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  • Hope it works I would like to buy shares at a lower price.

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    US Marines Buy Five C-200s

    by paradigmshiftcpst Jan 5, 2014 8:51 PM
    cash2go cash2go Jan 22, 2014 4:15 AM Flag

    An energy and exergy analysis of a microturbine CHP system
    Basim M.A Makhdoum School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering Newcastle University

    Providing water and energy?

    ...Utilising the waste heat energy of a microturbine in the desalination process has not been covered through the literature. Since the thermal desalination technologies are not common for small scale water production, the opportunity of modelling and simulating small scale multi-effect distilled desalination (MED) is becoming a great challenge....

    3. Model configuration, result and discussions

    ...The real data of a 200kW microturbine was collected from product number C200 that manufactured by the Capstone Company....

    ...Utilising a single-effect absorption chiller will provide cooling that can be used either on site or off site, while integrating ORC will give extra electric power that can be useful for many purposes. In addition, cascading the MED and TVC-MED desalination with the microturbine will produce portable water that can tackle the issue of water shortages, especially in remote coastal areas.....

    ***** So many practical uses are still in the testing stage. A lot of actual installations are now proveing themselves in the real world and only now beginning to see sizeable reorders. ****

    GLTA, It's looking like 2014 is becoming a very big year for Capstone.

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    by hij4eduz Jan 21, 2014 3:14 PM
    cash2go cash2go Jan 22, 2014 4:21 PM Flag

    The market will price in markets as some first run applications prove their value. I'm assuming the area where power, heating and cooling bring the efficiency to 80% are going to be easy sells and rapid adoption rates following 3 years of results from known installations.

    1. Hotels
    2. Hospitals
    3. Small desalinations and power combonations
    4. Food Producers
    5. Oil and Gas drillers, anyone know if steam can be used in actual drilling or fracturing?
    6. Transportation - I'm less hopeful here

    7 thru 20 - Not yet known apps where power, heat, steam and cooling abilities of microturbine could all be used

    Looks like a few billion in market potential is warranted? Food production alone could be worth a couple of billion because of specialized energy, steam and heat source equals an 80% energy efficiency microturbine.

    Where the stock price will be in 2 monhs? I have no idea. I have been placing low ball bids and never pick up a shares. Would personally love to see a pullback to take a sizeable position. Noticed that there are some serious buyers that start buying in quantity when price pulls back a little. Long term? MUCH MUCH higher.

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    Earnings Date

    by wulfdad Jan 22, 2014 5:58 PM
    cash2go cash2go Jan 22, 2014 6:56 PM Flag

    Third quarter of 2014 is coming?

    It's going to be all about forward guidance. If the company misses on last quarterly earnings I will be there with both hands buying from any selloff. The diversity and geographical scope of PR at the start of this year holds a lot or promise. It should be a very good CC.

    I'm actually expecting a light quarter (wild guess) that may even show a dip in backorders. Then you move forward to the next quarter where all these impressive new orders are coming from....

    Final quarter of 2015 and physical year 2015 look like the year when a lot of hard work starts paying off. GLTA

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    3.25 Tomorrow?

    by chickenhawks_1999 Jan 22, 2014 5:15 PM
    cash2go cash2go Jan 22, 2014 7:08 PM Flag

    Wish I knew what is going on. Have a small position. Thought I would get wind of improving business conditions.
    Winter Olympics, FIFA and Brazils Summer Olympics?

  • Buying into the turbines made sense, Prendeville said. He knew the water park -- with its massive energy needs -- would need some sort of co-generation to keep costs affordable. The park itself occupies almost an entire acre of space. It contains 350,000 gallons of water to run its numerous water slides, pools and “lazy” river that snakes around the edge of the park. The park's crown jewel, a 505-foot long “Master Blaster” water slide that shoots people around the park from 43-feet in the air, is fed with 5,500 gallons of water a minute.

    But beyond the sheer size of the park and all the moving water, there's the challenge of keeping the place warm. Everything -- the building, floors and water -- is kept at a balmy 84 degrees all year, an expensive prospect given Anchorage's long, cold winters.

    So for Prendeville, a former electrical engineer for Alyeska Pipeline Services, it came down to consolidating resources.

    “There wasn't a startling moment,” Prendeville said on the decision to go with the microturbines. “I just assumed we should be able to produce heat and power in the same way.”

    Since installing the generators three years ago, Prendeville has saved thousands of dollars. With an initial investment of $350,000 for the entire set up, he's making good on his purchase. In 2009, before the generators were installed, the park spent $371,000 on energy. By January of this year, the park spent $258,350 over the previous 12 months

  • cash2go cash2go Jan 23, 2014 9:22 PM Flag

    Other applications in Alaska

    “We were breaking the ice,” he said.

    Porter, with Chenega Energy, said he often uses H2Oasis as an example of how efficient the generators can be.

    “It could be a grocery story, but it just happens to be a water park,” he said.

    He said the generators have been in Alaska for more than a decade, but haven't proliferated because of technology. In the early 2000s, the technology was unproven and of questionable reliability. That's changed since then, he said, noting that 36 of 37 microturbines on the Jersey Shore kept running -- even as the boardwalk was battered by Hurricane Sandy.

    “(Now) the technology is not on trial,” Porter said. “We're changing a culture and thought process in Alaska.”

  • cash2go cash2go Jan 23, 2014 9:38 PM Flag

    As more people get introduced to the savings, easy care and minimal downtime you will start seeing architects design buildings with microturbines. (probably greatly increasing efficiencies).

    ****Why would anyone design a water park without microturbines???**** Technology expands at a slow pace until it is proven to be a money saver with low upkeep. Are we nearing the turn where we will see mass adoption? If you were building a water park and the architect didn't mention a turbine power base would you fire him?

  • cash2go cash2go Jan 23, 2014 11:33 PM Flag

    Number of waterparks in North America: More than 1,200

  • cash2go cash2go Jan 24, 2014 12:47 AM Flag

    The size of the target market as seen in 2000:

    The North American market for reciprocating generator sets ranging from 30 kilowatts to 150 kilowatts (the output range of microturbines) is expected to reach $925 million, accounting for 2,310 megawatts during the year 2000. In the same year Frost & Sullivan expects microturbine sales to reach $24 million, accounting for 28 megawatts.

    * Capstone is looking at a world market
    * Hurricane Sandy showed how installations held up.
    * combined heat and power (CHP) projects would be the type of installations that once a competitor has the advantage it will force others in the field to install microturbines to be able to compete

    Once Capstone turns consistant cash flow the moon

  • Just to go back real quick, so you see the numbers on natural gas, 12,000, 13,000, 14,000, 15,000 units a year
    And we are in the early days of microturbines becoming a standard inclusion of the local well head infrastructure. I'm guessing 2014/15 is the watershed moment when Capstone turns cash flow positive in a sustained growing way.

  • cash2go cash2go Jan 24, 2014 4:23 PM Flag

    "Combined heat and power (CHP) and integrated CHP, as well as combined cooling, heat, and power; and renewable energy, natural resources, and critical power supply."

    All are proven big winners for microturbines. Over 80% efficiency = long profitable investment. Food Processors with steam, Large hotels for power and heat should be over a billion $ market alone.

    2014 2015 looks like the time period where microturbines have proven their value and adoption in certain industries becomes common knowledge.

    GLTA, didn't get the pullback I hopped for to add to my long term position, maybe Monday.

  • cash2go cash2go Jan 24, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    most recent order
    Capstone C1000s and an order for 25 Capstone C65 microturbines to be used for oil and gas production in the Permian Basin

    Is this becoming a mature market where anyone that sees a well head flare wonders where the microturbine is?

  • January 15, 2014 07:00 ET

    Siluria Technologies and Braskem America to Collaborate on Siluria's Breakthrough Technology to Convert Natural Gas Directly to Ethylene

    "We are very pleased to be working with a world leader in olefins and derivatives manufacturing in Braskem," said Siluria CEO Ed Dineen. "Their industry expertise, substantial footprint and aspirations for growth make them an ideal first partner

    How far along? First Scale plant to be ready by end of 2014. Using natural gas in place of oil expected to reduce cost 3/4. No reaction seen in price of Braskem?

  • BISMARCK, N.D. — A group representing hundreds of companies working in North Dakota’s oil patch told state regulators last week that the industry plans to significantly decrease the amount of natural gas being burned off and wasted as a byproduct of oil production.

    The North Dakota Petroleum Council’s flaring task force told the Industrial Commission that at least $1.7 billion more will be invested over the next two years into building gas pipelines and other infrastructure.

    I'm sure they will find that microturbines will be a big part of the solution. Potential for some nice contracts the next few months

  • cash2go cash2go Feb 4, 2014 11:19 AM Flag

    Blackrock filed. Now over 5% holder. Nice to see they took this position at higher prices. Blackrock is a turnaround specialst and no doubt a good understanding of the refinancing obstacles.


  • Dec. 16, 2013 8:53 a.m. ET

    The biodefense company's SparVax vaccines was supposed to enter Phase 2 clinical trials by the end of this year, but the U.S. Food & Drug Administration sent notice to put the trial on hold. PharmAthene said the FDA would provide a letter explaining the reason for the clinical hold within 30 days.

    * and nothing to update on the Siga litigation?

  • cash2go cash2go Feb 6, 2014 11:13 AM Flag

    If the short position mysteriously drops in a big way....

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    Furnace Order

    by tigertown14 Feb 6, 2014 5:35 PM
    cash2go cash2go Feb 7, 2014 1:23 AM Flag

    In the last conference call Mamagement indicated it wasn't expecting a follow on GTAT order. It wasn't a definite no and I wouldn't be surprised if more orders are coming as we have recently heard there were full screen sapphire iPhones being sampled at Foxxconn's trial assembly run.


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    Very excited for Monday's CC

    by bullbear68 Feb 8, 2014 8:16 PM
    cash2go cash2go Feb 9, 2014 3:33 AM Flag

    December 19th, 2013
    A patient with a rare type of cancer called chondrosarcoma at the base of the skull has become the first person in the world to receive proton therapy using the revolutionary MEVION S250 Proton Therapy System from Mevion Medical Systems, Inc. of Littleton,

    Mevion is reaching milestones that put theS250 in the hospital hands and I would think lead to milestone payments, validation of Proton Therampy Sysmtem and allows Mevion ramp up production at more sites with the recent $55 M Mevion recently raised to speed up production. Details coming in the CC?

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