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  • oh my! While the US is focussed on a smartphone essentially rendered inaccessible by the FBI themselves...I'd bet the CARTEL CHolo's are fling DRONES across the border into the US to survey their routes, US Border Guard movements, and maybe someday, to fly into a chopper or two to decalre their own version of a remote war.

    NAW.....there's no way a high end commercial AG drone could find it's way into CARTEL HANDS............right Mr Comey? Gee Wally, do ya think they could? What would they use it for? You mean from transport of small quantities of illegal gathering intel....oh, DAILY..............gee mean you think the bad guys would use our own DRONES against us? GULP.........while we haven't seen any evidence of such YET...I would bet Cartel Drones re already scouting out route security for the BALE WALKERS as well as being ysed for Misdirection if detected. Oh and even the COYOTES could use drones, right Director Comey?

    I mean follow the money!

  • A guy who BUILT a DREAM w/Ward...........two guys who turned virtually nothing into something and built the NatGas EMPIRE (as we see it today)........CHK eventually became THEE biggest independent NATGAS player in the US.

    Setbacks a long the way...but always a rebound........despite what everyone thinks of him, he made a big difference in the lives of alot of people...mostly good! Of course of late...tough times for all in the industry.....he MADE A DIFFERENCE in Ok City.and the energy industry.............RIP Aubrey.....very sad to see this development AND for the sake of our FEDs, there had BETTER BE substance to the accusations.

  • Mark Cuban was brought up on INSIDER TRADING not so long ago...and WON...of course KNOWING of FEDs search for REVENUE given the SPENDING in DC.....I suppose the FEDs figure they will at least get a settlement offer and everyone walks away having CHANGED NOTHING but move CASH from one pocket to the one across the aisle.

    Cuban SLAMMED the SEC and WON, I can only wonder if this CHK deal involving McClendon was not some effort to SQUEEZE him for money.....via scare tactic etc.

    Guess we'll never know because we won't hear the otherside of the story now.

    As long as DC is going to initiate WITCH HUNTs, it should be held to THEEE HIGHEST standards of PROOF...not supposition, hearsay or the inability to understand what they are looking at of course unfortunately, WE are forced to allow the GOV to make the rules, and bend them whenever they see fit.

    I hope I am wrong here about this but simply put, there are LIKE ALWAYS, a few too many thirsty career serving mongers wearing a FED cap these days looking to bring a high profile Citizen to the limelight under questionable circumstances, interpretation, or total lack of education on the matter they seek to uncover.

    Oh and the apology from the FED.........sorry, deaf ears here. When you JOKERS make the RULES

  • PRICELESS! !!! First, repatriation of funds held overseas.........second, NSA violations....third, strong arm attempt to force AAPL to relent and destroy their own encryption system...........oh and we can not forget LIBS who HATE CORPORATE AMERICA because it is so....EVIL......meanwhile NY is BEGGING Corporate America to COME BACK to NY by offering a what!? A 10 year deal on taxes! LMAO!

    Corporate American NEVER TOOK a WE VS THEY attitude toward ANYONE other than competitors of course. But then for half a century, LIBS have demonized Corporate America ...............while all along Corporate America has been PAYING for scholarships for higher education / donating to worthy causes.

    Mr Def Sec. Corporate American did not build the WE VS THEY relationship between DC and Corp. America................YOU DID, DC did. Add to this the outrageous use of 100 plus year old laws to enable a witch hunt...currently being aimed at AAPL....but also the Sherman Act (seriously) from the LAST CENTURY that led to MCClendon's suicie act today....................combined with ABUSE OF PWOER and AUTHORTY at nearly EVERY TURN....ask M. Cuban and the IRS witch hunt I BELIEVE carried through with THINKING the embarassment MIGHT force Cuban to pay some BOGUS fine BUT.....he went through your court system and BLANKED the IRS in the rearend.

    The strongarm legal tactics being used by our GOV....while gangs, organized crime, and thugs RULE our nation after dark, is INEXCUSABLE!

    So when you say you think TECH and GOV should work together, I have to ask YOU, can ANYONE TRUST DC to EVER do the right thing when no one is looking? I want PUBLIC CONSEQUENCES for all,GOV types who disregard, disobey, violate, or knowingly conspire to circumvent the very laws they are paid to enforce, and aim such abusive power at ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN over any matter AND, that the consequences at least match the damages inflicted by a corrupt, ZERO Checks and balances system.

  • BAC has been "ridiculously cheap" now for....well since it imploded along with the banking sector, 8 years ago...GULP.

    MEANWHILE, share holders who took the big hit WAY BACK THEN who were forced to sell low, or have passed away since, or believed in the rebound and monetarily "pants'd themselves" believing the DIV increase was coming after BAC leadership announced such not once, but twice, along the way only to have to wait a couple more years until a increase was FINALLY initiated.................have, ........, disregard ...........and couple my verbal sniping shots of the past.................with where BAC shareholders are today ................and well, .the suffering has gone on long enough.

    "Where's the meat" ?

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    Vince Foster

    by ronjamisonee Mar 5, 2016 6:19 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 6, 2016 6:16 PM Flag

    Vince Foster, the Kids at Waco, Vicki Weaver, Sammy Weaver, Whitewater, Benghazi, Bill the Sex Addict, Bill the sex predator, Bill the liar, Bill the impeached, Hillary the liar, Hillary the security violator on a routine basis, Hillary the Bitter "B"..............the list is endless..............Hillary the INCOMPETENT.........

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    Vince Foster

    by ronjamisonee Mar 5, 2016 6:19 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 6, 2016 6:20 PM Flag

    Almost forgot, Hillary the Commodity Cheater......! Hillary the Multi-MILLIONIRE pretending to CARE about the poor in order to BUY VOTES through HANDOUTS and entitlements the worst of which is KNOWINGLY TREATING AMERICANS unequally through our biased tax code purely in order to BUY assuring the poor have no skin in the game but rather, a redistribution check in the mail each month.

    Democrats have managed to turn ENTITLEMENTS into the American Dream.

  • thing that ever happened to Sears.

    RIP Sears Roebuck..............RIP Sears..........................however Lampert, no RIP to you, you've destroyed what took nearly a Century to build......a US ICON at one a living relic headed for it's final resting spot in some lonesome Smithsonian Storage room next to all the other retailers who have come and gone but know this, few if any measure the same magnitude of size or importance that Sears represents BEFORE can't even get out of your own you've dragged everyone into the dumpster along side you.

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    Lampert is theeee worst

    by boar292hog Mar 8, 2016 9:53 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 9, 2016 9:09 AM Flag

    Lampert is a self serving #$%$. He took a cancer patient....with no intention of being the xure but rather, he aimed at severing the pieces,,,,and serving himself. He was/is incapable of leading a turn around and more, he has NO CLUE of RETAIL. His dream is he himself, and not Sears or those who work for him. FFF Lampert to the Nth right in the rearend. He has RUINED at the expense of others, in order to enrich himself. He shows what the absense of LEADERSHIP will do to a challenged situation, MAKE IT WORSE.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 9, 2016 4:25 PM Flag that why Anthem and Humana approved client coverage using nvcr technology? Just wondering since you seem to know more than they do.....?

  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 10, 2016 2:18 PM Flag

    of course it it is in most INNOVATIVE sectors, tech and bio to name two.......remove the rose colored glasses you wear and dwan some night vision goggles so to speak and see through the haze...but realize.....disappointment in the arena of innovation comes with a wicked the downside............

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Mar 11, 2016 10:27 AM Flag

    Naysayers, put on your CUPS..............the kick is coming IMHO! Yeeeeehaw !

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    by pmartin343 Mar 12, 2016 4:58 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 14, 2016 12:08 PM Flag

    LMAO! Insurance Co's have a nasty reputation for not covering new or questionable treatments, in fact it is perhaps the biggest criticism of the Insurance Industry aside from delayed billing and premium costs.

    Yet cigna, humana, anthem, aetna, and others APPROVE the coverage for said treatment. A DEMO film about people facing CERTAIN DEATH has to give a light, less burdensome approach......and by the way, if you measure a treatment or really ANYTHING by what a MEDIA piece shows or tells you, then it is time for you to go back to school. When the industry itself is investing in said company/technology and the insurance industry has given it a thumbs up, I would have to say they leave a far stronger more certain marker or vetting than you and your media opinion!

    So as nice as I can put it to you, either START drinking coffee and WAKE up OR, if you already drink coffee, then back off of it ! Have a nice day oh and denial ain't a river , it is a flawed state of mind.

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    by pmartin343 Mar 12, 2016 4:58 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 14, 2016 3:52 PM Flag

    Call Barclays and ask them! My guess, is that they probably felt it got ahead of itself. Early Jan NVCR was trading in the mid to high 20's.

    Meanwhile, Barclays initiated with an underweight from what I could find and JPM and a few others have overweight ratings.......what else is new!?

    iI favor the Insurance Industry vetting, IE they will cover the cost of treatment.............with a backdrop of ratings firms disagreeing on value and thus the variance in ratings but hey, that's only my take!

    What I like about NVCRs technology is that it buys time for patients AND....could perhaps be combined with other treatments to extend life even farther out. I'm not in the MED industry so I am little more than a dreamer........have seen a few too many die from brain tumors/cancer...folks who otherwise were doing fine until the I guess my link to NVCR is likely tainted by such!

    At any rate.....I like the phase 1 and phase 2 efforts in several cancer areas.....and hope the outcome justifies a Barclay;s re-assessment assuming positive findings.....................of course by the time BARCLAYs does their re-assessment, the stock price will likely be higher...............too many ratings firms are not BATTERS...they are instant replay, late Louie's in my book!

    I suspect, short of knowing any detail of Barclay's reasoning that assuming there are no unseen ghosts plaguing the price, that the 10-13 price range will bring Barclay's back out to re-assess....but again, I have NO CLUE...maybe NO CLUE about any of this! LOL! But there is my take!

  • Dear CapCube......didn't see a strong correlation between NVCR and those you compared it too. I missed the revenue growth comparison! Hmmm...must be me......last I checked, NVCR had 33 mil in revs for 2015 and the AVG reve expectation in 2016 is over 140 million.......hmmm......I also seem to be unable to call NVCR a MED DEVICE Company or a TREATMENT company so I'll call it BOTH a DEVICE and TREATMENT company.

    Hey I have an idea, why don't YOU, STRYKER and tell them to buy NVCR............better do it now before NVCR starts getting phase 2 data back on several other cancer type treatments....., just in case this treatment does better than your analysis would indicate.

    I couldn't find sufficient data on the comparisons you drew between NVCR and the others you selected but isn't NVCRs expected 2016 REV larger than those you chose, combined? Maybe the NVCR treatment/device can help treat other types of cancer. I was really happy to see MAJOR INSURANCE company's validate NVCR by adopting and paying for said treatment for their own customer base. Maybe they arr wrong too? I don't know! What did I miss that you saw/see? HELP!!!!!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 17, 2016 7:55 PM Flag

    Gee Wally! Someone is saying to WATCH the WATCH! Oh and the transition to upgraded I-Phone ! BEAV! That's what I heard and maybe even some Apple Tv news.....I don;t know..........but I do know this, AAPL is CHEAP IMHO!

  • and grab your ankles, AGAIN, Senior Debt all getting DIVs....Moynihan got a pay raise, in fact he is now the highest paid at BAC.......buying back more shares.....whoop-de-doo and so we have the Ebergy Sector BOMB inside BAC's balance sheet and we shareholders are getting REAR ENDED by Moynihan really is unbelievable.............

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    Who is disgusted with Washington?

    by stopspending Mar 19, 2016 6:53 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 19, 2016 8:57 PM Flag

    TRUMP is the "no shot fired" REVOLUTION. Folks have been told not to take matters into their own hands and let their VOTE might say both the LIBTARDS and GOP gave birth to TRUMP and, HERE COMES THE VOTE!

    Folks are tired of the DC imposed SUFFOCATION by OVER REGULATION and OVER THE TOP TAXATION...........penalizing folks for not UNDERSTANDING our disgorged, nonsensical, delberately incomprehensible tax code.....................that in some cases even conflicts with itself.

    I say E #$%$ to DC to the Nth degree.......

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    Who is disgusted with Washington?

    by stopspending Mar 19, 2016 6:53 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Mar 20, 2016 11:30 AM Flag

    Sorry, I lived in a socialist democratic nation for 5 years while serving YOU and DC. You can have it! Move and enjoy! If YOU think SPENDING is a problem today, then understand, s socialist democratic government will spend MULTIPLES of what we see being spent today. AND...if you think taxing the rich is the solution, then go back to school, take ALL YOUR MATH all over again...then compare what tax revenues from the rich would equate to and HOW MUCH SPENDING would require! OOPS! GULP! Gee Wally!

    No SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY in HISTORY has had the firepower militarily or financially to make the world a better, more free, more accountable place than the FREEDOM ENGINE we created here in the US.

    MIMICKING FAILURE can in no way lead to SUCCESS. WAKE UP, GROW UP, and LEARN before hanging IT OUT for a clipping! Sorry to be so direct but I HAVE LIVED IT and few Americans ever have.

    EXAMPLE: In England right now, land of socialized medicine, there is a breast cancer test that costs too much and thus, Women don't have access to it. This is but one such example of social failure. Yet another is using the same example, if ROYALTY needed said test, it would not be denied. You so sport, the rich and famous do just fine ina socialist economy....because THEY HOLD THE POWER and are IMPORTANT where as the little gilr down the street, well, she isn't SO PICK YOUR POISON.....make it POSSIBLE FOR ALL through OPPORTUNITY or monetarily ENSLAVE ALLL under the pretense of targeting the rich and watch the middle class fade into nothingness and the new masses suffer even more. Have a good day.............

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Mar 21, 2016 11:43 AM Flag

    I am hearing MINIATURIZATION and increased FUNCTIONALITY.................

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