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boar292hog 117 posts  |  Last Activity: 12 hours ago Member since: Mar 24, 2005
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    Timing of TheStreet article calls into question

    by boar292hog Jul 29, 2014 11:58 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 29, 2014 12:09 PM Flag

    apologies for obvious spelling mistakes! "double" and Bennett is a "he", not a "she".......

  • any frosty motives. Is it a warning? A means of perhaps driving down the price for some reason? Or does BENNETT, the CEO for over the last 12 months make 70+ million bucks in compensation?

    Maybe YAHOO finance is wrong and he makes more than 3 million? Lets doubke that for any stock incentive she may have to be fair.

    With earnings around the corner, added to the MARKED improvement this leadership team has brought to SD shareholders thus far, one has to question TheStreet's motivation or, write it off to pure incompetence.

    I like TheStreet however it seems someone at TheStreet has the hots for SD in a bad way. I guess time will tell but for now, I can find nothing to justify or explain the steep sell-off SD has seen in the last few weeks, despite the NG sell-off!

    I think SD is in OVERSOLD territory For What It's Worth and all very much only IMHO............

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    what is the significance

    by zoeoe_1999 Jul 23, 2014 11:00 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 23, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    Yes, every once in a while, a toad languishes while we all wait for it turn into a Prince (Princess). I had another one like this, RFMD...I made some decent money on it but CHIPS have literally languished for nearly a decade! OUCH! Now look at RFMD ! OUCH AGAIN!

    SD I am comfortable in saying, will have it's day in the sun. The question is, what happens between now and then!?

    I also think however, that this sector is in for some massive consolidation and this plays to the hand SD holds !

    Again, all only iMHO and seriously, as we have all learned with SD, only time will tell! But, hats off to new SD leadership, they have shown SD (the patient) is capable of breathing on its own and this is a very positive trend!

    Sometimes for new investors who don't diversify and as I have experienced my self many years ago, diversification is the king and time, the queen!

    I say this only because it seems some on the board have too many chips riding on one name and thats not how investing works! I always tell folks you can bet on black or red or you can look at the Wheels performance on the board and pick some numbers that seem to repeat! Same for investing, being right 7 out of 10 times is easier than getting a hit 7 out of ten times at bat! In fact 3 out of 10 times places a MLBer into the Hall of fame!

    Everyones target IMHO should be to get that 7 out of ten stocks right! Realizing 3 out 10 are going to bring some pain, thats just how it goes.......knowing when to pull the rip-chord or too put more money into a down position is critical...and NO ONE is ALWAYS right!

    By the way I say the above out of the hope that some newby will read our exchange and learn from isn't rocket science but it is a discipline!

    I hate stock pain! But I think SD is onward and upward toward better times! All IMHO !

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    what is the significance

    by zoeoe_1999 Jul 23, 2014 11:00 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 23, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    I keep hoping such stagnation means someone is talking to SD at a certain price range and if the stock runs up as I think it should, it diminishes the value of the buyout premium the higher that price moves toward 10! Or whatever price might be the target! Thus, the 6.50 range. As well as NG prices!

    But so far, I have been proven wrong EVERYTIME! LOL!

    The above is pure speculation and HOPE..........but there are a few things in our (shareholders) corner, there are a few successful HEDGIES in SD and SD management has shown SD is a winning/ongoing/growing interest in really, a little more than just one year.

    Repsol is talking to Talisman (TLM) and I suspect it is talking to several smaller operators. If I'm not mistaken Repsol already has a relationship with SD via one of the Trusts....Sd spun out a couple years back.

    I think one day we will all wake up to a nice surprise and I also think it's closer to happening today, then it has been in recent years because of the SD turn around we are all watching happen today! As I said before, we can all hope!!

    The BooBirds have beem right for too long on this stock in most cases, for all the wrong reasons! I have always said it is all about the assets in the ground and SD has shown it can access those assets now and climb it's value in so doing!

    We shall see, all IMHO....... wishful, hopeful, and perhaps correct but only time will tell !

  • I mean doesn't SBUX have a history of splitting in this 80+/- range? Guess I could look it up.....just wondering if anyone remembers off the hip !

    ......what is it with the fixated, almost neurological verbal poison arrows being posted on this board? I mean I have had my moments with SBUX too....but in the end, it's a company, not a political forum and Schultz would be wise as well, to remember such. FWIW.......

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    Marcellus Legacy Well Production Decline

    by rainbow3100 Jul 15, 2014 4:24 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 17, 2014 6:49 PM Flag

    cleint9, whats your cost basis? 12?

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    Marcellus Legacy Well Production Decline

    by rainbow3100 Jul 15, 2014 4:24 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 17, 2014 6:48 PM Flag

    Adding to rainbows observation. We STILL have not even approached critical mass in the conversion to NGas! Thats the good news! The bad news is that politics has entered the frey but like always, once an industry pays whatever ransom politicians want in order to end their attacks, the industry will take off!

    Watch the added costs our elected officials are able to stack on top of NGas production/usage etc., etc. and remember one thing, YOU are the one paying those fees/taxes/added costs.

    Setting that aside, power generation, transportation, home HVAC systems DOMINATE the civilized world! Someday, NGas will be the primary work horse for almost every human endeavor requiring some sort of energy. Simply put, until an alternative energy souce can be found, NGas is the default choice AND.....power generation plants can not generate enough power without using fossil fuels.

    Alternative will fit into the equation but to highlight how far behind alterantive fuels are, lets assume the FEDS require ONLY electric cars be used today. Convert or trash your existing car. Well guess what, the entire US power grid would collapse trying to generate enough power to charge the nations cars at night!

    That simple fact forecasts the future quite clearly IMO. Battery technology will continue to improve as will charging time of EVs....and NGas station distribution will begin to grow like wildfire as will NGas transportation efficiencies..........................but still...DEMAND for NGas today is barely into its infancy regarding total usage/volume. So not matter what ones preference/hopes/desires regarding fuel/power generation, NGas is going to play a HUGE ROLE in EVERYONES future. PERIOD!!!!

    IMHO...& sorry so lengthy!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by mikej99936 Jul 13, 2014 12:27 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 14, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

    Seriously? Didn't YOU READ the article discussing the RATE OF DECLINE issue and how it will effect SD less than others NEAR TERM? Why? Because almost all of these slowing wells continue to produce for YEARS thus creating a rising floor. HYPO......while 100 wells per time period slow to 10 barrels per day......going from 1 such well to say 100 such wells over time moves this low end production rate from 10 barrels per day to 1000 long as NEW WELLS maintain the current number and production rate of these new wells equals todays new production production rates will have increased acknowledging the majortiy of wells will be inbetween top rate and bottom rate production levels.

    Any extension of well duration IE...pumps more oil for an average longer period than the average today and....if more new bigger producers are discovered...SDs production rate GOES UP!

    Further, with an average LOWER cost of operation, all those wells bunching up with 10 barrel per day production FOR YEARS really adds up!

    Oh and SD can always buy more real estate....maybe even venture into new geo's here in the US !

    GULP! Looks like the doomsday scenario is all but eliminated...but hey, read the article, not my take! And all IMHO....!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jul 14, 2014 11:32 AM Flag

    .......please report to Center Stage, the public rearend shaving is about to commence.......this is the only way for you to redeem your poor time, learn to recognize a tsunami trend as this FB interst delves into areas and apps YOU can not even imagine and in case you are still skeptical, FB has been expanding in these areas right under your noses! All IMHO but so far, FB has proven right! OUCH !!! Spanked ya!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jul 12, 2014 3:55 PM Flag

    You mean the VETERAN, West Point Grad who once outside TRIED to comply with the order to drop the gun and when he reached to do so was shot and killed by some ignorant keystone wild west cops?
    I mean the AMBUSH was set up OUTSIDE waiting for him. Try taking a view from a different angle of what happened. While true what happened INSIDE the store brought all the heat but what happend OUTSIDE was measured, deliberate and when one gets orders that conflict, how can he be right. This guy was SHOT in cold blood without posing a threat to anyone. Conveniently, the stores ecurtyi tapes caught nothing, nothing inside or outside, gee wonder how that happened?

    Meantime, someone who as you say, could have probably used some help got shot and killed by some barney fife level intellects. Wittnesses are clear that more than one directive was issued.....and when he was APPARENTLY trying to obey, he was SHOT/KILLED at about POINT BLANK range.

    But hey, apparently ALL the EXCESSIVE FORCE and WRONGFUL Death lawsuits against the Vegas area PDs are wrong and there is no such thing as excessive force or wrongful death from the end oif a cop's barrel. Look it up! Vegas PDs are the WILD, WILD West where there are no rules. They are NEVER WRONG! How does that happen? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Insider selling

    by wi19511 Jul 11, 2014 5:00 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 12, 2014 2:17 PM Flag

    One more thing Wi.....if SDs news is really upward and the stock travels upward what kind of message would it send if these folks sold after that news? Then I think your masked passive aggressive fear aroma might have more meaning than now, BEFORE earnings!

    Of course in fairness to you, if the surprise is bad, then you might have some skin on your theory but I'm going to bet you are not just wrong, but WAY WRONG! Just IMHO....again...slapping you in the ____ because you stuck it out for all to see!

    I could be wrong................but I'm guessing I'm not. VOTE with your money Wi ! SHORT it right here!?? No ?

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    Insider selling

    by wi19511 Jul 11, 2014 5:00 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 12, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

    Use your imagination and answer you're own question! LMAO........a quick scan of insider acitvity since 1 JAN '14 seems to indicate the opposite trend you seem to imply. or did you want to deceive everyone?

    This time of year, selling is not uncommon especially for a stock that has shown a nice price increase over the last year in light of the fact that it has had it's ups and downs. Getting back to 'this time of year" I have seen TAXES, COLLEGE Funding, buying that summer dream home, or paying off debts rule the day more than anyone heading for the hills!

    In fact Wi, lets face it, this selling in no way even comes close to a fire what would your real point be? We all know you HATE SD, you must have lost alot of money on this stock to be so "occupied" by it. I will guess you milk the teet with these movement up and why not be happy and count your ducats?

    All IMHO since you decided to hang your butt out the window!

  • Hey Invesco, having worked for one of the fund groups you ultimately absorbed, don't worry, I won't admit it to anyone.....but I have to ask......who is the Marketing Milleniell Idiot that approved the commercial with four brokers verbally stepping on one another while apparently trying to advise an investor?

    Somehow the message I have EXTRACTED from this commercial is INVESCO = ANNOYING.

    Not to worry, I just turn off the TV, or the sound, or just flip channel.............of course I am probably the only one who does so........I mean otherwise, you wouldn't be accomplishing anything with this ad! Right? LMAO!

    SERIOUSLY? This AD walked through the vetting process? Who is your marketing firm?

    Here's a better idea.....if you STOPPED putting this crud on TV, you could probably lower your management fees and make your clients even more money!

    Nahhhhhh......what purpose would that serve?

  • It is beyond ingorant unless this effort is PURELY POLITICAL in an effort to quiet your own constituents in which case it is again, POLITICAL.

    You KNOW the numbers. You KNOW what it costs Medicare to treat these ailing HEP C patients for years and often decades.

    So please grab a pencil and piece of paper (w/eraser since I KNOW you'll MAKE MISTAKES) and subtract the SOVALDI cost from the LONG, DRAWN OUT existing TREATMENT verses todays CURE, and I think the MATH should speak for itself.

    Not to upstage GILD's response which I might add, has already been addressed WEEKS ago.....but I have to ask given todays ECONOMY and State of the UNION how it is that we have ANY SENATOR with time to complain about prices? You IDIOTS should be complaining about your OWN SPENDING debacle imposed on we TAX PAYERS who it seems, number fewer and fewer each day between retirement, US Departure, or conversion to yet ANOTHER ENTITLEMENT recipient.

    Its a CURE...whcih is much better than a long, drawn out, expensive treatment. Any questions you legislative THUGs?

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    HERDs have it wrong! MACRO....

    by boar292hog Jul 11, 2014 10:34 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 11, 2014 11:51 AM Flag're welcome and THANK YOU as well ! Have a good weekend!

    It is amazing how we all seem able to ignore history......and thus suffer repeating it over, and over, and over again.

  • A few dynamics at work here....Saudi/ and Russia want high oil prices to line their pockets but, they also want lower prices to force production pressure on the fast growing US presence in the sector with it's NG slingshot at it's side!

    Meanwhile, it is IMO, no coincidence that Israel is under rocket attack....and the Islamic World is reaching a fever pitch AGAINST the West. primarily the US and Israel...but you can bet our Allies in Europe are on full alert as well. All due to this CLOWN in N. Iraq who has somehow perfected the hijacking of a religion that justifies KILLING all and any who are not believers. Welcome to the 13th Century.

    When Russia sends jet Fighters, the US sends security and advisor assets......(and WHO!??), Iran is in step with Russia and the US aimed at ridding the WORLD of this twisted scurge occupying N. Iraq......well, this should be a VERY LOUD and CLEAR MESSAGE to the WORLD that there is someting BEYOND ROUTINE going on here.

    So while OIL prices may be subject to a softening'd better raise the ceiling a few notches above the 120 range because the world is one WMD (or escalated Visual slaughter) away from TOTAL WAR and as this environment unfolds....and the West and its new found friends coordinate their efforts to contain this extreme form of Islam, oil prices will surge out of pure fear. In fact, just alittle more production interference in the Middle East is going to have the same effect.... . As a side note, someday, the West will realize there truly is just one solution to extremism and its not easy, its not pretty, but it is the time tested ONLY SOLUTION and I'll let everyone fill in the blank on this one!

    The problem is simple, too many World Leaders want to "see it all change into their own view of the world in their lifetimes" and unfortunately, the rest of us have to sit here and watch or, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    All IMHO....

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    Any final merger guesses?

    by boar292hog Jul 11, 2014 9:57 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 11, 2014 10:03 AM Flag

    75!! ?? I'll take it! Yowzaaaa !

  • I say 70..............

  • Cowen must be SHORT or have some big fish whining about the merger talk. What Cowen TOTALLY misses w/LO is the E-Cig sector which is growing FASTER than the tobacco industry EVER DID! Why? E-Cigs are perceived as giving existing smokers that same ESCAPE/BOOST that tobacco gives with fewer health risks. Literally millions of smokers have/will migrate to smokers will likely START and STAY w/E-Cigs fully knowing the risks of using real tobacco are FOR SURE, REAL.

    Oh Cowen, please come forth and explain your views to the "Court" of investors!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jul 10, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    NO WAY......S-Alpha! GILD will hit PAR well before the end of the year.......and I might add, as it should be! IMHO !

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