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  • Greed, incompetence, stupidity... I have never seen anything like it.

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    Just a thought

    by trubulator12345 Apr 22, 2016 12:20 PM
    cash.mccall cash.mccall 8 hours ago Flag

    Rebar is up because Obama slapped a 266% tariff on it. He's a moron. It is political for steelworkers union. These are useless tariffs because unlike Trump that would threaten to change behavior of China, Obama acts without warning which is why China no longer keeps substantial stockpiles of steel on hand and why Bulk is now mostly spot market prices. Obama makes long term planning impossible. This keeps the risk on and keeps the dollar at nosebleed levels.

    "marsh gas" great term. The dollar fall has helped commodities but hedge funds are gearing up to take markets down again. You can always rely on the Goldman reports because by the time they make prognostications they already have their short positions running. Markets will head into August and be dragged under. Chinese will not resist this and will not fund more commodity purchases until after October when the YUAN becomes a reserve currency with the Dollar. Then the dollar will essentially breakdown.

    Bulk has peaked and will drop moderately. This will put substantial pressure on the bulk debt situation so it will be high risk without a lot of reward potential. Brazil is a mess, Brexit is yet to be decided, EU is a garbage dump, India has been slow to rise, the grain shipments from Latin America are moving and finishing up.

    Do I think NM will go under. No. I think bulk will improve substantially in Nov and Dec as China restocks before the holiday. My predilection is to keep large cash reserves on hand for opportunity. A recession will greatly favor Donald Trump over Clinton. That decision will be made in the next six months. China will undoubtedly be more cautious with Trump running so that will mean spot markets, just in time, low inventory, none of which favors bulk.

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    Shorts annihilated

    by cash.mccall Apr 28, 2016 12:49 PM
    cash.mccall cash.mccall Apr 28, 2016 1:17 PM Flag

    That is not what the company announced. They filed a defamation suit and refused to pay the interest claiming the tort damaged the company and judging from the reverse split decline; that is likely true. Proving it is another mater. Never the less the ship builders delayed delivery three new builds. Bulk is improving slowly. The company is clearly seeing new terms and will likely get it. The announcement did not say due to a lack of liquidity. Please site that source or just chalk it up to your cheap shot defamation too. I hope the company sue you too.

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    Shorts annihilated

    by cash.mccall Apr 28, 2016 12:49 PM
    cash.mccall cash.mccall Apr 28, 2016 1:12 PM Flag

    They shorted the company off the reverse split stupid

  • cash.mccall cash.mccall Apr 28, 2016 12:54 PM Flag

    Wrong. Shorts were hitting all the lower value shippers. Nothing fundamental here just big margin calls.

  • cash.mccall cash.mccall Apr 14, 2016 8:17 PM Flag

    Meaningless. Probably threatened a derivative suit from NNA holder. Company disposed of the issue entirely. Its an old hedge ploy to threaten derivative suits. The credit line is unnecessary. Baltic index continue to climb and is nearing 600. China is buying more ore.

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  • This is a hedge fund and it sells in the last five minute window apparently in an effort to avert a big short squeeze. Today they had to use up 3x the typical end of day sell off plus they had to punch through twice in short order. The second order was made inside the five minute window so SEC should be interested in that one.

    My guess is somebody again is terrified and has a futures position that is in the red and they are trying to avoid getting blown out. A typical hedge would be long shares and a short futures position. I expected other hedges to pick up on this at about 3:30 today and they did. That is when the price drove upward to 1.19. Then the seller came in with their first 100K block and failed and followed with another 80K sale inside the forbidden window. This is likely a dark pool from overseas with very dark character. We will see what happens tomorrow. My guess is they are going to be in some hot water if other hedges decided to take this freak out. Interesting.

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  • It is almost laughable to hear CNBC talk about a China Slowdown and predictions of ore declining globally. Last year was China's record steel production. They are reducing that by a mere 2% this year. Meanwhile Australian ore which is traded in Yuan rather than dollars is saving Australians 13% on transaction costs. The nosebleed dollar continues but it is showing weakness. In Oct the Yuan comes on as a competing reserve currency and look no further than Australia to see the success.

    US Dollar will crumble and Bulk will be back and back strong. The notion is that Bulk has over capacity. In what? The global population has increased. Even though the US Dollar has destroyed commodities because of a lack of liquidity and its reserve status, with the Yuan, the dollar reign of terror is about to end. Expect a massive dollar correction in the next several months. Commodities will soar. Liquidity will be back as soon as the dollar speculators are flushed.

    I have been tracking with some interest the late day seller who comes in every day at about 3 PM. This is not related to options but futures. They are trying to avoid a futures run. They must have a big and wrongly placed futures position against the stock. I expect to see NM trigger upward. It will most assuredly be a survivor. The attempted attack on Greece by Germany has been thwarted.

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  • She has destroyed this company. Reckless spending on junk now backed into a corner. Pathetic.

  • cash.mccall cash.mccall Mar 24, 2016 6:34 PM Flag

    Oh how freaking sad... I spelled rat as rates... but you got the message did you garbage breath?

  • cash.mccall cash.mccall Mar 24, 2016 6:32 PM Flag

    Oh hi... Mr. Cverkoff... Didn't recognize you with that obama used diaper on your face. Couldn't tell if you talking or chewing....

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  • cash.mccall cash.mccall Mar 24, 2016 2:40 PM Flag

    Hi chump change... another little worthless snit on the board. LOL. I am already green on this one. I am up now 10%. This case is dead. I specialize in these kind of inflection plays. I bought Marvel at the height of its patent suit because I read the claims and said the case was dead. I was right. Bought options and stock, The rest is investment history.

    Your posts are useless. You qualify as merely a nag. Why are you even here? You don't own stock, you just yap. you are the classic chump changers LOL that doesn't have one penny to rub against the other. go away flea.

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  • The case has all but dissolved. First the science. There is NOT ONE study linking Formaldehyde in home furnishings and building materials that has any assoc to any cancer. All the studies involve workplace exposures which are over 1000% higher exposures over a long period of time.

    The first study by the way submerged rates in formaldehyde and they developed nasal tumors in a small percentage. The environmentalist claims have been knocked down in large studies throughout the world. Leukemia was one example. It was debunked fully by a large British study.

    Notice by the way how the claims have settled down. Now they are talking about transient breathing problems.

    So what happens from here? The stock goes up.

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    New Wood, Old Lumber

    by jottamongknobcob Mar 23, 2016 3:03 PM
    cash.mccall cash.mccall Mar 23, 2016 6:50 PM Flag

    First and foremost LL is up over 6% in two days of a Terrorist Sell off wave from Europe and the global markets. Secondly, management did not know the formaldehyde content so it is irrelevant. The The Laminate was shipped in sealed containers and did not get to vent.. At the present time the vapor measurements are perfectly normal. Formaldehyde content is reduced rapidly when exposed to air.

    Finally there is not one single global study that shows a formaldehyde product causing cancer. Every study ever conducted on formaldehyde involves ONLY industrial workers exposed long term to the chemical. Lung cancer once claimed in a US study was shown to have no relationship in a much larger British study.

    The Daubert standard would be applied to any class action. This is why California settled their nuisance suit for 2.5 million. This case has fallen apart entirely.

    LL continues to rise with higher his and higher lows. Intelligent traders were buying this following the settlement.

    Also there is nothing wrong with the quality of the Chinese laminate. And Russian wood is not going to fly as a violation of 2008 tree huger liberals adding some wood products to an 1850s Wildlife law. That epitomizes the mental breakdown of greens to not know the difference between animals and plants.

    but but but thanks for the sad commentary; unfortunately you are clueless about the case. Management did noting wrong. California new better than to fight this case.

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  • cash.mccall by cash.mccall Mar 23, 2016 4:20 PM Flag

    This was just hedge funds getting in trouble again today because the terrorist story was damaging longs and oil at the same time. The connection is the dollar of course still at nosebleed was rising as a safe haven. This is Hedge money. Real money is shorting the dollar which is the correct bet. But hedges use the dollar as an oil hedge. This time however markets have responded brutally to this terrorist attack in Brussels figuring it will damage the EU. So the hedges with positions were getting margin calls all day long and selling in waves of their more recent speculative favorites.

    Damage was done both yesterday and today though LL turned in a big day yesterday as the case against them is crumbling.shorts got blown out yesterday so quite naturally as second day of heavy downside pressure saw LL sell off today. But Take heart, LL is still up 6% in two days with a massive volume.

    The smoke will clear from this terrorist stuff as usual. Turns out BTW europe had advanced warning and ignored it. Nice. So this isn't terrorists getting more cleaver, it is Europe behaving stupidly and in a typical laz fashion as usual. Europe is the kind of place where they want everything done for them. These terrorist were middle eastern men but but but... Europe wouldn't ant to profile anyone.... LOL. kaboom. The only thing the French hate is American male tourists and business men.

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  • Hedge funds have been using the nosebleed dollar and oil as a hedge for the last two years. Bloomberg did an article on how hedge funds are buying the dollar while real money... pension funds etc are shot the dollar. The Hedge funds are playing two cards and missing the one important element. They are playing the dot com dollar to go higher due to terrorism and flight of safety. Secondly they are playing a confused FED that seems intent on raising rates even while economic activity is decreasing. With the dot com dollar US exports, manufacturing are dead as are exports. meanwhile europe and Japan are stimulating. so the Fed is behaving much the same as Claude Tricket did early on which crashed Europe and they are still buried.

    How long will it last... the linkage between oil and the dollar as a hedge? It will not last long. The dollar reserve will get company in October when the Yuan comes online as a reserve currency. Since China is now the manufacturer of the world, this shift will be abrupt and jarring to the Dolllar. But this is what happens when the Politicians in the USA play sanction games and set the world ablaze causing the dollar to go to nosebleed heights with hedge speculators. It is as if the US gov was working for george soros.

    But this will unhinge in August in anticipation of October. The dollar will be steeped down in importance and at least competition will result. The US should never have been allowed to have a monopoly as the reserve currency. The original reserve currency plan was the Bancor would be a synthetic currency upon which all other currencies were pegged. But following WWII the US had the world production so they demanded the dollar be the reserve currency. But that has been abused and in October this ends. So the dollar will come down.

    The big unknown is whether the FED will trigger a recession with tightening. They should not tighten at all until they measure the dollar liquidity after October.

  • What we have is a strange situation. A bloomberg article described the state of dollar investment as follows: Real money is shorting the dollar and Hedge funds are buying it. Hedges will get killed on this, though I suspect it will be short lived. Hedges are playing on two aspects... 1) terrorism as in Brussels for flight of safety and 2) oil pressure. Today is the combo of Brussels and oil inventories that don't really mean much other than they appear to have been leaked from yesterday's activity. The odd thing is the oil and stock markets are linked. They shouldn't be but they are. Hedge funds pump cash into the Dollar when oil falls. So in effect follow oil that for now is the direction of your commodity stocks. Thus hedge funds are using the dollar as an oil hedge. But liquidity is increasing so it is very high risk that the dollar and oil will become unlinked.

    Unrest in Brazil continues with Dilm clinging death to power. Also the new FED is composed of more lunatics calling for tightening. They are almost determined to trigger a global recession. Tightening in the face of European and Japanese and Chinese Stimulus is a recipe for disaster in the USA. This would damage dollar liquidity and then the hedge fund bet would be seen as brilliant. However what looms in October with the Yuan joining the dollar as a reserve currency should take the bottom out of the dollar around August or sooner.

    Brazil need some new leadership rising and none is as yet visible.

  • Obviously the Fed doesn't know what its doing. They have known that obamacare and taxes on real estate transactions were bound to cause trouble with the housing markets. Instead they let the dollar go to nose bleed levels which destroyed the US export market , domestic oil and these sectors have all but shut down. So there is no consumer money left to spend. Consumer sales tanked. But what does the Fed do? They parade out their robots and keep pushing the idea of raising interest rates. They also are suddenly worried about inflation. More simply whatever they do pushes everything in the wrong direction.

    So that's what you get, a drop off the cliff in existing home sales. But let me remind you that HOV is now ahead of the curve and is delevering. They were slow to pick this up. Who in their right mind would have assumed that Obamacare would have been conducive to anyone buying large ticket items, corporations or individuals that get stuck buying that garbage insurance? Then the real estate tax on the rich at 3 or 4%.... that was sure a bright light that dreamed that one up. As long as American has that nitwit of yours in the oval office and Yellen at the Fed, the economy will go nowhere. The cheapo burger flipping jobs are junk jobs that many must now take because US savings has been so depleted under Obama. Everything in America is now borrow and spend.

    The only light here is the dollar is falling. Oil rising and eventually commodities will stabilize. That will help real businesses like shipping, mining, and manufacturing. But to help homes, you need more liquidity and rates must remain low. Obamacare has to be repealed or you will be in for year and years of Japanese Stagflation. Insurance companies do not invest in hard assets. They are expanding globally so all profits of insurance companies move offshore. Remember this, only 1% of the population under 35 needs health insurance and they know who they are because they have some chronic illness.

  • cash.mccall by cash.mccall Mar 18, 2016 12:56 PM Flag

    This case is falling apart. I just wrote a long post that got the Yahoo crazy board treatment. I am not going to rewrite it other than to say the daubert standard rules any case of liability and that is highly unlikely to succeed. And for warranty law to get to strict liability would require the seller to have modified a product that they sold. That is not the case. Mgt had no idea of the formaldehyde content.

    The issue of the vapor content is likely from shipping in air tight containers. normally the vapor is neutralized very quickly and would have in an opened or vented container. Regardless, I should imagine that testing now would show the products to meet safety standards set by the hypersensitive hyperconcerned greens of California quite easily.

    Don't forget that doctors in training get a 100X greater vapor exposure from cadavers. Their risk of cancer compared to the gen public is nil. The FDA report if you read it... is laughable. NO FACTs whatsoever.

    I am not fond of the LL legal team. But this case is falling apart by itself.

    I suggest that Tilson was trying to get the stock to go lower, said he had a short position... what maybe 10 shares LOL... to try to drive the stock lower so he could buy Calls. There is no way Tilson is going to allow himself to take a short squeeze like the last time. He's just yapping. Don't believe a word of it.

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