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corpen9 31 posts  |  Last Activity: Mar 27, 2015 12:37 PM Member since: Mar 1, 2000
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  • Up today on above average volume. I would not be surprised if we continue to l see a run up until next week's release. I am expecting some very good results for the 4th Q and a strong forecast for the coming year. Yes, still feeling lucky.
    Disclosure: I am a unmitigated pumper with a shtload of shares, I believe in the Easter Bunny, single malt scotch, and the Cubs to win it all in 2015.

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    what the heck is going on with this company

    by netprophecy2 Mar 23, 2015 6:02 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Mar 24, 2015 6:14 PM Flag

    Netpro Would you care for some crackers and cheese with your whine? Nice shot to the chops, boo.

  • corpen9 by corpen9 Mar 24, 2015 3:07 PM Flag

    I am trying to find something more recent than Oct 2013 about Spidercloud using SMTX as a subcontractor for small cell work. Does anyone know for sure that this agreement is still in effect and that SMTX is indeed a supplier? I am not trying to start a rumor but if the arrangement is still in effect this would be huge. My puzzlement is because I would have thought this would have been reflected in the share price by now.

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    rofl this will be 25 cents soon

    by surveyjag Mar 20, 2015 4:51 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Mar 20, 2015 6:31 PM Flag

    Yes, send in the clowns....wait;!... we are only a few clowns short of a circus now. Well it certainly is beginning to look iffy, but I still am feeling lucky....lets wait until March 30 and see if Dhiman pulls it off or steps on his dck.

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    Only thing need to know here...

    by darbyflier Mar 19, 2015 1:49 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Mar 19, 2015 2:29 PM Flag

    darby.....tell me more, I am not following you.

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    Sushil or get off the pot

    by corpen9 Mar 17, 2015 12:02 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Mar 18, 2015 6:29 PM Flag

    in4thelong also from Barron's today : "Contract manufacturer Jabil Circuit (JBL) this afternoon reported fiscal Q2 revenue and earnings per share that topped analysts’ expectations, and offered a better-than-expected Q3 view as well."
    Could SMTX be next? I added another chunk today. My wife finds out and I am toast, she wants to have me declared legally insane :-)

  • Can we take comfort in that perhaps a bottom (maybe temporary) seems to be at $1.38? Maybe? Book value = $1.80 ps, so why not?

    I believe that coming cc and earnings release will tell the tale on this stock. Sushil and management need to show some results after the positive statements made at the last cc. Hope springs eternal.

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    Makes perfect sense....

    by ki2002rom Mar 13, 2015 5:42 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Mar 13, 2015 7:05 PM Flag

    OK, I will try and be optimistic about the postponement of the earnings release too. From a SMTX pr of April 2014 announcing the appointment of Jim Currie as interim financial officer:"Mr. Currie has led various financial initiatives including significant mergers and acquisitions as well as developing strategic business proposals resulting in substantial cost savings." Let us just hope that ole Jimbo didn't just boogie out to Argentina with his secretary and the financial books.

    Seriously, it is rare that a postponement like this bodes well for good news

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    $4.80 Resistance

    by evilgenius07 Mar 11, 2015 10:13 AM
    corpen9 corpen9 Mar 11, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    evil ... I believe you are correct, many stock funds have rules that prohibit buying stocks that are under $5. Once above the volume will increase. (well, maybe:)

  • Earnings tomorrow morning. All signs point to significant increase in eps. I this stock gets above $5.00 that will allow some funds which have a minimum price ps of 5 to buy in. Could get very interesting.

  • I don't think the "fat lady" is going to be singing anytime soon, but right now it sure doesn't look good for the next earnings release. Are the shareholders going to be sold down the river by R.O and management? There is no doubt about insider accumulation from the purchases this last year.. I have suggested this may be an effort on their part to control the vote on some planned shenanigans e.g. low balling a buyout bid to go private. The numbers I have say that there are 19 large block owners that account for 29% of the shares, so that seems unlikely but I would like to get some more experienced opinions on whether this is a real concern.

    Secondly, in the 3rd Q cc Dhiman talked confidently about new customer wins ramping up to greater revenue in the 4th Q. It sure doesn't look like that is the case but how would anybody know with the wall of silence from management. This total lack of information from the head man has made me angry as hell. My Emails continue to go unanswered. Anybody had any luck or any thoughts on what is going on?

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    Some trading today

    by corpen9 Feb 20, 2015 2:01 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Feb 24, 2015 1:24 PM Flag

    Interesting. Same trading pattern today as last Friday. All through the No Dealing Desk (NDD) One 10,000 share trade but most around the 2500-3000 share trades. Fund dumping? Price holding up fairly well.

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    Some trading today

    by corpen9 Feb 20, 2015 2:01 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Feb 23, 2015 7:35 PM Flag

    Well it sure looks like last week some individual or fund exited their position. Like you, I also have more than a few shares and I am also going to stick around and see what comes with the new management team results. As I have stated before It would be nice to see some PRs from them more than once a quarter at the cc. It always is a #$%$ shoot with small caps but right now I am feeling lucky, then again it could just be my second scotch taking effect.

  • Lot of selling in 2500 share chunks going on all day. One big one at 1:00 PM around 18,000 shares. Well I suppose the bright side is someone is buying them up :-)

  • It is very possible that J. Randall Waterfield and David Sandberg are accumulating shares to take the company private. Getting the share price down so the offer price will be to their favor is part of the strategy. Anybody here really trust Davy Sandberg and J.R.?? Even old Sushil would be in on the deal.

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    new lows each week

    by surveyjag Feb 12, 2015 4:58 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Feb 13, 2015 1:13 PM Flag

    Always appreciate your input Native. Outside of the CC we haven't had a single PR from Sushil since he took the reins over a year ago. I think even a small inconsequential one to "show the flag" and keep the SMTC in the news would be welcomed. Still, a lot insider buys, maybe they are accumulating to take it private or perhaps they know a buyer is waiting in the wings. I remain hopeful but not real confident that we will see some big contracts and positive earnings that were alluded to in the last CC.

  • Reading Selina Lo's answers to questions in the CC , I wouldn't be surprised to see some big news coming from Ruckus this year. This could be the Google Cloud endeavor or possibly related to it. I will stay around to see what it is.
    She states "So, in terms of our incremental investment as I said before for competitive reasons I don't want to right now disclose in what area the investment is in. But as I mentioned earlier it is targeted to – in new market and it’s targeted for game changing type of deployment. So I would say please stay close and we will disclose as we progress throughout the year."

  • "Looking back on 2014, we made great progress in growing sales, expanding both gross margin and operating margin, as well as increasing the cadence of new product introductions and innovations. For the year, we reported 24% revenue growth and almost doubled our non-GAAP operating income. We introduced a number of new and innovative products, expanding our solutions portfolio to include software and cloud service offerings," said Selina Lo, president and chief executive officer, Ruckus Wireless. "Our new products and solutions have enabled us to expand our addressable market and grow market share, which should be key revenue drivers for us in 2015 and beyond."

  • corpen9 by corpen9 Feb 10, 2015 1:51 PM Flag

    Heard anything?

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    Earnings will be huge tomorrow

    by stewpackard Feb 9, 2015 1:28 PM
    corpen9 corpen9 Feb 9, 2015 3:15 PM Flag

    I don't know how accurate the "Whisper Number" is but they are forecasting $0.13 for the eps. That is almost double from last earnings and I would be very happy with that. The near term upside will depend on what kind of guidance they give for the rest of the year. (or next quarter). It will be interesting to see if they give any progress on the Google project mentioned previously. Positive news on that would be huge.

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