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  • Both mine and Richards should have been broken by now. haha

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 14, 2014 10:09 AM Flag

    Both, :)

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 13, 2014 8:03 PM Flag

    Zix will break out above a 200 day moving average this week. Nice volume yesterday.

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  • Huge improvement from what we are use to.

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  • See if tomorrow brings in more buyers and pushes the stock higher.

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 11, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    Proofpoint (PFPT) just hit another all time high.

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 11, 2014 9:49 AM Flag

    I knew something was up when Mike English was speaking today at the Waldorf Astoria today instead of Spurr. I think good changes are coming and the share holders will be rewarded this time. I don't think their BYOD / Zix One is quite the bust you think it is. Good days ahead!!!!

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  • Director Compensation for 2013
    Fees earned or paid in cash $106,000
    Total Compensation $106,000
    Stock Ownership for 2013
    Number of shares owned 8,030

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  • I wonder if Zix has an interested party wanting to buy them in the near future. This announcement today would make things a cleaner transaction for Rick Spurr. The board must be squeezing him a little also for Mike English being the spokesman tomorrow at the investor event.

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  • Time to move it up. Looking forward to the week ahead.

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  • The stock blasted to new highs again today.

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 4, 2014 8:35 AM Flag

    Mike English will be speaking at the Imperial Capital Conference. He will do so much better than Big Rick in dealing with the analyst and bankers. Nice job Big Rick, you are learning to delegate to those who are better qualified for certain missions. :)

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 2, 2014 5:19 PM Flag

    At first glance, Exchange ActiveSync does the job. That's why many organizations have chosen this all or nothing approach to enable BYOD. But take a closer look, and you’ll see the serious security side effects of EAS, including:

    Taking corporate data out of your control by allowing it to be stored on personal devices.
    Depending on an unreliable wipe command to remove corporate data in the event of a lost or stolen phone.
    The inability to provide reporting or visibility into what information is on employee devices.
    Now there is ZixOne -- a BYOD solution that eliminates these concerns by taking a completely different approach. Don’t store corporate data on a device you can’t easily control. With ZixOne, corporate data is accessible without the data residing on the device.

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  • bubbizix by bubbizix Dec 2, 2014 5:17 PM Flag

    81 percent of employees use personal devices for work. With 113 phones being lost or stolen every minute, your corporate email, attachments, and contact information can be at risk. They don't have to be.

    Take a few minutes to listen to Webtorials' Larry Hettick and ZixCorp's Nigel Johnson discuss:

    The current Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) market
    The challenges created by BYOD
    A simple, less invasive approach to solving those challenges
    We look forward to sharing a market update and the benefits of a fresh, simple approach to BYOD.

    Please feel free to reach out directly, if you have any questions.

    Your Zix Team,

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  • No longer is that the case since Google and Zix Corporation have just announced Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME), a service that brings full scale message encryption to Google Apps. ZixCorp is an email data protection vendor that covers email encryption and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Having end-to-end encryption guarantees all data exchanged is safe from prying eyes and helps businesses comply with federal regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI-DSSS.

    GAME is a commercial add-on to Google Apps via the Google sales team – obviously it would be nice for all communications to be encrypted as part of the regular package, but the fact that Google is obviously taking security more seriously indicates they’re getting more serious about delivering Google Apps to enterprise. At a cost of $35 per user per year it’s not a huge investment to ensure security across an organizations communications.

    It’s nice to see Google approach the enterprise more realistically – it sends a good message to the industry and customers alike.

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  • The Justice Department is turning to a 225-year-old law to tackle a very modern problem: password-protected cellphones.

    Prosecutors last month persuaded a federal magistrate in Manhattan to order an unnamed phone maker to provide “reasonable technical assistance” to unlock a password-protected phone that could contain evidence in a credit-card-fraud case, according to court filings. The court had approved a search warrant for the phone three weeks earlier. The phone maker, its operating system and why the government has not been able to unlock it remain under seal.

    The little-noticed case could offer hints for the government’s strategy to counter new encryption features from Apple Inc. and Google Inc., say privacy advocates and people familiar with such cases say.

    “It’s part of what I think is going to be the next biggest fight that we see on surveillance as everyone starts to implement encryption,” said Jennifer Granick, director of civil liberties at Stanford University’s Center for Internet and Society. Pointing to the phrase “technical assistance” in the order, she asked, “Does this mean you have to do something to your product to make it surveillance friendly?”

    Historically, prosecutors generally used search warrants to require companies to unlock phones. Apple displays required language for such warrants on its website and offers a fax number to more easily serve them. Sample search warrants directed at Google for Android-powered phones are easy to find online.

    But Apple and Google complicated that process this fall by including new encryption schemes in their latest operating systems that the companies say they can’t unlock. If an iPhone user sets a password for the device, the data is encrypted when the phone is locked. The only way to decrypt it – even if police ship it to Apple – is to know the password, which Apple says it doesn’t record.

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  • Just felt like posting something. haha

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  • At the end of last quarter.

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  • And even if data is encrypted, the encryption keys are kept in known places on the devices and therefore hackable.

    Most industry solutions to these dilemmas utilize sandboxing or containerization strategies to counter the very seamlessness that has been designed into BYOD devices. These solutions can work well in controlling what users can and cannot do with the corporate data on their own device. Unfortunately solutions like these can fall down when either a disgruntled employee decides to act against the employer or devices fall into the hands of savvy criminals.

    Regardless of the security or encryption techniques used in combination with EAS, in my view EAS has one overarching security flaw. Business data is copied to the BYOD device. With data on the device, motivated criminals can access that data. And please don’t talk with me about remote wiping: that “remedy” is facile. Remote wiping works great if the device is lost – however “lost” implies that no-one has the device. It is down the back of the sofa, or in a pile of laundry; exactly when a remote wipe is unnecessary. The ideal time for a wipe is when a thief has the device, however any thief smart enough to search for corporate data is smart enough to apply airplane mode or to put the device inside a Faraday bag, thereby defeating any attempt to remote wipe the device.

    ZixOne however is a fresh solution that takes a different approach to solving this BYOD dilemma by keeping business data off the device in the first place. Even if the device encryption or passwords are broken, there is no data on the device to be found. It’s a BYOD solution that employees accept with ease. ZixOne enables easy access to email, calendar appointments and business contacts, all the while keeping business data secure and off the device.

    - See more at:

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  • Skimming through old posts on the Zix blog, I came across this one from a year ago. A new Zix employee had pulled out his smartphone and demonstrated that although his ActiveSync account with his previous employer had been deactivated, all the emails, attachments and his customer contact list were still stored in the permanent memory of his device.

    This got me to thinking – what is Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)? EAS is a protocol that has been developed to synchronize email, contacts and calendar entries from the Exchange mailbox to just about every mobile device or operating system, including Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, and of course Microsoft Windows Mobile.

    EAS delivers the very useful tool of replicating emails, calendar entries and contact lists across multiple devices so that all devices are up-to-date with what is stored on the messenger server. Once on the device, employees work on, copy or forward the data in emails and their attachments just as they would if the data was on a company desktop. It means, for example, that when called by a customer or colleague, a user can see her existing time commitments and confirm to that caller then and there that she is free to meet on Thursday at 2 p.m. This ability allows mobility users to be productive at times when traditionally we would not have been contactable or would not have been able to respond to questions or issues quickly.

    As we all know, tablets and smartphones are very powerful consumer devices. Essentially they are micro-computers that will do a multiplicity of tasks required by their consumer owners. In doing so they are eminently fit-for-task. That is, they behave exactly as they were designed to behave. They respond quickly, and they “seamlessly” share information between apps so that we can forward a music clip via email, instantly upload a photo to Facebook, search “nearby” for a restaurant, and so on.

    - See more at:

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