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bzap2000 8 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 27, 2014 3:35 PM Member since: Nov 18, 1999
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  • With Activision shares on the rise and analysts raising targets...

    Perhaps it is time for Activision to go on a shopping spree!?!?

    IMHO, they should consider purchasing French based GameLoft. The company makes outstanding games, has a strong relationship with Disney's Marvel and trades for a fraction of many of their American competitors.

    If you haven't heard of GameLoft then I suggest you checkout their website some time soon. They are a solid company but with nearly zero presence on the American stock exchange and little coverage by American analysts.

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  • Contact this group, which is focus on cleaning up the world's oceans, and discuss how your products could help keep them clean. You really need so advocates to help sell biodegradable plastics to big business and these folks have proven that they have the ability to change the world:

    The Ocean Cleanup
    Stevinweg 1
    2628 CN Delft
    The Netherlands

    Good luck!


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  • bzap2000 bzap2000 May 29, 2014 12:16 PM Flag

    Yes, it happens all the time here. It doesn't matter what happens during the day so long as the shorts control the last hour of trade and are able to walk this down by a penny or more each day.

    If you are a buyer of Metabolix shares then I urge you to wait until the last five minutes of trade; you will get the best deal you can possible get for the day.

    The only way the trend the shorts are building will be stopped is if an announcement is made or if an insider buys shares. Since the company has already told us to expect news in late June (read that early July) the shorts know that they have nearly a month to keep playing games and controlling this stock.

    The problem with that is that any financing deal will be done at a discount to close. In a way, it benefits anyone investing in the company to see the price go down as much as possible between now and the financing event.

    I wish they would take the handcuffs off Jack and let him invest at these levels. That would be another way to stop the bleeding. If Jack decided to purchase another 1% to 5% of the company (outside of financing) and if they didn't steal away his voting rights then it could and probably would have a positive effect on the share price... Another way to boost the share price would be to take off Jack's handcuffs, add him to the board and go ahead and give him a little control in the future of this company.

    Good luck to all investors here... Hopefully some day soon you'll catch a break.

  • bzap2000 bzap2000 May 23, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    pelo, there you go again with the $600Mil carp......... The hundreds of millions that ADM spent were spent to build a huge facility and they spent so much building that facility that they were never going to make money no matter what they created there… They solved that problem by writing it off and then turning around and leasing the facility to Solazyme. It was a brilliant move by ADM but really gave the shaft to Metabolix and its investors. To make up for it they gave Metabolix both time and money to move on. Unfortunately, Eno blew it with the whole mess in Spain. That doesn't speak bad of Metabolix’s patents, their FDA approvals, their IP for PVC improvements; it simply means they need to find a new partner and they need to start thinking smarter. They may be on the right track with a smaller facility but that doesn't eliminate the time pressure to start manufacturing ASAP. I truly believe that they need to find a partner who already has the necessary fermentation facility and give away the majority of the profits in order to ensure mass production...

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  • Any of the following couldn't hurt:
    o Insider purchases at this level - I suspect your options are limited because you are trying to get funded but if they aren't then now is the time to show your support and start purchasing shares.
    o Partnership with someone big - ADM was a bust but that was because they decided to build huge and build from scratch; now they are making profits of that great big facility but it was never in the cards for M because ADM needed the write off for that facility before they could really use it and M became the fall guy. With that said, there must be someone with an existing facility that's ready to be re purposed.
    o Invite Schuler to be part of the new funding; we're all going to get diluted and so will he. I suspect that he's been dying to dollar cost average down but wasn't able thanks to the 15% rule. Once dilution hits he can load up and could even triple his position without exceeding the 15% rule. The group funding you will no doubt get a discount and I'm suspect Schuler would like to get that discount too.
    o Offer up your services to build or customer formulate products for other companies. This is a way of bootstrapping the talent you have to make money to guarantee your future. Startup companies do that all the time and it often provides both the time and the money to do bigger and better things.
    o Last of all, get the funding done without destroying your current investors. You have products, patents, technology galore but you are failing us investors in monetizing it. I'm not sure how you turn that around without a partnership, a ton of insider buying, or a few very big investors promising to take you to the next level.

    Good luck to all Metabolix Investors and have a great three day weekend!!!

    - bzap

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  • There is one very interesting American company that just can't seem to catch a break. The company is Metabolix. They have hundreds of patents, they have FDA approvals for food contact, they still have a little cash (about 1/3 their market cap) in the bank and zero debt, they have hundreds of patents and keep developing interesting new technologies, they have a bio based products that could change how the construction industry looks at PVC and they have much more... BUT they recently announced that they may not be able to continue as a going concern unless they get financing.

    IMHO, they have a green product that would be useful in many of Google's upcoming electronic toys and even some their autos so Google should take a look and become their first big name investor.

    The company is Metabolix and someone at Google should check them out. It would be shame for a smart American technology company to go under because it doesn't have the right backers.

    Please take a look at their website to get more info...

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  • Reply to

    NEWS tomorrow?

    by ready788 May 13, 2014 4:13 PM
    bzap2000 bzap2000 May 19, 2014 4:57 PM Flag

    dagiw, your plan sounds like a sound one because until June nothing is going to lift this up... Unless the insiders suddenly show interest and start buying again. In which case your profits could turn into loss overnight.

    But which insiders would buy right now? They probably can't because they are probably tied up until financing completes.

    Quick question about financing... If the company is currently worth 33Mil and a group invests 65Mil then would a person who currently has 15% of a 33M company now have only 5% of a 100M company?

    If so, then they would be able to invest another $10M to increase their exposure to 15% without exceeding 15%... Now that could be interesting, it would mean that Schuler could finally double (or triple down) without losing his individual investor status.Many have speculated that he doesn't add to his position here because if he exceeds 15% then he gives up his voting rights to the board... But if everyone is diluted then theoretically he could buy more. IMHO, that would be the biggest and best endorsement that any single shareholder could make for this company. His purchase of another $5Mil upto $10Mil would probably keep the share price afloat even after dilution and might finally send this in an upward trend.

    Hopefully management is looking at him as a potential investor for the current round!

  • bzap2000 by bzap2000 May 15, 2014 3:43 PM Flag

    Does one of the ADRs represent four shares of GameLoft's stock?

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