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  • I would guess the shorts but I'd rather go to Target and buy the new Coldplay CD that has the exclusive songs only available at Target !!

  • The sign reads "EARNINGS REPORT WILL BE BAD"
    No TGT stock holder can cry and say "but , no one told me".
    Thankfully heads are rolling and the board has been given a wake up call.
    Ugly comes tomorrow.

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    After tomorrow's earnings report-----

    by seeoverthehill May 20, 2014 1:06 PM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster May 20, 2014 1:19 PM Flag

    Dude - That's rubbing salt in the wound.
    Here is an improvement that could happen that I would like. . . .
    Have you ever parked 20 cars out from the Target door and when you are coming back with your cart , at about the 8th car, the cart wheels lock up. They use these in cities where there is cart theft. They have some wireless system that automatically locks these wheels when you get to far from the entrance.
    GREAT IDEA BUT . . . . there is generally more people in the parking lots than the WIRELESS CART LEASH ALLOWS .
    Honestly, it is an annoying end-of-shopping experience that happens no where else but Target.

  • It's a moment were the misbehaved boy goes to hid parents and says "I DID IT, PUNISH ME". Why does the boy do this ? It's healing. It's about coming clean , accepting whatever punishment is due, and being free of the burden of guilt so you can move on.
    In this case, who gets punished ? People in leadership are being defrocked and shareholders will get their lashing. About 2% today and likely another 4-8% tomorrow.
    When I saw the big boys were gonna get a beating, I went home with my Archer Farms cookies and advised others to do the same.
    Once the slate is cleared, TGT may just be a good investment if they hire right, and do things right.

  • booyahbuster booyahbuster May 20, 2014 9:11 AM Flag

    There are both sides to this but I think the down side is the easier position to argue. On the bullish side, the security breach is all but history. Also, while the Canadian roll out was apparently a disaster, Target board members are taking out leadership they held responsible for the poor management of this undertaking. The key question is "when will Canada become profitable ?".
    I'd say Target wants to put all this bad news in the former CEO's suitcase along with his large compensation and call it a quarter, so it will likely look UBER bad.
    All this does not mean that the stock will be hit 20% . The Target board is looking at every problem and seeking the means and the people to solve them. Will it work ?
    I am believing the today and tomorrow's earnings day hit will be closer to a 10% loss, so we tend to agree on the downside, but not on the amount.

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    Proxy VOTE on LEZBO #$%$ AGENDA

    by booyahbuster May 20, 2014 6:45 AM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster May 20, 2014 8:25 AM Flag

    I am offended that I can't use the shortened version of HOMOSEXUAL pronounced HOE MOE without it being censored by YAHOO. See what these politically charged speech police are doing ?

  • Rightly so, the situation is troubling. Hopefully the changes in leadership will correct the course. If Canada continues to dog Target , pulling the plug on the entire expansion will be in order. The changes HAVE to work !!

  • Some butch crack pot shoving the L-H fringe up shareholder's hole.

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    Kevin O'Leary said Canada led to CEO ouster

    by bobbleaque May 19, 2014 8:37 PM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster May 20, 2014 6:38 AM Flag

    Tis why I am on the sidelines.

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    Cramer: JCP---just getting started!

    by rlyallz May 19, 2014 6:35 PM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster May 19, 2014 8:25 PM Flag

    Great store since it recently had a lavish makeover. Now that Ullman is back they are going back to old school non-stop couponing and clearance. The upscale Ron Johnson product is exiting below wholesale so they sure are getting more sales selling below cost but the profit ? NO - the deals are lavish and the good stuff is being replaced with cheap chic. . . . . CRA,HAP ! Guess what , they are having a tougher time selling the cheap stuff unless people have a coupon that takes that below cost. Meanwhile, stores are closing so the other stores are getting the faithful so the same store sales go . . . up - but there is LESS stores.
    Ask Jimbo how his Booyah is going on GM ? Cramer may be correct in the long run on GM but JCP is the real suckers deal . It's going down and out.
    When you get a chance, shop next to a cash register and observe the JCP transactions. Every one is a chore. The returns all happen, the online orders happen, the coupons happen, the wrong prices happen. . . it's a fiasco. Every deal is a tragedy. The good news is that JCP makes it right but unless they have an unbelievable BELOW COST deal or a great exclusive product, people would prefer to buy anywhere BUT JCP.
    Being that JCP has lots of deals now , I say BUY AT JC PENNEY but don't BUY JCP. It can and will go down further. I think it gets ugly soon.

  • Everyone seems to have sneakin' in on a nice KERX stake. Now is certainly the time.

  • booyahbuster booyahbuster May 19, 2014 5:52 PM Flag

    Why ? because you said so ? Wednesday is the big day to report earnings. They just fired a CEO for some confounded reason. Think it has anything to do with massive losses ? If it's just the security breach, you may be right but I think Steinhafel's firing has more to do with the Canadian roll out and how poorly that was executed. This means losses and possibly large losses. If so, TGT will deserve a pull back.
    Thankfully, if you are right, I will only miss a move to the upside, as I am remaining on the sidelines until I see Target is on the right side. Obviously, I think you are wrong on the short term. We'll see.

  • Shop, drop , and roll .

  • booyahbuster booyahbuster May 16, 2014 7:31 PM Flag

    YES , I believe that SAME STORE SALES are UP !!!
    - 5 stores in an area, one closes, the other stores get the closed store's faithful
    - Designer product is being clearance
    - The prior year was HORRID
    - Coupons are bringing in all sorts of people buying product below cost.
    YES , I believe this but it is a FARCE !!

    NOW is the time to BUY product with coupons at JCP .
    NOW is the time to SELL JCP stock before the real numbers start showing how bad it will be.

    Remember - JCP went from ULLMAN to JOHNSON and now back to ULLMAN. This is like Democrats and Republicans. The Republicans spend too much and borrow while the Democrats spend too much and TAX.

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster May 16, 2014 10:26 AM Flag

    Let's say you have 4 JCP stores in the area. One of the four closes. Think about it. Wonder why the store sales are higher ?I love shopping for a deal and JCP has the deals now if you look at their clearance. Between coupons and clearance pricing, I was able to buy a $150 kitchen item for $15. I helped make JCP same stores go UP. Wonder why same store sales are higher ? Last year JCP bought high end designer exclusive products that were quite nice. Now they are ditching them below cost . Wonder why same store sales are higher ? Last year there were minimal deals and no coupons. Now over 80% of product is cheaper on sale , on clearance , and couponable. People use a different coupon on each item they purchase at JCP so let's say a $50 item is on sale at $30 and the coupon adds another $10 savings. That $50 item is now $20. Still wondering ? In addition to the mega store coupons there are also rewards coupons that act as cash, so let's say you have two $10 rewards coupons. . . . then you get this $50 item free, well, there is still taxes.
    No doubt, Ullman and the give-a-way knights have increased same store sales as compared to last year when there were minimal deals. Now is a great time to shop JCP but don't be surprised to have the magic rug pulled when it is discovered that the profits have vanished.

  • In fact - Wal-Mart dropped 2.4% while Target stock dropped only1.8% .
    JCP is a suckers play, as they may have larger same store sales but they are selling their designer, high end product bought last year at less than cost. Given JCP's prior year's horrendous store sales, they could not have done worse. Additionally, JCP closed stores so if one shopped JCP at a closed store so they may now be shopping at another.
    Macys - has been declared the winning retailer and they are somewhat flat.
    This coming Wednesday we will see Target report earnings and while it may not be pretty, it should be correctable.

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    Nothing short of amazing......

    by smokedlobster May 9, 2014 8:43 AM
    booyahbuster booyahbuster May 14, 2014 9:36 PM Flag

    Unfortunately, for those holding, Steinhafel's departure may be the tell tale indicator of the upcoming earnings release. Hopefully it will be better than your description. TGT may be in a long holding pattern but Target is a solid company that will rebound.

  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster May 14, 2014 1:55 PM Flag

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  • booyahbuster by booyahbuster May 12, 2014 10:17 PM Flag

    $25 in the PDUFA

  • Martha seem to be staying with Macys and her stock is doing well compared to their lows. The Michael Graves line was initiated with a flare at JC Penney but now it's all but off the shelves.
    Martha has been at KMARTS and did OK but her best match is with Macys. Michael Graves was all the rage at Target when his line was nicely implemented at Target but the line was cheapened towards the end. JC Penney seems to gravitate now toward cheap.
    Target should go back to Michael Graves line and rediscover their designer roots. Target should also find a few Canadian designers to give their Canadian customers reason to bring in their friends.

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