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    by ikantcoach Apr 24, 2014 11:59 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 24, 2014 1:34 PM Flag

    America is the best country in the world to live. The fact that guys like you can openly criticize things you don't like separates it from most of the world. Try that in Russia and you will get a one way trip to Siberia if you are lucky. I don't have a problem if my country tries to be watchful for our country has become a target for terrorists from many countries where freedom in nonexistent. If you aren't doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about.

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    NWBI is bouncing back after earnings miss

    by cyoung8404 Apr 23, 2014 9:39 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 24, 2014 1:40 PM Flag

    I doubt that the stock will stay down for any extended length of time. I expect it will bounce back to the $14 level very quickly because it is a solid bank, pays a great dividend even without the special dividend, and remains a buyout candidate.

  • Nice article touts PFE's low PE, shareholder friendly management, generous dividend, share buybacks, and anticipated split into three companies as good reasons to buy. Even though the company has lost or is losing patent protection on Lipitor, Celebrex, etc., the company does have promising drugs in its pipeline. The article also seemed happy that AZN talks were apparently dead as the author apparently believes that AZN has the worst patent expiration problems of all of the major pharmas. Barron's isn't always right, but it certainly has a much better track record than many. Interesting to see if PFE will enjoy a Barron's bounce tomorrow.

  • cyoung8404 by cyoung8404 Apr 27, 2014 10:12 PM Flag

    Nice article in Barron's concerning future prospects of PFE. Check it out. It makes a lot of sense and should cause shorts a little pain Monday!

  • PFE could buy AZN and change its tax rate dramatically by incorporating overseas. It could save PFE big time. I don't like the idea of companies doing this, but hey, it's all about making money these days. Frank, have you factored this into your dislike of PFE?

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    PFE can lower tax rate a great deal

    by cyoung8404 Apr 28, 2014 1:58 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 28, 2014 2:14 PM Flag

    I don't like the fact that PFE has gone public with this because AZN will now command a much higher premium. But, hey, PFE says the deal is a perfect fit in many ways. I may sell a few shares and pick up the stocks I like that have been beaten down today. Stocks could get cheaper though if Putin invades the Ukraine. I think it would get very nasty as I NATO has been gearing up to respond. I know some of you guys seem enamored with Putin, but he is an egotistical punk who may cause a great deal of physical destruction and economic damage to the world and our portfolios.

  • I couldn't resist!

  • OK, PFE has openly said it is looking to buy AZN to lower its tax rate by becoming a foreign company. Now, all the countries of the world, with the exception of the US (except for the Vetrans Administration Drug program) have price controls on their drugs. Realistically then, the US taxpayers basically fund most of the world's drug/medical research. Politicians from both parties have been protective of the US drug industry because of political lobbying, campaign donations, US jobs, and the fact that drug companies were profitable for the US tax base. The PFE deal and their motives for making it (if it happens) may cause some big problems with the American public. I may be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised to see an outcry from the public and independent thinking politicians to put price controls in place on drugs sold in the US. If our tax base is going to be hurt by losing drug companies that will flee to foreign companies, we can save that amount and more by putting in price controls which could dramatically cut our health care costs. IMHO.

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    Implications of PFE's motives for US pharma

    by cyoung8404 Apr 28, 2014 2:52 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 28, 2014 3:32 PM Flag

    I don't think most people are going to see this as the world conspiracy you seem to envision. By the way, I did sell a little less than 20% of my PFE stock on the pop, and I put it to use buying a bank that is paying a special dividend tomorrow. I know the bank stock will drop some tomorrow, but I like the long term prospects, and it is a buyout candidate.

    I don't share your high regard for Putin. He likes to talk tough and parade around without his shirt. I think he is really vying for a spot on next season's Dancing With the Stars. He won't get my votes!

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    Implications of PFE's motives for US pharma

    by cyoung8404 Apr 28, 2014 2:52 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 28, 2014 10:20 PM Flag

    Frank, I guess you forgot the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Although I admired Kennedy's stand with Khrushchev, it was an entirely different situation. Khrushchev made direct threats against the US. He pounded his shoe on the table in the UN and said, "We will bury you!" He also sent missiles to Cuba that were capable of hitting as far north as Washington, DC. Kennedy had no other choice than to blockade Cuba and call Russia's bluff. President Obama seems to be taking a balanced approach that is isolating Russia politically and economically. Russia is not a direct threat to us at this time. Putin is a cold war egotist, but I believe he is putting himself out on a limb. The world is a much different place, and I believe that the people who run Russia's economy and international companies are deeply troubled by Putin's nonsense. Little by little Obama is letting Putin hang himself. If he invades the Ukraine, he will isolate Russia, rally NATO, and create a situation in the Ukraine similar to what exists in Afghanistan. Whether Putin realizes it or not, Russia has a lot to lose if he continues his aggression.

  • Only 31 of 400 banks that applied were selected. NWBI continues to be an attractive holding and a possible buyout target.

  • as one of the 50 most trusted financial institutions.

  • Many people just let their dividends buy more shares. This should provide solid support in the near future.

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    I bought another 500 CBST yesterday.....

    by frankfrazzano Apr 29, 2014 7:46 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 29, 2014 9:49 AM Flag

    Frank, it is rather amazing that you always seem to buy the lows and sell at the highs. I sold a small portion of my PFE yesterday, and I got 31.84. It wasn't the high, but I made a nice profit and I turned it over into a bank stock that I feel very positive about.

    If all the large US pharmas start making these acquisitions to avoid paying US taxes (tax inversions) I believe the US taxpayers will demand Congress take action. Americans pay the highest prices in the world for their drugs and now companies like PFE are going to throw it in their faces. The biggest threat to our deficit and economy is the Medicare costs that are growing with the aging of the baby boomers like you and me.

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    Why would anyone want to see CLDX fail?

    by grey3840 Apr 29, 2014 9:45 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 29, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    I agree with you totally. However, human nature is perverted some times. Many stock players see stocks as simply a vehicle to make money. If they can short a stock and make a profit, they don't think twice about how it might affect people who desperately need a cure.

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    Why the drop today?

    by stockpicker1970 Apr 29, 2014 10:43 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 29, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    Special dividend and regular dividend - total $1.13

  • The US taxpayers basically fund the world's drug research because they are the only major nation in the world that does not have price controls on pharmaceuticals sold in our country. I believe this has been allowed because of the drug lobby, political campaign donations, and the fact that the drug companies produced good jobs in America. If PFE and other large pharmas bite the hands that feeds them by becoming foreign companies for tax savings, I fully expect strong political pressure to put price controls on drugs. The Veteran's Administration does it and it works quite well. If we extended that policy to Medicare, the American taxpayer would save far more than we will lose by PFE and other large pharmas attempt to avoid paying US taxes. Baby Boomers will severely test our ability to fund Medicare, so PFE may actually be doing the American taxpayer a favor by its blatant attempt to avoid paying US taxes. I own PFE stock, but I sold a portion yesterday.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 29, 2014 3:51 PM Flag

    Kerry's statement was made as a cautionary remark about what could happen in Israel if Israel and the Palestinians can't reach a compromise. He probably should have chosen another word, but his sentiments are valid that the Middle East will remain a hot bed of hate if the two sides cannot find some common ground and learn to live together equally and with mutual respect. Don Sterling is a wrinkled old white man who apparently made some hateful remarks about Blacks. He doesn't mind having a young, beautiful Black/Mexican girlfriend about 1/4 his age, but he strongly objected to her having friends of minority birth. He also doesn't mind employing minority coaches, players, etc. in order to help him become very rich. But hey, Whip, Frank, and a few others make those kinds of statements about Blacks, women, Democrats, Muslims, Asians, etc. on this message board every day.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Apr 29, 2014 3:59 PM Flag

    Frank, I think your logic is very hard to follow. We are doing everything we can to diplomatically stop Putin with the help of the free world. If you are defending Sterling and his racist remarks in any way, then you are reaching a new low in your own racist comments and rants. But hey, guys like you save a purpose to educate the fair minded people in our country who are deeply disturbed by the level of prejudice and hatred that still exists among guys like you.

  • The special dividend took the stock price down, but it made NWBI even more attractive to investors as its regular dividend is now almost 4%. With little further downside risk, NWBI looks very attractive. If a bigger bank comes calling I would expect at least a 20% premium. IMHO.

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