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    by rocketman.higgins 14 hours ago
    boar292hog boar292hog 12 hours ago Flag

    Nice earnings, nice forecast......would not want to be SHORT......someone out there has got to asking themselves what they were thinking when they went short IMHO......

  • OOPS! They are doing so already........regarding AAPL no longer being #1 in China...well it is a tug of war over there and it will go back and forth as it already has!

    Traders caused this sell-off.....they are shaking Mom N Pop from the AAPL tree and taking the money left on the table...........but uh oh! Guess what!!!????

    EX-DIV is right around the corner...and the SHORTS HATE paying out a DIV......see nice price recovery by low 120's IMHO..............

  • Who is selling? DUH...traders trying to cause a storm only to cover before Ex-Div...shaking Mom-n-Pop from the AAPL tree.......AAPL will be up tomorrow if the latest Monday sell-off Tuesday rebound and then some continues.......truly a traders market and truly a trader created market IMHO........of course one can SHORT AAPL and pay a .52 DIV here real soon!

    Oh and the talking/barking heads on TV sure love to help perpetuate such moves through the constant dribble of BS only to wake up the next day with a different tune! LMAO! AUTO sales are UP and away and gee, anyone think smartphone sales are going to be up too!? I mean this lunacy of a trader created sell-off is so predictable it seriously begs the question of market manipulation.

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    AAPL should buy F !

    by boar292hog Jul 23, 2015 1:29 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 23, 2015 8:46 AM Flag

    Agree! The above is not my real it is, FRUSTRATED WITH FORD STOCK...........!

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Jul 23, 2015 1:29 AM Flag sure seems fact it makes absolute sense if indeed AAPL has ambitions of entering the AUTO sector in a meaningful way......with a classic auto TOO cheap stock price.......and AAPL could propel itself into the Auto sector as an immediate impact player.......between the MUSTANG and the F150..........alone, AAPL/F..............would MOVE the entire industry! Hmmmmmmmm I mean I have to wonder why AAPL recently hired a former Auto Exec........oh well.....stranger things have happened!

  • " We have 24 hrs to fix your cable problem...".....before any reimbursement is allowed AND, the customer has to call in requesting such.

    Welcome to CHTRs new lower level of service and the obvious lowering of expectations on the part of CHTR in hopes they can also lower the expectations of their own customers.


  • It seems BAC is out of the woods, the scorched earth lackluster performance of this company/stock after MANY years of pain.....broken promises.......etc., etc.

    Please tell me BAC that the bank and Merrill are worth ONLY 18 bucks? What? What's that? Well OPEN the darn barn door and let those HORSES RUN!

    YOU have HURT a lot of is WAY PAST TIME to rectify this now "...get her done..." !!!!

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    COST trying to "New Coke" itself! OOPS!

    by boar292hog Jul 9, 2015 11:01 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 14, 2015 8:08 PM Flag

    sarcasticon.......ever hear of someone being denied a job or worse, being fird from a job for the things they post on some social say facebook? Of course you have......don't think for minute that someone at COSTCO isn't screening te Yahoo Finance pag for feedback, complaints, compliments,ideas, etc., etc.

    Contacting accompany seldom gets much attention besides,when others provide a thumbs up or down, the company also gets a feel for how widespread or, irrelevant the issue at hand is..........I like COSTCO....I go there frequently in fact it was my priority store...others if need is now kid of on par with a local regional called Winco as far as my wallet usage!

    AT any rate, tele-jockies seem to do little more than take the callers info. and ;log down the complaint or suggestion is a membership is it not? I suppose COSTCO could label a caller disruptive or a threat or a malcontent who might spread ill will amongst others...and end said membership for the gal or guy calling in! Or it surely seems possible these days with all the PC winds crossing our plain in every different direction across the US !

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    COST trying to "New Coke" itself! OOPS!

    by boar292hog Jul 9, 2015 11:01 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 13, 2015 11:07 PM Flag

    zer.....I assure you EVERY POST on this board is read by a Costco Employee probably in marketing tasked with mining for feedback on any and all issues dealing with Costco. Whether or not our posts carry influence other than perhaps "..the natives are getting restless..." so to speak, over these subtle and less subtle changes remains to be seen. My store had re-stocked herseys syrup and a couple other items I had noticed absent but this might be a result of a 4th July run and a somehow delayed re-supply.

    Or it could be something as simple as the Washighton State STALIN like 1% inventory tax time where any and all inventory is added up and Wa St businesses get to send Olympia a check. Use to be just Jan each year......must be bi-annual or something now. Or at least that's my thought on the matter!

  • Second, Stock Prices USE TO REFLECT anticipated growth etc. I think it's fair to say NFLX has a monopoly with it's content and pricing thus, expansion overseas should bring in much higher revs. Not to mention the likelihood that there will soon be players who are essrentially going to be forced to pick a PARENT PROVIDER if you will or be left by the wayside.

    Meaning, such popular peripheral entities such the the Hist/Disc/NatGeo/Smith/ and several other very popular educational type channels, popular with the boomers and really everyone as they mature and begin to gray....will want to find a team roster they can join!

    Mr Einhorn has hit many homeruns over the years but even in the PROs, ...EVERYONE strikes out at least once inawhile! Heck a 300 batting average lands you in the MLB Hall of Fame! That's 3 out of ten or......GULP...a 30% success rate!

    Mr Einhorn......despite your wishes, YOU are not the markets. Yes you have influenced markets before, as have your cronies......but you don't fight the tape...perhaps the OLDEST CLICHE aimed at NOT DOING what you are complaining about! Fighting the NFLX tape. FWIW...IMHO...

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    COST trying to "New Coke" itself! OOPS!

    by boar292hog Jul 9, 2015 11:01 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 9, 2015 3:41 PM Flag

    Oh Mandan don't get your panties all bunched up in the wrong place over constructive criticism. I just got back from a trip to both COSTCO and then WINCO.......because of the products DROPPED by clear it all up, ORGANIC HAM at my local COSTCO is alittle over 11 bucks a at WINCO I paid 3.50 bucks...same taste/quality.

    If you are a shareholder then my experience should concern you if indeed this is the same experience other COSTCO loyalists are enduring which, I assure you, a growing number are.....noticing the shift, the cost.....etc.

  • Note to COSTCO, people don't shop at your stores EXCLUSIVELY for ORGANIC FOOD. Replacing your wonderful sliced Ham.....believe about 4-5 bucks per pound and typically 8-10 bucks per package if you will....only to see this ham disappear to be replaced by ORGANIC HAM priced in the 13-15 bucks PER POUND range.

    Lactose free milk GONE, replaced with ORGANIC 2% milk......not even a CLOSE exchange! Kielbasa replaced with bad links at best! Hersey's Choc syrup GONE.....I mean the number of products SIMPLY GONE combined with those now gone but replaced with HIGH PRICED ORGANIC substitutes IS leading to an increasing number of "SEPARATIONS" which could ultimately lead to a WAVE of member "DIVORCES".

    McDonalds comes to mind when I watch COSTCO fall on it's own BUSINESS SWORD of success. McDonalds FORGOT that it was a burger/shake place, with nice fries! This gave birth to it's own competition now popping up on a growing number of street corners ACROSS AMERICA! From In-n-Out to Five Guys to about a half dozen other serious burger players not to mention watching Wendy's steal market share right out in the open! you really want to NEW COKE yourself? I'm filing for a separation and though I am ONE.....I read the faces of my fellow customers (MEMBERS) , searching the shelves in a familiar place where they once filled their carts with your products and while it use to be that you switched the locations, now it is.....YOU'RE OUT OF LUCK Mr Member...we decided not to carry your choice anylonger! Tah Tahhhh!

    I watch curiously even though I have watched/heard this SONG play at SEARS, KMART, #$%$ ROBIN (burgers), McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Woolworths, and many, many more....................

    Removing a product and replacing it with a much HIGHER PRICED Organic ( that doesn't even look natural) shows ZERO BIZ Know how! Good luck selling that organic ham!

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    COST, know your customer......

    by boar292hog Jul 8, 2015 9:35 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 9, 2015 10:39 AM Flag are spot on! It's as though COSTCO has decided it wants to TRAIN it's members and cost shouldn't be an issue. I think this will turn out to be the first time Costco has made a meaningful error in it's business plan adjustment looking forward.

    Oh well. COSTCO won't be the first or the last to take it's customer base for granted only to learn the hard way that DEMAND comes from customers, not the CEO and some marketing twirps experimenting with their own destiny!

    I seriously think the new Leadership at Costco is trying to make it's mark......yet another example of tainted decision process where trying to fix something that is not broken, can come back to bite you in the pants! Remember NEW COKE? This is the NEW COSTCO and the clock is ticking!

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    COST, know your customer......

    by boar292hog Jul 8, 2015 9:35 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 8, 2015 9:46 AM Flag

    ...I should add here, I go to COST about 3 times a week....often more times! I wonder how many other BOOMERS are turning away from a increasingly eroding product reliance issue? Meaning, COST either stopped offering a specific product or replaced it with some other pricey and seemingly less attractive alternative.

    I guess WINCO is going to see a lot more of my cash even though I have to drive by COST and numerous other local stores as well as two WMTs just to get to WINCO a more lengthy shopping journey.....which I have already implemented.

    One customer, who cares, I understand that, however, it almost seems COST is trying to test the edge to see how far they can direct their own customers toward IMO, lesser quality, higher priced alternatives.

    Oh well, every great retailer/grocer has met its own end and typically by GIVING BIRTH to it's own competition via it's own decisions!

  • COST going organic at great cost to club members. My kielbasa, herseys choc syrup, lactose free milk, Hawaiin sweet dinner rolls (maybe a 4th July thing supply run, who knows) , and recently sliced ham!

    Oh there are like 4 different kinds of sliced turkey, of course salami, and roast beef but ZERO SLICED HAM which usually ran about 8 bucks for a pound of such.

    ENTER Organic sliced ham.....for about 14.00 bucks per pound! In fact, enter a growing presence of organics in COST.....and I think that's great.....however, the prices are prohibitive for the average COST consumer. Which leads THAT CUSTOMER to add another stop for shopping that had virtually been eliminated over the last half dozen years as COST loyalists stopped by for sometimes that one needed item verses going elsewhere.

    I think COST has found it's own weak link, taking it's customers for granted. The only thing is, COST has yet to recognize the issue.

    The store I use doesn't even have ALFREDO SAUCE sees less of me and my money as well. I wonder how many other loyal customers are finding their taste is proving too much for COST as the items they want are eliminated. or switched to some new fandango (Organic, R U KIDDING ME?) ham!? for double the price and has that SPAM look to it IMHO.

    Oh well KIRKLAND every great empire meets its destiny........yours is now starting to take shape, or so it seems.

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    didn't see this coming

    by traderross2000 Jul 2, 2015 11:04 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Jul 2, 2015 11:58 AM Flag

    Today is FRIDAY! Markets closed tomorrow! Traders clearing decks for long weekend......normal end of week hollow activity IMHO.......

  • Someone at AL needs to package this AD $$ WASTING entity for be absorbed by a larger, much broader PURPOSED online consumer site.

    I literally cringe when I see AL TV ads..........especially now that the competition offers their similar service for free. Not to mention the number of sites that offer similar peripheral type information that could easily overlap into AL's bread and butter so to speak.

    All IMHO .........AL 's mode of operation....format, and refusal to change, gave birth to (and nurtured) it's own competition.

  • in the NW....many, most, around the Nation and Wall Street have no clue who HFWA is............and that's fine with me! Keep doing your thing Olympia!

    Although I suspect HFWA has begun to appear on a few more bank analyst radars....I also think if the major banks decide to consolidate....this bank, and many like it, could become targets......though I hope not, HFWA seems to be doing just fine on it's own! Hats off to the Leadership at HFWA! All IMHO of course.......!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Jun 27, 2015 3:32 PM Flag

    Friday was the rebalancing of the Russell 2000 and I assume (haven't check ) that HALO is part of the Russ 2000...thus causing a sale or buy after hours.........................don't take my word for it...just offering up a possible explan. !

  • I read with interest, FBs attempt at diversifying it's work force. Now if anyone can do it, you'd think FB could! The article showed little change from last regarding minority and gender diversification and I think the message is LOUD AND CLEAR.

    You can't FORCE diversification if the skill set or interest is absent. Hats of for trying FB ; however, DC....Congress.....Media......race hustlers....gender benders......time to face reality.

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