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  • by c2bfit Sep 12, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    I understand the Fed is once again hosing up the economy (not just the U.S. this time either, but the entire world is counting on it obviously). So, once they start 'tapering' every country's economy will take the pain. That's what being #1 is for! So, question I have is, if world economies will suffer from this, shouldn't/wouldn't investors be looking towards the "flight to safety" investments? Secondly, Silver is NOT a safety plan all that much. Gold, yes, (can't do a whole lot with it) but, silver is more than 75% play on how the top world's economies are doing. Seems to me (from what I've been reading) China is doing a lot better than it was 6 months ago and so is the U.S. The 'tapering' affect is already been factored in anyway. Same goes for copper. The Chinese are loving this drop in silver and copper so they can buy it up cheap in a couple of months. Mark my words please!

  • by c2bfit Sep 3, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Couple of relatively good resons. Historically, for many years, silver has risen starting in September and going through February (so now is definitely not the right time to sell it). Secondly, I've been a silver coin collector for many years and I've never seen so few coins on the market (ebay, etc) for sale and if they are there, the price is ridiculously high. Third, the ran out of silver Eagles recently and had to replenish thier silver supply, and fourth, there are a lot more uses for silver than gold when the world economies finally pick back up. Hang on to that silver folks!

  • c2bfit Jun 8, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    I'm just an average person. But, if anyone just cuts you loose and then all of a sudden wants you back, there's something wrong. Apparantly, they spun off LPS because they were afraid of the possible consequences of the upcoming "robo-signing issues, and now that it's all settled, they want them back!
    Is this someone you trust!

  • I haven't seen this hitting the media yet, but, I think it's big news for LPS investors (big or small). Yesterday, it was announced (to the public) that LPS was stopping ALL salary increases just two weeks before they were due. At the exact same time they also announced that they will no longer contributing to their employee's 401k plan OR thier ESPP plan (which,BTW, they still have listed as a 'benifit' in thier company 'careers' section). This should be a wake-up call to all retail investors? I/we think LPS is aggressivly looking for a buyer. Your thoughts?

  • LPS has had a negitive reputation which wasn't true, and the big money guys (like Cody Williard and others) took advantage of rumors and made a lot of money kicking the dog. I hope you all are on top of this because LPS has suffered 30 - 40% down because of A. wrong rumors and B. the past housing bubble. Guess what? They're coming back. The rumors were basically lies and housing (i.e.mortgages) are coming back big time. Think about it. If housing (i,e, LEN, TOL, etc.) are on the rise, then so is/will LPS (who services 55% of all the mortgages in the U.S.). I rest my case!

  • by c2bfit Feb 24, 2013 6:22 PM Flag

    retail traders (that bought at $1.0?) are at least holding out for $1.40 (the current Ask). They may realize how low this has fallen. And I understand taking (28% profits. But, the smart money will just hold out for at least $3. After all, it's a good, cheap speculative investment. GLTA

  • Analysts have held to their $3.83 target for over a year now. I bought 8000 at 1.91 and thought (basedd on fundamentals) it was a bargain at that level. I've held on and bought 8k more at $1.05. With AVL up 28+ percent (incl A.H.) on just Friday, and no especially notibly positive news, it appears investors have finally taken notice in their oversold status. GLTA

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  • I don't understand why Icahn/Buffet/Appl/etc don't jump on this SOON. If any of them look at this opportunity, they will.

  • and any new company has to deal with all the penny-anti, little retailers that haven't done any homework and just want to pay their rent/groceries. So,stop thinking that SIRI is only a $3.20 company and start thinking about your long term future. In the next 2 - 3 years, SIRI could/should be the next Netfix! Think about it. Don't jump in and out over 3 or 4 cents, Young people need to understand that IF you find a 'Growth' company, you need to be happy you found one (they're rare) and hold on for years and you'll become very rich.
    I've fdone this with many compnies like LOW and HD and others. GLTA

  • Look at the 'out-of-normal' daily volumes last week (after hours as well). You'll see what I'm talking about. . Some big invester (like Goldman) is (once again) manipulating the LPS' price.
    BTW - (and 'they' obviously know this already), LPS' transaction volume jumped up 37% in 2012 over 2011. The voltures that took advantage of rumors and bad press 2 years ago, to kick them while they were down (like Cody Williard) have gone on to someone else now.. Housing mortgages (forclosures and dilinks) are all up in the last 5 -6 months. Someone (like Goldman) is manipulating this stock to make them a lot of $$. Hold/buy here for the long run!

  • LPS is the hub (right in the middle) of all this good 'housing' news we've received lately, and yet isn't even being mentioned by the top analysts (??). Builders have been on a tear lately, people are buying up the homes (report today said home inventories are at their lowest level in years right now, banks will lend (so long as you qualify and that's understandable) and jobs are slowly but surely coming back, and interest rates are at all time (our lifetime) lows. All and this adds up to loans coming to LPS for servicing (and LPS handles approximately 60% of all mortgages in the U.S.). Watch for (Feb 7th) a blow-out Q4 report and an extremely upbeat guidance for 2013. This should catch the big-boys attention!

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  • by c2bfit Jan 13, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Put them all together in one stock - LPS. No matter who built the place, the new owner/borrower goes to a bank (most don't have cash) to mortgage. And LPS has over 300 lenders as their clients and services over 60% of all residential mortgages in the USA. It's like buying a basket of stocks in just one company. Good luck and be carefull out there!

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  • by c2bfit Jan 8, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

    strong buy

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  • I'm not going to get into this reporting bs here, but, in short, I just wanted you to know that LPS does NOT make it's $$ on refis (as reported and declining). New Sales, yes, but Refis are just a wash to the original MSP sale. Their big winner (bread & butter) and core business is MSP. And by that I mean #$%$ per the transaction! When you have a sale (i.e an additional mortgage) that's plus xxx number of transactions. When you have that same mortgage being serviced and that same goes into foreclosure, you have double the number of transactions. Get it?? And if you read the actual business releases on this, you'll see that there's a tanker (or two) of foreclosures coming this year. Buy now because the 2012 (year end) and the upcoming expectations are going to be 'steller'). Good luck everyone.

  • It's been an easy call. Obama has proven himself (over years) to be anti-American (i,e,capitalist, etc). There is something wrong when a president of a country, dosen't understand the basic fundamentals of that country, He/she should be somewhere else, like a CEO of some company, but NOT the head of the United States of America ! As a country, we need to impeach this ignorant person. GBA!

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  • The U.S. market is crazy right now. But China (and many other countries), are starting to do a little better AND the U.S. and others are printing $$ like it's going out of style. Guess what? IT IS! Inflation has to be next and countries that want to proper, should (and will) be buying up (especially sivler and copper) very soon. Those that are taking a small profit in A.H.'s SLV tonight, you're probably going to be very sorry in the near future. .

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  • don't you just love it!

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    Put Ext4r on Ignore

    by johnson4730 Dec 20, 2012 5:54 PM c2bfit Dec 20, 2012 6:15 PM Flag

    Agree. He's just another ignorant, small timers that are hoping to kick the dog when it's down. There's alot of those types out there. And, on a brighter side, just because the US econmomy is slow, doesn't mean the rest of the world is. All my emerging market funds have been rising (considerably and consistantly) for just over the last 4 weeks. That means a better future for commodities. Another note to all those hungry, ignorant silver shorts out there, Silver Eagles (.990) are only down about a buck ($37 to $36) yet all the older silver coins (.999) have been sky rocketing in the last couple of weeks. Now that's a fact you can easily check out by going on ebay as I've done for the last few weeks. Another thing is when inflation hits (and it will, big time in 2013), all commodities will be up. GLTA

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  • very fickle traders out there. Give yourself a Christmas gift and buy on this dip!

  • Personally, I'm selling everything and buying back my same portfolio in 2 - 3 weeks. GLTA

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