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    ANF was the aspitational brand 20 to 5 years ago

    by bobva1 Jul 30, 2015 8:31 AM bobva1 Jul 30, 2015 8:31 AM Flag

    correction: aspirational

  • -to rising high school freshman viewing what the senior classmen were wearing.
    -to the average guy seeing what the jocks were wearing
    -to the lower income kid, seeing what the rich kids were wearing
    - to a teen hanging out at the mall, noting just what store had the cool kids inside and buying.
    -to the younger brother who wants to have the cool that big brother had.

    The years have passed and all those guys have grown up, many now thru college and into the workplace.
    J Crew is still somewhat desirable. In the east coast zip codes of wealth, the popular brand is Vineyard Vines.
    Noted here in northern Virginia- Arlington, Fairfax, anc Loudoun counties. But, make no mistake about it, athletic logos of Nike, Reebock, and especially UnderArmor are very previlent.

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    Guesses for Play amazon lightening round

    by goldenseth Jul 29, 2015 2:38 PM bobva1 Jul 29, 2015 3:24 PM Flag

    18% fill

  • I am trying to see Soda thru a person who likes the product. I have had no qualms about the product itself. So my comments have shifted to that angle. How the product is presented, viewed and accepted.
    Note also, that I am using specific references to locations.
    Yes, You are right about the Chicago suburban location as "Woodfield Mall" I had been there and know the area as Schaumburg. Thanks.
    Now, I will give it ( posting ) a rest for a few weeks, to see just what results come to view about the relaunch, the past is the past. I have moved on.

  • There are locations around the nation where Soda should set a COMPLETE shop with EVERY SKU to see what the response would be. For Instance: Natick, Mass, Bryant Park-New York City, Garden State Plaza-Paramus, NJ, King of Prussia mall, Pa, Tysons Corner, Va ( metro DC), Lenox Square-Atlanta, Costa Mesa, Ca, Schaumburg Mall, IL, Pike Street Market-Seatle, Wash.

    NO EFFORT no results! Yes, I do know that there is *some* effort. But , This product NEEDS a huge relaunch.
    At least in the nine venues that I listed.

  • bobva1 Jul 28, 2015 10:20 AM Flag

    seth: How many retail sites have the video set up scheduled? How many in place now?

    as noted: The syrup inventory has been expanded at my BB&B... what retailers have made that expansion?
    Other than Williams Sonoma , is JCP, Kohl's, Macy, Walmart, on the syrup expansion.? Machine (s) as well?

  • bobva1 Jul 28, 2015 9:28 AM Flag

    As we get into continued discussion of the relaunch, facts matter. So,
    the specific location of the BB&Y is Dulles Eastern Plaza, Sterling-Dulles, Loudoun County Va
    phone 571-434-0530

  • bobva1 Jul 28, 2015 9:16 AM Flag

    Sorry. I cannot name the specific models. I just looked at their website and those sure do look like the lineup of models displayed. I was looking for the syrup inventory, then was surprised to see such a FULL multi shelf placement, along with a video player touting the "make water exciting" . There were few customers at that time 5:30 pm as we were experiencing thunderstorms. Again, the aisle display was very impressive, especially to me who had seen lean almost barren Soda displays in area retailers over the last 6 months.

  • Spotted during a shopping trip last night at the BB&B Dulles, Loudoun County, Va.
    Center aisle of small electrics with 4 shelves (16 linear ft ) of syrups. an end cap with a running video with sound, surrounded with 5 models of the various machines and 4 to 6 boxes of each model ready to purchase.
    Now, if this display is repeated accross the nation, it can be a REAL TEST of consumer appeal, reaction and results. As a product display. THIS LOOKS GREAT!

  • The shocking weakness of SODA in the US marketplace is becoming more evident each month.

  • bobva1 Jul 27, 2015 11:19 AM Flag

    Thanks for reading my post and the article.
    There is no need to remind you....that....
    I have been positive on the quality of the SodaStream product..but very NEGATIVE on SodaStreams acceptance by the US consumer. Soda has been in the WRONG segment of the consumer beverage market and from it's own quarterly reports has been declining for 2 years. The recent refocus of the brand shows that management is scrambling to turn the company around. But, a long history of weak and failed logistics has damaged it's relations with prominent retailers so the new product rollout has seen low enthusiasm for committing prominent shelf space. That shelf space costs suppliers both in $ and with a guarantee of performance.

    Pulling the old product from retailers shelves before the new could be immediately available for sale shows the reality of this. Now, even loyal users are finding it difficult or even impossible to purchase even the old mixes, no less the new ones. Meanwhile the beverage aisles have increased in liner feet, with mass offerings of beers, IPA ales, alcoholic blends, flavored waters, energy drinks, ice tea variations. and small squeeze bottles of water enhancers. So much choice, but in MOST retailers...SODA products are NOT anywhere in the store to be found.

  • by The Street as the leading article here on Yahoo headlines this morning.

    Why don't you read it and then PLEASE GIVE THUMBS DOWN to confirm that
    you read it. Vote please. with your thumbs down entry, thanks.

  • has been visible thru the last 2 years thru the share price.
    And as posters on here have affirmed "no one is expecting this coming report to be good"
    A walk thru a food retailer shows that SODA is now in the weakest almost non-existent portion of the beverage business. A look of the beer linear shelf stock of say a Wegman's is now over 800 linear feet of shelf base ( 2 locations observed Leesburg Va and Dulles Va.) similar at Whole Foods with approx 500 linear ft ( observed in Fairfax, Va and in Middletown NJ ) Linear feet of sodas have been back. Still waters have gained floor space.

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    by coldinny Jul 24, 2015 9:52 AM bobva1 Jul 24, 2015 9:57 AM Flag

    there is big difference between an empty shelf.. and...
    The difference? ....the ability to generate SALES VOLUME
    which should be..the word is definately SHOULD BE
    the question ...What not NOW?

  • Postings relating to they so not put a priority on viewing the tarding range.
    Or, from one of the most frequent posters, that thay are taking a vacation from posting.
    When things heat up for a stock ..the postings get heavy and frequent. Now the situation is in a funk. There has been lots of speculation, hope, and repeated optimistic outlook about what thw new launch, new flavors and the advantage that Sodas offers over that of the Keurig Kold.
    The investment world sees liitle inclination to see any change in Soda's success particularly in the US.
    This morning even KO and PEP do not seem optimistic about beverage sucess in the USA at this time.
    So the situation is not just "MEH " it is MEH MINUS at this point. For how long is the big question.

  • Is that because the pumpers of Soda cannot justify buying into Soda at this time. Holding what one might have is one thing...buying is another.
    Nasdaq followers are looking for RESULTS...most everyone by this time, knows what has been outlined by Soda 's management in the way of new flavorings, a new product offering and the intention of working with retailers for shelf placement and a refocus of logistics restocking.
    The predictions and speculation have occurred.
    IT IS NOW TIME to see Results..positive sales and PROFIT RESULTS.

  • ...noted by specific location of a large product demonstration with crowds, and with an inventory sellout?

    Lets see some RESULTS...a photo of a painted billboard is one thing. A photo of consumers lining up to taste and BUY is another. Got em? Then post em! Lest the doubts continue.

  • It will be all CRASH and BURN from here on.
    Do watch the Sunday lineup of panel discussions....then
    as the story unfolds thru the coming week. Monday...Tuesday..Wednesday..
    what actual day sees the Crash ...and the Burn unknown at this time.
    There is no need to do follow up here...
    It will be one EVERY news source/media in the days ahead!

  • bobva1 Jul 17, 2015 9:23 AM Flag

    I do recognize that Denim is an on going CLASSIC that evolves in it's cut, color, and detailing. I fully agree with the points you made in your latest post.
    My point was to the use of "no one ", "no body" , and "empty"
    Currently at the Tysons Corner, Dulles Town Center, and Paramus NJ locations there is scant evidence other than the removal of the home erotic photos and the new window presentation of product. The shutters remain, so to mall traffic possibly looking for an shopping for the fall season is IMO highly likely to pass by ANF units based on what they know from past exposure to the product line.
    Secondly to many wealthy shoppers the presence of minorities in ANF is a turnoff.
    When the discount posters and the shutters come down and new products appear in OPEN appealing displays in the windows, then ANF could see a gradual return of it's appeal. It will be a long rollout, most likely not until the first presentations of SPRING 2016.

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    SODA Does Better In Article

    by attymdmnola Jul 17, 2015 8:14 AM bobva1 Jul 17, 2015 8:38 AM Flag

    Yes. That article is an absolutely MUST READ.
    Many points are exactly what I posted about over the last two years. The decline in the demand of carbonated beverages both bottled or home brewed. The poor acceptance of the US public to the soda concept. The poor inventory replenishment by Soda's logistical team.
    Now, soda has a chance to reestablish a sector of the beverage business. But the field is risky as the outlook is bleak for GMCR/ Keurig KOLD and the on going weakness of Soda management in getting product onto the shelves of top volume retailers such as Target, Walmart, Costco and Macy's.
    A posting on here suggests the SODA rename itself, remove any reference to soda. Do something related to Health, bubbly or Fun. Absolutely would be a huge move forward and in the right direction.

    sentiment: no position just an observer

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