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  • casp321 casp321 Aug 13, 2014 1:04 PM Flag

    On2 and "intelligence" ommunities using its products to PENETRATE Chinese and other market while using their agents as an On2 "employee" or partner/customer in the EXPENCES of On2 shareholders:

    From Powerlinx to WaterVliet to Google, an NSA/CIA creation, to move individual, documents from company to company while DESTRYING the history of company like On2 prevent those in the search of truth and foot print of their CRIMINAL operations making for a few hundreds of million dollars from On2 products while stealing from On2 shareholders leaving no "trace/track" for FBI/DOJ to investigate to send them to JAIL. casp321@yahoo


    At night those colors were veiled,
    Once you you saw the colors, that seeing was from the seeing the light

    Snowden: I Left the NSA Clues, But They Couldn’t Find Them
    By Andy Greenberg
    08.13.14 |
    7:00 am |
    If the NSA still doesn’t know the full extent of the greatest leak of secrets in its history, it’s not because of Edward Snowden’s attempts to cover his tracks. On the contrary, the NSA’s most prolific whistleblower now claims he purposefully left a trail of digital bread crumbs designed to lead the agency directly to the files he’d copied.

    In a WIRED interview published today, the 31-year-old megaleaker has revealed that he planted hints on NSA networks that were intended to show which of its documents he’d smuggled out among the much larger set he accessed or could have accessed. Those hints, he says, were intended to make clear his role as a whistleblower rather than a foreign spy, and to allow the agency time to minimize the national security risks created by the documents’ public release.

    The fact that NSA officials have told the press that his haul may have been as large as 1.7 million documents, says Snowden, is a sign that the agency has either purposely inflated the size of his leak or lacks the forensic skills to see the clues he left for its auditors. “I figured they would have a hard time,” Snowden tells WIRED, describing the agency’s attempts to reverse-engineer his leak. “I didn’t figure they would be completely incapable.”

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 13, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    No color can be seen at night until,
    For light, the darkness is the opposite.
    You must see light to see color too,
    The opposite of light has proved it's true.
    Whirling dance and music connects two hemispheres, left and right, of the brain. casp321@yahoo


    Long one of the most widely read poets in the Persian-speaking world, Rumi was the founder of the Mevlevi Order, a controversial and often censored Sufi sect that practices sâma', or meditative, whirling dance.

    His influence and popularity in Turkey, the Middle East, and India is profound, and he has touched the lives of Western authors and thinkers as diverse as Hans Christian Andersen and Georg Hegel.

    The family lived in Damascus, Malatya, and Aqshahr before settling in Lârende, Anatolia, in 1220 and Konya, Anatolia, in 1229. Anatolia (now Turkey) was at that time a former outpost of the Byzantine, or eastern Roman, empire that had been recently conquered by Muslims; Arabs, Persians, and Turks called the area Rum, or Rome (Rumi is a toponym meaning “of Rome.”). In the course of his wanderings, the young Rumi was exposed to many different cultures, reflected in the ecumenicalism of his writings....Rumi was soon recognized as an expert in Islamic law and as a popular speaker on Islamic spirituality; he held professorships at four separate madrases in Anotalia.

    The year 1244 also marked a change in Rumi's spiritual practice, in response to a learned but little-known wandering Sufi dervish named Shams al-Din Tabrizi, in whom Rumi found a spiritual guide. After encountering Shams, Rumi became more ecstatic in his worship, expressing his love for God through poetry, music and samâ' dance. In 1247 Shams was hounded out of Konya by Rumi's disciples, who felt that ecstatic worship was “beneath” their leader. According to some reports, they had Shams murdered.

    from web site called "Enotes"

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 13, 2014 11:56 AM Flag

    Snowden: Clapper comments pushed me to become leaker


    1 hour ago
    August 13, 2014
    Washington (AFP) - Edward Snowden says dishonest comments to Congress by the US chief of national intelligence pushed him over the edge and prompted him to leak a trove of national security documents.

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 12, 2014 6:56 PM Flag

    Feds to study illegal use of spy gear
    By Craig Timberg August 11, 2014

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 12, 2014 6:29 PM Flag

    Feds to study illegal use of spy gear
    By Craig Timberg August 11, 2014

    The Federal Communications Commission has established a task force to study reported misuse of surveillance technology that can intercept cellular signals to locate people, monitor their calls and send malicious software to their phones.

    The powerful technology -- called an IMSI catcher, though also referred to by the trade name “Stingray” — is produced by several major surveillance companies and widely used by police and intelligence services around the world.

    The FCC, in response to questions from U.S. Rep. Alan M. Grayson (D-Fla.), plans to study the extent to which criminal gangs and foreign intelligence services are using the devices against Americans. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in a letter dated this month, said the commission had authority over the surveillance technology and had established a “task force to combat the illicit and unauthorized use of IMSI catchers."

    The task forces's mission, Wheeler wrote, "is to develop concrete solutions to protect the cellular network systemically from similar unlawful intrusions and interceptions.”

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 12, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    Failed NSA/CIA attempt to use powerlinx and On2 in 2004 shows why those involved in On2 theft using an NSA/cIA creation called Google, will do anything in their power, legaly or ILLEGALLY to continue their undertunnel and criminal operation using On2's product to pay those agents that can NOT be paid through USA treasury department DIRECT paycheck. casp321@yahoo


    As they said in early 2000:
    LaunchPower: "Bringing the Pentagon to Silicon Valley!"


    PowerLinx Inc. Licenses On2 Technologies VP6; Video Compression Will Be Used In Video Security Network Devices.
    NEW YORK & TIERRA VERDE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 5, 2004

    PowerLinx Inc. (OTCBB:PWLX) and On2 Technologies, Inc. (AMEX:ONT) today announced that PowerLinx will use the On2 VP6 codec in its next generation digital commercial security products. PowerLinx unique, patented application allows video to be captured live and sent over power lines in AC or DC environments on any power grid.

    "PowerLinx has one of the leading edge powerline technologies currently available in the world. Our relationship in the security area could well expand to other applications such as sending video from a broadband connection to a number of screens in the home. The current application certainly allows multiple cameras to be deployed over the electric grid which cuts installation and maintenance costs considerably," said Douglas A. McIntyre, On2 Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

    "The On2 VP6 codec enhances a system that is already more cost efficient for security applications than anything else on the market. Initially we intend to use VP6 with our commercial and industrial PowerLinx security products which include the PowerLinx Parking Lot Surveillance System. We look forward to exploring future product launches with On2," explained George S. Bernardich III, PowerLinx Chairman & CEO.


    PowerLinx, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Results Ending September 30, 2004; Company Ships Digital Powerline Surveillance Systems As Initial Fulfillment Of UGC Contract.

    --PowerLinx, Inc. has engaged Bob Circosta, a legend in Direct Response Retailing, as Spokesperson and On-Air talent for our powerline home monitoring products which include SecureView(R), the "camera in a light bulb."

    --PowerLinx, Inc. and On2 Technologies, Inc., The Duck Corporation launched several strategic initiatives aimed at the surveillance, security, and video-on-demand (VOD) markets.

    --PowerLinx, Inc. enlisted the services of LaunchPower, [launchpower], to supplement our sales and marketing efforts in the government sector. LaunchPower joins our government relations agency, Alcalde & Fay, in bringing the Company powerline product solutions to the forefront in this very important market segment. LaunchPower's President & CEO, Col. (Retired) James Opfer, and his team expect to focus on selling PowerLinx security systems while building awareness for our PLVS safety systems and connectivity products which all use patented powerline technologies.

    --PowerLinx, Inc. executed a purchase agreement with Universal General Corporation (UGC) to purchase PowerLinx's patented digital powerline surveillance systems. The contract calls for the purchase of 10,000 digital powerline surveillance base systems with the ability to purchase as needed add-on digital powerline cameras based on UGC's installation site needs. The digital powerline base systems are offered in three grades of camera quality which include a PowerLinx produced camera and two other outsourced cameras.


    PowerLinx Signs Up LaunchPower to Market to Government Agencies and Integrators PowerLinx Poised to Grow PowerLine Security System Sales Through LaunchPower

    TIERRA VERDE, Fla., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- PowerLinx, Inc.
    (OTC Bulletin Board: PWLX), the leader in powerline communication products, has enlisted the services of LaunchPower, [launchpower], to
    supplement our sales and marketing efforts in the government sector.
    LaunchPower joins our government relations agency, Alcalde & Fay, in bringing the Company powerline product solutions to the forefront in this very important market segment. LaunchPower's President & CEO, Col. (Retired) James Opfer, and his team expect to focus on selling PowerLinx security systems while building awareness for our PLVS safety systems and connectivity products which all use patented powerline technologies. LaunchPower has developed a successful track record helping leading edge technology firms to deliver solutions to meet government commercial and defense security needs.

    George S. Bernardich III, Chairman & CEO stated, "Our new relationship with LaunchPower reinforces our commitment to growing sales revenue at our current trends and beyond. They will significantly improve our ability to gain access and serve our customer base in the government market segment.

    Obviously, in today's world, our security products garner the most interest
    and we believe our PowerLinx Digital security cameras which use On2's VP6
    codec will provide a solution not currently available in the marketplace. The
    powerline cameras provide mobility, security, flexibility and ease of
    installation and use which other systems may not be able to provide."

    About LaunchPower:
    LaunchPower, based in San Francisco, CA, works with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and startups to deliver solutions to meet government commercial and defense security needs.
    LaunchPower: "Bringing the Pentagon to Silicon Valley!"

    About PowerLinx, Inc.:
    PowerLinx, Inc., power-linx, develops, manufactures, and
    markets, among other devices, products, and applications developed to transmit voice, video, audio and data either individually or any and all combinations over power lines, twisted pair wires and coax in AC and DC power environments, on any and all power grids. The Company has also developed, manufactured, and marketed different kinds of underwater video cameras, lights and accessories for the marine, commercial and consumer retail markets.


    PowerLinx, Cenuco to Deploy Remote Security CCTV Systems
    Offerings Will Combine PowerLinx Video Transmission Technologies and Camera Systems With Cenuco's Live Secure Video on Cellular Phones, PDAs
    21 Apr 2004

    Tierra Verde, Fla., April 21 - PowerLinx, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: PWLX - News), the leader in power line communication products, announced today a comprehensive collaboration with Cenuco, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CNUO - News) of Boca Raton, Fla., to deploy the first integrated CCTV solution utilizing PowerLinx power line video transmission technologies and camera systems, combined with Cenuco's mobile software technology to transmit live CCTV video onto cellular phones, Pocket PC devices, and remote computers.
    With an estimated $39 billion global security and CCTV annual market, the PowerLinx and Cenuco combined offerings will be available for the residential, small to large enterprise, and Homeland Security/Government sectors.
    As part of this relationship, PowerLinx has ordered 4,500 licenses of Cenuco's mobile remote video viewing software, which will be immediately inserted into the PowerLinx SecureView™ “Camera in a light bulb” systems. Distribution of this combined offering will include selected internet, catalog and direct response retailers. The Cenuco software package includes gateway access from anywhere in the world to view live video, unlimited off-site digital video recording (48 hour increments), and unlimited access to previously recorded video, for a monthly service fee of $19.95. PowerLinx will share in revenues derived from the monthly monitoring fees collected by Cenuco. The revenue sharing arrangement covers PowerLinx-Cenuco bundled products sold by either PowerLinx or Cenuco in their respective market segments.
    PowerLinx holds numerous patents covering the ability to transmit video, audio, and data across existing internal residential and commercial power wiring. Any RCA, SVHS, or IP camera connected to a PowerLinx transmitter can be simply plugged into a standard power outlet, allowing for video reception via power line elsewhere in the facility. No additional camera wiring is necessary, and deployment takes only minutes.
    Cenuco's patent pending wireless video technologies extend security CCTV system functionality by taking any PowerLinx video feed, and making it available for live viewing on standard cellular phones and Pocket PCs, as well as offsite personal computers, anywhere in the world.
    “The collaboration between Cenuco and PowerLinx creates a totally unique CCTV system offering,” stated George S. Bernardich III, PowerLinx's Chairman & CEO. “The result is a package where cameras utilizing PowerLinx technology can be rapidly deployed through existing power lines, combined with Cenuco's innovative mobile software which broadcasts secured video right onto your cell phone from wherever you are.”
    “PowerLinx is the perfect partner for Cenuco, and our combined systems will have distinct advantages in the marketplace,” added Steven Bettinger, Founder and President of Cenuco. “PowerLinx is the ‘first mile,’ bringing video via power line to any termination point in a facility. Cenuco is the ‘last mile,’ transmitting that secure video to cell phone handsets, PDAs, and remote computers, anywhere.”


    In September 2004, PowerLinx again violated the antifiaud provisions by issuing materially misleading press releases and filing materially misleading reports with the SEC concerning a purported $23 million sales contract with a defense contractor known as Universal General Corporation ("UGC"'). In fact, UGC had no revenues, no assets, and no means to satisfy any portion of its $23 million contractual obligation to PowerLinx. PowerLinx had performed virtually no due diligence prior to issuing the press releases and reports in question to determine whether UGC was legitimate and could meet its contractual obligations.

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 12, 2014 10:45 AM Flag

    Once a grammarian stepped into a boat
    And turned towards the oarsman just to boast:
    'Have you learned any grammar?' He said, 'No.'
    'Then half your life's wasted just to row!'
    Although this made the oarman burn with pain
    From answering back he opted to refrain.
    Wind steered the boat towards a whirlpool there
    The oarsman chouted to him, once aware,
    'Have you learned how to swim and keep afloat?'
    'I've never learned, skilled captain of my boat.'
    'Grammarian, your whole life has been in vain:
    We're sinking fast- what good now is your brain!'
    Not grammar but effacement's needed here-
    If self-effaced dive in and have no fear!
    While corpses can float on a stormy sea,
    How can find the living security?
    When you have died to human qualities
    You'll be borne by the sea of mysteries.
    He who called others 'donkey' pays the price-
    He's now left skidding like an Az on ice!
    Even if you're the scholar of the age,
    Observe the passing of thisworld, deep sage!
    We've silenced grammarian in narration
    To teach the grammar of annihilation,
    The law of law and grammar that's most pure
    You'll find through being less, of this be sure.

    from Rumi

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 6:50 PM Flag

    Google bought both On2 and GIPS. These two companies were also Skype's partners.

    John Fargis, On2 VP of Sales, Asia Pacific

    May 13, 2009
    Feb. 16, 2009
    January 6, 2009
    11 November 2008
    12 June 2008

    Please ask the Judge to Subpoena John Fargis, On2 VP of Sales, Asia Pacific, he might have some "story" about Chinese to tell.casp321@yahoo


    On2 Technologies' VP6 Encoding Format to Be Deployed By China's NetEase Following Strategic Partnership AgreementWednesday, May 13, 2009
    CONTACT: John Fargis, On2 Technologies,


    On2 Technologies Licenses Video Codecs to Shanghai InfoTM
    Hantro powered HD Multimedia Chip targets Mobile Internet Devices.
    CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. -- Feb. 16, 2009
    CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. -- Feb. 16, 2009 -- On2 Technologies (NYSE Alternext US: ONT) announced today that it has licensed the Hantro(TM) 8190 hardware video decoder, 7280 hardware video encoder, and On2 VP6(R) software video decoder to Shanghai InfoTM, a subsidiary of Shuoying Digital Science & Technology (China) Co., Ltd. The Hantro hardware technologies will enable 1080p full high definition video playback of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and VC-1, along with 16Mpixel JPEG still images, and 720p real-time encoding of MPEG-4, H.263 and H.264 video. The highly optimized On2 VP6 software decoder adds playback support for Adobe(R) Flash(R) and Sun JavaFX(R) video. The dedicated multimedia chipset will utilize an ARM 11 CPU core and is targeted for MIDs and other consumer electronic devices.
    "We are extremely pleased to add Shanghai InfoTM to our growing list of licensees in China," says John Fargis, VP APAC sales, On2 Technologies. "This further strengthens our market leading position in the region for video codec solutions in silicon and in devices."


    com Chooses On2 VP6 for Web Video in China
    CLIFTON PARK, NY, USA (January 6, 2009) - On2 Technologies (AMEX: ONT) has added Tudou[doooooot]vcom to the growing list of Chinese video web sites using its On2 VP6® format for Adobe® Flash® video

    "Tudou is the largest video web site in the world and we are pleased to have them join the On2 Asia family," said John Fargis, On2 VP of Sales, Asia Pacific. "This agreement is affirmation of the continuing trend in China towards adoption of On2 VP6 video."


    Com Switches to On2 Video
    Posted on: Tuesday, 11 November 2008
    "We are pleased that 56[dooooot] com has chosen On2 VP6 video for Flash, and feel this is yet more evidence of a market trend in China towards adoption of On2 Video," said John Fargis, VP of Asia Sales at On2 Technologies "With our technology we are able to provide customers the superior quality they deserve and expect, while also saving up to 40% on their bandwidth costs."


    On2 To Showcase Industry-Leading Video Compression Technologies at CommunicAsia '08
    Posted on: Thursday, 12 June 2008
    HONG KONG, June 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- On2 Technologies, Inc. , a global leader in video compression technologies, will be showcasing its broad portfolio on Booth 3G, 403 at this year's CommunicAsia exhibition in Singapore between 17th and 20th June. On2's involvement in CommunicAsia and recent appointment of John Fargis, to Vice President, Asia Pacific Sales, along with the opening of its Hong Kong office, all signal the company's commitment to strengthen its presence in the region.

    John Fargis
    Local Address: San Francisco, California, United States


    September 12, 2005
    GIPS Goes Deeper in Asia-Pac
    The maker of VoIP technology targets VoIP equipment manufacturers with a new office in Hong Kong.
    September 12, 2005
    By Colin C. Haley

    GIPS has tapped John Fargis, who has worked in the region for the past 12 years, to lead the office. Previously, Fargis was CEO for SiMa Systems, a mobile enterprise company. Six-year-old GIPS is also hiring salespeople, marketers and engineers for the Hong Kong facility.


    LG-Nortel Uses GIPS
    July 10, 2007

    "The latest Phontage packages from LG-Nortel combine innovative, flexible architecture with the latest in VoIP technology," said John Fargis, General Manager of GIPS Asia Pacific. "Voice quality is critical to the user experience and ultimately critical to the ongoing adoption of Voice over IP. Our VoiceEngine(TM) PC Advanced and VoiceEngine Mobile solutions will give LG-Nortel customers a high-quality VoIP solution to help its innovative Phontage offerings stand out from the competition."

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 6:34 PM Flag

    The "trouble" as a result of what I'm posting is mine, not any of On2 shareholders, but I want those On2 shareholders involved in the continued case also KNOW that those INVOLVED in On2 theft will do anything, from causing flat tire to accident or ..., to keep On2 SCAM as DARK/HIDDEN as possible saving those using On2's products as revenue and PAYCHECK generating for their undertunnel and CRIMINAL OPERATION as ACTIVE as possible. Too many INVOLVED for them to be able to cover them all. casp321@yahoo

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    Ricardo Reyes:
    Ricardo Reyes is the Vice President of Communications at Tesla Motors, which he joined in August of 2009. Prior to joining Tesla, Ricardo worked as a Google Executive as the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at YouTube. He previously handled litigation, competition and policy communications for the online search, services and products company.

    Before that, Ricardo spent a decade working on public policy and communications in Washington, D.C., including two years at law firm Bracewell and Giuliani LLC, where he led crisis consulting and communications management services. Among the corporate and political clients he advised, Reyes worked with automotive suppliers as they faced major changes to their business structure.

    Reyes has served as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public and Media Affairs. From 2001 to 2004, he was a spokesman for international trade policy and an adviser to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick.

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 12:54 PM Flag

    Mike Kopetski an ex-congressman and a chines expert that was one of the congressmans asking Bill Clinton to Most Favourit to Chinese in his time while in Congress, later became On2 BOD going trips with On2's chairman and technical staff to China generating many deals with ZERO-RED-CENT revenue return to On2 shareholders. But HOW is Mike Kopetski doing with Chinese now? Why did he move his business activities out of USA?. casp321@yahoo

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 12:50 PM Flag

    John Doerr, Ben Horowitz, Ken Andreessen

    Amazon, Skype, Zencoder

    Mike Kopetski, Jeff Weiner, John Fargis, Mike O'Hare, Chris Hieb

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 12:46 PM Flag

    Why did Google China President and Youtube International Communication Head resign from august 2009 to October 2009?What did they KNOW about Google and "intelligence" undertunnel activities using On2-Hantro's product to pay those AGENTS that could NOT be paid directly from USA treasury department paychecks? casp321@yahoo?
    How is it POSSIBLE for those using On2's Flix Engine to build their products get paid Billion dollars by Google for their product but NOT paying the SAME reasonable price for ALL on2-hantro products to On2 shareholders?

  • On2 vs Google: Why Google hired the BEST NSA Expert, Neal, Katyal?

    On2 vs Google: How could an On2 lead-plaintiff with 100-On2-share "settle" On2 vs Google while the judge IGNORING to notice the significance of the results from this "settlement"? Why did judge make comment on the millions of shares those On2 shareholders OBJECTING the "settlement" but NOT on the validity of the lead-On2-plaintiff 100-share? casp321@yahoo

    USA "intelligence" communities used On2 to PENETRATE Chinese market while using On2 to DRIVE Nokia out of Chinese smartdevices market? casp321@yahoo

    Former NSA Head Starts Up Cyber Security Venture

    August 5, 2014

    Ken Dilanian, AP Intelligence Writer
    Lawyers at NSA and his private lawyers— including former FBI Director Robert Mueller, now with the Wilmer Hale law firm in Washington — have told him he is on firm legal footing, Alexander said.


    Former NSA Head Starts Up Cyber Security Venture

    August 5, 2014

    Ken Dilanian, AP Intelligence Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Even in an era when former U.S. officials routinely profit from business ventures linked to their public service, recently retired National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander raised eyebrows when he disclosed he is working on patents for what he calls a game-changing cybersecurity model.

    Alexander had access to the nation's deepest secrets about cyberwarfare, and he spent the last several years warning about cyberthreats to private industry. Critics questioned whether he was cashing in on classified information he learned at NSA, and they asked why he didn't deploy his new ideas while he led the government's cyber defenses.

    In an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, Alexander sought to answer those questions and rebut what he says are misimpressions about the new company he leads, IronNet Cybersecurity.

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 12:27 PM Flag

    How can an NSA head have "spare-time" to create patents and TEST them in REAL world systems while running different under tunnel operations making those stealing from On2 shareholders billionaires while creating "financial-expert" "technical-expert" out of those Jiniasez knowing nothing but HAVING just HIGH-SECURITY protection while moving undertunnel operations from "court-to-court" under few selected judges watch who might be benifitted from those ruling in later time of their retirements? Who from "intelligence" communities REPORTED [between December 10, 2012 to December 13, 2012] On2 shareholders discovery of $50 million in ON2 UK Limited account on December 10, 2012. Who ORDERED those running On2 UK account to transfer moey from to that account to different HIDDEN one. Who from "intelligence" communities SWAPPED casp321@yahoo posting on Yahoo Financial Board in May of 2013? Who from "intelligence" communities ORDERED Yahoo to BLOCK casp321@yahoo email from being delivered to its destination? casp321@yahoo


    Tuesday, July 29, 2014


    Former NSA Chief: Why I'm Worth $1 Million a Month to Wall Street

    Critics say Keith Alexander's rapid move to the private sector is cause for concern


    Max Ocean, editorial intern

    Former NSA Director Keith Alexander says his services warrant a fee of up to a million dollars, due to a cyber-surveillance technique he and his partners at his new security firm IronNet Cybersecurity have developed, Foreign Policy reported on Tuesday. The claim follows reporting earlier this month that Alexander is slated to head a 'cyber-war council' backed by Wall Street.

    Alexander claims that the new technology is different from anything the NSA has done as it uses "behavioral models" to predict hackers' actions ahead of time.

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 11, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

    Brains: How They Seem to Work

    By: Dale Purves

    Publisher: FT Press

    Pub. Date: April 09, 2010

    If vision’s goal is to distinguish objects that are physically the same or different in any circumstance, it would be of little or no use to perceive the luminance values generated by the surfaces of the papers. For example, imagine cutting one of the papers in half and placing the two halves at random somewhere in the room you are sitting in; the identical halves would likely end up in places where they would be illuminated differently and would therefore return two different luminance values to the eye. Conversely, the luminance of two physically different papers could be the same under different conditions of illumination, again making their luminance useless as a means of distinguishing their actual characteristics. Given that it is biologically useful to see the two papers as members of the same class (imagine them to be edible, and thus something of biological value), human ancestors who made this distinction a little better because of their slightly different visual connectivity would reproduce a little more successfully as a result of this advantage. Eventually, the visual system of humans or other species would discriminate surfaces in different contexts quite well on this empirical basis, despite the inherently uncertain meaning of luminance values in retinal images.

    Dale Purves: Dale Purves is Professor of Neurobiology, Psychology and Neuroscience, and Philosophy at Duke University.
    How can you see bright colors with your sight
    When you've not even learned to see the light?

    Vision's light comes from inside your heart
    This inner light's required for it to start.


  • casp321 casp321 Aug 7, 2014 12:31 PM Flag

    Those running from Yahoo Admin dark room will NOT be able to run their cRIMINAL operations while PAYING Yahoo FEES for their having access to public forum under the "national-security" bullfit. For hOW long you think your CRIMINAL operation through introduction of different "feature" last? for how long? casp321@yahoo
    HOW much Yahoo getting paid by MONITORING the account holders? HOW much? casp321@yahoo

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 7, 2014 12:28 PM Flag

    Was casp321@yahoo FORCED Yahoo to stop BLOCKING him and doing what they did to the REST posting possibly in the FEAR of possible LAWSUIT filing by casp321@yahoo. I have too MUCH evidence when the rIGHT time comes I will present to DOJ and FBI with identifying those in connection/relation and asking FBI/dOJ to INVESTIGATE to see where those posting against casp321@yahoo getting their info? from CIA/NSA or other "intelligence" communities? casp321@yahoo

    You go ahead and remove what you see do nOT fit, but that does NOT seem would last long.

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 7, 2014 12:24 PM Flag

    I bet you these jiniazes even do nOT understand this CONCEPT but someone from ABOVE directing them to remove it. casp321@yahoo

  • casp321 casp321 Aug 7, 2014 12:20 PM Flag

    WOW!!! Those jiniazes running from Yahoo Admin dark room under "intelligence" commands BLOCKING what is just connecting one needs to see light before seeing the color, one from Rumi another from Dale Purves. WOW

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