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    IGF-1 in stroke next?

    by culleraa 1 hour 56 minutes ago
    culleraa culleraa 1 hour 10 minutes ago Flag

    Yep. 18 patients for p1 dose study, then 100 for p2. Usual outcome period is a year might be enough for p1?

  • Using cortical neural stem cells "on steroids" would make a lot of sense in acute ischemic stroke. Much more so than in AD.Stroke is not a degenerative disease, issue is speeding up recovery. Scales and trial models are well accepted in stroke... as is risky intervention. Serum IGF-1 has been shown to drop markedly in stroke and correlate with morbidity. CUR already has stroke trial in China... stem cells and g/e face no barriers there. 566 is already almost a year into p1 already in stroke - and no word of MAEs. Adding IGF-1 and if it works would be quite remarkable!

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    On the strategic options

    by culleraa 7 hours ago
    culleraa culleraa 2 hours 53 minutes ago Flag

    Wishful, hopeful... why otherwise! Note that placements and revenues barely correlate in the short term. They gave no clarity at all on this... as they can place and rent and still not have the test "taken up" by the lab. Revenues count for more: and then margin tells the test: device mix. 30 placements is though 90-120 units they say.
    As for the nexgen.. I'd say this is a redherring. either it is sugar-coating for the strategic review or then it is simply their salesmen's whining for something a bit quicker/simpler (=nonsense).
    As for T2, they claim NOT to compete with eg nsph/biofire. But that's not quite true either! It will be a generation before majority of labs give up culturing. But T2 are 3+ years from a cleared blood sepsis test and even then it will be like 6x the price of verigene... and only then if the accuracy is good enough.
    Their latest investor presentation is worth a listen....

  • No word... cash buys time. So I presume still ongoing. I was looking for 30% dilution and got more like a third. Still, unlike someone posted, this dilution did NOT change the position for the acquirer in any meaningful way except that they can no longer use time as a pressure point in the same way for another 6 months! The market cap is same now now as previous close - because market rightly assumes cash will be spent. We are still at 4x 2014E sales.
    If, or when, we know the issue buyers we get a clue as to whether they kept all their skin in the game..

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    Shmuel's Exit...

    by fujigrower 16 hours ago

    Agreed! Stock price move makes it look like the wheels are falling off... or 2 legs of a stool in this case. Unlikely,, since CFO leaves at the point q3-q4 which causes least disruption. Next chance would be Feb next year, but then new CFO might not be as committed to the 2015 targets. Valuation of 1.5 x sales does not equate to the market opportunity...

  • Unlike said elsewhere, I believe their royalty stream is almost entirely from the autoscope line, not rtms (since Econolite could not sell it!). Can always be renegotiated but that is a different story...

  • Massive dip on a few k shares because co cannot buy own shares is silly... assuming quiet period in force. Execution on micropulse is not as good as it first seems though! With a doubling in asp of a laser+txcell they are clearly selling less of the old generation. So it is not additive business. My guess is that they are selling quite few to new customers. Upside is that they could, should, and if do then off to the races...

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    Roth Capital raised PT for Sucampo

    by dcaf7 Oct 22, 2014 9:57 AM
    culleraa culleraa Oct 22, 2014 1:59 PM Flag

    Indeed. Quite a jump... got to be highest ever... so far

  • culleraa by culleraa Oct 22, 2014 6:40 AM Flag

    Assuming the CEO knows what he is doing, he also gave sales guidance for the USA: steadily growing, after q3 sales should be "known".
    Also, message is quite clearly the co is back where it should be as a development org, at least in G/E. And not the integrated aspect which was rightly criticised. This Takeda deal nails that less than 3 after talking about it.
    Still, now the Amitiza franchise is looking more secure, also possibility to move on!

  • culleraa culleraa Oct 22, 2014 6:19 AM Flag

    Template is the same. Abbot's success gave sucampo a better negotiating position. Milestones were set quite early and quite low with Abbot, so maybe so here we are looking at close to 40m? Abbott handed some development costs to Sucampo, too...

  • This 3.7 m is sales was what was expected last Q (we would not be here now at 70 c if that had happened). This Q should then have been rather a lot higher! Of course the mix counts too...
    Making the big, or incredulous, leap that they are now back on track with their own sales plan that delay will need to be filled by 10 m usd worth of stock ... or likely around 20% dilution. That dilution would likely have happened anyway, but not at 20 m shares to cover a quarter's loss.

  • Can be searched for. Says they have done 160 prostate cases with no incontinence and less impotence than earlier. Explains the targeting they use ... better than most. With no FDA in the way, Europeans can use the field planning and mapping features of nanoknife as well as other modalities. Let's hope the European manager is as good a deVivo says he is, cos there should be a lot more IRE unit business closing now end 2014!

  • Not seen this volume for a long time... so that's a positive. All other are mostly due to lowered expectations!

  • Co says it is taking... well simplistically 0.9 m or so of profit was need to meet the 2.5 min. So it wasn't. Expected option is for Zack to loan and convert again... for which he wants the sp down. New management would be a step too far??

  • In the news today. In one polish patient. Maybe... he essentially had hemiparesis after one neat almost surgical cut. The method is similar to ours... but different cells (OECs which need to be extracted and cultured for each patient) plus own nerve tissue as scaffold. Effect of OEC has been known for 20 yrs or so but seemingly not effective and lately mostly studied by the chinese. This one case has nothing to do with disease states... so this is not actual "competition", for a long tine anyways!

  • Means any inference of efficacy is suspect at best. You pick the outcome by picking the patients in your "trial". It's not a trial just a study, Ko has been at this for years... basically trying a "complicated" solution to fix a a complicated (almost any) CNS problem. The simplicity is the delivery method... iv ... and the headline attention.

  • Sales in Japan still doing well.... from 2 years ago this is all new business and still adds a mere 2ish usd to the previous share price. 5c extra to the pre-tax eps line coming from the milestone as well. In a market maybe one third the size, Abbott achieved a run rate of roughly half what Takeda sells in a lot less time. Takeda could do better. Maybe this is what the minimum marketing commitment refers to... that is offset by leaving sucampo to pay for its own promotion in the US.
    Seems Par concurred that Sucampo patents are strong... which gives reason think other generic triers will lose. In 2021, Sucampo still has margin room between lower supplier cost and seller margin. Analyst at Maxim basically went from sell to buy on the de-risked outlook. Maybe others to follow?
    Greenhill has done a lot in a short time and is bringing in his own crew.
    Prostone's have a good safety record, could be used a lot more...

  • 250 m in synergies need to be found to pay for it.... which is actually not that much %-wise. That said cfn was already plucked clean for the sale! OMcl should benefit for several years from the disruption, although golden retainers will mean incentives to sell Pyxis this q4 will be high. Long term, where does omcl want to be in this megamergermania?

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    The business case for HA and Anika

    by culleraa Oct 3, 2014 2:23 PM
    culleraa culleraa Oct 7, 2014 8:21 AM Flag

    You are right that HA is more an established market... that means hype will not carry far. It odes mean though that there is a lot of money that can be directed to a better mousetrap if someone comes up with one!
    Anika is growing ex-US ortho business... 2013 US buisness was up some 13% (factor out milestone and optho-delta), same time ex-US was up 9-10% with declining dollar - not much to choose. Critic should be why is Anika not growing other businesses in the USA!
    I think GelSyn proves the point.. no-one will distribute. An Oslo co. boxed an attempt to put a German product in the US this year for that reason. The pathway to the market got easier, but only in principle, it is now non-inferiority to something approved - a typical 510k ploy.
    Q-med went for the beauty market and did well, Anika went for the ortho market - not sooo well yet, but market is bigger and more profitable...maybe for the latter

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    by thinkin_bout_lasik Oct 3, 2014 4:14 PM
    culleraa culleraa Oct 3, 2014 5:19 PM Flag

    Well, VIX... where we were a week ago.Still, now we have news. He will go at 65, so a normal retirement age. He has been good for Staar but I am sure someone will link the fda letter/TICL delay to this...but all noise in the end. You would normally choose to bow out at the peak not a trough...if you can. Just maybe Board is not allowing him to wait?
    Long process... board will likely wait 6-9m to announce next CEO.More VIX in the meantime!

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