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    Has the Ukrainian time-bomb been priced in?

    by traduced Apr 10, 2014 10:32 PM
    casesuzz casesuzz Apr 11, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

    Exactly though I think DGAZ will higher - faster then UGAZ will drop. Very warm now on East Coast and temps won't drop that much next week. Why would anyone think NG is going higher when we have six months of warm weather in front of us? Plus NG inventory will build over next six months. Pretty easy bet going forward if you play it the right way.

  • as warming trend picks up for weekend and then jumps higher at end of next week. Thinking $25 a share by next Friday if not lower. Old man winter gone as ng inventory builds into warm Spring.

  • Been holding at buy in price of $20 still believing Xoom will report decent numbers later this month and better yet give good forward guidance. Stock was in mid- $30's a few months back and I think it will test that level sometime in early summer.

  • Thinking DOW could fall 12% - 14% this week as world turmoil increases every where.

  • casesuzz casesuzz Apr 7, 2014 11:47 AM Flag

    Talking Heads on TV look worried. Could early April really be "Sell in May and Go Away". Think so and if I were long Spy right now I would run away and not come back until mid to late Summer. Market extremely risky here on the long side and a 20% pull back would not be unheard of.

  • Momentum names may see more pain and other stock will follow.
    Russia ignores weak sanctions as it invades Eastern Ukraine this coming week
    17 - 18 Trillion dollar federal debt and growing as we type
    China - Japan ready to smack down
    19 Billion for WhatsApp - Give Me A Break
    Israel ready to take out Iran's Nukes (and Obama can't stop it).
    Yellen ending Q.E., but says "I'm a dove, no I'm a hawk, no I'm a dove, No I'm a hawk)?
    And lastly, its always the little investors or the mom and pop investors who come in late to buy the market on the long side, to only watch a massive correction coming the likes we haven't seen in five, six years.

  • drop in U.S. crude-oil supplies - and its not all based on two day closure of Houston Ship Channel

    Russian impending invasion of Ukraine and who knows else where

    Israel - Iran. Top U.S. general gave Israel the green light to take out Iran's Nukes (when ever they want).

    Oh and let's not forget. If US economy keeps improving then oil goes higher. And spring - summer months are here and coming. More driving, oil usage, etc. Like USO but like UCO better.

  • Sure looks to me like Russia plans to invade Eastern Ukraine sooner vs later. Especially with 80,000 troops on Ukraine border and this:

    "President Obama noted that the Ukrainian government continues to take a restrained and de-escalatory approach to the crisis ..." vs. "Vladimir Putin drew Barack Obama’s attention to continued rampage of extremists ..."
    President Obama urged Russia to pull "back its troops and ... not take any steps to further violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty." The Kremlin somehow misses this.
    Vladimir Putin began talking about Transnistria, the Russian-majority region of Moldova that considers itself a sovereign state, but the White House did not mention this. Given that Transnistria has been touted as a potential conflict point by the European head of NATO, that's noteworthy.

    In fact, it seems that there's only one thing the pair might agree on: They exchanged views on the phone.

  • Putin plays Obama like a fiddle. Massing 80,000 troops just across the Ukrainian border, then calling the President and saying " forget Crimea its mine, but I might be willing to throw you another curve before I invade Ukraine over the weekend". Obama listens and replies "I'll all for talking as long as you don't go after half of Europe". What a Joke of a President.

  • seeing $3 very soon, and I'm seeing $3 very soon. No new games, no online gambling in U.S. and quarterly losses well into the future. Look out below.

  • and head toward low 3's.

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    Durable orders come in slightly below forcast

    by nyk20h Mar 26, 2014 8:31 AM
    casesuzz casesuzz Mar 26, 2014 8:40 AM Flag

    Yes, and market was expecting much, much more. We are green in pre market but I think as the day wears on Spy could finish in the red. Durable Orders were only up on aircraft orders - which means U.S. economy ain't doing squat.

  • In fact I think King will close in the mid to low teens, since who really wants to invest there hard earned money into a company that only has one game that makes money. And Candy Crush is losing customers as we type. The big question is when King IPO flops how does Znga react? Does Znga trade lower on news that King was all "hype" or does Znga move higher on a weak King offering. Best to sell you Zynga shares in AH since we sure don't want to be long Zynga if King Entertainment opens and closes WEAK.

  • Because the Fed is now in full "tighten" mode, tapering to the max, pushing the dollar higher and telling everyone with ears that interest rates are going to rise. Dust is an easy double over the next few weeks/month but in the long term picture it could jump 300% as gold fades into the sunset as a very tarnished metal.

  • casesuzz casesuzz Mar 20, 2014 7:34 AM Flag

    Trading $42 level now in premarket. Good call. Looks like Nugget could see a "major correction" coming since the Fed just said - So Long Quantitative Easing - Hello higher interest rates. Should hit $39 tomorrow or on Monday and keep falling as the dollar strengthens and investors see $1000 an ounce coming sooner then you think

  • in the U.S. and saying they might only offer in United Kingdom. Its like cutting your nose off spite your face. So all the company does is talk about revamping their three current online games, which are so "out dated" and so "dullsville". But its the huge blunder to back out of online gambling in the United States and overseas that will hurt Zynga for years on end. When a company pays 527 million for NaturalMotion you know the company is not going to invest a dime in online gambling. Zynga wants to still in online games, which really is a coin toss. I mean they company hasn't come out with a new online game for years and we all know they are not planning anything "big" for the next 12 to 18 months. The company CEO said so, but its not silly games that move this stock up or down. It was the "hope" that Zynga would move into online gambling and do some deal with a major Casino here or abroad. Sad to see the stock now start to fall as investors realize Zynga is going in the wrong direction - business wise.

  • of which 35 million hate Russian's guts. Cold war now back in spades yet stock market way up and singing "happy days are here again". Volatility should be spreading across world markets, yet world markets say "who cares about Ukraine". So now we wait for Russia to take over all of Ukraine and then set it sights on Baltic states, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, etc.. And as the Russian empire expands the stock market will race higher knowing that all bad news is really good stock market news. Wouldn't be surprised to see Tvix drop below $5 a share if reports claim Russia is about to increase nuclear stock pile, go on "red alert" for surprised U.S. attack and making private plans to take over East Germany again. Tvix and Uvxy were the "greatest:" shorts of all time, especially so since both continue to drop to new lows in times of world crisis, communist aggression in China and Russia, growing 17 trillion dollar federal deficit, China - Japan verbal - naval clashes and a some what weak President. Let's see who far Tvix falls when Russian parliament approves adding Crimea to the Russian empire on Friday as Putin get ready to invade Eastern Crimea next week.

    What was just $8.40 last Friday sure looks heading for $6.40 come the end of the week. Now the question is when does Tvix do another reverse split for the umpteenth time???

  • casesuzz casesuzz Mar 15, 2014 10:49 AM Flag

    Good post hemp_farmer. Putin wants the whole pie, not just a small slice. Russia claims they are in Crimea to settle things down. HA. Next week Russia will be making plans to invade Eastern Ukraine but claim they are only acting as a neutral party to stabilize things. HA. Bottom line world markets will trade down next Monday - next week knowing Russian sanctions are coming. If Putin counters with U.S. and Europe sanctions - look out. Banks will take a "huge" hit and stocks like tvix and uvxy will double in short order. Spy sure looks top heavy to me here.

  • Only nine cents away? But the bigger worry is a follow through sell off tomorrow as Asia and Europe markets free fall tonight and tomorrow and then U.S. open falls through the floor on news that Russia is marching toward Kiev for communist takeover.

  • casesuzz casesuzz Mar 13, 2014 2:26 PM Flag

    Down 203 points right now with just an hour left of trading. Spy extremely risky at these levels, so why hold in your portfolio? Upside is pennies but down side is HUGE if long anticipated market correction finally hits due to Ukraine crisis.

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