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    Bollinger Bands

    by discoverymole Jun 23, 2015 3:37 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 10:53 PM Flag

    In fact from pre to post earnings post earnings when RON our excellent ceo noted the timeline arry is up roughly 20%. OH and bioshiet, you know nothing.

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    Bollinger Bands

    by discoverymole Jun 23, 2015 3:37 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 10:25 PM Flag

    In response to myself, azn and arry have both been moving up for 5 days, so I anticipate data shortly from the BLINDED data committee. The BLINDED committee that CANNOT leak data EVER, or go out of business in a DAY.

    I hate new posters that KNOW nothing, but post when luck, could strike any day, encouraging stupidity. As in AZN news is any day, week, but under 90 of these days.

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    Bollinger Bands

    by discoverymole Jun 23, 2015 3:37 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 10:20 PM Flag

    Really you have inside info, or know those that leaked info, wow, get a lawyer.

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    No divy announcement yet?

    by palatine123 Jun 23, 2015 5:52 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 6:26 PM Flag

    0% chance, you are 100% sure? I give it a 20% chance at a cut, 5% chance eliminated, but zero%, no such thing. It is not like they are anywhere near broke so can afford it, but cutting it with ng this low might not be a bad thing either.

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    No divy announcement yet?

    by palatine123 Jun 23, 2015 5:52 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 6:19 PM Flag

    The latest they have announced is June 17th, so this is about a week later than usual. Thought they would announce yesterday. They might be considering cutting or eliminating the dividend, I think they did that before
    in 1998. No way for any of us to know, but sure Carl knows. Noway to figure if cutting the divi would be a good move or bad one either, but saving cash could not hurt. The other side is announcing the divi as is, and unchanged is saying it is affordable and cash and revenue is fine. I guess we will know soon enough, divi good, no divi, might be better use of cash.

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 5:40 PM Flag

    Why? I am allowed by law, and 2nd, I get tired of the idiots here who insult Miami, that is why. There are two screen names buster, and silver, who insult this poster in that same sexist fashion, that is why I also believe they are the same ignorant person. I will defend anyone's right to be an idiot, including yours, and reserve the right to lash out and defend when I feel others are being bullied.

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    Bollinger Bands

    by discoverymole Jun 23, 2015 3:37 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 5:32 PM Flag

    Would love to say I am a great chartist, but alas, I am not. It has managed to get above the short term resistance of 7.82, with 4 higher lows, and tapped 8.00 twice in two days, but stalled today on very weak volume. So from my perspective, it is in an uptrend, and has been in an accumulation mode since early May, and could reverse back to 7.50, or hit a new high this week, or early next. So it is either at the launching point to 9-10, or tipping point to 7.00-7.50 again. If it can get back above 8.59 no reason it could not leg up to the 9-10 area. Astra Zenica news is rocket fuel if that hits positive, could get to 12-13 or higher. I see nothing compelling in the bollinger bands as you do, but then they are only the prices channel. They work because stocks hit new highs and lows, and gyrate in a range bound area in between. They are a good look at where it has been, and indicate the range has shrunk a lot, or expanded a lot, but not very predictive.

    I will repeat one prediction, if Astra news is good, and DUE any day in Q3, all shorts are burnt toast. On that day I graduate to expert chart reader. What I do not get is that the Astra news IS OUT THERE, it is a known upside catalyst, could take arry from 7.90 to 10-13, a 25-65% move, and the shorts are playing roulette hoping Astra wasted 35-40 million to develop a failed drug. Not a game I would play, like chicken with an 18 wheeler with no brakes, think not. Downside if Astra does fail is always a chance too, but I put the odds in the 85% good, 15% fail range. Arry has 5 other shots too, so if Astra is bad, arry could still hit new highs but take longer is all. We know mek inhibitors do work, and at least one indication is approved, so we will see.

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 4:59 PM Flag

    That is funnier than what I was referencing, and would have the same effect. No Miami was referencing D, so if you live in the dark, you get no D from the sun. Miami was toying saying taking D was making her smarter, so I was also pointing to living in the dark, no D, as making some less smart. Like your take better, head where sun does not shine, anyone?

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    When will NG prices get back to $4?

    by cartmanauthority Jun 23, 2015 1:16 PM burnaka Jun 23, 2015 1:33 PM Flag

    The stage is set for ng to rise, but not over night and not rapidly. Less rigs, means slowing production, exports set to go live in 2016 will signal that a 2-3% draw on storage is starting, add in summer heat, then winter cold, and ng is poised to move. The last reported increase in storage was small, the next report likely smaller, then a slight draw down which could pick up as temperatures rise. My best guess, and that is all it is, is that NG will exit aug in an uptrend above 3.25 heading for 4-5 in 2016 once the lng terminal goes online. Production needs stay at or just below current levels for this to take place, problem is, these companies always kick up production too far when prices rise capping the move, but 3.25 is in the cards, 4-5 the likely top as production ramps up. Just my take.

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    Frost's buys over the years have kept pace with the short interest, that has been posted several times, and could be documented with work. There have been months when he is behind, and months when he is ahead, but on an annual basis, he has basically bought every shorted share over the past 5 years, give or take a million.

    They can not borrow Frost's shares by the way, that is illegal. They are borrowing from funds and LONGS who have margin accounts and selling those shares to Frost as they get removed from the float.

    Their hope right now, and they might get an opportunity, is the fund duplication between opk and brli. These funds have a set number, amount, cost idea on where they want their opk position to be. These funds have been moving shares around to reposition their portfolios to reflect this and catch the arbitrage as well. The shorts are hoping these overlapping funds will take profits on the arbitrage after closing making more shares available to short. It will. As a general rule, Opk shares are not easy to short, with no shares available some days. The shorts will go nowhere until they see what happens post merger, with the spike in shares available.

    Even Frost cannot absorb that many shares in fast order, well, he could but not likely, bet he steps up buying post merger though.

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 12:06 PM Flag

    Milk was not asking you Miami, not at all. He was asking busterclown. I have known milk for years, he is not one of the idiots here, far from it. Neurosurgeon specializing in lobotomies, I hope, a few are needed to clear up fuzzy thinking. Be careful though, if you damage more than one brain cell, you end up with a brain dead patient.

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 11:32 AM Flag

    That 57 a share for gent was based on how many shares? Fact is Jazz paid about 1 billion for Gent, roughly the current cap of arry. So price paid means little, market cap paid means all. Gent has a very small pipeline, based on the one approved drug, Arry is worth far more than Gent is if even one phase 3 pans out, if all 6-7 pan out, umm, arry would likely have a bigger cap than Jazz, currently 11b,

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 11:15 AM Flag

    You ask her if she has a real job? Hope you do realize in the past 3 months you have posted 25% most times than she has, or 108 more posts. Over any time frame you post more than Miami, yet you question her? This does not take into account any of your deleted posts, but does point to things like rocks and glass houses. As a rule, Miami's posts are entertaining, and informative, or raise good questions. That cannot be said for all, or most of the glass house crew.

    Quiet possible Miami's only real job is to count her money, and enjoy her retirement, while others here find it necessary to waste time casting ignorance stones embarrassing their parents for a job not so well done.

  • burnaka Jun 23, 2015 10:40 AM Flag

    Funny Miami, doubt it was a placebo affect, but then too, I guess some live in the dark. Think about in the dark, pun intended.

  • just above 1B. This ignores the 25-35 phase 2, and myriad of phase 1 studies.

    I see one stock in the space, with 1 phase 1, and still working on safety evaluation, so early phase 1, valued at roughly 1/3 of arry's cap. Now either arry should be valued 50 times it's current cap, or loxo at 1/50th it's market cap. Loxo basically has no pipeline, save the one arry drug, and arry has 1/3 the phase studies of pfe.

    Things can be priced wrong for a few years, but not forever. Either loxo should be priced at roughly .35, but is now at 20.30, 20.00 too high, or arry should be close to 350.

    Obviously this is an over exaggeration, arry is not worth anywhere near 50 billion, but compared to loxo it should be. That said, 1+b, is ridiculous. Arry should be in the 5B range based on pipeline, or 35.00, it will happen in time. Drug approval is key.

  • Astra said They intend to file in 2015, so data due anytime between now and Sept? Noway to know, but stocksis acting as if someone has a hint or buying based on this timeline event. No, not like arry is up huge, but is in a slight steady uptrend showing steady accumulation since May, with a couple slap downs to loosen shares for further accumulation. Would not be surprised to see astra news in the next couple weeks, or so.

    Today or tomorrow would be nice, but fact is it is coming sooner than later. Could move arry into low double digits, well, IMHO.

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    This is getting stupid!

    by wyldfun Jun 19, 2015 10:06 AM burnaka Jun 19, 2015 2:12 PM Flag

    houston, at your 25% that would still be almost 15 BILLION, twice the market cap. I guess at about 13% of 6,000 an acre is where they currently have chk priced or 780 an acre.

  • so my take is they will announce Monday. No idea if it stays unchanged, cut or eliminated, but the announcement is later than prior years. They might be better off cutting and use the cash to buy back stock.

  • burnaka Jun 18, 2015 10:20 PM Flag


  • An opportunity to crush all the small players? Short term pain, but with a 4B UNSECURED credit line only one factor think this way. Unsecured by the way, is a big deal. Second, IF the biggest bears are right chk will lose 1.02 billion in the next 18 months. So cash on hand gets reduced by 1.02, leaving a balance of over 2B cash on hand and an unused 4B line of credit. My position/thinking is do not drill more, they are doing that, to cut costs, but OPEN the spigot, crush every small player, then use your UNSECURED credit line to buy up assets.

    That is how it lays out, well xom, cvx will be buyers too, but in 18 months chk, still in a nice cash rich position, will get their piece of the pie, or be the pie. Looking over several players that are too heavy in nat gas, umm, cash is king, chk has one of the, if not the most flexible cash positions out there.

    Other less positioned companies must see this short attack as scary, cause fact is if chk is trading at 100 or 10 bucks, has no reflection on value, their own stock could drop to zero.

    I see this attack as a vendetta against Carl by a fund that got hurt in the herb battle, none of that matters, cash on hand, and EPS. is all that matters. short term HERB guy has the upper hand, not for long if CHK keeps production HIGH, killing EVERY NEW, 5 year player, ENTRANT.

    Of course most here think they know more, cut divi, cut production, etc., I think DOUBLE, TRIPLE production, crush 30 players, buy them cheap.

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