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  • Anyone who visits one of the Keryx Biopharmaceuticals locations will notice something unique and distinct about the men there but first, a man will notice that ALL THE WOMEN THERE are HOT ! The reason is because of the policies set for the men. ALL MEN ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR AXE COLOGNE while on the job and this acts as a BABE MAGNET and a UGLY HAG repellent all at the same time.
    For anyone wondering what this has to do with the price of the KERX stock, I will agree with those who say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but there are some at Keryx that are getting tired of AXE cologne. A couple of these male workers were overheard in the park discussing this issue and how they can't wait for Keryx to be bought out by (another company that can't be mentioned here). On the other hand, they did take note that the women at this more mature company were not anywhere near as HOT as the BABES at Keryx.

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    Carl Icahn likes Zenerex

    by booyahbuster 17 hours ago
    booyahbuster booyahbuster 15 hours ago Flag

    Your name says it all. You are the man Carl. 78 and still coming on strong.

  • This may be pure speculation but I believe Carl Icahn could cop a feel on KERX. This company is like a fine virgin woman that a rich man could spend a fortune on, just to get his last stiff one. Carl Icahn has had his hand on a bunch of trampy companies that just don't do it for the man anymore. Just one curvy caress on KERX could put a man like Carl in his send off to pleasure land.

  • The BEES are ready to sting and the stingers are extra LONG !!

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    This stock is heading lower

    by kinsma.i6684 Aug 19, 2014 8:50 PM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster Aug 20, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

    My gamey eye is indicating that kinsma is a poor man and would like to be rich. He needs to pay me 10K to get the billionaire eye kiss. I know he would cover his short even at viewing my gamey eye and with the full REM understanding, his knowledge would be filled with understanding.

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    This stock is heading lower

    by kinsma.i6684 Aug 19, 2014 8:50 PM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster Aug 20, 2014 9:21 AM Flag

    Is the BUYOUT baked in too ?

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 20, 2014 2:18 AM Flag

    Whenever there is an approval for a drug company near, my gamey eye begins to twitch. As I am typing here I am having to palm my eye back into the socket. This tells me KERX is about to be approved. Are you familiar with R.E.M. - which is Rapid Eye Movement ? This is most common while people are sleeping. Well , the nearer the approval , the faster my gamey eye goes into REM mode and causing an external twitch. It's much like a divining rod, it's kinetic. I don't understand the connection but with this level of twitch speed, I would guess that we could have Zenerex approved for use any day, definitely within a month. Additionally I am feeling a back end twitch that may indicate that not only will there be a drug approval, there may be a BUYOUT of Keryx. If you are short this stock, I warn you. My REM has never been wrong. I am now a multi billionaire due to understanding and taking heed to my gamey eye. It is as if I can see beyond realities of this world. Cover your short and BUY EVERY BIT OF KERX you can afford. This is a very solid REM twitch.
    I charge $10,000 to those who wish to have my gamey eye understanding. If you are permitted by me to kiss my gamey eye, you too will become a multi billionaire just by having the knowledge of the twitch.

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    This stock from the beginning . . .

    by booyahbuster Aug 13, 2014 10:12 AM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster Aug 19, 2014 11:20 AM Flag

    At $12 I was still understanding . Under $10 , I was annoyed. $8 - #$%$ ! $6 - I raised the white flag and sold somewhat under this. Every once in a while , I look back to see if they ever got some traction. This trade has soured me to IPOs .
    How would we know ? One would think at this low price that there should be a bottom . Somehow it just seems like there is ONE BOTTOM and that would be ZERO. I hope not for those who remain but they have got to have a flawed business model. The cost of selling what they have is greater than the price they charge. Has anyone there considered raising the price of the product across the board ?

  • Moo Moo Mahidd Moonay, who is King of the Kramier area of the Congo is tired of the low wage jobs for his people. King Moo is ready to bring a successful drug manufacturing company. Moo says "My peoples need happy money. I am dee King and will buy all good stock of good companies like Keryx . Then I will relocate the company to Africa and sell these drugs all over the world."
    King Moo has already taken a number of companies back to his native land. He is one of the most honored Kings in all of Africa. Chants of "MOO MOO MOO YA " are always heard by the native people of his homeland wherever he goes.
    One day he looks forward to is when he and his peoples are ringing the opening bell at the NYSE.

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    gay marriage

    by bobbymooneyham Aug 10, 2014 4:29 PM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster Aug 15, 2014 1:12 PM Flag

    Aww, did swumbudy get Oh fended by the lisper comment that was removed ? Looks like they are taking your advice today as things are definitely going limp. I think I will call this the "normal effect" .

  • and double up on your gains. C'mon people - if you have #$%$ or you like making money. You should BUY !

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 15, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Maybe you have seen the commercials for THE GIVER. . . . the world is BLACK AND WHITE until someone discovers the GIVER who is an old man who remembers when there was ZENEREX, the drug that makes color. No , it's the drug that prevents people from seeing BLACK AND WHITE.
    The GIVER is there with his stock pile of drugs from the company KERYX that has been banned from the planet. It is the planet's only salvation.
    Investors now are our future heroes.

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 15, 2014 10:26 AM Flag

    Catholic worshippers throughout the USA were told IN THE COFFESSIONAL, to buy KERX stock. This was initiated by Arch Bishop Fernando who was tipped off by some inside information. He knew it was a SIN to use inside information for himself so, he told all his priests to have their parishioners to buy KERX as a condition for forgiveness. The profits were/are to be split with the church. This Fernando's diocese did so well, that others wanted in on the program. The confessional inside information spread throughout the USA. The Vatican got wind of this program and they wanted in. All of a sudden their is a huge swell of brokerage activity coming from Rome. Hallelujah !

  • So we had a LULL in the handbag market. They will each come back with Coach on top. A real woman has a minimum of 10 Coach handbags in various colors, sizes, and styles.

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 14, 2014 6:39 PM Flag

    So I was at the bar and on the side of the building they have spitting contests. The spitting is all about accuracy of spitting on a paper dart board. One gets three spats. The paper then turns color where the spit lands and thus, your points are tallied.
    I then came up with an investor solution using this same color coded paper, I picked 10 of my "BEST PICKS" stocks and put them up on the spit target. I gave the target my best three shots and for every dollar spent on my "SPIT STOCKS" , I also invested an equal amount on KERX. I have recommended this method to all my buddies at the bar. When KERX gets bought out , we are gonna invest in our own bar.

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 14, 2014 6:28 PM Flag

    Hey , they need drugs in Russia too.

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    I like Target stock

    by jdynamiteg77 Aug 7, 2014 10:25 AM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster Aug 14, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    This is the type of type buyer you are going to get when you have a GAY activist company. It makes the normal man a limp buyer.

  • BUY KERX TODAY ! ! !

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 14, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    "Hi Fuggly, wanna make some hot money"
    "Yeah, Dawg Bouy, I am willy want the biggie bucks"
    "Well Fugg, ya gotta buy this drug stock"
    "Hell yeah, Dawg, how much Bouyeee ?"
    "$16 and it's goin to $25 Fuggsie"
    "Coo Coo , OK OK , I bought it at $16 Dawg"
    NEXT DAY :
    "Hey Dawg , look look KERX went to $17."
    "Yeah Fuggly, dis is so awesome, let's PAR TAY"
    "Hell yeah Dawg Bouy , I will buy the steak & beer"
    "Dawg, what's goin on wid my stock. It's goin down"
    "Fuggly, it will go up. It's only back to $16.30"
    "Dawg, I'm selling"
    "Fuggly, you suck"
    "Hey Fuggly , KERX got approved to sell in the USA"
    "No freeggin way Dawg, are yu kiddin' me ? "
    "All true Fuggs, and you freakn' sold"
    "Dawg, look. KERX is at $24 a share"
    "Yeah Fuggly, I kept mine"
    "You are rich Dawg"
    "Yeah Fug, I am, and you are a freakn' LOSER"

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster Aug 14, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    JCP will go to $9.50

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