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  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Aug 28, 2014 11:35 AM Flag

    On Track Innovations Ltd (OTIV) Gains as Apple (AAPL) Seen Launching Mobile Payment System
    Street Insider - 9:57 AM ET

  • This company is now at an inflection point and with growing enthusiasm over Apple;s payment to compete with PayPal this is huge. It could be in every retail outlet....

  • PIP's legal victory will bankrupt the competitor. It is worth twice current market cap and now PIP is the leader.. Look for a double...

  • That said, I am out. It was a good trade. Good luck guys. I am getting ready for the next bio catalyst trade. Stay tuned......

  • Although it is only a partial hold, evidently the FDA nows sees the risk/reward in favor for human testing. The only other company is MAPP and they are private. Guys, this is it. I like AF and he did know of the FDA decision today when he wrote that the TKMR trade might be over. Well it looks like it is now on!

  • GS says that is how you play the pin action

  • Read his article (it is an implicit recommendation for AMSC). Stock should rip if they can get another 1 or 2 contracts.....

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jul 29, 2014 2:47 PM Flag

    I have in the past been negative about DVAX but today went long. There are a few reasons. The first is I follow the money and a 4 million share block went off. Stock trading 5 times average volume and on the high of the day (bought 20,000 at 1.45). People are going to start to understand the relationship between the TLR receptor and immunotherapy which DVAX has show has clinical significance in clinical studies for Asthma. This is done in corroboration with AZN. AZN has the right to buy this and I think they will resulting in about 100 million to DVAX. Then there is heplisav which most know should have been approved and most likely will be approved. Of all the small cap biotech I look at this has one of the better pipelines and as we approach the end of the year provided there are no more adverse effects reported in the safety trial for Heplisav I think DVAX approaches 2.50.

  • This is just a gamble and insiders are taking money off the table before the results. Follow them....

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jul 8, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    Since, 2009, the idiots that run LTBR (really just a vehicle to give Seth Grae and company a reason for being AND a salary) have been promising testing in a reactor, memorandum of understandings with various partners etc. What have they delivered in 5 years? Well, Idaho National Labs essentially rejected them -- remember the partnership with Texas A&M? Remember Loop Irridation testing and then.. oh yea capsule irradiation testing? Remember the MOU with Punj Loyd? Oh my ti just gets deeper and deeper. Remember the new consulting contracts with other nations? Now lets go one by one: Consulting: The company received one project due to their board member's relationship with the UAE. But truthfully, LTBR offers nothing every fuel fabricator can offer, and offers for free when a nation seeks to undergo a nuclear project. So forget LTBR's consulting business. It is non existent and the company knows this and have said such (We are not going to get anywhere being a boutique law firm). Then there is their all metal fuel. My goodness, after a decade they filed a patent and you morons get excited! What happened to the actual testing? Every listen to a CC? That moron Grey spends 80% of the time talking about the macro environment for nuclear but nothing of substance about where they are with regard to licensing this "breakthrough Technology"! How does this company continue to exist? Why does it exist? Google Seth Grae and irradiation testing. This snake oil salesman has been touting testing his technology for close to a decade and they still don't even have a mock rod to test. Guys it is jus a place for Seth to tell his wife: Honey I am going to work today. Nothing gets done and nothing ever will.

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jul 7, 2014 7:38 PM Flag

    I have been following this company for much longer than almost all of you. I have essentially traded NWBO like I do all small cap biotech stocks. Frankly, the majority of them destroy wealth as opposed to create any. But they are great trading vehicles. NWBO needs to raise money. That is the name of the game for all these companies. There is nothing per se wrong with that. But they are snake oil salesman for the most part, even if well intentioned. Hey these trials are expensive and confirmation bias means most CEOs are believers. NWBO raised I believe 15 million back in April. They burn 4 million a month (I know all about the 5 million dollar German grant but that is dollar in dollar out so you need to spend to get). Compassionate use revenues I think are minimal. They are not going to be sufficient to fund these two trials on two continents. So, if you want to get long, just wait for the secondary. I have noticed that the often do the raise prior to the release of the Q (I think they get nervous issuing a Q showing 0 cash (sometimes they show emergency loans)). So if you want to get long wait for the secondary. But this delay in the DMC ruling is I believe unprecedented. I have never seen anything like this. The DMC recommendation was to come over 6 months ago. You can think but what you want but the absence of enrollment numbers, no institutional interest, and the delay in the DMC ruling, the admonitionment from MD Andersen (look I know it is open label and what NWBO is doing is just what they planned to do -- pump up any good news so they can do a raise on the most favorable terms) but they got their hand caught in the cookie jab. None of this looks good. I don't' know. It feels like someone is going to jail maybe it will be some of the shorts... who knows but be careful

  • Seriously, Enron Linda is walking a fine line...

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jul 7, 2014 7:20 PM Flag

    This has to stop. The madness has to stop!!!!

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jul 2, 2014 3:48 PM Flag

    Super, exciting about a company that for a decade has never delivered ANYTHING! How could you not sell this run up on a patent. On a patent! I tried to short but could not get a borrow.... See the news on ASPU? I am telling you the CEO, previous CEO of inter click is an interesting guy. I think he might have just solved the problem to the high cost of secondary education... but we shall see.....

  • Imagine DMC rules trial needs to be stopped and all NWBO has is a silly Direct trial and no money... how will they raise the necessary funds to stay alive....

  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Jun 19, 2014 9:08 PM Flag

    The Germans are involved with brain not direct. Dearth-- inadequate supply of something. Anyway, if the DMC would just come out already and do their job which is to objectively assess the progress of a trial based on safety and efficacy then at least shareholders could hang their hat on GBM. Doesn't seem that everything with NWBO in unnecessarily complicated or shrouded in mystery.

  • First, I don't believe that Direct has any chance. There simply is a dearth of science to support it. The company has not submitted any peer reviewed articles and the mechanism of action intuitively appears overly simplistic. I have always thought this. Brain, on the other hand, has a much better chance. The phase 1/2 trials albeit small had a P value suggesting that notwithstanding their size, that they were single site and pron to investigator bias, the results were not random. Regardless, the delay from the DMC regarding this phase 3 trial is alarming. I think NWBO is also alarmed and that is why they are highlighting Direct. But it's one thing to highlight a trial and another to mislead about the trial results. It's clear that NWBO is hyping the results for Direct. They are certainly not alone in doing this. Smith is right-- other companies have done this-- reported results from an open label early stage trial. But the press releases, similar to AF's hatchet job, were not meant to elucidate but to excite, to drive share price higher. And why? The last raise brought the company just enough money for approximately 4 months. It was done in April. By the end of July another raise will be in order. Might this be the motivation? In summary, what NWBO did was not illegal. But the "news" constituted hype. Similarly, AF's article was designed not just to highlight NWBO's hyperbolic releases but the intent was malicious, to drive the stock price down. Direct does not work. It will not work. Larry Smith knows this as does NWBO. The hope here is brain and now everything is resting with the DMC. Look for another raise and hope the DMC does not rule against the company or it's all over.

  • The truth is many companies have reported progress in an open label study on a case by case basis. The company did nothing wrong and in fact they stated that would be doing this. So I don't see the problem here. Just retail investors losing their heads.....

  • chessnotcheckersed by chessnotcheckersed Jun 19, 2014 2:56 PM Flag

    NWBO is almost broke, again. They are using the Direct trial and hyping the results because they need to raise money. Now this is not unusual. All biotech companies do this. They walk the line between reality and hyperbole. Did NWBO do anything wrong? No. They qualified their recent press releases to shield themselves against any legal action. Nonetheless, Direct is a joke and everyone knows this except you dummies. There are no peer reviewed articles and it is a pipe dream. That leaves you with Brain which has a reasonable chance of showing clinical significance. But there is a chance the DMC throws out the results from the beginning of this trail and NWBO will once again be delayed a few more years costing them millions more. To avoid this, NWBO has been hyping Direct-- remember Linda;s infamous words: Many ways to win. But Direct is a red herring and AF called her out on it, everybody knows this. The stock is worth 4 bucks on GBM. I sold out of my long and now I am neutral. It is just too crazy to play it long or short here....

  • Just got 5,000 at 7.22

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