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chessnotcheckersed 44 posts  |  Last Activity: Nov 12, 2014 11:34 PM Member since: Aug 20, 2012
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  • Are you kidding me! They sell shares what 20% below where stock was trading AND they have to hand out for every share a warrant priced at where stock was just trading! Now I know I know any day now Seth will announce a deal with GE or Areva or all of them to fabricate their metal fuel rods and some of you are just aching to sell that news hoping it goes zoom zoom and who knows maybe it will buy why? Nobody is going to pay for Seth's dream, well that's not true-- you poor slobs are paying for it. Believe me that institutional investor who took those almost 3 million shares is spitting them out (he'll keep the free warrants) and that "news" better be damn good to absorb the 3 million he's aching to unload on the heels of whatever announcement Seth has up his sleeves. But we all know (please tell me we all know) that ltbr has not made one iota of progress in 6 years. Please tell me you guys know this?

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Oct 2, 2014 10:26 AM Flag

    Just another dollar away guys... hang in there

  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Sep 26, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    I said buy CLDX at 7 it went to 30..... It was the call of a lifetime.

  • Be objective! Stop dreaming! There is virtually no institutional interest in NWBO. The institutions that hold it do so via their commitment in owning various biotech ETFs. When NWBO attempts to raise money the only interest they can garner is from vulture funds or PIPE players that use the offering to spin the stock and make a quick profit on the back of retail. There is no institutional coverage. I take that back, the one institution that looked at the company and helped them raised money reduced coverage from buy to a hold (Oppenheimer). Everybody knows this story. The company has been looked at in depth by hedge funds that have resources beyond Larry Smith and all of them have either passed or shorted the stock. Yet you all believe what exactly? That the efficacy results promised in December from the DMC last year were passed on without consequence? That NWBO decided to just expand the trial and the number of events wily nilly? If there was even a scintilla of credibility to anything NWBO said or did then funds would be all of over this. They are staffed with physicians, with statisticians, with mathematicians and yet all of them have passed or decided to short and yet poor retail thinks they have it all wrong. The market is up 200 points and NWBO, which has lost 40% of its value in just a month, again running out of money, can even bounce. You people need to wake up. You don't have an edge and NWBO can't convince anyone except poor you-- those that trade with hope and a dream. Sorry. But you got it wrong.

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 20, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    You guys remember me? I know everything about NWBO and was long at 3 bucks sold at 6. Went short a bunch of times and now looking to get long once she bottoms out. My reasons for wanting to get long I will outline another time. There is just so much noise surrounding the company and a concerted effort to drive the share price down. Now for those that like taking a beating hang in there. But the chart is broken and to me 4.80 is in the cards a little more than 10% lower from here. If you can take the pain stay put. If you want a better entry point wait for capitulation selling. Look for 2 times average volume (about a million share day and a hammer bottom). Then you can get long if but for a trade. I am not quite sure why AF has such a hard on for Linda but he carries a lot of weight not only with retail but with institutions. Much of the noise is NWBO's fault. They have no real institutional coverage other than a downgrade to hold from Oppenheimer (hardly a screaming endorsement -- with no institutional coverage retail has to ask "why") and at least in the past Linda has sounded very unprofessional "we have to ways to win" (like it was a roulette game); the absence of a DMC ruling on efficacy is in the words of Larry Smith "highly unusual" does not help regardless of the reasons (although in the end this was perhaps no fault of NWBO); the lack of any peer reviewed publications; the lack of a scientific officer who is the face of the company; Linda's past; financing quarter to quarter as opposed to one big secondary to set them straight until end of the trial; commingling of corporate interests between Cognate (the manufacturing arm) and NWBO; past action wherein NWBO overstated Swiss action and erroneously stated they had the right to sell vaccine (lawsuit eventually settled); changing the parameters of their phase III trial in midstream (again very unusual); failure to update investors on enrollees etc... Each one of these is a red flag. Together ....

  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Sep 18, 2014 8:34 PM Flag

    I only got 8,000 shares .....

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 3:42 PM Flag

    The devil is back and with some serious deep pockets after a killing in ASPU. LTBR needs to capitulate. Chart is soooooo ugly... let it go down. Look for a 200K share day down. Then maybe just maybe take a shot. Seth running out of bullets but hey lies are cheap.

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    Lightbridge and the history of lies...

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:26 PM
    chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:52 PM Flag

    ii) Thorium Power and the fantasy MOU: This is back in 2008 when Seth said that Thorium Power had a MOU with Punj Lloyd: Punj Lloyd Thursday said it has entered into an agreement with US-based Thorium Power for consulting activities in the development of nuclear power generation in India.

    What became of this: NOTHING.

    III) Lightbridge and Fuel Fabricator MOUs: Back in 2011, the words are Seth's:

    Negotiations began with a U.S. fuel fabrication partner relating to metal fuel fabrication process development and demonstration work in the United States. Negotiations are expected to conclude later in 2012.

    If I am right, and 2012 has passed, then once again Seth seems to have missed the mark. On the quarterly conference calls why doesn't someone hold his feet to the fire and ask simply: Didn't you say back in 2011 that you expected to have a US fabricator on board for your fuel rods later in 2012? That was 2 years ago!

    Oh there is more.

    Late last year Seth said regarding another fictitious MOU with another 3rd party: Collaboration with B&W on the pilot-scale fuel fabrication facility study is another important milestone in the commercial advancement of our innovative, metallic nuclear fuel," said Seth Grae, Lightbridge President and Chief Executive Officer. "We hope the initial collaboration under the MOU can lead to a definitive agreement early next year."

    Of course, early next year (this year) is more like never. In fact, now Seth says they will make public the agreement when and if it should happen.

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    Lightbridge and the history of lies...

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:26 PM
    chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

    To summarize, over 3 years ago, Seth said that not only did they anticipate later in 2011 testing their fuel in the ATR, but they "anticipate confirmation from INL and DOE later this year on the feasibility of going directly into loop irradiations.".

    Ahhh but 2011 came and went and so did the ATR dreams and all of Seth's promises. Seth qualified these words later on and spoke of another intermediate step required: a so called scoping study that needed to precede testing. Whether a study was ever done and whether results of that study were ever had nobody seems to know. It was just words apparently. In fact, not since approximately 2013 was the ATR ever mentioned again.

    C) Memorandum of Understandings: LTBR is essentially broke and has never had an R&D budge sufficient to support the dreams of Seth. He knows this and everyone with a brain does. In order to counter this doubt, Seth has continuously used what appear to be illusory MOUs with fictions partners. Here a but a few:

    i) When LTBR was Thorium Power back in 2009: In August, we expanded our Initial Collaborative Agreement with Areva by entering into additional Consulting and Collaboration Framework Agreements. We have now agreed on the terms for conducting the first phase, and an anticipated second phase, of an investigation of specific topics of thorium fuel cycles in Areva's light water reactors. The Framework Agreement outlines the terms of future collaborative efforts, beyond the first two phases of the investigation, between Thorium Power and Areva.

    What became of this: NOTHING

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 2:26 PM Flag

    Thorium power
    a) The company's exaggerations/ lies when they were touting their seed and blanket technology are too varied to recount and as they are now touting a completely different though just as nonsensical technology I will skip over the list. But I encourage anyone to google Thorium Power (the previous iteration of Seth's delusions) and civilian nuclear reactor. You will find Seth stating that their technology would be in a civilian nuclear power plant outside Moscow, first, in 2010, then 2012 and then the whole thing was just abandoned as they announced their "transformational discovery" of the All Metal Fuel Rods.

    All Metal Fuel Technology:
    b) Rod Fabrication: See guys you can't just create or "discover" a new fuel technology. It must be licensed by for example a national regulatory agency. Before licensing you need to test it. Before testing it you need to create an actual fuel rod. Now for about 4 years Seth has been saying that they are under discussions with various fuel fabricators that will produce a 3m fuel rod for them, one which they will use to test. Now, LTBR never had more than a few million in the bank and these rods are not cheap to produce. But let's put such practicalities aside. Where are the said fuel rods needed for the test? Lets go back in time shall we.

    November 8, 2012 (about 2 years ago):
    Lightbridge also secured final approval from Russian fuel fabricator TVEL relating to fabrication of Lightbridge-designed metallic fuel samples for irradiation testing in the MIR research reactor in Dimitrovgrad, Russia, and the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at Idaho National Laboratory. "We are in the advanced stages of contract negotiations with TVEL and its subsidiary companies," Grae said. "We expect these negotiations to be completed in the next few months."

    Interesting, once again, Seth led investors to believe that a rod fabrication agreement would be completed "in the next few months." This was almost 2 years ago.

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    Seth Grae Modus Operandi

    by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 9:39 PM
    chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Sep 16, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    Greed my friend is a human trait. Whether you are baby sucking your mama's breasts or Bill Ackman. But I digress. I mentioned thorium not because I ever believed these idiots but just to delineate the endless lies that stream from Seth's mouth. Again, CEO's can be wrong. But just Google Seth Grea and LTBR milestones over the last decade and you will see an endless parade of over promises and NOT under deliver but outright lies. Let me repeat this one example again but it is just so egregious: The man states a few years back, we are going in the ATR AND it appears we can skip one important series of test (capsule irradiation) and go into loop irradiation. However, we need to see results from a "scoping study" and these results will be know within a matter of year. A year passes and not only do we never know if a scoping study took place, they just never mention again the ATR. The foregoing example was in regards to their ALL METAL FUEL btw and not thorium. Last year it Babcock and Wilcox. Even the one analysts on the call was befuddled about how a CEO can give guidance and then just pull it like it was never uttered. I honestly think there is an actionable offense here but the SEC is awol so......

  • They date back to I believe 2006, basically when then went public. First, this lies surrounded Thorium Power. Then their "transformational discover". Then testing their metallic fuel rods in the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR). Then skipping capsule irradiation testing and going to loop irradiation testing in the ATR. Preceding these lies, there was their MOU with Areva on their "thorium technology" (never materialized); their Punj Loyd MOU (a rep of LTBR said it could be worth a billion dollars... but alas never materialized). Then after the whole ATR fiasco (strange nest pas that a revolutionary nuclear technology and the ATR wanted nothing to do with it? Stranger still that they said they were having the ATR do a "scoping study" to study the safety of their technology and then nothing ever heard from again? Yet, now we are to believe that GE is interested in their fuel technology?). In the interim 5 years, think about this, 5 years, LTBR has not produced one test result. In 5 years all they have done is promise this and promise that. In 5 years despite the manner in which Seth starts every CC "this quarter we have made great progress" despite these words absolutely nothing has been done. Nothing. It is quite bizarre that they are allowed to continue as a public company. Essentially their business plan should read: Seth Grae, to continue to have a job and support his delusions of grandeur, is seeking shareholder support. But hope springs eternal.... I have warned you guys now for 5 years....

  • When LTBR was really broke that is when they announced their "transformational discovery" and sold I think it was 2 million shares to the biggest sucker of all Marxe Austin. Boy did they take it on the chin (they use every rally to sell shares as you can see on the insider transactions on Yahoo Finance). Now they are broke again. I mean they have 0 cash. Now do not delude yourself they can keep their luxurious offices in Arlington VA on a consulting fee to Vietnam. In their last Q they had 1.6 million in cash but they lose 1.7 million a quarter. Doesn't take much boys and girls to realize that in about another month LTBR is insolvent. So you are Seth Grae, a man who has no problem if not lying then at least exaggerating the truth. What does he do, he plants the seeds of not just 1 but many deals on the tables with the biggest fabricators in the world one of which already walked away from the company 5 years ago, AREVA. Seth knows there are suckers like Jimlam out there who still listen to the CC and invest with a dream and hope. He knows his only solution to the imminent solvency facing the company is dilution but to dilute at 2 dollars? I guess he can do it if it does it soon. Maybe, but why would anyone invest 2 million in a company to pay Seth's salary and rent when there has been no discernible progress on this dream in 5 years other than the issuance of a patent? This is the end game people. This is the end, finally, of LTBR......

  • Guys, how many times has CEO Seth Grae promised something and not delivered? Honestly, you don't think this guy is a incorrigible liar? I know he hides behind the safe harbor statement thus he can't be liable for forward looking statements but this is getting egregious! Let's start with the most recent claims. End of 2013 a collaborative agreement expected in 1st Q 2014. Did you hear the analysts from Roth on the CC two quarters ago? he was like, so in the Q you changed the language what happened to the MOU with B&W? Of course Seth back steps and say well we are working on it. Now it is before end of year. But remember the MOU with Areva 5 years ago and NOTHING. Remember testing in the ATR and NOTHING. Remember Punj Loyd and NOTHING. Ok things change. C'est la vie. But this guy is on record stating things over the course of 7 years and NOTHING. Remember, fabrication of the rods 3 years ago? NOTHING. One day I will delineate all the promises chronologically and publish them on Seeking Alpha. It is like Seth doesn't know that the net saves everything. His lies are on record and when 2014 ends and there is no news on B&W and his "agreements" with "one or more" western fabricators does NOT come to fruition then how is this guy no prosecuted?

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 13, 2014 9:32 PM Flag

    That feels about right.....

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 13, 2014 9:30 PM Flag

    Last December, when Seth said they would have a MOU with B&W in the 1st q 2014 I said watch what they do not what they say. What happened? Forget B&W they have lots of problems and are not throwing a dime at a pie in sky idea (watch the Scottish elections next week but they will vote "no" as the banksters are there now scaring the bejesus out of them). LTBR right now is busted. Seth is doing all he can to keep the share price up so dilution doesn't look silly. So ask yourself, do you feel lucky? If you do, throw some money down on LTBR and sell the news should it ever come. Or, wait for dilution. It has been 7 years and absolutely no progress on anything so I find it hard to believe with no testing, 5 years later, Areva is saying yes to LTBR. The is especially so since they said "no" to them 5 years ago. Sorry bro, this makes no sense to me. It hasn't for years now.

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 9:39 PM Flag

    Guys, just google Seth Grae thorium power nuclear reactor Moscow. I think it was 8 years ago he said his thorium technology would be in a civilian nuclear power plant by 2010. Then in a later article he said 2012. Now it's not Thorium but all metal fuel technology. Originally, LTBR and Seth, put forth a timeline: fabricate the rods, scoping study, loop irradiation in the ATR. Do you guys not remember this? This was 4 years ago! And to wit, after 4 years, the rods haven't even been fabricated! It gets worse! The company after their lies does a secondary at 6.40 all sold to poor Marxe Austin (look at insider transactions -- poor guys are selling in the 2s!) -- the most recent offering was done where, at 3? Stock is now 5 years later at 2.40 AND you think Seth has a deal with Areva coming? Why would you think this because he said so? But how about the 20 other things Seth has said that have never materialized? There has been literally 0 movement on this technology since the day they made the historic announcement: we made a transformational discovery 7 years ago. 7 years have passed and not 1 test! Not a fuel rod fabricated, not an agreement signed. Please, sign the petition: Dismantle LTBR and Give the Tax Loss to Shareholders. Arghhhhhhh how long can this go on for?! Where is the SEC!

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 9:26 PM Flag

    Super, so you are still trusting Seth Grae after how many years now? Remember LTBR all metal tech was going into the ATR? Remember when Seth said this? I think it was 2009. What happened? Remember the technology was going to skip loop irradiation and go to capsule? Remember the MOU with Areva? Remember the MOU with Punj Lloyd? How many lies can 1 CEO tell? LTBR is right now broke. They had I believe 1.5 million in working capital in June. They burn 500,000 a month. So it's rinse dry repeat-- Seth is delusional or an outright fraudster. But he has been telling the same story for years, almost a decade and these elusive fuel rods he goes on about have never been fabricated. Listen bro, the US government would love to see this technology work but they essentially kicked LTBR out of the ATR after the funding ran out (that funding totaled 150,000). Seth just needs a job, a raison d'être, otherwise he is a nobody. There is no technology! I told you guys in 2013, they'll be no deal with B&W! There never is! How many lies can this man tell and just hide behind the no harbor statement? It's incredible he is not in jail.

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Sep 12, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

    Look for 2.50

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