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  • Yahoo finance reports VPCO is up 124% on Institutional Transactions see the Insider Transaction on VPCO and the change in the % Change in Institutional Shares Held right now.

  • breakmeevenbyyr2020 breakmeevenbyyr2020 Jan 6, 2016 9:08 PM Flag

    Au cont re, Bitcoin is the current gold standard. Litecoin the silver standard in the cyrpto + blockchain world. No other, NO OTHER, current cyrpto currency has the "buy in" from all others right now than Bitcoin. Sure the mining payouts will 1/2 in 5months or so - no one can predict, how that will affect the price. They're at like 15 billion bitcoin minted out of 21 billion - with that halving of the payouts every is it 6yrs - it will take 125 years to mint all the Bitcoins. And....Bitcoins is LIMITED to 21 billion. The problem is: The blockchain - will be too slow to handle all the "checking/validating" that will need to happen in the back ground when any amount of Bitcoin is spent/withdrawn from a cyrpto-wallet and given to another crpyto-wallet. A cyrpto-wallet is just like a email address. Here's my Bitcoin send me some bro 1Pno5NfUbqdqont4KQ4T9cWAMr4nt2DNTD

  • Take a look now all you bottom feeders like me. I look a lot of factors and I'm sure you do too.

    RMCF - is a complete STRONG BUY --- N O W (to spell it out to you and my fellow Ichahns)

    Institutional BUYING is UP QofQ of: 4% (see Yahoo/finance/rmcf/insider transactions/ (look for the POSITIVE total).

    Check any of your other stocks in your portfolio against that Yahoo finance INSTITUTIONAL BUYING trend factor. You'll see they are all SEVERELY lacking that "inside" big institutional help in the future.

    Good share NOW at the bottom of the curve and it's FALL going to April. Watch and learn.

  • breakmeevenbyyr2020 by breakmeevenbyyr2020 Nov 23, 2015 5:59 PM Flag

    I will.

    ABIO is poised for a break out. Right now...let me check ABIO is $5.87 a share.

    Tomorrow: ?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy