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    testosterone is a steroid hormone

    by cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 12:51 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester 13 hours ago Flag

    so why then is this stock not reaching incredible valuations as you mentioned other companies have? there is a reason and nobody has disputed the suspicions I've raised all this time.

    on the bright side, baker does have a small position here which got me interested before. but it is too insignificant of a size to say they truly think it will be blockbuster. if they add, then i will buy.

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    Definately a partnership or VC firm stepping in..

    by z06forum Mar 24, 2015 1:32 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester 13 hours ago Flag

    z06 i would have expected you to be more rational in thinking how this plays out. although i disagreed with you at times in the past, i thought you were pretty fair in your assessments. most likely lease agreements were too high, COGS etc. for this industry, it has to completely be wiped out.

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester 13 hours ago Flag

    that is how you think. so every pastor is about money?

    i presume since i'm the only one here who goes against the crowd that is directed towards me. because the board operates as a crowd mentality that wants to use each other at someone else's expense to gain and benefit. a very bad ecosystem.

    i am not here to short, i am here to observe and to learn new things. someone still hasn't shown me any logical reasoning to believe this is really a good investment outside of what the company wants people to believe. I just came from a bad investment called alexza ALXA, and in some ways this is reminiscent of what was taking place there. who can honestly say they never lost money on biotech here, the first to stand up and say yes, be the first to cast the stone.

    i would say the name callers are the ones that are childish, and the insecure are the ones upset I risk their $100k investment. I doubt anyone here has more than 500k invested in this anyway.

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester 15 hours ago Flag

    outstanding shares are what comprise 100% of the company's capital structure. float is irrelevant because outstanding shares are what make the market cap. A company can be 90% held by insiders and beneficial shareholders and 10% float so you are telling me 10% of the full pie will value the market value of the company? If it is excessively ovevalued on the market even insiders will decide to sell.

    You are changing the subject when I said 40% of the company is not held by institutions. all my stock holdings are held by minimum 50% institutions especially biotech. If you know baker brothers, one of the leading institutional investors in biotech, you would know following their investments you are already 2/3 risk averse because they already did most of the dd for you, which any serious company in biotech would tell them what they need to know to decide if the drug programs they have carry high probability for success.

    i let you pick my brain for free because you obviously didn't know that. float is only for daytraders looking to scalp stock that has very few shares traded. I invest on the "A" side of the card, which is as an insider or how big money thinks.

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    by cheating_stock_invester Mar 20, 2015 7:13 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester 20 hours ago Flag

    he will soon be the only person using the vaporizer. I would wonder why they even continued to try to launch new clinical studies but I already can answer that by stating they are fraudulent and getting away with it by walking a tightrope on the edge of breaking the law. the fact they updated the website to try and lure more people into thinking they are actually doing something, but then the jobs page shows not even a single open position shows they are running a smokescreen. there's nothing going on there anymore. I do think this will be taken under for free.

    why should I even give the management the benefit of the doubt when they have given us nothing to prove they are really trying to do anything good for shareholders. the only reason they got the loan for adasuve royalty is because they couldn't dilute to raise 50mm unless they sold 10mm shares which nobody would have paid for. this one is done.

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    testosterone is a steroid hormone

    by cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 12:51 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester 22 hours ago Flag

    hof,actually Sustol should be in market by 2016. They were formerly APPA and completed two CRLs of which the last was basically regarding a manufacturing process that the new management has since resolved. They also decided to do one more P3 for a new type of delayed HEC that ASCO had recently classified, which will give them if approved the first approval for that indication. I am not saying that anything is guaranteed, but as you said there is limited downside there and positive upside, bec they are so close. Look at who's involved there and who has invested and you will know how much confidence they have in what they're doing.

    That is what actually got me skeptical about LPCN, like I said I liked most of what I heard except the management team, if someone can point me to show they have a great track record, then most of what they are publishing I will believe. Life is all about integrity this day in age.

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 28, 2015 1:37 AM Flag

    the danger of calling someone else names is that you don't know what the heck you're talking about and you expose yourself. you calculate positions of a company based on the outstanding shares, not float. I won't even bother calling you names because you said it yourself. you are who you call others, because you're wrong.

    even if I explain it to you, you won't understand because you don't even know the diff between float and the outstanding shares. I would teach you but you don't deserve it because of your ignorance.

    again you simply think because you don't know you're responding to on the other end that they are lesser than you or dumber than you. I manage many people, motivate and lead them. I have no need to feed my ego or be a legend of my own mind because I know what my agenda is and I can tell you and everyone else's agenda is to try to make a buck off someone else.

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    testosterone is a steroid hormone

    by cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 12:51 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 8:20 PM Flag

    sustol based on their estimates is at a $500mm/year market, being superior if they get even 50% that is 250-300mm. it may be smaller than what you have in mind for TRT but I rather go for something that is almost sure to be approved, and deals with patients that need the drug due to pain and life difficult experiences as that of CINV.

    You hit the nail on the head that biochronomer once the market gains wind of it being applicable in more than just the CINV/PONV they can use it for other drugs in slow released delivery format, we can see much more partnerships as they generate income on drugs they bring to market. Their second lead drug HTX-011 competes against Exparel another drug in the same market value as Sustol, and PCRX which released Exparel is already valued at 3bb just from that drug alone. So it is a no brainer at $500mm market cap, there's still lot of upside from these levels what HRTX can do. I will sitback and wait as they have a more seasoned, experienced management team with a great reputation.

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 7:22 PM Flag

    1. what does low float have to do with whether they have good fundamentals.
    2. even the worse companies can manage to have no debt if they issue more shares.
    3. i am not a scientist so I don't know how blood results prove the drug is good or not. even if a doctor will say they are good, it doesn't mean it will get approved.
    4. safety is stellar because it is simple testosterone hormone in pill format
    5. easier doesn't always equate to fda approval
    6. i do not disagree at all. in fact that's why i came here in the first place when i considered it a great opportunity.
    7. why put a second to cannibalize your own, unless you are sure about the first. this is not an Iphone where technological barriers withholds production of a future model that has cost prohibitions that later are lifted.
    8. that doesn't mean anything. many biotechs file NDAs knowing the chances of them getting approved at first go around is successful.
    9. low float, good news is all speculation.

    i am suspect that some management and people close to the company are posting here that's why they take it personal. frankly as a shareholder i would truly care less about what other people say that are false if i truly believe my company has something to value the stock far greater than what it trades. only those like the Lumber Liquidator guys keep defending the truth when the truth is against them.

    bottom line, there's a reason why institutional investment is less than 50%. If you think you are smarter than institutions who manage millions of dollars in funds, then you wouldn't need to be worrying about the day to day stock price because you have too much money. that puts you in the category of being like me trying to share your opinion that would help someone who would appreciate it, or someone who has a vested interest to tell someone anything you want them to believe just so you can make a dollar from them. I choose to be the former.

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    Stock is going up...

    by ck135b Mar 27, 2015 4:02 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 5:25 PM Flag

    Heh impostors playing their childish game.

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    it's happening

    by mo1le Oct 24, 2013 6:16 PM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 1:10 PM Flag

    why? it is at 52 week low??? scammer.

  • cheating_stock_invester by cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    when the body is deficient in producing a normal hormone, supplimenting it for prolonged periods can cause it to produce even less of the hormone. the key is to address the issue of why the body is not producing enough.

    if you have a brain tumor and you get constant headaches, tylenol will not solve the problem.

    why am i posting here? because i found many pumpers and hypers here that were luring me into believing a $7 stock can go to $60 and the way they say it is like it will happen within a few days of the announcement of a partner that is pure speculation. Simply because I post to warn others of the truth surrounding the stock, the others will choose to make personal attacks and childish talk just to discredit what I have to say.

    yes if i post here for pure commentary and opinion which comes from the nature of trying to help others, many will not believe it because they are too are the ones that are so suspicious of themselves because they don't ever elect to try to help others, and they themselves have their own agenda to profit off someone else's failures or shortcomings. (selling the pump to the ones in the dark)

    meanwhile, I will tell you there are two stocks that look better which are HRTX and REPH. I am not hyping there as you can see it is simply passing on a good word to someone who may need it. Go ahead and short my stocks, it only gives an opportunity to buy more at cheaper prices, because fundamentals inevitably are what causes stock pricse to go higher.

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    This stock is hated.

    by mr_hanney Mar 26, 2015 10:18 AM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 10:36 AM Flag

    btw, based on my research I did sell my small position a few weeks ago and decided I will reenter if management proves they can move things forward and after I am sure they will get smart money into their products. it might be on the later side of the opportunity, but no stock that's good goes to 100% potential growth and valuation unless It is a scam. in other words, the prudent want to invest is buying a great company at a good price vs a ok company at a great price.

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    This stock is hated.

    by mr_hanney Mar 26, 2015 10:18 AM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 10:33 AM Flag

    admittingly I was attracted to this stock based on what you said yourself. I bought a tracking position in the stock and started trying to accumulate before it got momentum toward 8 a few weeks ago. I then did further dd to check what is the best price to accumulate and bottom fish if the market took a tank like it has in the past week, but found things I didn't like.

    those that think I am short or bash the stock are emotional and just in denial that what I say may be true or make sense or are just stock touters that want to hype up the stock quickly and sell on the next technical spike and dump.

    I actually listen to every available conference call available on the web, analyst reports, 10k and 8k's etc. what I found was this company lacked solid management team that was proven to pass through clinical trials a drug, and market it as well, let alone have strong partners.

    they reversed merged the company to go public, akin to a rich kid failing to get VC for his startup and instead going to their rich parents for funding. When's the last time you've heard of a startup go big without successful VC?

    Some people remember myspace, they were targeting same social media space as facebook. first doesn't always equal the best. Entrepreneurs know you go too early you can die, you go too late you're already dead.

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    This stock is hated.

    by mr_hanney Mar 26, 2015 10:18 AM
    cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    you feel it's the best stock opportunity you ever found on the market for 2015?

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 27, 2015 10:02 AM Flag

    so you resort to name calling when you can't back anything up with fact or educated reasoning? has any of my posts been rubbish here? only the ones that keep posting speculative, hype and wishful thinking are upset at my comments and opinion because they just want to pump the stock and sell!

    this is a reverse merged biotech, last year was the best time to IPO any stock, if they needed to go that route the writing was on the wall they didn't have the proper management team to get things running right.

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 26, 2015 10:25 PM Flag

    Ok pls short so I can buy more

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 26, 2015 9:31 PM Flag

    Ok we will see who's right.

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 26, 2015 9:31 PM Flag

    U didn't read the press release. They have a manufacturing facility they purchased with the 50mm orbimed loan for a business that has a phase 3 drug and manufacturing with 70mm annual revenues and cash flow positive. Read before u open ur mouth

  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Mar 26, 2015 10:59 AM Flag

    why are you singling people out? i am here to set the story and the facts straight. all you guys who have these arbitrary targets are just trying to pump the stock so you can get out. at this level I will tell you REPH is a much better stock than LPCN. It has way more going for it.

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