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  • Wild guess, Endocyte raised cash at $21 (during the biotech crash) because it didn't want to be pressured into selling what looks like an extensive pipeline of targeted delivered drugs for 1.6B?

    I have the impression that the plausibility of targeted delivery via the SMDC platform is proving itself daily as more and more trial results are analyzed. Doubt we have an Endocyte in existence beyond 2014.

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    by seancoach Apr 17, 2014 11:23 AM

    Per Motley Fool

    Portola Pharmaceuticals may soon turn the world of blood thinners on its head. Less than a year after its IPO, the company has an oral once-daily inhibitor of Factor Xa, named betrixaban, in a pivotal Phase 3 trial for the prevention of blood clots known as venous thromboembolisms (VBTs).

    After various types of surgery, patients are typically given enoxaparin as an injection in a hospital setting. The drug itself is safe, but keeping it at an effective level in the bloodstream is difficult. Due to this difficulty, the therapy is typically stopped when they're sent home. Far too often, patients then develop blood clots that pose serious health risks and require rehospitalization.

    Betrixaban is a pill that can be taken once daily to continue prevention of VBTs without extensive monitoring. So far, it appears to maintain effective levels in the bloodstream without going overboard. Payers often penalize hospitals if patients are rehospitalized shortly after their discharge. If approved, betrixaban is likely to be very widely prescribed, saving health care providers a bundle.

    *((Betrixaban would be a true blockbuster for a J&J purchase)) Buying before phase III is underway would be logical?

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    by seancoach Apr 17, 2014 11:23 AM

    Portola Pharmaceuticals Appoints John H. Johnson to Board of Directors

    said William Lis, chief executive officer of Portola. "Personally, I'm pleased to be working with John again, having had prior success under his leadership at Johnson & Johnson with the anticoagulant XARELTO."

    Buyout? Makes more sense as I dig through history of partnerships.

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    by seancoach Apr 17, 2014 11:23 AM

    Why J&J? It would help sales of Xarelto catch Eliquis. If the Xarelto/Andexanat trial were completed 6 months ahead of others it would be a nice head start.

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    by seancoach Apr 17, 2014 11:23 AM

    Portola to Receive Upfront and Milestone Payments While ((Retaining Full Worldwide Rights)) to Andexanet Alfa

    (Three sources of payouts are coming from) :
    1. BMS/Pfizer
    2. J&J - Bayer
    3. Daiichie

    On a drug the FDA designated as breakthrough therapy and is giving accelerated approval. While Retaining Full Worldwide Rights to Andexanet Alfa.

    Now that the Daiichie contract is in place the FDA can feel assured the Phase III trials for antidotes to all three drugs will be given full effort at accelerated approval by Portola. The Daiichie contract may have been needed before approval of a buyout??? (My guess J&J)

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    by seancoach Apr 17, 2014 11:23 AM
    cash2go cash2go Apr 22, 2014 12:51 AM Flag

    BMS/Pfizer, J&J/Bayer and Daiichi would make it impossible for a buyout. Portola has a product very important to the future of their blockbuster drugs.

    Probably could be done but it will be interesting to see how it could be accomplished.

  • Walking the biotech prices for buyouts? LMAO. There are plenty of trash biotech's being ramped to ungodly prices that should be crashing. This walk down has made some impressive buys in biotech land. I think ECYT is one of them. I'm invested here and think there is a lot to like. Especially when the geniuses at Merck put down $120 million upfront for what their scientist were seeing.

    GLTA. hope all small investors are able to hold onto their babes as the bathwater is thrown out.

  • cash2go cash2go Apr 17, 2014 1:38 AM Flag

    BIG Words from Ron Ellis, CEO Endocyte

    DS: I think most investors see Seattle Genetics (SGEN) and its antibody drug conjugates (ADC) as the closest analog to EC-145 and your small molecule drug conjugate (SMDC) technology. What makes your technology different?

    RE: The biggest difference is the size. SMDCs are 100-150 times smaller than an antibody. These small conjugates are able to penetrate solid tumors more effectively than large molecules. In preclinical studies, we see 20-30 fold improvement in drug concentration inside solid tumors with small molecule drug conjugates than large molecule drug conjugates. The small size also means faster excretion which helps to reduce toxicity. Finally, our linker technology is highly stable so we see very little free drug being released in the blood stream which can contribute to toxicity.

  • cash2go cash2go Apr 17, 2014 12:54 AM Flag

    I'm thinking Merck and everyone else will be more and more focused on the EC1456 tubulysin dosage trials underway. Suspect it is going to show much better potency than EC145 (Vintafolide), the side effect profile is the focus of the phase I trial underway. Good news and Merck will fully understand the implications for the pipeline.

    EC145 is the first drug up in the pipeline and is proving the SMDC targeted delivery and how it spares the patient of some of the horrible SE of chemotherapy. Note the vintafolide single arm in the phase II trial continued. Equal efficacy and a much better side effect profile would actually be reason enough to approve vintafolide over current therapy. Regardless, isn't this showing the potential potency and advantages of Endocyte's SMDC technology.

    The phase I EC1456 study evaluating the maximum tolerated doses and toxicities is a trial where the company will know results in an ongoing manner. Hope to hear some positive hints about this trial in coming conference calls.

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    Big Pharma paying Portola to get this drug approved

    by cash2go Apr 15, 2014 10:03 AM
    cash2go cash2go Apr 17, 2014 12:23 AM Flag

    BMS/Pfizer, J&J/Bayer and Daiichi - all have new blood thinners on the market that could see sells jump into billions yearly if there were an antidote available. Portola has the drug is running trials for each drug. FDA also badly wants an antidote on the market ASAP and has awarded "accelerated approval".

    Now that we have had a quick rip your face off Biothech selloff it's time to pick out the babes in the bathwater.

    I suspect by the end of summer you will have pay a much higher price than todays price for PTLA. No idea if this biotech nightmare ends soon. This is one of the few I'm going to be adding to my position on all pullbacks.

  • These are unique collaborations. We look at it as coalition for us to accelerate not only the development but the approval and commercialization of andexanet. These are collaborations where our colleagues from BMS/Pfizer, J&J/Bayer and Daiichi provide capital and funding for the development of andexanet.

    They provide us some insight and input as to the best way to study andexanet with their compounds, but we retain 100% commercialization rights and decision-making around the compound, so that makes it very, very unique, that we pursue the collaborations this way.

    These are designed to stay in effect for the development period, and then we'll make a determination in the future as to whether these collaborations continue through commercialization. But the good thing is, both andexanet and -- I'm not sure if I mentioned betrixaban -- both of those compounds, we can market them ourselves.

    (unmet need and accelerated approval designated by FDA)

  • cash2go cash2go Apr 14, 2014 1:08 AM Flag

    SMDC, named EC1456, which is specifically targeted to folate receptor-expressing tumors and produces (((curative activity in 100 percent of animals treated)))) under conditions that do not cause appreciable toxicity.

    EC1456 is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced solid tumors

    ***A very important phase I trial for investors to watch. Good news and Merck will be buying Endocyte at a huge premium? Identifier:
    This study is currently recruiting participants.
    Verified November 2013 by Endocyte

    Dec 12, 2013

    If max dosage shows potency against tumors that may lead to "cures"...

  • cash2go cash2go Apr 12, 2014 3:15 AM Flag

    Another google worth reading
    Tumor Snipers
    After two headline successes, companies rush to develop “smart bomb” cancer drugs.

    By Megan Scudellari | November 1, 2012

    Conjugates of the future

    ...Merck is also putting its money behind another ADC outlier—using a small molecule in place of a bulky antibody, which could more successfully target dense, solid tumors. Indiana–based Endocyte has constructed a drug conjugate of a potent chemotherapy drug bound to folate, a water-soluble B vitamin. Because folate is required for cell division, rapidly dividing cells like cancer cells often overexpress folate receptors. Impressive data on Endocyte’s lead candidate, vintafolide, from a phase II trial for drug-resistant ovarian cancer caught Merck’s attention, and the pharma company has agreed to pay up to a staggering $1 billion to advance the compound against various types of cancer.

  • cash2go cash2go Apr 12, 2014 2:54 AM Flag

    Found Immunogen is trying their linker with folate targeting and seems to be having a lot of trouble simply getting through the dosage stage.
    First impression, Endocyte has a huge lead in this area and I'm guessing it's linker technology

  • How effective is the linker in releasing the drug into the diseased cell?

    United States Patent Application 20140058063 Kind Code: A1

    Lots of info if you google the above. Possible uses range from cancer, to parasites, viruses, bacteria, arthritis.

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    Page 14 of 10Q

    by cash2go Apr 2, 2014 1:15 AM
    cash2go cash2go Apr 9, 2014 11:45 PM Flag

    In 2013 1,964,694 shares converted at 0.218 resulting in $428 thousand to the company. Another 4,232,508 to go.

    Any new financing will be very interesting (if) they could get converts out of the way of investors. Financing likely to be unfriendly to current shareholders?

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    Page 14 of 10Q

    by cash2go Apr 2, 2014 1:15 AM
    cash2go cash2go Apr 7, 2014 10:10 AM Flag

    Somebody negotiated the Series A with a 0.28 conversion rate. Small companies can make some really stupid mistakes when it comes to desperation financing. Throw in the HUGE contract (huge for TPCS) discussed on CC that is losing millions yearly....

    I'm guessing the string of good news on Mevion and GTAT are overwhelmed and more toxic financing is the only answer to be expected in refinancing.


  • Merck is probably more interested in the next generation folate receptor target drug than it is in the first generation SMDC now being tested in ovarian and NSCLC. Just look at the early review of the next generation SMDC:

    "For the first time we are disclosing the preclinical data for Endocyte's folate-targeted tubulysin SMDC, named EC1456, which is specifically targeted to folate receptor-expressing tumors and produces curative activity in 100 percent of animals treated under conditions that do not cause appreciable toxicity. EC1456 was further confirmed to be highly active against folate receptor-positive tumors resistant to vintafolide, paclitaxel and cisplatin. EC1456 is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 trial in patients with advanced solid tumors along with etarfolatide, which is Endocyte's companion imaging agent for anatomically assessing tumor-associated folate receptor expression in real time

    ***** CURE

    Endocyte wanted fast cash, $100zm in the bank via new stock to ward off a too aggressive Merck. As the EC-1456 phase one trial has huge potential to be a very important drug. (Just my guess)

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    Not the time to buy here boys an girls

    by i_nevernever_lose Apr 3, 2014 10:08 PM
    cash2go cash2go Apr 4, 2014 1:43 AM Flag

    Biotechs in general, A few of the buyouts have not produced sales expected. Wall Street pumps the good, the bad and the ugly.
    Look at the market cap of PCRX. Talk to doctors who have tried it and the sales figures that give you and idea of what sales figures will ever look like. Disillusioned biotech investors are throwing out the good the bad and the ugly. Looking for babies in that bathwater and hope to make some long term investments. A quick bounce that would hold their prices is not what I'm expecting, yet. Gonna have to think long term and hold on to those babies in the bathwater.
    Anyone have any idea what would signal a real bottom in this sector?

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    Page 14 of 10Q

    by cash2go Apr 2, 2014 1:15 AM
    cash2go cash2go Apr 3, 2014 1:54 AM Flag

    December 31, 2009, each share of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock was convertible into 1.3072 shares

    December 31, 2013 5,532,735 common shares, respectively, underlying the Series A Convertible Preferred Stock.

    The converts must be playing hell with the refi effort.

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