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Polymet Mining Corp. Message Board

bob_trammel 13 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 15, 2014 3:17 PM Member since: Mar 19, 2014
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    The smart money is coming

    by bonitasprings53 Sep 12, 2014 10:21 AM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Sep 15, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    Bonitabananaknucklehead, at least you now agree that you are dumb money! Thank you for your honesty. I have been saying this here for years that all that remains here is dumb money but!!!, the " smart money is coming" is a gem. NO!, smart money isn't coming, smart money is out of this market as I am except for my oil shorts. Why? Been saying here for a long time too, China, Europe and Japan not to mention the US QE/ZIRP filled imaginary economy. Strong sell and get in cash and stay there. BOB

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    by jjeeddoo7 Sep 8, 2014 9:34 PM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Sep 9, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Reality: You trade 132K a day!!! That's it!!! Try trading just 10,000 shares and you would never catch a bid, never. This is lower than "JUNK" Folks. Polymet isn't even a company and yet!, some of you foolz buy shares! Unbelievable. Love you though, just feel apathy is all.

  • People, this person is an idiot and all you who await permits, idiots, so bye again. No laughter here any more just apathy for those chasing a dream, a hope and a prayer. You Folks do no work. Polymet is so, so far away from permits that many tree rings will grow before she's see's the light. Guaranteed.

  • bob_trammel bob_trammel Aug 22, 2014 6:28 AM Flag

    Well, how does someone ever lose when the cash coming in always exceeds the cash going out. In my life I have never had a year where at least 20% of earnings wasn't put to work somewhere else. I don't ever worry about money, ever, I do this for kicks. You, obviously, are like a bug rubbing its fore legs together just hoping, waiting, praying and I'm sorry this is your condition but while Polymets numbers USED TO BE compelling she is still so very far from permits and may never be dug up. That's what Polymet is fighting for now and after having spent over 50 million she is no closer today than when she first started this long slog to permits. Many here are betting on the "it usually takes 10 years? to get this type mining off the ground but this is a new day Folks and Polymet must tread lightly as Minnesota is a Iron Ore business primarily when talking about mining and she better not kill the golden goose because an upstart cooper mining hopeful. I am really interested what the USEPA will do if the pollution standards which stayed dormant until Polymet came along and stirred up the muck will do if it is fond that mining ores will require many companies to retro-fit to the tune of hundreds of millions because of Polymets aspirations. The State of Minnesota better be aware that a large chunk of their revenue in dollars comes from the mining they currently have and to go all guns a blazing for Polmet is a potentially horrific mistake. Peace

  • bob_trammel bob_trammel Aug 20, 2014 11:22 PM Flag

    Holdemyourpeckerwood, you are a fool, and I said China WILL take the entire world wide financial system down when she blows and she will. Her housing is in shambles, she has accumulated 24 Trillion in debt since 2008 and the world is basically in a Recession or very near one so the garbage that China produces is way down. Check the DRYS index, wow! Have you seen their electrical usage lately? Down 25% yoy. That means because you are so stupid that China isn't building or running her factories anywhere near capacity which means, less jobs, less of everything. No one can predict the day but as far as I'm concerned it already has happened and the proof is in the scramble the Chinese government is in to prop everything up and that will fail in spades as it is failing in spades here in the United States where 4.2 Trillion that the Fed has pumped into the system has given us nothing, absolutely nothing. Just time now and then reversion to the "mean" will occur and watch out below because this thing is going to blow big time. Because your too stupid to understand doesn't mean I am wrong, hardly, I am being conservative. Anyways, don't care, just don't care but I will remind you of the errors of your ways in the not to distant future as you go broke trying to speculate on a penny stock that is years away from producing anything. Polymet will not fulfil her destiny for a very long time. Lock.

  • bob_trammel bob_trammel Aug 19, 2014 2:51 PM Flag

    Eric, EC2 behind us!??? Please Brother, it's what's holding this back, it is. That and there is no way the USEPA are going to let the most damaging (potentially) environmental mining that can be done to be permitted before their new regulations are stacked against mining companies who think they can come into any area, mine, and deplete the resources of the area, bankrupt, then leave the site and its legacy costs to the tax payers of the United States as a future Super Fund Site. To be cleaned up at tax payer expense. They (USEPA) are done with that non-sense. Just research the Dunka Pit and comments the USEPA have on that jewel which incidentally astride Polymets site. Additionally, and until this site has a pollution standard (ongoing testing that has years left). So what finance company will lend $300 million on the risk of closure when the tests show Polymet exceeds standards or not, they won't take that risk and neither would anyone here. A segregated cash pile that is adequate for all concerns as the operation is in production and after production (closure) will be in the final EIS and it is non negotiable as far as the USEPA are concerned so Polymet will have to address that at some point, and that will require lots of cash that will have to be supplied by some knucklehead who has a mind for numbers and it will be costly, and who will furnish the $100 million minimum to cover potential legacy costs? You Folks are dreaming about a clean EIS , never mind permits...You only do what 300k of traffic here a day, and a single negative decision will take this $1.20 and turn it into $.50 cents if you can get out in time and you won't because your all stupid... BOB

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    polymet on the move again

    by charles_lacy2003 Jul 28, 2014 1:48 PM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Aug 14, 2014 5:56 AM Flag

    Biotech has gotten creamed of late but will be a terrific play going forward and is the only play out there worthy of socking a few bucks away a month until all the "Risks" in the market place becomes clearer. If you people aren't aware we are NOT in good shape in the financial markets world wide and the above ground issues can take a stock like Polymet and bury it for years so be careful. Polymet has to get her EIS in order first, have it reviewed and then approved by the USEPA and Folks you can guess about this all you want but I am absolutely sure that Polmet will NOT see permits this year or any time soon. Guaranteed.

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    New world record

    by bonitasprings53 Aug 4, 2014 7:51 AM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Aug 4, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    Bonehead, you have no clue. Those who been around this board know exactly who I am and most everyone on the Iron Range as well. They know me as someone who only tells the truth and they have saved a great deal of money listening to me. If they didn't save cash it's because their stupid. I joined these fine Folks, hit the town and supported Polymet way back in the day but, not now, and not for a while will I invest in this sloppy operation. See, the USEPA have things to get done first and Polymet isn't on their priority list, nothing really is as they overhaul their regulations on air and water quality standards. in addition to this they want standards that all will follow with regards to closure costs, and strong on this regulation front is adequate funding that is segregated and not allowed to be used by the State (general fund) for any reason. So, permits soon is a pipe dream. Trust me. Strong SELL if you can get tis price and you can't. NO! Try selling say 10,000 shares and tell me what you sold for, really sold for. It won't be $1.20 that's for sure because there isn't anyone who wants your 10,000 shares you idiot. You would be lucky to get $1.10.

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    You People just never learn.

    by bob_trammel Jul 31, 2014 10:47 AM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Aug 4, 2014 9:28 AM Flag

    Whattt, yes, you have been here longer than I and still have my total loyalty. Additionally, getting Price was a coup! I love the trade and now we have three Cy's, Porcello could get it this year and the ERA leader in Sanchez. Imagine, Verlander is number five now in our rotation and he is simply great!!! Whattt, Tee shirt is on and truthfully I do not believe Polymet will get permitted anytime soon. If my conversation with Westlake (Head of Chicago office, USEPA) is any indication then Polymet will be held up until the final regulations on air pollution and water quality are completed. Many parts of the new regs are still in committee and will most likely wait until after the 2016 election. It isn't as close as you think whattt but we'll see. So far, I have seen this delay for a long time, called it and we are still not permitted. Whatttt, you did show the way to make some coin here and I appreciate it. I went heavy in BEXP, NOG, and later KOG and are still in TPLM. Right now I am prepared to play my shorts as I still believe this market is a delusion but I will never fight the FED. Well, the FED is out in October so I expect a contraction. Be good Whattt, I wish you well but my situation is different today but I will invest in Polymet again when I hear the USEPA say, "we have no issues with Polymet". Then I will join the knuckleheads and feast but not at the numbers they are thinking. The big numbers went bye bye back in 2010.

  • bob_trammel by bob_trammel Jul 31, 2014 10:47 AM Flag

    This board has been a constant source of entertainment. Honestly, did you really think Polymet was going to make you Rich? Paaalease! You, the investors in Polymet are never going to see the numbers you keep penciling on a pad of paper. Truth is, none of you do any of the math and is why you are stupid, so remain here. Me, I come to tell the new kids to not even stop here, go far far away from this board and the idiots who frequent it. Polymet will not even be permitted a year from now, two, three, maybe many years yet. Ask yourself this: If 50 million isn't enough to get permits then what is the magic number? I think the number isn't profitable and this project/EIS fails this go round, and may be abandoned as not feasible. Is this a risk you want to take because it means you lose everything invested.

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    Polymet Progress Report - Mesabi Daily News

    by mnholdem Jun 26, 2014 9:55 AM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Jul 3, 2014 11:25 AM Flag

    "Good and steady progress". Forgive me but I am laughing aloud here. Polymet, has said these very words on so many occasions and in particular during the last EIS process that their words ring hallow with me. What exactly did they say? What do they know? Not a darn thing and that I understand, as Polymet has NEVER delivered on anything, nada, nothing. If anyone here can read then you would notice that Polymet knows nothing, has started everything, sort of, financing, sort of, don't think they will get any surprizes, sort of but they are sure of one thing: Permits by June 2015!!! Ahhahahahaha!!! These people who manage Polymet are jokers, absolutely, positively spin artists. Sell you FOOLS, NOW!!!

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    Bob!!! The Tigers are imploding!!!

    by whaaatssupp Jun 18, 2014 6:54 PM
    bob_trammel bob_trammel Jul 1, 2014 10:52 AM Flag

    See whattt, just baseball. Every team in history has had stretches like what we had and true to my post above all is better. Grand slam walk off in the ninth last night!!! It's who the Tigers are. Get er done. No concerns here.

  • ...and Folks that is the most honest thing I have read here in Polymet Land since I started posting here in 2008. Polymet is all about "HOPE", and Folks, so sorry but that isn't going to go well for investors here in Polymet Land. See, if Polymet had the science and topography she would already have her permits, years ago, and the USEPA says, nice try but, try harder, and even still you won't have the science. Besides, the USEPA are right in the middle of policy and regulatory re-writes and Polymet will have too wait until the USEPA are all done. Then, you have the environmentalists who just don't want this beast to get up and running, and are all lawyered up to keep this beast tide up in courts for a long time. Not to mention what the Indian Tribes have in store for Polymet either. Everyone thinks all you have to do is stick a few bucks under the table to the tribes and all will be rosy. Nope, not this time. Anyways, for you hopefuls I say, suckers bet, you lose as hope is the worst strategy of all especially when talking about THE CASINO of a stock market and business model that Polymet has chosen to employ. SELL SELL SELL!!!

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