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  • They may win a battle here and there, but they WILL continue to lose the war on Wayfair.

  • I respect him, but he's spread so thin he sometimes misses a call due to lack of homework.

    The recent decline in W has nothing to do with fears of a slowdown in sales, as he posits.

    Every great stock surge, like the one Wayfair just had, needs to pause, digest, and even allow for profit taking.

    The bears being all over this stock, and massive short interest, coupled with a lack of liquidity in W shares, is what leads to high beta - both up and down moves. That's what makes it a good trading stock. That should have been Cramer's thesis.

    Still, the best way to make real money in Wayfair is to hold it for the long term, add on dips, and let this story play out. The bears betting against Wayfair will continue to lose as this company proves, once and for all, that a furniture etailer can succeed. They have the right model and the numbers are proving it. After they turn profitable a year from now and eventually become a household brand name, there will be no stopping this juggernaut.

  • Somebody pinch me...did my "wish list" limit order for more AAPL shares really fill this morning @ $95 ?!?!

    Ho Ho Homerun!

    Just put in another order @ $90....I put nothing past this market right now.


  • This neurotic market just enabled me to repurchase the shares in W I sold a couple weeks ago at $54 for the "clearance sale" price of $39. The difference being I got to buy even more shares, 30% more, for the same dollar amount. Like most people, I love when quality merchandise goes on sale at a meaningful discount.

    Thank you China!!!

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    Andrew Left, Citron Research

    by wayfairmillionaire Aug 19, 2015 9:07 AM
    chuckpalot chuckpalot Aug 19, 2015 9:47 AM Flag

    Yup, lots of these hack boutique "research" outfits are run by boiler room graduates. Once a #$%$...

  • Not sure it means anything for W. After all, ZU has been struggling for a while, losing customers, and searching for a magic formula to drive long-term success. This was a "take under" deal, priced below their IPO. That's all you really need to know about this transaction. Mercy Killing.

    Wayfair, on the other hand, is everything ZU wasn't, or couldn't be. ZU was never to be anything other than a midling flash deal site with poor service, slow order fulfillment, and dwindling appeal caused by user fatigue. And while Wayfair has a flash sale division, it's a very small piece of the bigger pie.

    Wayfairs' results and fantastic growth rate are proving the market for a virtual home furnishings mega-store is tapping an unmet need across North America and Europe. They're executing so well, there will be no need to find a suitor - though plenty will come a callin'.

    Either way, BUY W, lock up those shares for a few years, and enjoy the ride.

    I'm LONG from $19 avg. back in Nov/Dec of '14 and recently sold a quarter of my holdings for 130+% gain. The rest isn't for sale for less than $100/sh in 2017.

  • chuckpalot by chuckpalot Aug 14, 2015 9:47 AM Flag

    Nice to see traffic building here on the Wayair board. I take it as a sign that our little secret is getting out to the masses; great quarters and monster moves will do that.

    My hope is some thoughtful and intelligent dialogue from a broader group of knowledgeable investors will spice up this board over the next several quarters. Granted, home furnishings ain't sexy, but this is all about making marking killing returns, and therein lies the sex appeal.

    The smart money is long W and planning on a multi-year hold and a multi-bag return, either through organic growth or a blockbuster buyout. We're early in the game here; Wayfair has an enormous opportunity in front of it - and so far - they're executing flawlessly.

    Wall Street expects operating profits for Wayfair starting in Q4 2016, but I think it may be sooner. Billion dollar Quarters follow, along with stock splits, and the emergence of a household name brand.

    If you missed AMZN in the 90's, or Netflix and Chipotle a decade ago, or even Facebook under $30, here's a chance to say you caught and rode a CATEGORY KILLER before 90% of the investing world.


  • That being, "which retail giant will buy you out?'

    Of course, he danced around the question by simply focusing on the huge opportunity ahead for Wayfair.

    I'm sure they've been approached before, and I'm of the belief that EVERYTHING is for sale, depending on the deal and dollars. Remember, Wayfair's voting power is in the hands of two men, Shah and Conine. No deal will ever happen unless they approve it; it's their baby.

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    ATTN: Shorts

    by chuckpalot Jul 17, 2015 1:40 PM
    chuckpalot chuckpalot Aug 12, 2015 8:38 PM Flag

    Can't say you weren't warned!! Anyway, thanks for playing and contributing to today's surge.

  • Once again, EVERY SINGLE business metric is growing beautifully. Eventually, the stubborn (and bloodied) bears will figure out that Wayfair is to Furniture shopping what Uber is to getting a ride, what AirBnB is to hospitality, and what Amazon has been to general merchandise retail.

    The world is changing and Wayfair is at the Vanguard; total disruption of how folks acquire home furnishings.

    Enjoy the ride longs. And for shorty? Have a seat on the Max Pain Train!

  • That's what happens when you smother your Mac N Cheese with Ketchup, I guess.

  • Today's action dominated by nervous shorts (and they should be),

    Lots of Call Buying today too.

    Looking for Wayfair to raise guidance, again, for the rest of the year during the call this week.

    Good luck!

  • Nearly 10 million shares short as of 7/15. There's either a lot of very smart bears out there anticipating a hiccup in earnings/guidance coming up or they're just too stubborn and keep adding to their position to raise their break-even. They've been losing badly since $18/sh just seven or eight months ago. Shame. Hate to see Shorty get whacked this badly. ggg

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    Good News???

    by lylejr Jul 29, 2015 12:49 PM
    chuckpalot chuckpalot Jul 29, 2015 12:57 PM Flag

    A 15% jump over the last month has short-termers locking in anticipated earnings beat profits; a nice month-long trade.

    Investors, like us, pay attention to the results, and more important, the guidance - which included a bump in revs and earnings outlook. The Billion $ buyback is your cherry on top!

    The BIG MO Cash Machine is (still) firing on all cylinders! MO = CORE HOLDING!!

  • chuckpalot chuckpalot Jul 29, 2015 9:21 AM Flag

    Six months later, same story....the BIG MO cash machine humming away. Nasty Business? Yes!
    Core Holding? You Betcha!!!

    Question of the Day: Beyond taxation, should the US gov't play the role of grower/distributor/retailer of Marijuana? Let's assume pot will be completely legal across the US within 10 years = huge money grab. Uncle Sam could hit the jackpot here. More than makes up for his failing postal business. Many times over.

  • chuckpalot chuckpalot Jul 27, 2015 12:36 PM Flag

    I can't think of a single other biotech that has been around so long and produced so little. Time to finally stop the dilution, the dreaming, and the hoping. XOMA has hurt so many people (investors), and really, never should have been allowed to go public in the first place.

    This life might be XOMA Cat's ninth...not sure what intellectual property, etc. they may have for a fire sale or liquidation.

  • chuckpalot chuckpalot Jul 22, 2015 1:42 PM Flag

    Don't know many traders who've tripled their money trading AAPL over the past few years. Sidelines the best place for folks like you, and I mean that in a nice way. I like to trade high beta plays; Apple ain't one of 'em.

  • chuckpalot chuckpalot Jul 22, 2015 1:31 PM Flag

    Anyone else in the same boat??

  • Burn victim here going back to their original AIDS prospect (90's), then again during Sepsis (dot comm bubble).

    I've long since rationalized my losses in XOMA as a very thorough and indelible lesson in how to really prosper in the capital markets.

    My condolences to the latest generation of dreamers and gamblers. If you take your medicine, move on, and never forget what this company taught you, you're already most of the way way towards investing prosperity!

    Good luck...

  • Been long since 2012, and have bought several dips since then. Between the buys and AAPL's climb, it is now my single largest stock holding - by a mile. I realize the value of diversification, and I hold lots of other stocks and other investments, but MY GOODNESS, this company, it's leadership, it's global success and it's untapped opportunities, combine to make it my most attractive holding - by any metric. Won't sell a single share.

    It almost seems to easy to simply Buy and Hold this stock, but three years from now it will have seemed so obvious (in hindsight!) to have bet the farm on Apple. The tsunami continues...

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