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booleansearcher 246 posts  |  Last Activity: 9 hours ago Member since: Dec 9, 1999
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  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher 9 hours ago Flag

    they were given extensions so easily -- would appear there are some special circumstances that makes the NYSE feel that it is worth giving them time.....now that said this remains a flyer BUT with the Frank and Ray duo now on their side it gave me reason to come on board.......risk noted and accepted. But as I have said - look back at the life of Lucas and you see runs and drops and runs and drops and hopes and dreams and all that good stuff but it always scratches its way back.....SO - this could be where we begin that RUN AGAIN...we shall see over the coming months. I say there is more to this story than the headlines and placed my bet. You all can make light and make fun but make no mistake.................................Boolean

  • and of course they have - like ilostmymoneyonwomen........one of the true yahoo's who goes to boards looking to make him feel better about himself by thrashing and trashing those on the board. Pretty sad but also a bit funny. As noted before they came - just let them play and have their fun.....they are really harmless and only need to do this to support their low self esteem. Watch what they say -- it is empty. Boolean

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    Longs Need to Do Their Homework on LEI

    by whatsupthisyear Aug 29, 2014 12:06 AM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 29, 2014 8:47 AM Flag

    That is a nice story rooted in your prior losses but that his not how this will all shake out....Frank will end up being a partner and rescuer of Lucas......did I mention PARTNER. No - I have to strongly disagree with your thesis due to who is involved. And buy in bankruptcy......come on Frank can do better than that. Let's see how it shakes out - I say it will be a really good shake for shareholders. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 28, 2014 9:02 PM Flag

    We have just reached max oversold.......does not mean we turn right here but it could but we are basing any way you look at it. It has been my belief that August would prove to be a difficult month and then September which can be harsh will end up being positive and turning point with the market looking to make its move to 2100+ by year end. Infrastructure rebuild will be huge in 2015 as per my thesis so we just have to hang on and then the economic expansion and infrastructure rebuild will take of the rest. I place my name on it and feel very positive that I am right. You can see my call on lucas energy/lei..........is already up about 18% from the .51 buy point this week - yes RISK IS HIGH FOR SURE and not for money you can not lose but I made the call on what I saw. Cliffs is not for the feint of heart or for money you need - make no mistake this is high risk - if I am wrong about my thesis then it is toast. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 28, 2014 8:38 PM Flag

    Lucas has traded - it has been through this many times before - big dips and then big runs and now with Frank I suspect we will see Lucas enjoy another run and maybe this time Frank and Ray can make them a much better company and investment. We shall see but it is worth the play. Now do expect a lot of crazy posters to come riding in and slapping all kinds of crappola on the stock - just enjoy it as they have no idea what they are doing but need to have their fun. Boolean

  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 28, 2014 8:33 PM Flag

    bc - does that stand for Before Cognition.........I mean you took it out of context and made it your own story and I imagine you do that all the time. I was responding to someone who know my story and my game and the buys I ANNOUNCE WHEN THEY HAPPEN AND NOT AFTER......so stop the bs bc as you do not understand and for that I accept your apology. Boolean

  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 28, 2014 8:15 AM Flag

    forgot about blackberry -- oh how I was slammed for that and NOW up HUGE from that 5-6 level........amazing........percentages is the key. I am out on cliffs for now but still looking for this to be a winner with the coming infrastructure rebuild - last buys were at low 14 range as you recall. Boolean.

  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 28, 2014 8:12 AM Flag

    and I explained my rationale and high risk understanding and it is not going to be delisted AND I submit there is more to this deal than this deal...........it is like useg and a dollar and change now up huge a year later.........be early not late. Let's see how this all shakes out my friend and how about if you be you and I'll be me and play our game the way we like to play it. Recall how our friend uncle laughed at my very early and BOTTOM investments in Russia, brazil, Italy, hk.........and now ALL UP NICELY. Blood in the streets is a great place to find value and you don't have to hit them all to do very very well as it is all about percentages. Boolean

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    Oak Valley / Lucas Energy

    by richardclovis Aug 26, 2014 9:00 AM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 27, 2014 9:25 PM Flag

    As noted I bought into Lucas the other day as I am more than willing to ride it with Frank and Ray to see where it goes........I believe there is more to this deal than this deal.........if not - maybe I lose 25k but whatever........this company has had many near death experiences and then comes raging back and now with Frank and Ray having a hand in their action I like my chances. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 27, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    we must see if it will be an interesting day tomorrow and Friday or do we give it all back.......Boolean

  • so down she goes........I still like my chances with my new buy vs this one right now. We could drop here to 3.87 or so.......will be interesting to watch. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 27, 2014 8:56 PM Flag

    that there will be more to this than............this. I will build my long as it develops........if I am wrong I lose 25k........if I had opened a restaurant and it failed (which most do right kids) I would be out 500k........so I like this risk play much better. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 27, 2014 8:39 PM Flag

    has potential and I am betting on it and will add to it as it unfolds.........if it unfolds. It is not for money you can not lose but if you don't have money to lose you should be in CD's any way. Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 27, 2014 8:38 PM Flag

    and the next few months will tell more than you know - as the NFL season kicks in and the leaves fall we will see what this company can do.........the company is rolling out its offerings and more to come so though it is a risk play it has some very solid potential and may be a huge winner. I am willing to take the bet and have in a big way. We shall see. Boolean

  • It is amazing to me at they do not buy shares on the open market. They will take freebies but not put up their own cash but yet are more than willing to speak so highly of what they are doing and to make the case for investors to buy into it..........management and the board needs to be REMOVED. We need the big money folks to come here and send them packing - the company has value but it will not be unleashed until present managers and the board are removed. Boolean

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    by booleansearcher Aug 26, 2014 6:59 PM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 27, 2014 7:46 AM Flag

    hey - this is high risk for sure.......it's 50 cents a share OK.....I have followed this stock for years and it always has a second life and makes another run........maybe this time and maybe not BUT I love finding the blood in the streets type that come with a kicker and that kicker is Frank and Ray so I am willing to play some casino money on it. You only have to hit a couple of these to make up for those that implode. I feel this play is well worth the risk kowboy so we shall see if it rides off into the sunset or charges the enemy..............and that enemy is us. Boolean

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    Santander credit agreement

    by mixolydian64 Aug 26, 2014 9:30 PM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 26, 2014 9:36 PM Flag

    Management is out of touch and not real interested in growing the business unless it falls into their lap......from the guberment......just awful managers and they and the board need to be booted out. That they are not all buying shares is a travesty.

  • in Lucas Energy this morning -- like the combination with Frank and Ray and where that may lead........still evaluating useg.........shows some strength here but still fighting its resistance areas and tomorrow will tell the tale of the tape as it will drop if this is just another fake move..........who knows. It is that time where you hold your breath and see how it shakes out but again.......I see 2015 as a bust out year for economic growth so oil is going to be in demand and their are some who believe NG will fly.......the Farmer's Alamanc who hit it last year is again saying the winter will be rough. Good luck folks........still not in but watching and whatever I hope you make the cash register ring in your favor. But don't forget - Mr. Market is a wily beast and always has the upper hand and loves to make you look like a jack............ Boolean

  • booleansearcher by booleansearcher Aug 26, 2014 6:59 PM Flag

    did not think I would get it at the 51 but I did.....this combination with Frank and also Ray Singleton of Earthstone gave me the green light to BUY an entry position and I will add IF it warrants. Both Frank and Ray are shareholder centric guys so I had to play this long shot stock........I love to follow smart managers. Boolean

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    keeps testing its upper resistance -

    by booleansearcher Aug 25, 2014 7:46 PM
    booleansearcher booleansearcher Aug 26, 2014 8:00 AM Flag

    yes u r correct the costs are certain and predictable NOW.......the uncertainty rises once they start activity there as costs will rise and unknowns will rise and water issues will rise and so on.......hey there is definitely potential here but I need to see the money - show me the money and some consistency. If oil and nat gas start a new price rise the outlook will also improve for useg. Will be interesting to see how they do in Q3 and how their reserves look and new drills/plans.

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