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    Lies, lies, lies

    by miamianne67 Feb 27, 2015 1:37 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Feb 27, 2015 1:48 PM Flag

    All the lies will not change the stock price one penny unless you buy into them. OPK has been on a great run, and I believe the good news is just beginning to unfold.

  • Fraz, I see Duke made the headlines this A.M. I don't think the news will trouble you as you have posted a lot of hateful nonsense on this board toward just about every minority group there is. However, all the bias and racist sentiment that is raising its ugly head across the nation will only serve to inspire women and minorities to turn out for the next presidential election. The Indiana controversy showed just how mainstream America's views are changing when it comes to discrimination. With tea party types like you controlling the Republican primaries, the eventual Republican nominee will probably have to position himself too far to the right to win a national election.

  • Wow, never thought she would have that kind of lead at this point! Guess the logic of the tea part types on this message board is not resonating with the normal population. My faith in our citizenry has been restored, slightly. Interestingly, Rubio is the closest contender. The fact that he has recently come out with very logical positions related to a person's sexuality probably vaulted him over the likes of Cruz and Santorum. I am not a Hillary fan, but I guess it would be nice to give a woman a chance. I like Rand, Rubio, and maybe even Bush, but they will have the tea party albatross around their necks. That's my political "wisdom" for the day. Have some money to make, some exercise to do, and a sick mother-in-law to tend to. I just wanted to take a few minutes to help give Fraz something to "chew" on for the next 6 hours or so. Have a great weekend!

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 10, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    No need to wonder. You will say he did even though he didn't. Improved relations with Cuba is a great thing which will also improve our relations in Latin America and South America. Cuba will be one less country you tea party guys will demand we invade or bomb. LOL! Have a great weekend.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 24, 2015 10:03 AM Flag

    I enjoy listening to their logic. I also feel nostalgic when they use so many derogatory terms that I haven't heard since I was a child in the 50's and 60's. Words like Marxist, socialist, etc. have been given "new meaning" in their twisted thinking. Our president has remained a gentleman and done his best to rebuild our economy, fight terrorism, help our country become energy independent, etc. and he has received nothing but condemnation from the likes of the Putin's Pals Fan Club. Oh well, signing off. Take care!

  • Reportedly Netanyahu's campaign for re-election appears to be stumbling, with recent polls suggesting he is marginally behind his biggest challenger, Isaac Herzog. I recently talked to a young man with dual Israeli and US citizenship. He was born in NY of Israeli parents who were serving as diplomats at the time. I asked him what he thought of Netanyahu coming to America to give his speech. He told me he viewed it as political BS, and that Netanyahu was doing it to improve his election chances. Incidentally, I read where we are beginning to make our move on taking back Iraqi cities from ISIS. Who is helping in this effort, none other than Iranian forces. Now, the neocons created the power vacuum that led to the rise of terrorism in the area, and it is very ironic that Iran is actually trying to eliminate the ISIS extremism the neocons helped create. Without Iran's cooperation, Netanyahu might be facing an ever greater threat from ISIS who apparently is much more radical and ruthless than Iran. Hey, remember during the last election when Netanyahu said Iran was on the verge of developing and using a nuclear weapon. I believe he wanted us to bomb Iran along with many Republicans. Gee, that assessment and prediction proved to be false. Netanyahu should remember that the rest of the world is doing the best they can to negotiate a lasting settlement with Iran that will protect the interests of all. His interference in the process is self-serving and will do nothing to make a deal easier to reach.

  • Should form a springboard to much higher levels down the road. Glad I loaded up!

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Mar 2, 2015 9:21 AM Flag

    Fraz, you are such a hypocrite. You were praising Putin a short while back even though he has proven to be of the same ilk as Hitler and Stalin. I was happy to see 30,000 people risk their lives in Russia to come out and stand up against his tyranny. They are far different from you who just posts nonsensical #$%$ on a message board. Move to Russia and see how you like living under your hero Putin.

  • I thought Teddy would need at least a few days to embarrass himself after he announced his run for president. It appears he only needed a few hours.

  • Makes sense to me. If OPK didn't go down after the CC, I don't see any impetus to take the stock down anytime soon. Shorts are playing a dangerous game that will only cost them much more down the road. IMHO.

  • Barron's usually posts developments like when a company gains Orphan Drug status for one of its drugs. Today's bounce may reignite later in the near future.

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    GALE issuing shares and warrants

    by cyoung8404 Mar 13, 2015 8:20 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Mar 13, 2015 9:10 AM Flag

    Frazzie, I never mentioned your name or your recommendations related to GALE. Evidently, you are very sensitive about GALE, so I expect you actually lost some big bucks on it. As you have probably noticed, I haven't responded to any of the sophomoric nonsense that you constantly post. Your ideas speak for themselves. Take a chill pill, stop the name calling, and get that creaky body of yours out for some exercise. Based on the fact that you are constantly posting 24/7, I expect that you are at high risk of getting blood clots in your #$%$.

  • cyoung8404 by cyoung8404 Feb 23, 2015 12:08 PM Flag

    Away we go!!!!!!!!!

  • I read the interview with FDA official, and he seems to believe that OREX's data is not reliable. If true, that is a big problem for patients and doctors who may now be afraid to try or prescribe the weight loss drug. Seems like OREX went out of its way to defy its own lead researcher and partner in doing this. Makes you wonder what OREX's decision makers were thinking. I have followed OREX and thought about buying the dip, but not now. This company either made a very bad mistake, or they didn't realize that you don't mess with the FDA. IMHO. Hope you guys don't get hurt too bad tomorrow.

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    Increased my position by aprox. 20%

    by cyoung8404 Mar 26, 2015 9:38 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Mar 26, 2015 9:53 AM Flag

    I don't know what the $ potential will be, but the fact that BRLX claims they can achieve a desired result in just one procedure is great for patients, doctors, and insurance companies. Why would anyone want to undergo multiple procedures when one would be just as effective. IMHO. I also like the fact that Novartis has taken a stake in the company. How often can we buy a company for so cheap after a pharma giant like Novartis has validated their science and strategy. Good luck!

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 2, 2015 9:40 AM Flag

    If conservative Christians who run business don't want to have to serve gays and lesbians because they don't approve of their life-style, how come they have no problem serving divorced people, people who are engaging in pre-marital sex, etc., All these activities are condemned in the Bible. As Christ said, he who is without sin should cast the first stone.

  • Fraz, you'll love this quote. "Our enemy doesn't follow the great traditions of Islam. They've hijacked a great religion. If Obama would have said anything remotely like this, you guys would be condemning him to no end. Face it, you are a bunch of hypocrites.

  • The long weekend may be when a deal gets ironed out. Frost is about making money, and I have a feeling he will do so again.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Feb 4, 2015 8:46 AM Flag

    The marine may have been a hero to us after serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan, but he showed up in Mexico illegally with numerous guns and many rounds of ammunition. I expect if someone crossed into our country heavily armed like that, he would be detained for some time in order to assess what his motives were. This marine was diagnosed with PTSD, and should not have been carrying any weapons at all. He was returned to our country after Mexico investigated and released him back to the US for treatment. To my knowledge, he wasn't tortured or mistreated in any way. Maybe he lucked out by being caught by the Mexican authorities before he did anything with all that fire power that he was driving around with. This just points out the problems that many vets in our country face. They have many health issues and psychological problems, and they remain one of our largest homeless groups. Although this case has generated a lot of publicity for political reasons, I would like to see the same type of outrage when it comes to raising the money to help our vets transition back to normal life after serving our country so well for so long. Oh, but that might actually require that we raise some money through taxation. Since we didn't pay for the wars, paying for Vets. benefits should be a bargain.

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    Now The Administration Is Detailing War Plans

    by j20tower Feb 19, 2015 9:24 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Feb 20, 2015 11:30 AM Flag

    The military spokesperson said they decided to release the information because they wanted to show how far the Iraqi military has improved since they fled from the city last June. There are reportedly only one to two thousand ISIS fighters in Mosul, and the military wanted to let them begin to sweat the coming event. With 25k Iraqi soldiers, US air support, Kurdish support, etc., this will come as good news to the Iraqi people. They definitely needed a morale boost. The spokesperson said the attack was planned for June. Now, j20, do you really believe we will launch the attack on June 1st? I expect the attack will come when ISIS least expects it. The announcement could also be designed to draw ISIS into trying to reinforce their positions in Mosul, which would allow us to hit them with air strikes on their way in. You are such a simpleton! Our military is the best and smartest in the world, and guys like you have no business second guessing the fine men and woman who put their lives on the line each day for their country.

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