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  • boar292hog boar292hog 4 hours ago Flag

    Agree....thus making the "Friends and Neighbors" promotion even more senseless! I think lovelincolns nailed it.......buying an AUTO is one of the biggest purchases most people ever make (outside a home) in their lives! FEELING good about it usually comes after feeling concessions have been's all psychological of course and many likely end up paying more via negotiating ( than rock bottom Friends and Neighbors discounts), but feel better because THEY worked the deal themselves and likely know or know of the sales person they are dealing with WHO ONLY GIVES the BEST DEALS of course! Wink! Wink!

  • boar292hog boar292hog 4 hours ago Flag

    The deal moves sideways until Walgreens can either find another buyer for 1000 stores RAD to be separated out via the merger or any combination of Walgreen and Rad stores obviously , that covers that 9 per share cost being given up to swing the deal; Or.....financing to create a very small player made up of said 1000 stores regardless of source/ie Rad or Walgreens. IMHO.........................assuming regulators would force such a culling of stores from such a merger.

  • MEANS this is our price, take it or leave it or at least that is how the average thinking man or woman must have seen it. The AUTO industry has taught us all that there are negotiations on an Auto purchase through which concessions can be won. Defining the process with boundaries sends the curious, or browsing potential buyers elsewhere. Further, anyone who had been planning on buying a FORD these past two months likely did so without incentive while those KNOWING year end values are usually offered up the closer we get to Dec were again.....buyers anyways!

    Realizing there are fewer options available these days because more equip/features have been standardized, perhaps a discounted upgrade or indeed a discounted option (what few remain).

    The time has come where Auto makers are seriously competing with one another since we're even talking about incentives which USUALLY means price reductions and all effects of such toward the bottomline.
    However, FORD has some aces up the sleeve and that would be the REBIRTH of both the RANGER and the BRONCO...and I'd guess......OR HOPE, that both will have ALUM Bodies like the F series truck models.

  • How many Americans passed away over said 2 years? How many cord cutters and how many NEW customers are cable co's seeing sign up for CONTENT?

    Not everyone wants ESPN....however with cable company FORCED PACKAGES...alot of folks who don;t care for it, pay for it!

    ESPN is FINE......Dis is Fine............cable co's are not, they need to start offering MORE A LA CARTE packages and as the NFLX's and AAPL TVs continue to expand their offerings..........I'm quit sure we will see numbers vary for quite sometime! Don't dismiss new entries into the content providers arena who gather up sources to package and offer up.

    We are seemingly headed toward the same insanity we saw LONG DISTNACE services go through in the early 1990's when costs came WAY DOWN for consumers and Long Distance providers cold called America 24/7 for about 18 months until the gimmick services died on the vine and major players FINALLY relented and essentially GAVE LONG DISTANCE out for free. I see this content war headed the same way.

  • 10k boomers turn 65 each day and this will occur everyday for the next 15 plus years. Boomer children.........are now coming into their own, buying houses, cars, and oh yes, GETTING CABLE! I have seen it...and while cord cutting gets alot of attention (as it should), CONTENT is KING and cable will continue to survie, though I hate cable prices.

    Bottomline, DEMAND will force cable to change and yes, we will being to see more USEFUL packages being offered by traidtional cable as it''s CHILD, it's OWN COMPETITION begins to expand it's offerings as well. I think we see more players offering more content, at cheaper prices. In fact, we are already seeing it, between NFLX and AAPL TV...we are already seeing it and I expect we will see even more AND, DIS and it's ESPN will fit in prominently in any and all serious CONTENT players menu.

    Not to overlook BLOCKBUSTING content from DIS's other menu items like "STARWARS" which is up and coming and will lead to YET ANOTHER GENERATION of FANS for LIFE!

    All IMHO of course........

  • While the Walgreen's purchase is all but done awaiting regulator is possible as some have suggested, that a rival bid could enter the fray.

    I still think WMT should buy increases their footprint and dresses out existing WMT locations with WMT's OWN Pharmacy ops! The PURCHASE POWER/pricing power a WMT could exert on Insurance Co's and pharma producers easily parallels the two major players, CVS and Walgreens/Boots.

    More importantly, such a purchase by WMT would lead to MANY MORE possiibilities inside a RAD location, IE products....beyond med related topics adorning WMT/RAD shelves, etc., etc.

    But the above serves to illustrate yet another possibility, ANY PLAYER wishing to enter this industry and establish a presence. One consideration would place alot of pressure on say Walgreens and CVS and that would be a consortium of bio/pharma a PFE....newly hqrter'd overseas or maybe a consortrium of INSURANCE Co's! What's that? Monopoly? Right now our Obamacare debacle would welcome ANY and ALL help in bringing costs down so don;t think for a minute that the Obama administration would vigorously fight such a move.

    Now, waking up(!) the above is a far fetched version of what change remains as a possibility but I sure wouldn't bet on it.....................then again, stranger things have happened under buyout scenarios!

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    Contract greed...OR...Contract Wisdom?

    by boar292hog Nov 19, 2015 3:42 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 25, 2015 2:52 PM Flag

    Quest, a balance sheet is is essentially updated Quarterly....accompanied by semi-annual reporting and annual results. If Union leadership knew and understood the corporate balance sheet, it would become intuitively obvious if there is any room at all for contract increases. Bleeding the stone destroys the company/industry and Union History is layered with a non-caring attitude about anything/anyone but their own future contract etc. KNOWING and understanding the corporations situation is a WIN-WIN for all concerned parties...something that should be etched in stone when contract renewals are slated. Otherwise, like a few years back, the walls come tumbling down upon everyone and Union Labor loses more than anyone. Union Hats still have their Kids in college......white collars are usually more career portable...unless age has them cornered but losing ones job as a white collar is no fun either, I'm sure. ANYONE losing their job is bad.....seems to me Union Leadership doesn;t face those risks equally with the Labor Ranks they are supposed to represent.

    The last purge within the Auto industry should be remembered by all so that path is never followed again because TOO MANY suffered needlessly due to a total lack of communications between Corp/Industry and UAW. To net it out.....there will be no more at bats in the Auto Industry. Another UAW debacle and Unions are done because the US Auto industry will go the same as the former US Textile Industry.......Bankrupt. consolidated, and/or moved over seas or south of the border.

    Cost matters...even more so in this GLOBAL Economy.....between entire Industries leaving the US and Inversions we see occuring on an increasing pace, the US TAX CODE can be blamed for much of what we have seen, problem wise. As well is misplaced greed at various times by various interests.

  • and our antiquated, oppressive TAX CODE is the real issue BUT only after the ISSUE of OVER SPENDING.

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 22, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    OOPS! And of course, FORD TRUCKS! The F150! ????
    ...........................Yowza kabowza!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 22, 2015 11:11 AM Flag

    geeeeez! FORD not fprd! More coffee to me please Sir!

  • boar292hog boar292hog Nov 22, 2015 10:57 AM Flag

    FORD is a GREAT ASSET and ANYONE looking to establish a stronger foothold in the US and in the SUV/SPORT market place would love to own FORD. The MUSTANG alone makes FORD a target.

    Setting aside the pretty aspects of FORD, the auto industry is telling us all that big change is coming. As TECH and CLIMATE fears plays a more important role in auto's , with the backdrop of first hybrids, alum body, electric vehicles, and now self driving cars, there is ALOT of change headed toward Detroit. Right or wrong, this is where the dawning new auto industry is headed.

    TESLA is an expensive version of what most folks will drive in 5 to 10 years. TESLA is under the gun to market a cheap, reliable, extended cruise range EV for folks like me! Meanwhile, FORD and others are working on the samething! FURTHER, there is at least one new (or raising itself from the grave) EV make in the works and you can bet EVERY AUTO MAKER around the world is working on making the same!

    Disruption , extinction, and consolidation usually accompany such vast change......and I have to say, my layman attitude toward a COMBINED ARMS effort between FORD and TOYOTA.....well let me put it this way, these two represent a TON of Auto manuf./retail/mutli-national/world adherence....FIREPOWER!

    Will it ever happen? If it does, then these players are ahead of the storm that will eliminate others, if it does not, then time itself will force people hands because NOT EVERYONE in this sector is going to be a winner.

    Count on further WORLDWIDE Gov't restrictions on emissions, safety, reliability, and performance which will render some auto makers to the Smithsonian as a picture and a subtitle.......simply put...there are TOO MANY PLAYERS worldwide in the Auto sector and the amount of change already in the R&D rooms at each Maker guarantees one thing, and that is that there will be WINNERS and LOSERS and as mentioned, some losers will disappear...others will get swallowed by bigger more successful players.....

  • 18+ is my guess!

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    Contract greed...OR...Contract Wisdom?

    by boar292hog Nov 19, 2015 3:42 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 21, 2015 11:42 PM Flag

    Quest I have to say, Settles is the FIRST UNION HEAD I have watched that seems to be a peacemaker with a bent on reality. 9 billion is by far, the very BEST DEAL I have ever seen offered and recieved. It is clearly a structural promise/event that serves all.

    I respect hard working labor, I despise those who milk the system and, it happens routinely in the trades. I further despise the lack of financial know how that most Union leadership has exhibited in the past. Frankly, one can not know if what he/she is asking for is unrealistic or not, if said person can not even read a financial statement or balance sheet.

    Settles makes it clear that the UAW is taking into account where FORD and the UAW are reference the future and hopefully it is the recent past that will always dress the minds of all because it can happen again and if history is any guide and the wrong moves are made, this can lead to tilting the table of success away from all concerned, once again.

    As for Public Employee Unions.....this arrangement compromises our entire system but that is another topic for another day!

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    Ford UAW vote passes.....

    by boar292hog Nov 21, 2015 11:35 AM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 21, 2015 2:17 PM Flag

    Yes...however I am suggesting a much larger take than whatever is shared today. The trade off would be elimination of pensions....replaced by a 401k that ALSO receives a nice bump through profit sharing as well as lower caps on HOURLY but overall higher percentage of profit sharing thus basically eliminating any ceiling what-so-ever on earnings.

    Profit sharing can also be laddered meaning once a certain overall level of revenue is met, the percentage goes up!

    There is nothing more powerful than assuring EVERYONE has skin in the game in fact, so much so that they all get rewarded or suffer together. Contracts inevitably ALWAYS lead to a WE vs THEY atmosphere which creates friction, distrust, and outright hatred for one another, Not a PRODUCTIVE way to operate.

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Nov 21, 2015 11:35 AM Flag

    20 bucks here we come! For the first time in DECADES , outside extraordinary events like the auto debacle afew years back, it seems both management and the UAW are on the same sheet of music. Congrats are showing signs of wisdom and frankly, FINALLY true ownership in how the future works for all involved with FORD. Though I prefer more of an overall profit sharing arrangement this agreement will do for now, As FORD takes off under your labor, remember in a profit sharing arrangement, there is NO CEILING to what you can make! While there is risk........having SKIN in the GAME changes the equation, FOR THE BETTER, for all concerned....IE you either all swmi together or sink.

    Since the auto industry is now fast entering the TECH should seriously watch what FORD does over this 4 year contract and GRAB'EM...and make real money via profit sharing and say good bye to BOGUS, costly, time consuming, contract negotiations. Afterall, YOU ALL KNOW someone who went to Toyota US....who is making MORE than ANY OF YOU EVER WILL under this current UAW ..M.O. ! Profit sharing assures a GROWING participation in future growth!

    HELLOOoooooo!!!! ?

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    Contract greed...OR...Contract Wisdom?

    by boar292hog Nov 19, 2015 3:42 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 19, 2015 5:17 PM Flag

    Quest. different nation have different auto laws, I can not speak to why certain innovations occur in various nations over varying time periods. I specifically asked an auto dealer why the technology didn;t exist in my BRAND NEW TRANS AM and was told that such parts are typvially contracted for production for a set period of time. Feel free to determine the catalysts behind contracting said parts over a set period of time.

    Further, seatbelts are a mandatory safety feature that I can not speak of regarding when the US auto industry was FORCED to incorporate relative to when Ford implemented such. I am not trying to single out FORD when it comes to CONTRACT FORCED decisions when it came to expenditures in innovations etc. The ENTIRE US AUTO industry became Monetarily PARALLIZED due to OVERHEAD COSTS which involve much more than Union Contracts any labor intensive business, LABOR costs can drown a company/industry and I'm sure even you have seen this happen in many industry that LEFT the US.........textiles...much of manufacturing.....and even the US auto industry is sourcing out components and soon, if labor is not smart, Manuf. Plants ...oh thats right, this has already started. To net it out, the UAW needs to be smart and it looks like opting for this 9 billion investment that they favor is pretty smart. Problem is....UAW labor wants MORE.

    If the auto industry debacle a few years back does not serve as a guide post to what nearly happened and what can still happen due to excessive cost of operation than UAW Labor needs to step back and review and be careful of what they are asking for.the 9 BILLION is the SWEETEST UNION LABOR guarantee I recall EVER SEEING being offered by ANY AUTO CO. EVER!

    The notion of seeing the Forest through the trees is sometimes hard to grasp.....and it seems this scenario falls into the same self induced Monetary Snare trap as UAW Labor THINKS it is taking a STEP FORWARD trading todays WANTS for tomorrow GUARANTEE.

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    Contract greed...OR...Contract Wisdom?

    by boar292hog Nov 19, 2015 3:42 PM
    boar292hog boar292hog Nov 19, 2015 4:11 PM Flag

    I kind of like your idea! Hmmmmm........

  • Wow......I mean......really? Look LABOR, you're the first to PAY for mistake created by sour auto markets with a backdrop of WAY TOO MUCH COST to OPERATE like....GULP.........LESS THAN 10 YEARS AGO.

    VOTE for CERTAINTY......for the 9 BILLION investment...this is the BEST JOB CERTAINTY I have EVER SEEN the UAW receive! EVER ! Be SMART!

  • can leave FORD too thin to change as technology changes, This is one of THEE MAJOR weaknesses that gave EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, a crack at the American Auto Industry 35+ years ago and the US NEVER regained it's dominant position.

    In fact, FAT CONTRACTS build in overhead that remains regardless of how the industry/company does. While a 1973 Mercedes had the birhgts/turn signal, and cruise control on one lever, the US didn;t catch up for over a one example of US Auto stagnation due to FORWARD CONTRACTING COMPONENTS in order to control the BALANCE SHEET alongside existing and GROWING OVERHEAD for everything but especially CONTRACT GREED.

    Be Smart FORD labor...YOU KNOW who the FIRST TO GO is when the STUFF hits the fan. Don't take this as a threat, understand it is a reality learned by many, OVER, and OVER, and OVER, AGAIN. 9 BILLION Into plants etc. over the next 4-5 years is a HUGE CERTAINTY..that will keep FORD in the running, worldwide!

    Don't let mis-placed PRIDE become your own monetary end.

  • boar292hog by boar292hog Nov 16, 2015 3:03 PM Flag

    Makes sense....a strong product/pipe line.and plenty of big pharma as well as Bio's who could/would benefit. On the other hand, CELG at 90-100 billion is fast approaching a level where it becomes the hunter and not the hunted, if you will. CELG has been the hunter and I think will continue to merge/buy complimentary as well as new pioneering interests.

    Two catalysts here as I see it, 1) CELG isn't getting any cheaper! ....and.....2) Money is CHEAP right now! I guess time will tell but this sidestep price pattern is one of those "I do believe thee protestith alittle too loudly" Shakespearean moments IMHO ! Course...could just be the markets.....and frankly, probably is......BIOs have been getting slapped around for awhile now after shaping the market landscape for the better part of the last 18 months or so (and CELG for much longer than that!), and with the backdrop of the 30 day wash sale rule, compounded by Hedgies and others decoding their tax loss/gains equation...this is the time of year when selling is driven by alot more than at anyother time during the cover your eyes, ears, and mouth and see no, speak no, hear no equity logic !

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