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    How many?

    by drangles2000 5 hours ago burnaka 4 hours ago Flag

    Not in the club just yet, 4 years, 2 months and counting. So in Drangles terms, I am a short term holder, just half his tenure.

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    ASCO May 29 -- June 2 2015

    by buyoutmoney175 9 hours ago burnaka 9 hours ago Flag

    In years past asco would light a fire under arry, last year nothing though. The difference in prior years was the items were a lot newer, and the data looked good. Not that it doesn't now, but it is sort of like old news revisited. The next real catalyst from what I can tell is Astra phase 3 data. That might get this up a couple points. If asco gives it a little juice, it may or may not hold, but the Astra news is a valid, cash generating event. Hope that news is under 90 days.

  • burnaka 11 hours ago Flag

    PFE, to my knowledge only has rights to hgh, human growth hormone. Opko has not sold any rights to Rayaldee to my knowledge.

  • burnaka 11 hours ago Flag

    They are basically obligated to inform share holders of all known pending events. Obviously this does not include in process mergers or acquisitions that have not been finalized. It does relate to known timeline items, start of phase studies, data roll out date estimates, filing timeline, etc. What appears to have happened is the FDA changed the way paper work is done. It appears they were doing everything long hand so to speak, and were then told this is no longer how it is being done. FDA now wants it done electronically, not so sure why that created such an issue, but apparently they found the new process cumbersome, and time consuming. They were about done getting things set late 2014, after 5 months, and basically had to go back to square one. I too want this done, it is annoying with these delays.

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    We have a problem

    by cliffconnorton May 26, 2015 8:42 AM burnaka 12 hours ago Flag

    Hi john, Just a little info on funds and shorts. The 25m does not necessarily represent what is owned by retail. Funds lend their shares out to be shorted, if they are long, they will gladly let shorts push an equity down using their shares to buy more cheaper. The fact funds own over 100% means they own some of the shorted float. It is possible retail owns little of the shorted shares if they have been long term holders, and the funds could have bought the bulk of the shorted shares to add to their long position. Funds if allowed can also short against their long, so who really owns what gets cloudy.

    If the funds are long and short the same equity, any squeeze gets muted, no need to cover, just transfer shares back and forth. That is more long today, more short tomorrow, and the shares basically never hit the market, though they will show up in volume.

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    Seen the latest headlines...

    by dmorgan2151 May 26, 2015 6:23 PM burnaka 15 hours ago Flag

    How much oil do they have in storage is the real question. They might have no need to immediately increase production at all, but might have a need to reduce stores which could be targeted in an air raid, etc. If a well or two were hit, they could get in and do containment losing a small percent of oil minimizing loss of production. An attack on stored oil could set them back far worse. This could be a defensive move do to a military threat.

  • burnaka May 25, 2015 11:16 PM Flag

    I do not need prove anything, as far as the current share price or what it has done in the past, that is
    no concern either. I doubt I ever made a big deal about the price doubling, but it is nice that it has.
    Touting the funds might be ready to remove the ceo., has no basis in fact and is pure nonsense. The day they do it, then you can pat your own back, until that day, WE know nothing of such a plan.

    The Ceo of EVERY company mentions upcoming catalysts, and head winds, ummm, that is one part of their job. Mentioning them does not necessarily spike the stock, or have any impact until they in fact materialize.

    Glad he mentions them though, his heads up on getting the NVS drugs back as the stock tanked to 3.00, told me buy more. I knew a catalyst was coming because of Arry CC's, and bought with confidence. The other Catalysts ALWAYS mentioned ( SMOKE ? ) are real but as any catalyst they have a future date. How the markets reacts when they happen is beyond ANY ceo's control, even Ron's.

    Your issue is the stock is not at 15-30. You think you are forced to INVEST TOO long, well, that is what your diatribe sounds like. If you hate RON that much just short the heck out of the stock, sure
    that will work out. Either that write Black Rock, or a few of the other activist funds and enlighten them on things like smoke, Ron getting paid under 1m a year, and give those funds your concern. I am sure if they hear from you, they will impeach in days.

  • burnaka May 25, 2015 1:55 PM Flag

    I meant to add Black Rock to the group of activists, but forgot, they own over 10m shares in various funds. IF they thought Ron sucked along with Ormbimed, Baker Brothers, Redmile, Umm, Ron would be gone in one hour. These funds along with Vanguard own near 58% of arry. They just need read the whining here is all.

  • Really, you think you know more than redmile group, arry is their largest holding, top 5 hedge fund in 2014, really now.
    Activist Baker brothers, who just added 294% to their holdings have not asked for NEW ceo,
    How about, Samuel Isaly, of Ormbimed Advisors, upped their steak to over 9m, no ranting for no new ceo their either.

    We have no less than 4 founds who own over 30% of Arry common, all run by activist managers, what are they missing that andswhisper sees? Absolutely nothing. If these known activists have been adding for over a year or so to their ARRY position, with this supposed inept CEO, and has taken no action, it is strange indeed.

    They need come here, read ands posts, so they can get that QUICK pop on a new ceo announcement. What are they ALL THINKING.

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    Burn somthing for you

    by farryman008 May 22, 2015 9:20 AM burnaka May 22, 2015 12:40 PM Flag

    No I have been out of NWBO for some time. Made 29.91% on the trade, and have not looked back. Granted nwbo could be the biggest winner in years, if their phase studies pan out, or bust to under 1.00. The more I thought about Linda, the CEO owning cognate, and nwbo shares going to cognate to pay cognate for services, I became skeptical and sold. At that time the cognate shares had a lock up period, and they also got their shares at a discount to the market. I believe the lock up is over and cognate, which owns a ton of nwbo can now sell. If Linda did not own cognate, I might not have sold Nwbo, but that situation, Linda paying Linda made me nervous. That and extending phase 3 data well beyond the cognate lock up period which I also found curious. If phase 3 was bad , nwbo would be worthless, extending the phase 3 well beyond lock up allows cognate to sell well before good or bad phase 3 could be released.

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    Just reread the Eirgen deal,

    by burnaka May 21, 2015 7:50 PM burnaka May 21, 2015 8:44 PM Flag

    “What we’re looking at is overlaying a layer of products in a similar kind of area to ourselves, these high-potency products, coming through the Opko pipeline.

    “The difference being that the majority of products we develop at the moment are actually generic products whereas quite a number of the products coming through the Opko pipeline are actually new chemical entities, new products.

    “So that’s exciting and quite different from what we’ve been doing. And the other part is that they already have in their portfolio of companies a company that makes the active raw materials that we use in our products, and there’s the potential there for vertical integration, with the raw material coming from their site in Israel, into the Waterford site for manufacture and distribution into the market,” Carney says.

  • by burnaka May 21, 2015 7:50 PM Flag

    Found it interesting that Opko Israel manufactures many of the raw components used by Eirgen in making their generic drugs. So Opko will be able to cut out the middleman and produce the drugs from start to finish boosting margins.

    I also noted the stock portion of that deal, with this recent run, as of the close is up 7.7 million. Talk about perfect timing. Now that gives true meaning to the phrase, " the Luck of the Irish."

  • burnaka May 21, 2015 5:05 PM Flag

    You R right, he did out out that lie yesterday.

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    opk has no time to base

    by opkhealth May 21, 2015 1:47 PM burnaka May 21, 2015 3:05 PM Flag

    No way to know what is priced into the stock, at all. In November 10 2014 earnings call Q3, opko said they would file the NDA before year end. A yawn by the market, one month later the stock was down. The item that started the up trend was the over half billion PFE cash. This recent uptrend, mirroring the last started with the Eirgen news, Frost entering generics again. This was followed by an earnings call where they met on eps, but blew revenue away, on pace for 140m, y/y 40% growth, before 4k insurance or Rolapitant ( TSRO) royalties.

    So no way to know if the NDA will impact price, or if it is backed in. After the first announcement of the pending Nda stock went into a 7 week mini downtrend, but basically range bound. Even two weeks before the nda was to be announce ( now delayed ) the stock was down .25 from the day they announced it.

    So we will see, but I expect another yawn because that was the market response on the last announcement, and the response given when they announced phase 3 data. So if it spikes on Rayaldee news, it will be the first hint of excitement over the drug.

  • For a few weeks. This tiny pull back is nothing but profit taking. Like to see it establish a new trading range in the 16.75-17.75 area. This whole 7 day run, though volume was above average, it was far less volume than other big moves. About 33m shares over 7 days, opk has had several 10m days in the past, and one I believe about 19m. Without basing, there is little downside support, which would be the recent roughly 33m shares. In the past the market has ignored ALL opk news with a yawn, nice to see the company get a little respect.

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    Who is the accumulator?

    by dwoods4q May 21, 2015 10:13 AM burnaka May 21, 2015 12:28 PM Flag

    The move started the day of the Eirgen deal, exactly that day. It is one possibility that the Arab Pharma who received a million plus shares and about 50m cash, decided to up their stock position. I do not know this as fact, but the move started May 6, deal done on 5th.

  • IF sellers are not selling (US) Frost faithful, umm, we go higher, 6 new highs, ouch. CANCEL all sell orders.

  • burnaka May 20, 2015 2:34 PM Flag

    Popps, Shorts have stop loss, we trigger ALL or near all at 18.50. Spike hits 20.00 if in a short time frame. My reference was not about longs, ummm, shorts are out big, capitulation gets huge in a 50-60 point move in minutes.

  • burnaka May 20, 2015 1:52 PM Flag

    A given, think stop loss.

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