the world where big oil players have walked away from after it became more difficult to profitably produce...MEANING...innovation commands a certain premium. One could say as always, it is the moves made by big players themselves, that gives birth to their own competition! Big oil has given birth to the SDs in the patch. I expect consolidation! All IMHO of course!

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    To All Republicans on this board...

    by kcf_07757 Aug 14, 2014 7:01 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Aug 14, 2014 8:15 PM Flag

    Wow......go get some help....politics shouldn't be skewing your judgement and consuming so much of your time. Live your life and leave everyone else alone! LMAO!

  • Thank you Sir for a job well done and creating a once in a lifetime investment opportunity within the AUTO industry sector!
    Thanks too, to F employees! Nice ride!

    I own two Ford's!

  • F has NEVER gotten it's due from Wall St. Hey wake up, these are the guys that didn't take a bailout....not that this is cause to ignore any fo-paws......but 3%? ANALysts were expecting much less. Oh and say what you want about weather......and to be fair weather I'm sure, did play a role in Q-1 sales drops across the industry but INDIA? Up 105% ? 23 new or updated models this year? 500 new Mustangs ordered in less than an hour in Germany once the 2015 could be ordered.

    The new alum. F-150 coming soon.............somehow everyone feels sorry for GM which has YET to pay we tax payers back in full and everyone is willing to look the other way with the massive re-calls......if GM is worth a penny, F is worth 25 bucks right now.

    ANALysts, assume the position. HOLMES.....my paddle please.......no screaming ANALysts! WHACK! SMACK! Ouuuuuucccccccchhhhhh! No crying !

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    IRAQ Falling

    by truemst Jun 12, 2014 9:27 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jun 12, 2014 11:03 AM Flag

    .....and Afghanistan is next......OBAMA is the biggest DUMB___T in US HISTORY.

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    To All Republicans on this board...

    by kcf_07757 Aug 14, 2014 7:01 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Aug 15, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    LMAO! I prefer to give Ford Leadership, Mullay...and hard working FORD EMPLOYEES credit for Ford's performance.

    OBAMA had NOTHING to do with Ford's success. In fact, Ford didn;t take the bailout. GM and Chrysler did take the bailout and if you'll recall, OBAMA asked Bush to commence with the auto industry bailout stating ti would be his first act as President if Bush did not bail them out.

    Nope, SORRY.....Ford has done ALL of this ON THEIR OWN and JokeBAMA had NOTHING to do with it.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Aug 14, 2014 7:36 PM Flag

    Global Warming thugs suggested large parts of California would be underwater by now, in 2014...instead we see a drought of epic proportions.

    Last Fall Climatologist Thugs were stranded in an ice breaker while on their way to Antarctica for research. It took two ice breakers to get thru to rescue them.

    The last 15 years the earths temp. has cooled........does this count for anything? LOL!

    Previous doomsday scenarios addressing the polar ice cap melt forecasts have been proven wrong, very wrong, IE California is still above water!

    Envirowackos at one time even suggested using plastic grocery bags instead of paper in order to save the trees! Of course the plastic grocery bags soon CHOKED our waste dumps. Then the brain trusts in SanFran said we should use paper bags once again and caught so much grief for the reversal that they then suggested using reusable cloth grocery bags! LOL!

    I think the fact that Thug Climatologist got CAUGHT locked (in the ice!) in an ice breaker while headed to Antarctica to do climate research says all that needs to be said about the misdirected emotion the LEFTISTs have vocalized using Global Warming as their winning horse of an argument!

    How does less than a century of observation suddenly become the baseline for moving forward, regarding climate change verses using the MILLIONS of years BEFORE Humans with the severe global temp changes our planet endured over those misslions of years?


  • This is nice. Between SDs relationships with OXY and REPSOL, combined with Lawler's INSIDE knowledge of SD......and BPs desire to spin-off its lower 48 ONSHORE unconventional assets that Lawler will head up......me thinks there is something at play..... .

    Lets face it, with NG and OIL at these cheap levels, industry/sector consolidation makes more sense than even 6 month/ year ago!

    AND...if one thinks NG will begin to proliferate usage wise........and demand for energy will only increase.....well then, now is the time to buy cheap assets!

    Given SDs self sustaining operation A to Z.....this model can be applied across all non-conventional oil/NG sources/assets to INCREASE profit via the LOW COST model SD enjoys.

    While there is no hard and fast rule of how a former employee will respond once given the chance to BUY OUT his former employer....one thing is certain, Lawler either LIKES or DISLIKES SD management/business model/assets. We shall see!

    This move seems to highlight SDs operations as a plus and hopefully Lawler will want to DECORATE his new CEO office at BP onshore ! All IMHO...and purely speculation !

  • The SHORTING of MoMo's unfortunately included some big names, GILD being obe of them. Currently there is a 6% hedge on GILD.....seems someone is drowing in their SHORT position and its likely to get worse.

    GILD did 2.5 BILLION in Sovaldi in its first quarter......the second quarter is likely to PANTs SHORT hedgies with an even stronger showing as more begin to adopt/pay for Sovaldi treatment afterall, it is a CURE, not a treatment in the final analysis.

    I think GILD begins leading the market again as it did so effectively when it was wrongly painted as a HOLLOW MoMo stock............this is a company that prints money and its earning are expected to more than DOUBLE over the next 24+ months.

    ............and someone SHORTED for a TRADE and is now caught waiting for the markets walls to tumble to bail them out? Sorry boys, the ECB just rendered a NEGATIVE DEPOSIT INTEREST RATE which means GULP! Open the barn doors willey! We're gonna start loaning businesses and individuals....can you say, SPIKED GROWTH like spiked punch?
    Have a drink SHORTs...you might as well enjoy it while you can still afford it!

    All IMHO........it hurts getting stuck in the mud but its not like the door was'nt open in the low 70's...........

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jun 16, 2014 4:38 PM Flag

    Hurricane season 1 June to Nov.....geo-political, Putin just shut the NatGas to Ukraine off......energy demand continues to spiral upward........SD cost controls......SD drilling innovations.....Iraq/Afghan/Iran/Saudi...OPEC and PUTIN Greed............SD's increasing production rate.......SD gaining recognition as it departs from being the whipping post of the oil patch......AND a likely SECTOR CONSOLIDATION..............as more reach to GAIN more ASSETS..........especially, NatGas !

    Early AUG.....= next earnings report! SHORTs need to start turning or face getting SCALPED! All IMHO !!!

  • GULP ! With all the pontificating post-ers on the board I thought I might ask why SD sold off last August as well? I mean I am not a chartist but it somehow seems that ALONG with the market/sector so goes SD.

    I could be wrong, maybe there is bad news in the wind. On the otherhand, if I am not wrong, then SD could be a second half year opportunity with this much of a drop in price.

    Time will tell and the earnings next week should validate SDs upward trend in production, earnings etc. OR...maybe we are all in for some sideways perhaps even down news.

    With drilling reports, it seems SD is on track to report upward earnings and hopefully, a matching upward forecast!

    One thing is for sure, critics and naysayers are no better than the crow sitting on a fence waiting for time to take their view to the forefront regardless of how long it takes! AND...if they are so good, one has to wonder why they missed the big upward move.....were they drooling in the mirror over the SOMEDAY I will be right sentiment!????? LMAO.....if it keeps going down AGAIN....I may buy some more AGAIN ! For what it is worth and seriously ONLY IMHO.......and I could be totally wrong.....it wouldn't be the first time I discover I am in the middle of an L-Shaped ambush!

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    by mikej99936 Jul 13, 2014 12:27 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 14, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    Seriously? Didn't YOU READ the article discussing the RATE OF DECLINE issue and how it will effect SD less than others NEAR TERM? Why? Because almost all of these slowing wells continue to produce for YEARS thus creating a rising floor. HYPO......while 100 wells per time period slow to 10 barrels per day......going from 1 such well to say 100 such wells over time moves this low end production rate from 10 barrels per day to 1000 barrels...as long as NEW WELLS maintain the current number and production rate of these new wells equals todays new production average...total production rates will have increased acknowledging the majortiy of wells will be inbetween top rate and bottom rate production levels.

    Any extension of well duration IE...pumps more oil for an average longer period than the average today and....if more new bigger producers are discovered...SDs production rate GOES UP!

    Further, with an average LOWER cost of operation, all those wells bunching up with 10 barrel per day production FOR YEARS really adds up!

    Oh and SD can always buy more real estate....maybe even venture into new geo's here in the US !

    GULP! Looks like the doomsday scenario is all but eliminated...but hey, read the article, not my take! And all IMHO....!

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    what is the significance

    by zoeoe_1999 Jul 23, 2014 11:00 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 23, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    I keep hoping such stagnation means someone is talking to SD at a certain price range and if the stock runs up as I think it should, it diminishes the value of the buyout premium the higher that price moves toward 10! Or whatever price might be the target! Thus, the 6.50 range. As well as NG prices!

    But so far, I have been proven wrong EVERYTIME! LOL!

    The above is pure speculation and HOPE..........but there are a few things in our (shareholders) corner, there are a few successful HEDGIES in SD and SD management has shown SD is a winning/ongoing/growing interest in really, a little more than just one year.

    Repsol is talking to Talisman (TLM) and I suspect it is talking to several smaller operators. If I'm not mistaken Repsol already has a relationship with SD via one of the Trusts....Sd spun out a couple years back.

    I think one day we will all wake up to a nice surprise and I also think it's closer to happening today, then it has been in recent years because of the SD turn around we are all watching happen today! As I said before, we can all hope!!

    The BooBirds have beem right for too long on this stock in most cases, for all the wrong reasons! I have always said it is all about the assets in the ground and SD has shown it can access those assets now and climb it's value in so doing!

    We shall see, all IMHO....... wishful, hopeful, and perhaps correct but only time will tell !

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    Repsol Rumor

    by zd60610 Jul 8, 2014 6:35 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 8, 2014 9:25 PM Flag

    Not to rain on OUR parade but this fracking nonsense is gaining speed, in Oklahoma no less. That's the bad news. the good news is that if indeed fracking is causing increased seismic events it seems only certain drill sites are being attributed to increased activity where others clearly are not.

    Meaning, if there is a connection then there is already a solution....of course transporting said waste water to different sites will cost more but this also MAKES SD's oil services division even more valuable in light of a possible MLP !

    It seems science is on this matter and of course, the world will know the split second any connection can be made so there's going to be alot of noise.......if it comes to this however, the industry is very good at self policing so i suspect there's alot of hustle going on behind the scenes for alternative solutions! For what it's worth and all merely IMHO.....

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    Shorts are obviously nervous - for good reason!

    by microfauna Jun 27, 2014 1:56 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jun 29, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Agree, SHORTs about to ASSUME the position....and prepare for.......well, you get the picture!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jul 31, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    How does it go? Something like "...if it wasn't for bad luck, SD would have no luck at all..." !

    Seems either the HEDGIES or the MARKETS steal SDs earnings report momentum via volatility, more often than anyother position I have held in a very long time!

    Oh well......I do think SDs day in the sun lay ahead.....short of any negative surprises AND...with earnings and outlook a week away...I suspect this sell-off is much-a-do about nothing!

    It seems an options player is RAKING for CASH on PREMIUMS........... IMO .............added of course......... to SDs volatile nature and market fluctuations of late.

    Year old data on TheStreet's article addressing CEO pay didn't help either ......hey wait a minute...was that pure coincidence or....? Hmmmmm...sometimes I wonder........all IMHO of course........

  • boar292hog boar292hog Aug 19, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    Love the posts by Stocktrader and dambatchew ! zinger posts here!

    I would add that we are in the SUMMER DOLDRUMS.....between 2nd and 3rd qrtr's. Energy seems to run up leading the Memorial Day thru 4th of July....and then slowly trail off.....or at least that is my observation.

    Finally, into Labor Day...alittle spike recovering from the AUG over selling flavored by back to school talk.....a long weekend of driving......and we start to hear about what is expected for Fall and particularily WINTER.

    So all the catalysts mentioned by Stock/dambatchew under the above umbrella, the seasonal plays of norm.................of course this is a broad sweeping generalization I am making but it seems to be a reliable pattern! At least of late !

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