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  • crestrider7 by crestrider7 Jun 21, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    The now very popular bull thesis is that the Market is no longer in need of Bernanke. Why?? Because the economy is in the midst of a :strong: recobery.A desperate attempt by the fully invested money managers. Every oiece of factual data clearly disputes that wishful thinking delusion.. Not only is our economy in poor shape,but the global economies are in even worse shape - especialky China and Europe. Also,read up on what's happening in Brasil - South America's largest economy. That one is in stagflation. A disaster in the making.
    The bulls are in full panic mode now. And lying is their last resort. The latest reports show s the hedgies are at the largest long positions status in years. And retail got back in at the highs,although noy as much as before 2007. just reas the longs here with their silly "its a conspiracy by the Bears' gibberish. Fullly long - all in - and now?? they refuse to sell. Once again looking to apply blame for their own ignorance of the facts.New or developing. Sad. And you wonder why they are labeked shheple.

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    by crestrider7 Jun 20, 2013 12:06 PM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 Jun 20, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    LOL You really are getting your lunch handed to you,aren't you?/ So nasty edged and angry at anyone who points out the obvious. Nothing to say except long and wrong rage. Knock yourself out:sunshine". Although you look like you've aleady done that. lol

  • crestrider7 by crestrider7 Jun 20, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Been enjoying traveling etc. Yikes!! Where did all the "old" ID"s go. Alllllll these nes Id's. Comical. Where is 'dkshps" for example? Antway .......
    I took a lot of blustering mocking from the genius players for my bearish positions. And I'll post a scorecard later as I did post the trades real time back when I disd them.
    For now,it seems allllll the longs mkraculously sold just before the present roll over. LOL Very predictable past posting action.
    Simple facs. The Market IS Bernanke's Ponzi. Take away the crack and detox is going to be veeeeery,very painful. Also,as I have stated ad nauseum.Europe is not saveable. For that matter neither is our economy.. China is imploding. Period. So keep drinking the buy the dip" Kool Aid. The dip buyers have gotten killed recently.
    And here come the endless prade of 100% long money managers in near hysteria. Sell every bounce. Every one. And now these lying shills are proclaiming that they sold weeks ago to be able to buy this dip. Such sleezy liars. Three days ago they were poubding retail tobuy,buy,buy. Sjameful.

  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Jun 20, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    silly bluster observation

  • The Factual Facts are very clear now. The data clearly is confirming that the economy is failing - deteriorating at actually an alarming rate,Especially considering that the Fed has thrown nearly $4 TRILLION at the situation. $4 TRILLION. And not only nothing to show for it,but actually seeing a rapidly declining economic scenerio. And the bull's response?/ "Not to worry,the Fed has your back,buy,buy,buy retail,the Market's cheap) And so it goes.
    We hear this morning that "WMT is getting it'a act back together. They need some more time" Really!! Why?./ Isn't the consumer "alive and well and spending" Hey retail sales was up one tenth of one percent ( .1%) last week. Really strong -lol
    Global economies are deteriorating perceptibly now. Just keep buying the delusion.

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    When will crest cover...

    by dkships May 14, 2013 4:41 PM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 5:20 PM Flag

    LOL I'll cover when one of your pony picks at the track actually finishes a race. :0 I love it when guys worry about my money and not theirs. So warm and fuzzy. Hey,you don't think that this 'pony player" has a thing for me - do you.?? Now,THAT'S scary,forget the Market. I can always tell the midget or non players. They are always hoping someone else gets "hurt" so they can feel better about how badly life has gone for them. A sure "tell" almost every time. :):)

  • crestrider7 by crestrider7 May 14, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    Fed or no Fed,does anyone think that this doesn't end catastrophically for the country. I guess any number of historic "bubble" Market comparisons can be made. IIs it the "it's different this time" analogy? No rational thinker can possibly believe that? The disconnects are too great. 18 Straight up Tuesdays and some Floor Trader exclaims its a coincidence. And that seems to be the universal mentality floating around. Another states that THIS is just the beginning of the secular Bull Market. One that will last 10 years. And so goes the mantra. Right up until when exactly. And no one knows that answer. But the incredible bubble creating factors are all gimmicks. That have created no growth either here or abroad. All the bulls are proclaiming the exact same thesis. That there is no e nd in sight for the Markets. Universal agreement. And we know that the Fed "has the Market's back'.That is the whole basis in fact for the Markets going straight up.. Such a terrifying premise. The country is racing towards nankruptcy at many levels. The top 7% of income in this country is up 28% over the last four years. The other 93% is DOWN 4%. A very dangerous divergence that can only end badly.Does anyone think it's scary,no matter how much money you're making if you are a bull and long. And don't say "it doesn't matter" - it does if you care for this country.

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    Full Time Workers At Starbucks

    by rickrude58 May 14, 2013 3:20 PM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    Tough to "trade' on those hours.

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    Full Time Workers At Starbucks

    by rickrude58 May 14, 2013 3:20 PM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    I like Kaui. Do you/ Almost got killed off the Napali (did I spell that right??) Coast. When the wind whips in around the "edge" the swells can get reral nasty. Starting running 15-20 plus feet. Scary as hell. And dusk was falling. Nothing like not seeing them coming. :):0 I really don't like Honolulu. Why do you stay there?

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    What happened?

    by galalehab May 14, 2013 3:30 PM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    It got "Tepperized". And nobody gets called on it. Fascinating,but not suprising.

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    The Myth of the Fed Taper Off Hype ..

    by crestrider7 May 14, 2013 10:41 AM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    'fester' The notion that if the Fed tapers off will ignite a another parabolic move up is the very,103% long wishful thinking Tepper is pandering. Even Bill Gross acknowledges that w/o the Fed "crack',that the Market is 20%-25% overpriced. But the skids have to be greased here for the retail investor into thinking that a taper will be a positive rather than a huge negative. Hoping that by the time retail figures it out,the institutiional players will have exited the scam. Tepper,Berinya,Paulson,Buffet,Siegel aaaaaaal being paraded on to sedate the masses now. A "tell"?? Guess we'll see.

  • Interesting that they would be "short". Their Chief Investment Strategist has been a manivcal up,up and away bull for a time now. sOOOOOO,THIS SEEMS LIKE A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS.

  • predictable in there responses. Such articulation of their frustration with their lives. Think about it a supposedly "grown" man posts "FOS". Yikes!1 And then proceeds to enlighten the Board about who I am. Someone he knows absolutely nothing about. Remarkable powers wouldn't you say. O poor "dkshps. A pony player having his family move in with him for support. And he's on here dissing me?? lol And the other lad "elvis" and his love affair with the word "idiot" and it's various derivatives. I do get under their skin? Anybody who can assimilate and articulate an opinion drives them bonkers.:):)

  • crestrider7 by crestrider7 May 14, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    On every day blathering taunts and dismissives etc. Sooooo angry and very bitter (what else could explain their thrash talk of no substance every single day ad nauseum0. I suspect they both attended the same racetrack everyday for 20 years. And now are left to having others support them. That is a very lonely plsace for a man to dwell. So babble on lads if it comforts you. You are so anxious to see others get hurt so as you won't feel so bad its amazing. A very telling commentarty on your character.Or lack thereof. You are so easilty intimidated and threatened by the debate. You can't compete so resort to the next best thing. At least it keeps you in the house.

  • The latest current bull thesis being that if the Fed starts to taper off it's Market "crack" that the Market will have another huge leg up. Why?? Because aaaaaaal of that money will trickle down into the consumer's pockets etc. You know,billions,trillions and gazillions will be OURS to spe nd. So says the C.N.B.C. gOLDEN sHILL,the Tepper lad. Notice how there is one parade after another of the Super,100% long,bulls being given hours of air time in a prolonged push to get the retail sheeple into equities. Now!! Tepper,Birinyi,Paukson and of course the Oracle himself - Buffet. All being let loose with no one questioning their bull thesis' Tepper states that GS is looking for $105 for S&P earnings next year. Tepper then states that at a muliple of 13x our Market is cheap. Really?? The S&P is trading over 1600. Simple math? 13 x $105 is 1430 as a target. I guessed I missed something. O that's right a significant multiple expansion is coming.
    The deterirating global Macro data portends quite something else. China is really deteriorating. Industrial prodJuston declined again. Europe?/ Not saveable and the pros know it.
    Just listen to the taunty boys here. Tick-tock,tick-toc. Every reason the bulls exclaim that the Market is poised for the next big leg up involves a "gimmick. Either monetarily or fiscally or pushing the expanding multiple thesis. The non stop parade of the shills tells you how this ends.

  • This silliness that a drop of 14c - FOURTEEN CENTS - is going to be a big boost to retail sales. LOL as it gets. Here's the "math" If a consumer drives 1,000 per month and gets 20 miles per gal. this highly exclaimed drop of 14c translates into an extra $7 a month. Wow!! Not enough to get a Happy Meal at McDonalds.
    But the shills that are now being paraded on absolutely non stop keep bellowing about all this extra money in the consumer's pocket or pocketbook.
    All day the bull hypsters on the Snake Oil Channel keep exclaiming how "cheap" the Market is. This Laurel and Hardy act of Kelly and Mandy are the poster children for Shameless. They are really "doth protesting too much" now. Volume dropping - A/D - new high/low list. Won't take much to turn the "algo' herd. Fed or no Fed.

  • soon as they get called out to defend their silly thrash talk with some documented,detailed facts to refute what someone else has posted. Everybody is an "amateur" to them. But then again,with an ID. like "elvis" what did you expect. But veeeeery predictable. :):0 What ID. will he or she be next??

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    The Inflation Myth ...

    by crestrider7 May 13, 2013 12:48 PM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 13, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    "elvis .."" So other than "leaving the building" do you have anything to add.Other than undocumebnted taunty talk. What part of what I posted is inaccurate or erroneous? Specifically what?

  • crestrider7 by crestrider7 May 13, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    The whole premise for the Fed being able to be ablw to continue it's QE Infinity policy is that there is no inflation. Period. The Dept. of Commerce is using a "deflattor: ' (inflation rate) number of one half of one percent - 1 1/2% as the real inflation rate. If they used an even realistic rate of 2% then GDP would be a NEGATIVE number. - Ergo,a recession. Can't have that.
    Everything we utilize says inflation is significantly higher in our every day lives.Ie. Insurance for home and auto and especioally medical coverage - foods - gasoline year over year by far - airline fares substantially higher year over year. The list goes on,but the facts are obvious. The Fed and it's shill is lying.Period.
    Some C.N.B.C. shill money manager comes on the morning and states "the consumer has never been in a better spot.Inflation is nonexistent.' Shameful.But not surprising.
    The 10 year has edged up rapidly from 1.67% just a few weeks ago to now at 1.93%. Tick-tock,tick tock for sure now, The signs are all there.Especially overseas. XChina's numbers continue to deteriorate.A country built on export is now slowing perceptibly. Europe?? Greece and Cyprus got their "hand outs" today. Printed money.
    The mantra continues from the bulls that the Fed will INCREASE the QE. "Buy,buy,buy."!!! Japan's the latest "golden boy". Their debt is 245% of GDP. They are demanding that their consumer start spending. Yikes!1 Just when now,not if. Japn cannot succeed at their madness. When that catastrophe unfolds economical then watch what happens then.
    Inflation?? Alive and well and eroding away the basic foundations both here and abroad.
    Finally the taunty boy bulls on here all day with their nothing to say thrash talk is al;so a real good "tell'.

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    'max am curios

    by crestrider7 May 10, 2013 9:29 AM
    crestrider7 crestrider7 May 10, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    'max sorry to hear that. I had a decent dose ib January - but not hospitalizes. Didn't get better,better unti late Maech. So don't rush it as soon as you get your secpnd wind. Relapses are quite common. Tough to do though if uou are active . Hang in there. Welcome back. GL

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