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  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jan 7, 2015 5:21 PM Flag

    Remember I told you dummies there would be no Porsche for xmas... sorry

  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Jan 7, 2015 12:25 AM Flag

    You are the retail fool that "Wall Street" loves-- the idiot that thinks a night of reading about immunotherapy has given you a leg up on the 100s of biotech funds that are paid billions of dollars to analyze situations such as this. What is wrong with you people? It's like this: I took a class at Equinox (local gym) in boxing and now I think I'm ready to take on Mike Tyson. Tell me something happy librarian are you a doctor? A biogist? A statistician? What makes you so qualified to "see" what Wall Street is missing? You're delusional! You might as well say you've figured out how to beat the casinos at the slots. See this is the disgusting part of the whole thing: under the pretense of wanting to save lives, what Kinda is doing is appealing to you dumb retail gamblers. This is why she says things like: multiple ways to win. This is why her presentations are not led by a scientist but by her (a former Enron emloyee and attorney). She needs dumb retail and that's why she talks down to her audience and speaks about the T cells being the "army" and the dendritic cells the general. Be careful dummies.....

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jan 7, 2015 12:10 AM Flag

    I see posters touting multi valuations yet look under Edgar and not one insider has bought NWBO in years. Oh yea I know Linda owns millions but that's because she got all her money back via the money generated by Cognate-- a Toucan Funds enterprise that does the work for NWBO. It's called self dealing-most likely not illegal but trust me when NWBO goes to 0 Linda will have generated over a 100 million in revenue for her OTHER company cognate and you ladies and gentlemen have shares in the OTHER one. So tell me, their "lead scientist" the other 3 employees... Why no insider buys? Why can't NWBO even approach the price where she sold shares, in the hole, to that last great institution investor? If the this British investor knew so much and took 25 million at 5.90 or wherever it was why not buy more here? Guys, you don't know anymore than the hedge funds betting against you! Stop! Don't you know all the due diligence in the world, staying up all night and reading about dendritic cells, these funds shorting NWBO are staffed with statisticians and world class biologists. It's not a conspiracy to destroy NWBO- it's simply a bet and you're the sucker on the other side of that trade-- the dumb retail girl who thinks listening to Linda's CC or reading IHUB has given you insight the billion dollar funds have over looked. This story is so old. It's been dissected and examined by every biotech fund I know and all either pass it up or short it because in about a year when it's trading at a buck-- Linda will be touting DCVAX Direct when L fails ("many ways to win") and for that reason only will be a buck-- all of you will have wondered why was I such a fool. Don't be! If you want to make a wager then be small. NWBO has nothing. If they did those in the trial would be telling friends and doctors and hospital administrators and the stock would not be floundering which it has been for years. I'm not short. I'm simply telling you're living in a bubble.

  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Dec 11, 2014 3:37 PM Flag

    Nobody pays me... Why do you think that if someone is critical they are begin paid? Are you a paid pumper? I was just saying... you don't think it is funny that despite all the claims by the company the stock has done virtually nothing and in fact after all their so called progress the stock price keeps falling below where they do each funding... Come on wake up... it is a pipe dream and nobody believes it except you fools.....

  • "special sauce", "multiple ways to win" "the data is beautiful" "this is the first time I have publicly said this." "stay tuned". Jez shut up! You are killing what little credibility this company has! Now listen dummies.... If Direct had any hope, which it does not, don't you think those involved in the trial would be telling friends i.e., other nurses, doctors, patients friends, family etc.? They do a deal at 5.90 and the stock is now below 5. There is nothing here dummies ... nothing but a sham.. see you at 3 bucks.....

  • Are you kidding me! They sell shares what 20% below where stock was trading AND they have to hand out for every share a warrant priced at where stock was just trading! Now I know I know any day now Seth will announce a deal with GE or Areva or all of them to fabricate their metal fuel rods and some of you are just aching to sell that news hoping it goes zoom zoom and who knows maybe it will buy why? Nobody is going to pay for Seth's dream, well that's not true-- you poor slobs are paying for it. Believe me that institutional investor who took those almost 3 million shares is spitting them out (he'll keep the free warrants) and that "news" better be damn good to absorb the 3 million he's aching to unload on the heels of whatever announcement Seth has up his sleeves. But we all know (please tell me we all know) that ltbr has not made one iota of progress in 6 years. Please tell me you guys know this?

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