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  • HEADLINE: Deep Pockets Pfizer (PFE) Research And Development Stem Cell Unit In Cambridge United Kingdom To Begin Working With Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN)_Ventures Sierra World Equity Review.
    Watch For Official Press Release Shortly, Remember When You Read It Sierra Told You First!

  • bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Mar 7, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

    Today...I would be very surprised if the news is not anounced later. They have 30 days and it is now up.

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    by akmersil Mar 5, 2013 4:14 PM
    bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Mar 5, 2013 4:47 PM Flag

    I totally agree. I am looking forward to 830 tomorrow morning. I believe the news will be anounced at that time. It should be a crazy open.

  • bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Mar 4, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    Good point. It is my guess that it was filed before the pr date. So we could be looking at tomorrow. We will see.

  • bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Mar 4, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    Well telfontime, I hope you are wrong because I have 3.5 mil shares. If you do believe what you said, why are you wasting your time on this board. If I were you, I would move on....unless you are trying to encourage me to let go of my shares..mmmmmm
    Where ever you go, i wish you well and wealth.

  • bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Mar 4, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    Just google 'Investigational New Drug (IND) Application' and you will find it.

  • From the FDA sight
    'Once the IND is submitted, the sponsor must wait 30 calendar days before initiating any clinical trials. During this time, FDA has an opportunity to review the IND for safety to assure that research subjects will not be subjected to unreasonable risk.'

  • bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Feb 28, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    Let's try somthing. Let's be nice.

    2013 FDA Calender, Latest Clinical Trial Results And Biotech News Along With Biotech Stocks Forecast and Predictions
    Biotech News Stock Review Breaks It First!_Approval Granted_Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) Sails Through FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) Process, Next Orphan Drug Designation Predicts Biotech News Stock Review.

    Johnny is hearing from his very reliable sources that the FDA is shortly going to release the good news that BMSN shareholders have been waiting for, APPROVAL for HemaXellerate to move on and proceed with clinical trials. Wait for official word and then enjoy the ride shareholders of BMSN, check back for more updates!
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    02/26/2013-Immunogen “Trastuzumab emtansine”-breast cancer-FDA Approval Decision
    02/28/2013-Onyx Pharmaceuticals”Stivarga” -Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors-FDA Approval Decision
    03/01/2013-Zogenix ”Zohydro ER” -severe chronic pain-FDA Approval Decision
    03/04/2013-DEPOMED ”Serada” - menopausal hot flashes-FDA Advisory Committee Meeting
    03/07/2013-GlaxoSmithKline “BREO ELLIPTA” -chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-FDA Advisory Committee Meeting
    03/27/2013-Ariad Pharmaceuticals “Ponatinib” -myeloid/lymphoblastic leukemia-FDA Approval Decision
    03/27/2013-AP Pharma ”APF530″ -chemotherapy-induced nausea -FDA Approval Decision
    03/31/2013-United Therapeutics “Oral Treprostinil” -pulmonary arterial hypertension-FDA Approval Decision
    03/31/2013-Arena Pharmaceuticals “Belviq”-Obesity-EMA CHMP Panel Result
    03/31/2013-Johnson & Johnson ”INVOKANA”-type 2 diabetes-FDA Approval Decision
    04/15/2013-MAP PHARMACEUTICALS “LEVADEX” -migraine in adults-FDA Approval Decision

    04/30/2013-Raptor Pharmaceuticals ”RP103″-nephropathic cystinosis-FDA Approval Decision
    04/30/2013-Navidea Biopharmaceuticals “Lymphoseek”-lymphatic mapping procedures-FDA Approval Decision
    05/12/2013-THERAVANCE ”Fluticasone furoate” -obstructive pulmonary disease-FDA Approval Decision
    5/24/2013-Valeant Pharmaceuticals “Efinaconazole”-Toenail fungus infection-FDA Approval Decision
    05/31/13-Affymax “Omontys”-Anemia in Kidney Dialysis Patients-EMA CHMP Panel Result
    5/31/2013-Depomed “Serada”-menopausal hot flashes-FDA Approval Decision
    05/31/13-Sanofi “Aubagio”-Multiple Sclerosis-EMA CHMP Panel Result
    6/3/2013-GlaxoSmithKline “Dabrafenib”-Melanoma-FDA Approval Decision
    6/3/2013-GlaxoSmithKline “Trametinib”-Melanoma-FDA Approval Decision
    6/14/2013-Delcath Systems “ChemoSat”-Liver mets due to melanoma-FDA Approval Decision
    06/30/2013-AVEO Pharmaceuticals “Tivopath”-Renal Cell Cancer-FDA Advisory Committee Meeting
    06/30/2013-Biogen “BG-12″-Multiple Sclerosis-EMA CHMP Panel Result
    07/01/2013-Merck “Suvorexant”-Insomnia-FDA Approval Decision
    7/26/2013-AVEO Pharmaceuticals “Tivopath”-Renal Cell Cancer-FDA Approval Decision
    7/26/2013-Forest Laboratories “evomilnacipran”-Depression-FDA Approval Decision
    08/31/13-Ariad Pharmaceuticals “Iclusig”-Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia-EMA CHMP Panel Result
    08/31/13-Celgene “Pomalyst”-Multiple Myeloma-EMA CHMP Panel Result
    9/6/2013-Auxilium Pharmaceuticals “Xiaflex”-Peyronie’s Disease-FDA Approval Decision
    12/17/2013-Antares Pharma “Otrexup”-Rheumatoid Arthritis-FDA Approval Decision
    12/17/2013-GlaxoSmithKline “Dolutegravir”-HIV / AIDS-FDA Approval Decision

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  • bobradcliff77777 by bobradcliff77777 Feb 26, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Bio-Matrix' Regen BioPharma Executes LOI to Acquire Issued US Patent Covering Cancer Gene-Silencing Technology for Use in Treating Breast Cancer

  • bobradcliff77777 by bobradcliff77777 Feb 22, 2013 5:57 AM Flag

    Chinaman’s Chance_Not With Dynavax (DVAX)_FDA To Give Positive Approval For Heplisav_Share Price To Soar With Pfizer (PFE) Transaction Waiting In The Wings Predicts Sierra World Equity Review
    Accurate Sierra Called It_CombiMatrix (CBMX) Surges 136%_ Acquisition Discussions With Life Technologies (LIFE) To Start Predicts Sierra World Equity Review
    Taking The Blue Ribbon_Following Coming Acquisition #$%$ (MJNA) To Move To Nasdaq, Just You Wait And See Predicts Sierra World Equity Review
    Sit Up And Take Notice_Parkervision (PRKR) Rises 73%_New News Next On Buyout As Qualcomm (QCOM) BOD Opts For Acquisition as Resolution Predicts Sierra World Equity Review
    Cook Your Own Goose_Shorts To Be Spanked_Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) To Release Official PR Within 14 Days Updating Discussions With Potential Buyout Suitors Predicts Sierra World Equity Review
    February 21st 2013 Sierra’s latest forecasts and predictions
    Lame Duck_Apple (APPL) Bows To VirnetX (VHC)_Legal Teams Poised To Unveil Settlement Offer Predicts Sierra World Equity Review

  • This is not only a new drug, but a new Paradigm.

    About Bavituximab

    Bavituximab is a first-in-class phosphatidylserine (PS)-targeting monoclonal antibody that represents a new approach to treating cancer. Bavituximab is the lead drug candidate from the company's PS technology platform and is currently being tested in eight clinical trials, including three randomized Phase II trials in front-line and second-line non-small cell lung cancer and front-line pancreatic cancer, and five investigator-sponsored trials (ISTs) in additional oncology indications. PS is a highly immunosuppressive molecule usually located inside the membrane of healthy cells, but "flips" and becomes exposed on the outside of cells that line tumor blood vessels, creating a specific target for anti-cancer treatments. PS-targeting antibodies target and bind to PS and block this immunosuppressive signal, thereby enabling the immune system to recognize and fight the tumor.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • bobradcliff77777 by bobradcliff77777 Feb 19, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    Yes this is good news. However, the patients died. So
    the news is emotionally tempered. The facts show that
    this drug is having a significant impact on a cancer that
    has baffled mankind. We are on the right
    track here. The stocks brief sharp down turn is an emotional reaction.
    Our first reaction is ..."What?? only a few more months of life.
    Somhow think we are in the land of the living
    going to the land of the dieing and when somone dies
    there is somthing very wrong. But we are all dieing...
    Hopfully going to the land of the living. This stock drop
    has gotten me thinking. Me thinketh
    I have too much stock on this side of eternity
    and need to focus on the other side where the
    lasting returns are assured. Eventually
    we will all be 'longs' there.
    Ok, that is my thought for the day.
    I assume I will hear the wrath of my
    younger reader but here it is.
    I expect to see my 28,000 shares
    to go back firmly in the green.
    Until then I will try to not be emotionally
    torn by this rip tide stock.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    BMSN up double digits three days in a row

    by bobradcliff77777 Feb 15, 2013 1:13 PM
    bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Feb 15, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Thank you for your input Fry...
    Maybe I broke your code of proper message board behavior.
    I find it more interesting that you would take the time
    to tell me in such a crude way. Your crass
    language greatly diminished my
    concern about breaking your rule.
    Maybe if you would invest a small amount
    in BMSN, you may be in better sprits next time
    you read something to your displeasure.

  • bobradcliff77777 by bobradcliff77777 Feb 15, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    Type message

    Sentiment: Hold

  • bobradcliff77777 by bobradcliff77777 Feb 14, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    Type message

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Sales must be better than what everyone thinks

    by stocks1701 Feb 8, 2013 9:14 AM
    bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Feb 8, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    When will this report come out

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • I guess we will wake to the news on Monday. I am glad this is Super Bowl sunday. It will make the wait easier.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    The ask is at 9.95 on Yahoo

    by phamdung885 Feb 1, 2013 8:49 PM
    bobradcliff77777 bobradcliff77777 Feb 2, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    I did check Fidelity and it says $9.95 ask too. I do not think much of it. Just a bit strange. This stock may really jump because so many assume it will be declined. Approval is not built in. I think rejection is built in. So down side is far less and upside is huge. That is why I bought more Friday.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • I will not mind if they go off at that level.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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