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  • Feds will change the conversation while the world is regressing.

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  • The only thing Feds need to worry about is US might be the next to join economic slow down worldwide.

    If Feds increase rate, it will kill job market recovery with 15M+ long term unemployed out of labor statistics.

    Housing recovery is also quite slow and vulnerable to mortgage rate increase- in fact mortgage rate has been pulling back last 3 months..... weak demand.

    Oil price is also weak due to low demand= economic slow down ahead.

    QE$ anyone ???

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  • The last thing Feds need is Higher Interest Rate to kill job recovery and housing recovery.
    All the money printing via QE 1+2+3 has barely moved the employment market with 15M + long term unemployed out of the statistics further supported by a weak housing market recovery, Feds can kill the economy by raising interest rate.

  • I got some too.

    Touch lower bollinger band = Load UP Signal today and tomorrow.

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 15, 2014 10:08 AM Flag

    When I witnessed 9/11 took place, first thing I thought was we have change our foreign policy- not to kill people around the world like ants, it will haunt us like 9/11.
    But the first thing came out of Washington was we will invade and kill more of them, and then they also said it was "intelligence failure" but no one wants to admit invading others and killing them will make them do kamakazi acts like 9/11.

  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 14, 2014 6:11 PM Flag

    Missle launched from ocean near N Korea into Japan?

    US ships mystery disappearance into the ocean?

    Terrorist (with no finger print) bombings on US homeland or business abroad.?

    Snowden reveal more info bombs from top secret files?

    Hackers break into pentagon or US strategic operation system?

    You just know Putin is up to something VERY SOOON. to attack US$ strength = stop rouble crash.

  • Under Putin's watch :
    1- Couple Russians died of nuclear poison in London
    2- Put competitors in jail
    3- Asstd Eykraine's breakup + annexed Crimea.
    4- Russian missle down Malaysian passenger jet - 2/3 were Dutch citizens, some were attending AIDS conference in Australia.
    5- Russian military assets deployment to coastal USA + coastal NATO countries.

    So you know Putin is escalating, but you just don't know what he is going to inflict next, directly or indirectly.

    What will disrupt western / US commerce MOST with minimal Russian finger print ???

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    NUGT next week

    by jbl222426 Dec 14, 2014 11:26 AM
    bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 14, 2014 5:48 PM Flag

    There is absolutely inflation in wages and housing + food.
    Fuel crash is stimulating consumption from fuel to holiday shopping and housing activities.
    Feds certainly is trying to encourage housing inflation and job creation. If they increase interest rate it will hamper job growth, WORLDWIDE which is bad for housing.

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 12, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Financial Attack against the Rouble can be construed as mass destruction on its territoty.

    Financial Attack can also be construed as an attack against the sovreignty and territory integrity of the Russian Federation.

    Evidenced by their nuclear weapons deployment and aerial / naval mobilization, Russians perceived threat so they are about to respond.

    Putin is not one to back down.

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 12, 2014 12:04 PM Flag

    Preemptive war pertains to an attack initiated on the basis of unquestionable evidence that an attack from potential enemy is imminent, according to its dictionary meaning. Article 198 of Russia's revised military doctrine would not have a reservation for preemptive nuclear strikes on potential enemy, sources said. The document "is very precise on the conditions under which Russia can use the nuclear weapons," an unnamed Defence official said, as reported by RT.

    The nuclear attack from Russia would only become possible "if the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation are under threat," the official made clear. The same stipulation was also stated in Russian's military doctrine approved in 2010.

    The Russian Federation would only use nuclear weapons as retaliation "to strikes with nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction on its territory or on the territory of its allies," the approved 2010 doctrine stated. The final decision whether to retaliate to a nuclear strike from an enemy belongs to the president.

    Head of NATO Genl Breedlove said Russians mobilized nuclear weapons to Crimea.
    Game On.

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    Time to buy WB, see you at 20

    by dia1na0 Dec 10, 2014 5:34 PM
    bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 10, 2014 6:18 PM Flag

    Low float
    Most shares r held by SINA and BABA
    If BABA uses WB as part of e-commerce mobile platform for promoting new products and sales,,,,,,, WB will become a worldwide brand.

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  • There is definitely Putin orchestrated navel + aerial practise runs for impending targets of attack.

    Putin is letting everyone know, his reach is about 10,000 miles from Russian bases.
    When you force someone like him to the edge of the cliff , with weapons and nukes, do you think he will wave white flag or he will make sure you blink and back down first???

    Gold is seeing Putin response to rouble collapse IMMINENT.

    $1230/oz is 50% off if Putin put his war games forth. He is not one to back down.
    This end game is set forth by US and NATO..... constantly prying pieces off the old Soviet Empire.
    All it takes is the FIRST OOPS !!
    It could go quickly, fueled with complacent shorts counting their endless riches.

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  • Non-core assets in Brazil will be spinned into BRIO GOLD
    CIBC World Market will be the broker to help BRIO GOLD find new buyer in 2015.
    Outside of Brazil, there is more non-core assets that need to be spinned off or thrust into production.
    Wondering if those 3 mines in Brazil is worth close to $500M.

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  • Bloomberg News Dec 3, 2014 3:50 AM PT 1 Comment Email Print

    Gold trading on China’s largest physical bullion bourse is already exceeding last year’s record volume as the world’s biggest consumer seeks to exert its influence on the global market.

    The volume of all contracts on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, including those in the city’s free-trade zone, was 12,077 metric tons in the 10 months to October, compared with 11,614 tons during all of 2013, according to data on the bourse’s website. This may climb to 17,000 tons by the end of the year, the exchange’s Chairman Xu Luode said at a conference today.

    China overtook India as the world’s largest gold user last year while European consumption shrank amid a global flow of gold from west to east. While China vies to extend its influence over the bullion market with new contracts aimed at luring international investors, trading volumes are still a fraction of those in London, where benchmark prices are determined.

    “Asia more generally is becoming more important and there are going to be increasing flows in this direction,” Wayne Gordon, an analyst at UBS Group AG in Singapore, said by phone today. “But at least at this stage, London’s still where the trade is. The reality is that everybody still uses London values as the benchmark.”

    BUT London is out of favor because it is highly manipulated paper contract trades- subject to majot players
    control as we have just witnessed last 4 months.
    Physical Gold trades price discovery are the real transactions taking place.... like in Shanghai Gold Exchange.

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  • bollingr_band by bollingr_band Dec 2, 2014 5:33 PM Flag

    1 PENNY

    Angie Hicks can't make this dog bark or roll over.

    How many lady teck CEOs have ramped up sales Q after Q ?

    Yahoo's Marissa Myers, kept shopping for new companies with Jerry Yangs big investment payoff in Alibaba. But can Marissa Myers create growth in sales?

    Can Angie Hicks prove she is the right man for the job to create revenue growth?

  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 1, 2014 10:51 AM Flag

    Stock market is about psychological warfare.
    As you batter the manufactured trend with your analysis and logic, it will eat you up and destroy your equity.
    After you succumb to their mental and equity shredding, you will sell and wiped out.
    They will end up with your shares (all of our shares), then it reverses trend.

    And we look back and say, I got out near the bottom 6 months ago.

    So 6 months from now, Osisko acquissition will become accretive Q over Q and other mines under the AUY umbrella will also produce favorable #s due to low fuel costs and strong $$, then the crowd start chasing the next PUMP after this Major DUMP.

    It ( There is such evilness in human form on the other side of all our trades ) will destroy all our logic and reasoning. LOL

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 1, 2014 10:27 AM Flag

    AUY is set to deliver revenue growth on ramped up production due to lower fuel costs + benefits of strong $$ in paying local wages.

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 1, 2014 10:25 AM Flag

    With half of world population in BRICS, their government and people are loading up gold.
    Swiss non-mandate gold buying vote was just a bump in the road.

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 1, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    Seems like market agrees- Swiss vote was a non-event

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  • bollingr_band bollingr_band Dec 1, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    India Loading outweighs Swiss non-mandate of gold buying and repatrioting gold back to Switzerland.

    1.2 billion people love of gold certainly outweighs 8 M people
    BUT they both are still buying gold but neither has a government mandate. So gold continues recovering.

    Swiss + German + Dutch have all recently been buying and repatrioting gold to backup their paper currency.
    Chinese +Russians + Indians have done majority of the world buying frenzy....

    those BRICS represent HALF OF PLANET EARTH..... their gold loading will dry up supply and raise price....

    like bunch of squirrels chasing down nuts, preparing for the currency WINTER FREEZE OVER.

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