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cyoung8404 264 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 30, 2014 3:05 PM Member since: Sep 14, 2009
  • Seems like the good doctor is buying over 100,000 shares every week now no matter the price. Tells me that he believes the company is a strong buy whether he buys at $8.50 or $9.25. Why there are so many shorts is a mystery to me. The best sign of good things to come is insider buying, and I have never seen an insider buy as aggressively as Dr. Frost. Just think about it!

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    Short Position

    by illkeptsecret Aug 3, 2014 9:51 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Aug 4, 2014 8:28 AM Flag

    Last week I read where there was an almost 6% drop in short interest. Based on how well OPK's stock has held up in a weak market, I expect covering is continuing. With Dr. Frost buying large chunks of shares every week, shorts will get the message sooner or later. Good luck!

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Aug 4, 2014 8:22 AM Flag

    Who does Chelsea think she is, Sarah Palin? I luv the way you guys reason, or don't!

  • He certainly is confident in his company's prospects.

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    "Free and Clear" Frank

    by cyoung8404 Aug 1, 2014 7:41 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Aug 1, 2014 9:13 AM Flag

    You are the only guy on this board and just about any board I visit who constantly brags about his performance. Even when your previous posting of buys contradicts your successes, you still expect us to believe that you are not incurring significant losses in some of your positions. Hey, I have a pretty good knowledge of accounting with several accountants in the family, including my son, but what you are expecting us to believe is voodoo accounting at its best. You are a hall of famer in your own mind, but don't expect the rest of us to buy into your nonsense.

  • cyoung8404 by cyoung8404 Aug 1, 2014 7:41 AM Flag

    Guys, why waste your time arguing about profits and losses with Frank. His pat answer is always free and clear shares. Buying a boat load of shares and then seeing them drop something like 40% usually results in substantial loses for mere mortals. Frank may have made out well on the CLDX run-up, but if he kept buying on the way down as his posts indicate, he has taken quite a beating. Frank is a bio-tech guy and the sector has been crushed the last few months. I am quite certain his portfolio is worth a lot less today than it was 6 months ago.

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    Buy Russia and sell the..

    by frankfrazzano Jul 30, 2014 3:52 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 31, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

    I heard someone say on the radio that Judge Judy may be asked to hear the House Republican lawsuit. Should be interesting. Ironically the Republicans are suing because Obama made some changes to Obamacare, a law they opposed every step of the way. I believe they voted to repeal it over a hundred times. At least they were able to make up their minds on something. Now they are going to try to have a trial and some nut jobs are calling for impeachment. The fact that a gas bag flip flopper like Christie is leading the pack for the Republican nomination shows just how divided and pathetic the Republicans are. Christie has had his state's debt downgraded something like six times. Job creation in NJ sucks. The transportation fund is just about bankrupt. His closest associates closed down bridge lanes for days as political punishment to a local mayor, but Christie claims he didn't know anything about what they were doing: that shows real leadership. Hurricane Sandy relief is a mess, and Christie is breaking his commitment to fund the state's pension system after negotiating a deal less than two years ago. If he is the best the GOP has to offer, the next election should be a lot of fun.

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    Corp Inversions are not the PROBLEM!

    by frankfrazzano Jul 31, 2014 9:12 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 31, 2014 10:29 AM Flag

    Ireland's most recent unemployment rate is 11.6%. Enough said, Frank! You just pull this #$%$ out of your imagination and stereotype illusions. Come to think of it, where you sent packing from your pharma job? I know a lot of pharmas had big layoffs of dead wood a couple of years back. You might have been a prime example of the Peter Principle you refer to. I have relatives who are or were pretty high up in BMY, SGP, etc.. I'll check to see if any of them made your acquaintance. One of them headed up operations in Ireland for a time, and he told me they went there because of the lower tax rate and low wages, not because the workforce was better trained.

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    Buy Russia and sell the..

    by frankfrazzano Jul 30, 2014 3:52 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 31, 2014 8:39 AM Flag

    Praising the tactics of a guy like Putin because you don't like Obama is just pure sick. President Obama represents our country and you guys hate him for trying to get us out of stupid wars Bush started, trying to get affordable healthcare for all US citizens, trying to pull hard working people out of poverty by raising the minimum wage, etc., etc. So according to you politics tops your countries best interests. Frank, I have read your hateful and perverted postings for quite a few years. You may have some knowledge about biotechs, but your political fanaticism is just over the top. The only good thing about your hateful postings is that normal people who live in the real world and work in our country's melting pot, get to see what our country would be like if the likes of you ever got control. I wish you had to live under your buddy Putin's rule. I bet you would keep your big mouth shut under those circumstances.

    Oh by the way, your Republican House of Rep. has done nothing these past six years and according to the latest Fox News poll, Congress has an approval rating of 13%. But that won't stop them from going on a long vacation break. I wonder if you will research how many rounds of golf Boehner will be playing. Right! At least they did decide to sue the President for using his executive authority as every other modern president has done. That has to be absurdly funny because he took those actions because the Republican House is so divided that they can't agree within their our party how to proceed on any major issue. Just ask Eric Cantor about that.

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    Buy Russia and sell the..

    by frankfrazzano Jul 30, 2014 3:52 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 30, 2014 8:19 PM Flag

    Just read where Russian businessmen and others are becoming increasingly nervous that the sanctions are beginning to isolate Russia from the EU and the rest of the world. The knocking down of the Malaysian plane appears to have put a dent in Putin's strategy. Reportedly opposition voices are beginning to be heard in the local media which is highly unusual for Russia especially under Putin. I know of few of you guys are Putin fans, but like most other egotistical maniacs, he will end up having to back down or bring Russia to the edge of financial ruin.

  • The good doctor just keeps buying thousands of shares on a very regular basis no matter what the price. Pretty soon the available float will start to shrink. Frost is in control. All he has to do is announce that OPK is considering strategic options and this stock will jump into double digits. Can't see why someone would short with that hanging over their head, but hey some people are easily parted from their money. IMHO.

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    Illegals Protesting in Washington

    by j20tower Jul 29, 2014 8:57 PM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 30, 2014 9:45 AM Flag

    Just read where all the tea party talk about putting the president on trial is bringing in millions to the Democratic fund raising. In fact, House leaders are trying to play the talk of impeachment down because they know it is only designed to appeal to the tea party wackos who are a dying breed, and they know it is galvanizing all the groups (everyone except white senior citizen males) who they have offended. Also just read a report that American personal debt is growing especially in southern and western (red) states. Many of the major cities in Texas have 50% or more of their populations facing major debt issues. Wonder how many of them are on or heading to public assistance.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 29, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    Cemp is one you and I both agree on. I hope they have some good news to present at the conference call. OPK is also looking good. Dr. Frost bought another 36,000 shares last Friday. With the large short position in OPK, Dr. Frost could bring them to their knees if he said OPK was going to pursue its strategic options. Although I would love that, I get the feeling he will take things slow and steady. A relative of mine got to know him when my relative's company bought one of his. He was very impressed with Frost's knowledge and business savvy. I have no trouble buying bio-tech where insiders are buying shares on a weekly basis. Good luck!

  • reportedly last Friday. You have to love a guy who wants to buy up all the shares no matter the price. Sure sounds like a suicidal stock to short! IMHO.

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    What is the short thesis for OPKO?

    by finance.phil Jul 29, 2014 9:50 AM
    cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 29, 2014 10:00 AM Flag

    4Kscore sales should start of slowly until docs get educated. My doc. wasn't aware it was in development early last spring, so OPK has some educating to do. I believe there is also a question of getting ins. approval which seems like a no-brainer because it will save thousands by eliminating unnecessary biopsies. However, if money is not a big concern, I believe most men would opt for the 4K score first before getting a biopsy.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 28, 2014 8:26 AM Flag

    I think the real ruin of our healthcare system is the skyrocketing costs of drugs and treatment. Just read an article about how insurance companies are struggling to pay for treatments like the new HEP C treatment which cost $1k a day. In some cases, the ins. companies are refusing cover the treatment because they just can't afford it. Socialized medicine in the rest of the world sets price controls on drugs and treatments. Those socialized program works very well because they get the US taxpayers and patients to pay for the research costs of these new meds and treatments. Throwing salt into the wound, drug companies are climbing over themselves to set up in foreign countries to avoid paying US taxes. Pretty good deal when you can get the US to pay the bill for medical research and innovation, and yet avoid paying US taxes. Maybe the do nothing reps we have in Congress will put their "thinking caps on" and finally realize we are subsidizing the world's medical costs.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 27, 2014 7:46 PM Flag

    You guys throw terms like communism, socialism, etc. around quite freely and carelessly. If you really were a student of history and knew what the history of those ideologies involved, you would know that the USA is not communistic or socialistic, unless consider the socialistic programs of Medicare and Social Security. Ironically how most of the Tea Partiers have no problems with these programs even though they are the biggest drains on our country's economy. I guess that's because those two programs sustain the Tea Party types who tend to be white, senior citizens; most of whom will collect far more from Social Security than they ever paid in, and will most likely run up $100,000's of medical costs that Medicare will have to pay for. How much did #$%$ Cheney's heart transplant cost? Oh, that's right, it's OK to take care of these groups, but the government should let the other needy groups in our society fend for themselves.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 27, 2014 7:32 PM Flag

    Well said!

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 26, 2014 12:08 PM Flag

    My point is that companies that are running out of cash and have to borrow, dilute, or cut an emergency deal usually are not the best investments. RGDX has products to sell, but they are losing money, so what is the big catalyst to drive them forward? The recent stock price action seems to support my contention that sentiment is negative concerning RGDX's short term prospects. If RGDX has to do a deal or raise money out of necessity, that is not usually a good thing for long term investors. Diluting shares, reverse stock splits, or borrowing money at high interest rates isn't ideal. Sure, CLDX diluted and bounced back quickly. However, CLDX's long term chart looks pretty pathetic if you bought in after CLDX had its run. The difference between the two stocks is that RGDX has approved products, but CLDX's value is in it perceived potential. I don't have a great interest in RGDX, but I will try to catch their CC to see what their strategy is.

  • cyoung8404 cyoung8404 Jul 25, 2014 3:58 PM Flag

    At the end of March, RGDX reportedly had $5 million of cash and cash equivalents. I believe they lost a little over three mil the last quarter. Cash could be a problem going forward unless sales have ramped up. Judging by the share price action of late, I get the feeling that this quarter may reveal a definite need for raising money. I guess a collaboration or a sale of the company would be desirable, but diluting shares could cause longs a lot of pain. IMHO.

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