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    SWN, slight overpayment paid off ?

    by billbill722003 Jan 22, 2015 8:49 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 22, 2015 9:15 AM Flag

    the money managers involved in this transaction, knew very well what the terms of the notes would be and amount of shares that were to be issued. the banks will hold the new shares until swn rebounds back above 32-35.00 a share and they will also hold the notes. the banks need to show positive cash flow also. what everybody missed was the bands skimmed .69 cents a share off of the share issuance price. that's better then mob profits.

    swn will grind up towards 30.00 a share before earning.

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    Insane jump in natural gas futures today

    by happy_jack Jan 14, 2015 9:06 PM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 15, 2015 9:12 AM Flag

    EU customers, only want to pay for Russian commodities in Euro dollar and not pay Russian added on bank fees.

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    Southwestern Energy is a Coiled Spring

    by tretomobil Jan 15, 2015 8:36 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 15, 2015 8:50 AM Flag

    over 2 million shares changed hands in premarket so far. looks like another high volume day.

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    Crazy Volume What's Up

    by lambies_co_clare Jan 14, 2015 6:01 PM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 14, 2015 7:50 PM Flag

    The price action over the past week is a set up. the shorts need all the shares they can get, hoping to hit stop loss triggers. last week the shorts added another 2 million + shares. Todays high volume was a trigger point.

    Southwestern might very well come out and pre-announce this quarters earning early. with the help of the option MM, they might try to take out all those put options.

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    NatGas at $2.80

    by tototooo Jan 12, 2015 2:49 PM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 12, 2015 9:02 PM Flag

    you all make it sound like SWN, just bought 4.5 billion $$ of land. These new operations will generate over 2.5 billion $$ in sales alone. add in some new operations and a mainstream hub and SWN will be sitting pretty, supplying the northeastern United States

    SWN is now the # 3, and very close to #2 full scale NG player in America. with all the financing in place SWN does not have a cash flow problem, they are in the drivers seat.

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    Heavy volume

    by billbill722003 Jan 12, 2015 11:43 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 12, 2015 1:56 PM Flag

    I wouldn't be surprised if SWN closes unchanged today. heavy volume. Shorts might be throwing in the towel. Goldman is probably buying today, since they missed out on the book running part of the deal.

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    New Shares Less Then Market Estimated

    by wagontrainleaving Jan 12, 2015 8:17 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 12, 2015 8:49 AM Flag

    Goldman set SWN price at 28.00 a share today.

  • buy_sell_sell_buy by buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 8, 2015 7:21 PM Flag

    Yes, it looks like yesterdays reversal off of 24.09, was the turning point. up nicely today, again on very high volume.

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    This is a Perfect stock to short

    by falkyou27 Jan 7, 2015 9:47 PM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 8, 2015 8:06 AM Flag

    there was No follow through with put positions yesterday. the late day drop to 24.09. could have been the reversal point. with no buyers in the market. the shorts can whipsaw this stock anyway they want.

  • buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 7, 2015 6:27 PM Flag

    Bank of America reiterated their buy rating on SWN on 12/30/14. Merrill feels that SWN has the ability to grow the company 20% YOY. BOA states

    "Southwestern Energy is a leading producer of
    natural gas in the US. With a virtual lock on one of
    the most significant producing fields in the lower 48
    the Fayetteville, the company retains the resource
    depth to sustain profitable growth for some coming
    years. We believe the recent acquisition of the
    Southern Marcellus / Utica is immediately accretive
    to NAV and EBITDA and positions the shares with
    an attractive multi year growth outlook".

    no mention of the new buildings.

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    Why doesn't this stock pay a dividend?

    by vo2_com Jan 5, 2015 6:06 PM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 7, 2015 5:52 PM Flag

    once SWN unloads overlapping wells and the operations in the Midwest, they will become a leading player in midstream gas operations. all these land purchases are forming a chain from pa. to the coast. you need to buy the assets when interest rates are low. most of the properties SWN are buying, cost b/t 300.00 & 650.00 an acre. those are fair market prices.

    writedowns, 35% bloated. I don't think so. SWN already took 500 million off the price of the sale, and they will get a discount for the statoil sale also.

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    Under $25

    by billbill722003 Jan 7, 2015 8:12 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 7, 2015 4:18 PM Flag

    Today might have been, the beginning of a key reversal move. If so, 27.50 is the 1st resting spot. The money brokers want SWN to close the deal on the Statoil before they raise their earning estimates. SWN earning should raise by 2.5 billion gross sales. The gas hedges and swaps in place will soften this NG downturn.

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    Under $25

    by billbill722003 Jan 7, 2015 8:12 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 7, 2015 10:25 AM Flag

    I guess your winning at gambling didn't help those Atlantic city casino's ?? SWN has been in this business for 80 years. the Midwest shale markets are mixed up with all those oil thug want-a-be's in gas plays. they are all tripping over their feet in politics. once SWN unloads those wells and focuses on the east coast you will see a major player with superior assets.

    it looks like SWN wants to expand into midstream production with all these land purchases. west Virginia is a great location. CHK as always, was overloaded with debt (for their dividend). instead of dropping their dividend, they were forced to liquidate their prime properties. Hey you think the same banks were involved in CHK forced sale ???

    SWN will be fine, just continue to dollar cost avg. into this stock and by june of 2015 the markets will settle down.

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    Under $25

    by billbill722003 Jan 7, 2015 8:12 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 7, 2015 8:57 AM Flag

    8K/A is out. CHK properties / wells produced 2.44 billion in sales, unused properties valued @ 2.585 billion.

    it looks like the CHK property will support and pay for its own bills. a slow crawl back up to 30.00 is coming.

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    SWN is @ its Bottom

    by jigs_r176 Dec 31, 2014 7:14 PM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Jan 1, 2015 1:43 PM Flag

    Most of the shorts were caught off guard by the amounts, and high prices of derivative swaps and hedges, that SWN has in place for 2014 and 2015. They have a basic hedge, for 32% of their 2015 projected natural gas prices and a derivative swap @ 4.40 for 26% of their 2015 projected natural gas production. Furthermore, SWN has opened up on their plans to sell off the East Texas & Arkoma basin assets, along with overlapping CHK assets in PA. That is a little bit of a game changer !!

    The bankers handling the finance portion of these massive takeover transactions are what you call seasoned professionals. SWN knows what they are doing.

    SWN is in excellent position to weather these downturn in natural gas prices. All you have to do is read the 12/30/14 Update and Guidance call transcripts.

    Fair market value right now should be around 31.50. once the sales & financing are detailed SWN will be trading at 35.00 a share

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  • buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Dec 30, 2014 3:00 PM Flag

    of course you looked at the highest "estimate" the low side estimate is 3.75 gas / 70.00 oil. that equals 2.2 billion cash flow.

    if you lower those numbers to 3.50 / 65.00. that would equal 2 billion cash flow. the companies market value would be b/t 16 - 18 billion. those numbers will support a 35.00 share price.

    As more gas comes on line and the growth of gas conversions from coal companies pick up. SWN should have some pleasant surprises next year.

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  • buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Dec 30, 2014 2:24 PM Flag

    SWN has forward looking funds for the next 12 months to finance operations. their is no need to enter the secondary market right now. the 2 new purchases should add 5 - 6 billion dollars to their books. those assets will cover their debt load. SWN needs to book a couple of quarters growth numbers before they set finance and equity offering. All the interested financiers already bought into SWN at these 40% discounted prices.

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    by billbill722003 Dec 30, 2014 11:37 AM
    buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Dec 30, 2014 12:12 PM Flag

    The shorts are cleaning house today, looking for weak hand shares. Nobody is selling. Mutual funds closed their books in Nov. 2014. If anything those mutual funds are buying today. The shorts added 5.8 million shares to their position on 12/15/14. Those foolish option traders are taking a wack on that positions (dead money). The option MM are taking the shorts shares and selling them right back to them. There are not too many free shares to trade.

    buy today and sell tomorrow for a nice gain.

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  • buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Dec 30, 2014 11:17 AM Flag

    Now SWN hit it's low. lets see if their is a late day reversal ??

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  • buy_sell_sell_buy buy_sell_sell_buy Dec 30, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    SWN DID NOT hit any short term low today. the last low was 27.62 (shorts are looking for this point) SWN is basing at a W formation. money flow is raising to 49%, macd is flat to turning positive and the rsi is raising towards 50%.

    mutual funds & hedge funds will park their cash in SWN for 2015. they are clearly an American leader in NG & LNG commodities.

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