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  • 29 year old CEO of axon (a former hedge fund manager) is on cramer now. No where near as impressive as Missling. If you think this company is worth 100 times avxl, you are nuts. AVXL will rock the bio world.

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    Axon/presenting data also/+20%

    by bocamp1 Jul 17, 2015 1:31 PM
    bocamp1 bocamp1 Jul 17, 2015 1:54 PM Flag

    To not be a buyer here at this valuation is to say the avxl's CEO and management made the decision to go to this Alzheimers conference to present unfavorable data. Initial early date may be nuanced, but potential effect will be seen. Stock too cheap here compared to comparable drugs.
    Buying here is betting on management and Board. And some pretty good resumes there.

  • bocamp1 by bocamp1 Jun 3, 2015 11:18 AM Flag

    Lots going on. Just now, sellers in the june 5.5 puts at 90 to 95 cents. Thats very aggressive as most of the time OTM's are sold. It also tells you where we are going in the short term 5.5+

  • This study of the one year follow up on over 1000 patients should be sent to CMS to support increased coverage and get into the CED program. This is the first positive news we have had on eecp and the company doesnt even put it on its blog? This should be on all the news wires, yet vaso hides it. What is going on with this company. Why is stock pinned on the lows of .17? Is a 25 cents private bid in the works?
    What are you doing, Ma?

  • Castle is rewarded immediately by vesting of 500k shares. Rios "payed on contingency" according to you. He got 875K shares of the possible 3million on signing the deal to work on EECP. That was valued at 297k at the time. Leiberman got some also. Deal was a total failure. And Castle has yet to prove anything at Vaso except taking a huge gift from Ma at shareholders expense. Will it pay off?
    Vaso loves to give away our shares. They gave large stock bonues to unnamed employees for getting GEHC extension. Does anyone at this company just do their job and get paid accordingly? The wasted dilution over the years has not helped stock price.............All facts reseller....Got any of your own?

  • bocamp1 by bocamp1 Jun 9, 2015 8:51 AM Flag

    Facts are tedious. You seem to think(like reseller) that if you ingnore them, they will go away and all will be fine. This head in the sand investment approach might not work out too well. And if my unpc comments bother you, too bad. Its a free speach thing, and considering its all are fact based, I will continue. I have met Leiberman, and when he tells me stock price is not the best metric of the success for a public company, i see a person who denies and blames others. I have met Ma, and when he tells me they are going to start the CED program, or when he denies knowing anything about the stonybrook trials, I see dishonesty. I have met Castle, and he is all about Castle.......IMHO. So, if you have any facts that might change my insight into these people, bring them on.
    My China commments, as they relate to Ma, are relevant, as culture can dictate management style; lack of transpancy, disception, intolerant and dismisive of other views. So, those are some facts, mixed in with my opinions. And, vaso sits at 17 cents.

  • Check out new deal priced today at 15, now trading at 29. They focus on Alzheimer's with an antagonist for the 5-hT6 receptor. This was bought by them from GSK for a few million. So much for Big pharma knowing early stage potential. A diffeent MOA than avxl but no Phase 3 yet, only P2 with some , not so astounding results in dementia.
    AVXL will have every Big Pharma in the world knocking on their door is our MOA proves itself. Bar is set low for Alzheimer's indication and valuation on this new deal tells you where we could head very quickly. Great risk reward here before the Mob arrives.

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    Insider Buying

    by definitelynotwarrenbuffett Jun 9, 2015 5:33 PM
    bocamp1 bocamp1 Jun 9, 2015 6:12 PM Flag

    I had to check that for myself. And yes, Ma has indeed made a token open market purchase on 6/8 and 6/9. He now owns 2,819,841 shares. Its not a big dollar amount but sends a nice signal right in front of CC. Kudos to Ma.

  • Lots of hype on lly's drug. They have spent billions on it with a couple P3 failures to show for it. Right here, right now, investors have a rare chance to do what Axon did years ago when it bought its Alzheimer's compound from GSK for 5 million.........Axon about 2 billion now and that is there only drug.. Decent risk/reward?

  • Beecher buys a few; Ma does same. But the 2 guys who made millions on the netwolves deal are not buying a single share. What does that tell you.......Castle going to run the show, but he has cashed out and shows no sign of confidence in the "new" vaso. He gives deal only muted lip service...................Take the money and run.

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    by resellerguy Jun 18, 2015 6:35 PM
    bocamp1 bocamp1 Jun 18, 2015 6:54 PM Flag

    reseller, what you dont know about integrity and corporate responsibility to shareholders could fill a book. Even you cant be so stupid as to not see these shares given to Ma by Castle as a quid pro quo. In the end, the SEC has been contacted, they have responded, and they will make the final judgement. And reseller, why dont you meet me at the shareholder meeting , and we can exchange (amoung other things) brokerage statements. Ok, resellergirl

  • We should find out soon. One can only imagine what Ma will pay the man who was responsible for setting his undeserved, inflated salary the last couple years.
    Cash on hand here only purpose is to take care of management. It does shareholders little good.

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    They have almost no cash..

    by actuarial_review Jul 22, 2015 2:28 PM
    bocamp1 bocamp1 Jul 22, 2015 2:40 PM Flag

    You have no clue. Company doesnt need to do offering. It has an agreement with Lincoln Park in place. They can put up to 10 million shares to them at market price anytime.

  • That is criminal. How many committee meetings did he attend. Give me a break. The guy is 98, are we supposed to believe he attended multiple meetings? This company needs a good cleaning. Ma doesnt have a grip on a any of it. That last lawsuit against vasohealthcare employeess trying to steal GEHC proves that.
    FIRE MA. And clawback that 100k to srybnik for the last couple years.
    Need some serious accountability at this dysfunctional company. What you say Chairman Ma?????????

  • If ma can execute(and that is saying much) in just one area of this company. Stock is a steal here. Volume good. 17 cents is a great risk/reward............................

  • What is the evidentiary threshold for invoking CED? Evidentiary standards for medical technology decisions are by necessity characterized by somewhat elastic definitions. In coverage determinations, Medicare has been guided by, and has struggled with, its rather vague statutory authority to pay for items and services that are “reasonable and necessary.” A question that looms over every attempt to initiate CED is what evidentiary threshold triggers the policy. At the May 2012 MEDCAC meeting, Sean Tunis, former chief medical officer at CMS, suggested that CED could be initiated if a “moderate level of confidence” existed based on available evidence that the item or service would improve health outcomes and that “the benefits considered were more likely than not to exceed risks.” That formulation usefully focuses on improving health outcomes and the idea that benefits should exceed risks. However, the actual evidence standard remains rather hazy and challenging to operationalize

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    One Year Follow Up

    by bocamp1 May 20, 2015 1:03 PM
    bocamp1 bocamp1 May 20, 2015 3:47 PM Flag

    Not talking about a blitz. To release real data on 1000 patients on vaso's main product that shows big savings for decreased frequency of hospital admissions is not hype. And CMS would have no problem with it. Cost savings are real and much needed in the heart area; all other drugs have failed to show any efficacy.There is zero excuse for not putting out some kind of PR, unless you didnt want to attract buyers in company stock.........................No cc after decent earnings? Complete lack of communication with shareholder base.
    Shareholders deserve to know; what is going on here?

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    Goodbye and good luck

    by chsacs May 21, 2015 4:49 PM
    bocamp1 bocamp1 May 21, 2015 5:07 PM Flag

    Well, good luck to you. Its a shame that Ma's incompetence has so destroyed long time shareholders's conviction. The irony of it all is that this is how bottoms are made.
    Ma is a disgrace and if he were fired, stock would rally 20+%.

  • News of a transaction of this size should have been released on a major wire service. But in fact, it was only released on Accesswire. Are you kidding me. If you have an e trade account or Schwab and have vaso in your account, you will see NO news at all. That is because no one uses this service. No pre announcement, No 8k and news on a little known service. It appears Ma and company want to keep this under the radar. Does that have anything to do with the conflict with Castle.
    None of this adds to transparency. If you have been an investor for years I am confident you havent seen any deal with this relative size treated in this fashion. It all has the appearance of Ma hiding something. Ma needs to know SEC laws are not China laws. Full disclosure is demanded. Wake up Ma!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of the 18 million. These guys have done nothing for shareholders in their years and have only seen stock go down. But, shareholders are rewarding them? What a Ma payoff?!?!? Castle set Ma perks and overinflated salary the last few years. This WILL NOT fly.

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