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  • On2 vs Google: "Intelligence" communities used On2 and Hantro and their products to pay their AGENTs illegal and criminal services

    "Intelligence" communities used ON2, its inside and outside financial and communication activities by PLANTING its MOLEs within On2/Hantro, to penetrate Chinese, Iranian and OTHER restricted markets while paying their AGENTs involved in these criminal activities, through deals made or by offering them as "free," instead of directly paying from USA Governmental accounts.

  • casp321 casp321 Nov 16, 2015 4:36 PM Flag

    Vivante, Verisilicon and Marvell were/are run by two brothers and one sister, each CEO or Chairperson of those companies. All three companiesOn2/Hantro customer/partners:
    Dai Dynasty: Two brothers and a sister: Each of brothers run separately Novatell, and Verisilicon and sister runs Vivante. Here are MORE:

    SHANGHAI, China and SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 12, 2015 – VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. and Vivante Corporation today announced a definitive merger agreement under which the companies will be combined in an all-stock transaction. The combined company, to be called VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd., will offer robust IP-centric, platform-based custom silicon solutions and end-to-end semiconductor turnkey services.

    Highlights of the transaction include:

    • Revenue for the combined company of more than $180 million for the year ended December 31, 2014;

    “This transaction creates an extensive semiconductor IP portfolio that will now include GPU cores, vision image processors, digital signal processors, video codecs, mixed signal IP and foundry foundation IP,” said Wayne Dai, VeriSilicon chairman, president and chief executive officer. “We expect our combined technology and scale will enable us to further extend our franchises in the automotive, IoT, mobility, and consumer market segments. Additionally, we share a strong culture of innovation and creativity that will provide significant benefits to our semiconductor, system and Internet platform customers by delivering best-in-class IP, design services and turnkey ASICs. This Silicon Platform as a Service (SiPaaSTM) model enables our customers to deliver high-quality, differentiated products in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.”

    “Together, VeriSilicon and Vivante will be well positioned to achieve even greater success,” said Weijin Dai, Vivante chief executive officer. “Our technology has been instrumental in providing PC-quality performance and experience at mobile power levels to create l

  • casp321 casp321 Nov 17, 2015 3:23 PM Flag

    As far as you can avoid it, do not give grief to anyone.
    Never inflict your rage on another.
    If you hope for eternal rest, feel the pain yourself;
    but don’t hurt others.
    Omar Khayyam

    Heav'n but the Vision of fulfill'd Desire,
    And Hell the Shadow of a Soul on fire,
    Cast on the Darkness into which Ourselves,
    So late emerg'd from, shall so soon expire

    Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise!
    One thing at least is certain - This Life flies;
    One thing is certain and the rest is Lies -
    The Flower that once has blown forever dies.
    Omar Khayyam

    Then to the rolling Heav'n itself I cried,
    Asking, 'What Lamp had Destiny to guide
    Her little Children stumbling in the Dark? '
    And - 'A blind Understanding! ' Heav'n replied.

  • casp321 casp321 Nov 16, 2015 4:29 PM Flag

    DIFFERENT EXAMPLE but SIMILAR activities: In On2/Hantro case, the "Intelligence" communities used Chinese, Iranian, and Indian decendants with multiple nationalities while using those AGENTs from USA governmental agencies to COORDINATE their internation and CRIMINAL activities.


    U.S. judge rules for SEC in fight with House panel over insider trading probe

    Nov 16, 2015

    By Nate Raymond

    U.S. judge rules for SEC in fight with House panel over insider trading probe

    By Nate Raymond

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. House of Representatives panel and a former staffer must comply with subpoenas issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as part of an insider trading probe, a federal judge has ruled.

    U.S. District Paul Gardephe in Manhattan, in a decision made public on Monday, said the House Ways and Means Committee must produce some documents to the SEC, and Brian Sutter, a former staff director for its healthcare subcommittee, must be deposed.

    The decision came 16 months after the SEC first went to court over the committee's refusal to provide information as part of a probe of whether Sutter leaked material non-public information about Medicare reimbursement rates to a lobbyist.

    The ruling came in one of the first publicly disclosed probes by federal authorities invoking provisions of a 2012 law called the STOCK ACT, which seeks to prevent people from using "political intelligence" to trade non-public information.

  • casp321 casp321 Nov 17, 2015 3:10 PM Flag

    Why would "Intelligence" communities hire Neal Katyal to DEFEND Google's CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL activities, using Chinese, Iranian, and Indian descendants to run its International and undertunnel criminal activities under the name of "National-security" and "Trade-secret" while paying their agents by providing FREE On2 products or providing MEANs for them accessing INSIDE/Outsinde On2/Hantro financial, including EMEA, activities instead of paying their agents from USA treasury departments accounts?

    They called it "Test-drive?" But was it Really? How one can DEFEND Ben's DRIVER in the name of testing? Is it PAYMENT, using On2/Hantro case as ANOTHER Test-case to see HOW those from "Intelligence" communities keep their AGENTs involved in CRIMINAL and undertunnel activities to serve their close relatives and "friends?"

    Who is running On2 vs Google case at the DOJ and how those agents from FBI investigating those involved in the case. I know my activities and ACCOUNTs are monitored and BLOCKED by Yahoo here and ther under the request of those running the criminal "investigation?" but who are they INVESTIGATING? Do they think they would be able to get away while hundreds of On2 shareholders STILL actively might be counting hours and days of the time to see JUSTICE is done? You can monitor my activities and do under what ever you think might let you buy a little more time but at the end you should KNOW that I am just ONE of too MANY, what ever become of me should not matter to the rest who are looking for their STOLEN invested money by those from ON2 BOD/Managemen and Google Command center and those "Intelligence" AGENTs planted within On2/Hantro.


  • casp321 casp321 Dec 14, 2015 4:22 PM Flag

    Heaven is incomplete without a heavenly romance
    Let a glass of wine be my present circumstance
    Take what is here now, let go of a promised chance
    A drumbeat is best heard from a distance.

  • casp321 casp321 Nov 25, 2015 1:24 PM Flag

    One lot cogitates on the way of religion,
    Another ponders on the path of mystical certainty;
    But I fear one day the cry will go up,
    'Oh you fools, neither this nor that is the way!'


    "Intelligence" communities used Chinese, Iranian, and Indian descendants to run their undertunnel and CRIMINAL operations from within On2/Hantro while letting their agents and those connected/related to them get FREE ON2 deals/products instead of directly being paid from USA Governmental financial system. While those "Intelligent" communities HIRING Neal Katyal to "defend" On2 vs Google case on behalf of those involved in the criminal On2/Hantro operation, those On2 bashers were calling On2 shareholders "Terrorists" and asking Page to turn page against those On2 shareholders and NOT pay them the right price the On2 shareholders deserved. Why did those Iranian from WITHIN BOD, Google's so called WebM Exec, and Google leagal tean LED by Iranian dscendant were INOVOLED in On2/Google take over? What made those On2 bashers to call On2 shareholders "Terrorists" in 2009? What page they were having SECRETLY accessing and HOW could they have had access to a DATA-BASE ILLAGALLY collected by USA "Intelligence" communities to SUPPRESS Iranians EXPOSING their CRIMINAL connection/relation to the regime they hAD BROUGHT to power in 1979?
    Why then they were trying to CONFUSE the case then and HIRING Neal who DEFENDED Ben's driver under the pretext of "test-drive" to defend On2 vs Google case on behalf of Google?



    "They said, "You have given all the scholars a bad name with this Sama."
    I said, "Didn't you know that without them, godd ad bad and unbeliever an Muslim can not become manifest."
    He says, "You reached God by dancing."
    He said, "You are dancing too, you'll reach God. Two strides and he arrived."

    from Shams.


    Those who dominated the circle of learning and culture-
    In the company of the perfect became lamps among their peers,
    By daylight they could not escape from the darkness,
    So, they told a fable, and went to sleep.


    This is from a poem written by Khayyam, which I “twitched” to make it fit.

    A Religious man to a Whoooooore: “You are drunk, and step on any trap set on your way.”

    The Whorrrrrrre to the Religious man: “I am what you say, but are you the way you pretend to be?”


    Note:Sama is music, singing and dancing....

  • casp321 casp321 Dec 18, 2015 1:59 PM Flag

    For in and out, above, about, below,
    ’Tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show,
    Play’d in a Box whose Candle is the Sun,
    Round which we Phantom Figures come and go.


    When they ENGAGE one of their OWN in such attempts reported in the followings, they call him "renegate" in the Media. But, without any shame they call those On2 shareholders EXPOSING their CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL taking over On2/Hantro as "Terrorists" and HIRE Obama's Counsel General to defend NSA/CIA creation entity, called Google, in On2 steal. How is it possible and WHO are these people or WHO are behind these activities?
    NSA/CIA and "Intelligence" communitties brought to power their FRIENds in Iran in 1979. Then NAS/CIA STAGED USA-Iran-Hostage takeover in 1979 to protect the regime their brought to power after they saw people of Iran protesting agaimst it. Since USA Presidencial election was going on at the time, the two side of candidate parties saught the "opportunity" in using the Hostage game in their own favour. After dragging the hostage scheme/scam for 444 days, as was publicly reported, the hostages were released in Jan of 1981, the SAME day USA "elected" person was getting ready to become officially the President of the USA.
    Then in another case NSA/CIA creation's group head's driver become an element of the "test-case" run by once Obama's counsel General. Strande enough, the "judge" involved in 1980's Hostage scheme/scam, as called later on as "October surprise," later on designated one of his students to become Patriotic Act architect after Sep 2001. Then WHY On2 bashers called On2/Hantro shareholders "Terrorists" in 2009? What PAGE the bashers were reffering at the time and HOW many of those running their "Intelligence" activities STATIONED at or around Yahoo Admin offices? Why I beleive DOJ/FBI look into those from China, Iran, India involved in On2 illegal activities while investigating monitoring my daily activities. And, I do not believe after all the exposing their different agents/companies activities they can sweep the case under Persian rugs under the name of "National-security" and "trade-secret" as are the "themes" of those more than twenty USA candidates, from different parties, running to become the President of USA in 2016. I do not see much difference between the scheme/scam they created and used in 1979 with what is going on in their attacking the "foreign" objects instead of addressing the real issue facing people in the USA.


    from News Media:

    It is alleged that President Reagan sent Silberman in the fall of 1980 to make sure the Iranians weren’t planning to give up the US hostages taken at the American embassy, thus creating an "October surprise" that would help reelect Jimmy Carter. Silberman was rewarded for his role in Iran with the judgeship that later allowed him to overturn the conviction of Oliver North for his role in the Iran-Contra affair.


    John Hinckley, Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Reagan assassination attemptMain article: Reagan assassination attempt On March 30, 1981, at approximately 1:30 PM local time,[2] Hinckley shot a .22 caliber Röhm RG-14 revolver six times at Reagan as he left the Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., after addressing an AFL-CIO conference.

    from News Media:

    Bush–Hinckley family connections
    According to the March 31, 1981, edition of the Houston Post, and reported by AP, UPI, NBC News and Newsweek, Hinckley is the son of one of George H.W. Bush's political and financial supporters in his 1980 presidential primary campaign against Ronald Reagan; John Hinckley, Jr.'s elder brother, Scott Hinckley, and Bush's son Neil Bush had a dinner appointment scheduled for the next day. Associated Press published the following on March 31, 1981: The family of the man charged with trying to assassinate President Reagan is acquainted with the family of Vice-President George Bush and had made large contributions to his political campaign ... Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley, Jr., was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of the Vice-President's sons ... The Houston Post said it was unable to reach Scott Hinckley, vice-president of his father's Denver-based firm, Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, for comment. Neil Bush lives in Denver, where he works for Standard Oil Company of Indiana. In 1978, Neil Bush served as campaign manager for his brother, George W. Bush, the Vice-President's eldest son, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress. Neil lived in Lubbock, Texas, throughout much of 1978, where John Hinckley lived from 1974 through 1980... Sharon Bush, Neil's wife, said Scott Hinckley was coming to their house as a date of a girl friend of hers. "I don't even know the brother. From what I know and I've heard, they (the Hinckleys) are a very nice family and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign. I understand he was just the renegade brother in the family. They must feel awful," she said.


    Not only succeeding Hinckley's son attempt, in 1981, would have made number #2 become #1, it would've also prevented congressional investigation of 1980's and possibly today's NSA/CIA activities revelation since all could've been kept in secret among few under Bush.


    Say I am You

    I am dust particles in sunlight.
    I am the round sun.

    To the bits of dust I say, Stay.
    To the sun, Keep moving.

    I am morning mist,
    and the breathing of evening.
    I am wind in the top of a grove,
    and surf on the cliff.

    Mast, rudder, helmsman, and keel,
    I am also the coral reef they founder on.

    I am a tree with a trained parrot in its branches.
    Silence, thought, and voice.

    The musical air coming through a flute,
    a spark of stone, a flickering in metal.
    Both candle and the moth crazy around it.
    Rose, and the nightingale lost in the fragrance.

    I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy,
    the evolutionary intelligence, the lift, and the falling away.

    What is, and what isn't.

    You who know, Jelaluddin,
    You the one in all, say who I am.
    Say I am you.

  • casp321 casp321 Nov 30, 2015 3:19 PM Flag

    How many of those INVOLVED in On2 theft will end up in JAIL despite of all those agents DOJ/FBI to wash the hands of those with CRIMINAL intend and activities using On2 as their HIDEOUT place under the name of "National-security" and "Trade-secret" PRETEXT? How many Chinese? How many Iranians? How many Indians? In addition those from WITHIN On2 with USA or other citizenships?

    But helpless pieces in the game He plays
    Upon this chequer-board of Nights and Days
    He hither and thither moves, and checks ... and slays
    Then one by one, back in the Closet lays

  • casp321 casp321 Jan 5, 2016 2:51 PM Flag

    "If someone is FULL, hundred thousands prophet can nOT empty him/her."
    Shams Tabrizi

  • casp321 casp321 Jan 5, 2016 2:57 PM Flag

    O Pilgrims, thou art where, thou art where?
    The Beloved is neigh, come hither, come hither.
    Thy beloved is thy neighbor, behind the wall
    Lost in the desert, you are seeking and you fall;
    If that lovely faceless face you once see
    Pilgrim and shrine and house you know are all thee.
    From house to house, you sought for proof
    Yet never ascended up to the roof.
    If it is the house of soul you seek
    In the mirror see the face that’s meek.
    If you’ve been to the garden, where is your bunch?
    And where your soulful pearl if at sea you lunch.
    With all this pain where is your gain?
    The only veil, yourself, remain.
    Hidden treasure chest, buried in soil
    Why let dark clouds full moon spoil?
    King of the World, to you will show
    Magical shapes, in spirit you grow.

  • casp321 casp321 Dec 11, 2015 4:07 PM Flag

    Each Morn a thousand Roses brings, you say:
    Yes, but where leaves the Rose of Yesterday?
    And this first Summer month that brings the Rose
    Shall take Jamshyd and Kaikobad away.

    Note: Jamshyd and Kaikobad were Iranian kings some thousands years ago.

  • casp321 casp321 Dec 14, 2015 3:35 PM Flag

    In 2009, On2 bashers on Yahoo Financial Messages Board called On2 shareholders "Terrorists." What made those bashers call On2 shareholders "Terrorists" under Yahoo Admin whatch? How was possible for Yahoo Admin to ignore this but REMOVE casp123 Yahoo account in September 2008, because of casp123 posting HEADING like "On2, Google Chrome..." on Yahoo/ONT Financial Board? Why would Yahoo REMOVE an account because posting a message with this kind of heading? Who asked Yahoo to take this action in 2008? Why a Vringo basher on Yahoo VRNG messages board suggested in 201?, YEARS after 2008, that someone at the time thought casp123 was working for a company in the know of these kind of relations. After all On2 and Google signed NDA in Nov 2008 DENYING any direct relations prior to November? Then was was the reason? Calling the On2 shareholdrs was/is not an offence but posing Google and On2 in one heading was violating Yahoo's "protection" Acts that Yahoo Admin saw "valid" reasons in removing casp123 Yahoo account. Obviously we will visit all these plus why Yahoo displayed On2 shareholders real identities in October 2009 and I am hoping or EXPECTING FBI/DOJ look into all of these while monitoring my activities ?

    NSA/CIA and USA "Intelligence" communities Iranian current regime to power in 1979. and, when they saw threat from Iranian people to their creation, NSA/CIA staged USA-Hostage to protect the FRIENDLY reging they call "enemy" to HIDE the real intention/connection with those in power in Iran today. Interestingly enough, "Intelligence" communities on different side of the isles used Chinese, Iranian, and Indian descendants to run their undertunnel and criminal operation to penetrate the restricted market like China, Iran, .... And More than that they use and Iranian descendant residing in On2 BOD, so called WebM Exec on Google side, and Google leagal Lead running On2 and Google "merger"." Then WHY did On2 basher called On2 shareholders? If Iranian from Google sides were involved in handling the "merger" operation?


  • casp321 casp321 Nov 30, 2015 3:13 PM Flag

    Why did On2 basher in 2009 called On2 shareholders "Terrorist" on Yahoo Messages Board under close watch of Yahoo Admin? Who are these people that running the undertunnel criminal "intelligence" operation to steal from On2 shareholders and steal from Vringo shareholders? Why whould those "intelligence" communities use prosecutor turned judge in one case and Obama's General counsel in another case to PROTECT CRMINAL activities of those from Google or running 'intelligence" operation activities from Google, On2 and Vringo?


    "Some for the glories of this world; and some
    Sigh for The Prophet's Paradise to come;
    Ah, take the cash and let the credit go,
    Nor heed the rumble of a distant drum"

  • casp321 casp321 Dec 4, 2015 8:46 PM Flag

    And this delightful Herb whose tender Green
    Fledges the River’s Lip on which we lean—
    Ah, lean upon it lightly! for who knows
    From what once lovely Lip it springs unseen!

  • casp321 casp321 Dec 8, 2015 1:12 PM Flag

    Another said—”Why, ne’er a peevish Boy
    Would break the Bowl from which he drank in Joy;
    Shall He that made the Vessel in pure Love
    And Fansy, in an after Rage destroy


    A cop kills a "black" teen, and the city pays 5 million dollars to the family of the teen once people ask for the truth about how he was killed. And a company "insults" a USA presidencial "white" candidate, and this candidate sues the company for 500 million dollars without caring about how the "black" teen was killed wrongfully.



    And strange to tell, among that Earthen Lot
    Some could articulate, while others not:
    And suddenly one more impatient cried—
    “Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?”

  • casp321 casp321 Jan 5, 2016 2:52 PM Flag

    In cell and cloister, mosque and synagogue,
    Are men whose steps the fear of Hell doth dog;
    But he who carries God within his breast
    Is independent of the Pedagogue.

  • casp321 casp321 Dec 4, 2015 7:57 PM Flag

    The Palace that to Heav’n his pillars threw,
    And Kings the forehead on his threshold drew—
    I saw the solitary Ringdove there,
    And “Coo, coo, coo,” she cried; and “Coo, coo, coo.”


    Be wary when you breathe!

    The inner being of a human being is a jungle.
    Sometimes wolves dominate,
    sometimes wild hogs.
    Be wary when you breathe!

    Obviously, "Intelligence" communities are trying HARD to let Google DRAG On2/Hantro vs Google case, ASSUMING by the time On2 shareholders filing their lawsuits against those involved in CRIMINAL OPERATIONs from within and those agents in different but related companies On2/Hantro products used in BILLIONs of different devices will be obsolete in a way that noone might be able to track/trace to find out how many companes/individules were getting FREE rides, under the PROTECTION of "Intelligence" communities, from getting free contracts to having FREE access to On2 products/documents instead of adding values to On2/Hantro financial growth. I believe even hiring Obama's Counsel General would NOT and will NOT be able to serve to protect those INVOLVED in CRIMINAL operations using On2/Hantro as a COVER to protect themselves from being exposed to those in China or other places while PENETRATING Chinese and other markets in the name of "national-security" and "trade-secret" pretext. Interesting enough, while those bashing On2 in 2009, after Google and On2 "merger" announcement, some basher , in 2009, called On2 shareholders "terrorists" under Yshoo Admin watch and without Yahoo taking any responsive actions to block or removing those attacks agains On2 shareholders. Who wre/are these people and why they called On2 shareholders "Terrorists?"


    At one moment gentle generous qualities,
    like Josephs, pass from one nature to another.
    The next moment vicious qualities move in hidden ways;

    Wisdom slips for a while into an ox!
    A restless, recalcitrant horse suddenly
    becomes obedient and smooth-gaited.
    A bear begins to dance.
    A goat kneels!

    Human consciousness goes into a dog,
    and that dog becomes a shepherd, or a hunter.
    In the Cave of the Seven Sleepers
    even the dogs were seekers.

    At every moment a new species rises in the chest
    now a demon, now an angel, now a wild animal.

    There are also those in this amazing jungle
    who can absorb you into their own surrender.
    If you have to stalk and steal something,
    steal from them!
    From Rumi


    "This [Khayyam] Quatrain Mr. Binning found, among several of Hafiz
    and others, inscribed by some stray hand among the ruins of
    Persepolis. The Ringdove’s ancient Pehlevi Coo, Coo, Coo,
    signifies also in Persian “Where? Where? Where?” In Attar’s
    “Bird-parliament” she is reproved by the Leader of the Birds
    for sitting still, and for ever harping on that one note of lamentation
    for her lost Yusuf.
    Apropos of Omar’s Red Roses in Stanza xix, I am reminded of
    an old English Superstition, that our Anemone Pulsatilla, or purple
    “Pasque Flower,” (which grows plentifully about the Fleam Dyke,
    near Cambridge,) grows only where Danish Blood has been spilt."

    by Pennsylvania State University

  • casp321 casp321 Jan 5, 2016 2:49 PM Flag

    The CRIMINALs actively are trying to suppress while their News Media selling garbages to USA public:
    Wonder why Yahoo actively is INVOLVED with "Intelligence" communities running their OPERATION from within Yahoo? Should they want the truth about why On2 bashers called on2 shareholders "Terrorists" in 2009 without taking any proper action in removing the basher post why would be sensitive to the TRUTH those from "intelligence" communities trying to SURESS to hide from the world. What Page On2 bashers were reading from in 2009 and WHY did they call On2 shareholders "Terrorists." I would NOT be surprised to find out the reasons Google hiring Obama's General counsel might be related to Google's and Yahoo assisting Iraninan "intelligence" agents by providing more than 500,000 Iranian Google and Yahoo accounts holders info in 2009.

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