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    i need help trying to understand........

    by jeffsedgh Dec 17, 2014 5:30 PM
    captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Dec 21, 2014 4:25 PM Flag

    My reply is to "who exactly controls the skies" only.

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    i need help trying to understand........

    by jeffsedgh Dec 17, 2014 5:30 PM
    captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Dec 21, 2014 12:26 PM Flag

    (Isa 45:18) For this is what Jehovah says, The Creator of the heavens,the true God, The One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it, Who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited:

    “I am Jehovah, and there is no one else.

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    Will The SEC give Immunity To Tesla Employee?

    by robskydives Dec 8, 2014 5:30 PM
    captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Dec 8, 2014 6:57 PM Flag

    Yes we will give immunity. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday announced a new policy to persuade insiders to cooperate with investigations, part of a broad restructuring of the agency's Enforcement Division, which has been criticized for moving too slowly in the past.

    The new policy will offer witnesses immunity from prosecution if they provide important information to aid an SEC investigation. Such cooperation agreements, routinely used by the Justice Department in criminal probes, are one of the new tools the agency is using to combat financial crime. Statistics show that SEC investigators have been moving far more swiftly to bring cases in the past year.

  • gear box problems

  • captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Nov 19, 2014 8:08 AM Flag

    Fuel cells are compact and clean; the water produced by the fuel cells on the space laboratory is used for drinking and washing purposes.

  • The hydrogen fuel cell operates similar to a battery. It has two electrodes, an anode and a cathode, separated by a membrane. Oxygen passes over one electrode and hydrogen over the other.

    The hydrogen reacts to a catalyst on the electrode anode that converts the hydrogen gas into negatively charged electrons (e-) and positively charged ions (H+).

    The electrons flow out of the cell to be used as electrical energy. The hydrogen ions move through the electrolyte membrane to the cathode electrode where they combine with oxygen and the electrons to produce water. Unlike batteries, fuel cells never run out.

  • captzorro_2000 by captzorro_2000 Nov 5, 2014 10:15 PM Flag

    OPEC has no consensus, oil prices will remain low or fall further.

    OPEC is divided by differences typified by the rivalry between the Saudi’s and Iran.

    Saudi continues to protect their market share.

    Another prime motivator for the Saudis is to compete against U.S. shale oil.

    Chapter 11 candidates:
    Iran needs prices close to $140 a barrel
    Venezuela needs around $120 a barrel
    Nigeria around price of $78 a barrel
    Russia's needs around $100 a barrel and tensions are likely to fly high for lack of the Ruble.

    Saudi Arabia's wealthy allies Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait say no problem.

  • In pursuit of paid posters who do not disclose their positions as a paid pungent of a Stock.

    The investigations shows that stealth posters have managed to move individual stocks large percentages in a single day. Dozens of international companies in recent years have targeted U.S. stocks for such postings for monetary gains. These controversial practices of exaggerating information in public companies so as to raise up or down the value of a stock in order to secure momentary gains, is illegal without proper disclosure. The Global Offices of the Federal Burial of Investigation has found that there are groups who have changed their names in order to pitch securities…regulators on several occasions have asked us look into investment advisers who are in violation of the law...Subsequently, if you are a paid poster making presentations as an investor on a public media, by law you must make known that you are a paid poster.

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