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  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 15 hours ago Flag

    I can explain it: Some people win some people lose. Short position is under water for 3 years, EOM you figure it out.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 16 hours ago Flag

    Sir, he did NOT say NO GOOD, he said if you can read between the lines, opk is going higher regardless of pfe, you are brain cell impaired. PFE does not get opk hger, but it goes higher FRIEND.

  • dogs walk, cats climb trees, opk is on an exchange, thanx.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 16 hours ago Flag

    Funny is I remember your post and the what if he used the same dollar amount on opk, either U or Ice said, asked that.

    Could happen in OPK theory but I doubt he does it. I said a while back if Frost EVER sells his teva shares opko goes private, HE WILL need that cash at that point, and EVERY short RUN for cover.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 17 hours ago Flag

    Drangles, you have followed Dr. Frost longer than most 10-20 years? I am a newbie in that regard,only 5 years. Have you ever seen him sell ONE share of anything? I have only in regards Opk holdings to generate cash opportunities which he reinvested in weeks/months, so WOULD he sell Teva shares? I doubt he needs cash to buy Opk shares. His DIVIDENDS from his holdings are enough to cover most opk buys with only a few million from cash on hand. I could only see that if he was going PRIVATE with opk, and I doubt that.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 17 hours ago Flag

    Opk was never, EVER, going to RUN out of MONEY, that is a mirage the shorts put out there. Friend, Frost took a stake in Zebra bio as an example, a small cap, he then DONATED the shares to OPKO TO SELL if the need was there. Think, he spends MILLIONS on shares in a company, then DONATES to OPKO, cash was and really isn't an issue, Frost has opk's back.

    The last wall to fall opko no earnings, LOLOLOL.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 17 hours ago Flag

    I have made to this point more money on stocks Cramer hated, and said DON'T buy. because I tend to buy out of favor stocks, he hates them. Bac, df, c come to mind. DF was a grand slam for me. Just as now DON'T buy oils, or Vale are for the patient huge in two years.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 17 hours ago Flag

    I decided to chime in just to have fun, but to make a point. Here is a point, though many here call Cramer an idiot, a fool, etc., he has amassed over 150 million investing. So I say all that have done better are duty bound to call him inept, all others should at minimum figure out his technique, but calling him an idiot when most have less than 1 million, not so sure that shoe fits.

    He buys and promotes what is working TODAY, and changes his mind in a heart beat. I do not have that skill set. I study a company, as opk, and could have bought in in the 2's, but did not, but did FINALLY make a move in the 3's. Decision made, LONG.

    NOW to the PFE thing. Cramer does NOT know OPKO the way the LONGS on this board do. He does know 1,000's of companies, dwarfs me by light years, but he does not know THIS company like WE do. Thing TOO with Cramer only having 150 million, poor guy, he grovels in the presence of BILLIONAIRES such as Frost. Thing is, he understands what one BILLION is, we do not.

    So, though he has 1,000's of companies rattling inside his bald head, he does jumble things on occasion. Recently looking at a cnbc opk chart he said opk will go higher, turned to Carl Kin? and said Opko has cancer drugs? Confused a tad, maybe? We have investments in cancer drug companies, but Rayaldee as a cancer adjuvant is not an oncology pipeline.

    I guess he was unaware of HOW meaningful 570 million is to Opko, not that Opko was broke, BUT it is HUGE. So I think Cramer figures one SMALL pfe deal is minor, LONGS know better. We can know this one company better than he does. We are not following 1,000's but a handful.

    The PFE deal IS INDEED HUGE, the chart STATES THAT FACT louder than my caps.

  • wow, two hundred, sad day in the trailer park.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 22 hours ago Flag

    Arry 4 upgrades today, 13, 10, 9, 9. I will go with Cantor Fitz at 13, but that is because 13 is the highest, lol.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 22 hours ago Flag

    On Dec 5 Cantor raised their target to 9 calling Arry their number 1 small cap pick, now they again raise target to 13. All is good.

  • In a research report published Monday, Cantor analyst Mara Goldstein maintained a Buy rating on Array Biopharma Arry with a $13 price target, following the news that the company has acquired the worldwide rights to Novartis’ encorafenib, a BRAF inhibitor currently in a Phase-3 development for the treatment of melanoma.

    Goldstein wrote, “With the acquisition of encorafenib from Novartis, Array will have greater control of the franchise, which is in late stage testing for the treatment of a variety of cancers, including BRAF melanoma, for which an NDA submission is expected in 2016. Secondly, the acquisition provides Array with greater optionality, as the deal with Novartis calls for the signing of a European partnership with Array for a global development and European commercialization partner for both encorafenib and binimetinib.”

    The analyst concluded, “With the encorafenib deal inked, we see the peer valuation rising, and also see an increase in discounted revenue calculation based on our view that Array will retain a greater financial interest in binimetinib and now encorafenib. Additionally, the additional cash also incrementally adds to valuation.”

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    Three upgrades, one 10, two at 9

    by burnaka Jan 26, 2015 10:57 AM
    burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 22 hours ago Flag

    Figure too earnings/or lack there of are next Monday. What we will get is clarity on their cash position, and if they are terminating permanently the ATM. Last Q they sold NO shares because the stock was sub 5.00, this cash infusion from NVS, plus cash on hand puts them in a better financial position than they have been in in YEARS. Arry is not a well known stock to investors for sure, but is known to the mutual fund industry, they own most of the float. Also look at their partnered drugs, big pharma knows who they are. With an owned mek and now a Braf inhibitor, they will be taken out this year more likely than not.

    It is not a small cap I would short, too many pipeline assets.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka 23 hours ago Flag

    Yes I agree with both your points, but there are occasions where a new catalyst can start an uptrend, and the first spike, the break away gap, never ever fills as new high after new high is hit for a few days before it settles into a higher range. Is getting a mek and braf inhibitor such a catalyst, could be, it certainly has transformed the oncology outlook for arry. Owning both inhibitors, not one, MAKES arry a KEY take out target for any franchise that owns neither. Say maybe a PFE, or some other pipeline weak franchise.

    So true Arry has only had two new highs in a row, it might hit one or two more this week and settle out in the low 8's, or as you hope, low 7's if enough of the 18.5 million under water shorts have avoided calls.

  • but we will see. I am guessing that because shares available have vanished since Jan 1. I actually hope that is the case.

  • Dr James Mohler stated that the 4kscore " “Test will find the proper space early on in disease and I look forward to that happening”.

    This is From Uncle's site. MY take: The new guidelines will be out shortly, expect 4k to be FRONT and CENTER in those guidelines. Figure Mohler chairs the committee, he likes the test, he has clout. Also there are Memorial Sloan people on this committee, they invented 4kscore. I now believe it is a done deal.

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    Three upgrades, one 10, two at 9

    by burnaka Jan 26, 2015 10:57 AM
    burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka Jan 26, 2015 12:13 PM Flag

    Do we get to 8 on arry, that would be nice, like to see it get to mid 8's and base for a while, Shorts being forced to cover on both stocks. Absolutely no shares to borrow on Opk now, think many many longs removed shares from the program, can figure no other explanation. Fact is the shares shorted vs the highest number ever shorted is about a 5m difference, SO about 5m got yanked out of the lending pool.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net by burnaka Jan 26, 2015 10:57 AM Flag

    A slew of analysts have raised price targets on the biotech company.

    Jefferies upped its price target to $10 from $9, which represents a 42 percent upside potential.
    Stifel increased its price target to $9 from $6 previously, noting that Array’s transition to a commercial oncology company will continue to attract investor interest.
    JP Morgan raised its price target to $9.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka Jan 26, 2015 10:49 AM Flag

    Ands, sometimes as in the case of OPK, that will have an impact. Opk more shares are in retail hands than funds. Arry has over or about 90% fund ownership, so about 121 million shares to retails 13 million. I guess it would not hurt, but unless the 121 in fund hands join in it likely will have little impact.

  • burnaka@sbcglobal.net burnaka Jan 26, 2015 10:38 AM Flag

    Fib is right Miami, they have had an ATM program in place for about two years and had been selling shares to raise cash every Q. Last Q with the price SO low they sold no shares. The NVS deal comes with cash, too early for me to go look, but I posted here before on it. With Cash on hand, plus NVS cash injection they should be set for OVER two years at current burn rate, I think. Earnings are next Monday, the cash and ATM situation is always discussed. This NVS deal changed arry's situation as the pfe/opk deal changed opk's outlook. As Fib also noted, arry is much higher today than last week, and at multi year highs. It is running as Opk is on similar news, big cash and drug deals. Opk has been running slow but sure since the pfe announcement, chart verifies that, will arry mirror Opk's steady climb, or retrace back to the 5 range? I do not know, but did list the timeline which could move this stock. There are a few 2015 catalysts, so good luck if you decide to nibble, hope for a pull back, take tiny bites.

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