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  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 May 19, 2015 12:37 PM Flag

    Chelsea was shutout by a relegated team, three to zero !
    Bettors lose and William Hill wins ! Oh, so nice !

  • The FpV (VICTORY FRONT ) appears to have settled on its two possible candidates. From now to the election,shares will change hands around these prices for BMA, BFR,IRS,GGAL.The move in share prices will be jolted on huge volume when the outcome becomes clearer.BMA= $54.25,BFR=$18.65,GGAL=$22.00.

  • Recent negative political events in Argentina concerning the Renewal Front ,likely weighing on the recent polls and on the shares of the four noted companies.However, these reversals will not stand.When the day of decision arrives,the Victory Front will be rejected by the voters. The antipathy and disgust have been accumulating for quite a long time,and it will take widespread fraud and a colossal swindle to alter the likely outcome.

  • Dividend payable today,11-May-2015

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 May 9, 2015 11:52 AM Flag

    At the end of April, WBRBY is the 6th largest component of the Ishares MSCI Austria capped ETF.

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 May 8, 2015 2:15 PM Flag

    Lots of losing bettors in the election.Very likely, a good result for WIMHY.The shares are noisy today.

  • I would be watching the possible shifting views of Poland.If the strident rhetoric against Russia begins to fade,and the government begins to initiate a repositioning of policy over the Ukraine, then I would take such anecdotal evidence as the opportunity to buy into RSX,SBRCY,and RUSL.

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 May 4, 2015 3:29 PM Flag

    You might enjoy the film clips of Steven Seagal meeting Vladimir Putin at a martial arts show. Try Youtube !

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 May 4, 2015 2:40 PM Flag

    You might want to read the editorial in today's Financial Times (04-May-2015 ).It covers the subject under discussion by both of us.
    Success in all your stock and commodity trades.
    Have a good day wherever you are located.

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 Apr 30, 2015 11:59 AM Flag

    ex-dividend - 30-April -2015

  • Again, my apology for bending your ear, and interrupting you while you were digesting the pile of data in the Investor's Business Daily.
    Since you concentrate on American stocks,Argentinian,Colombian,Turkish,European and Russian companies must be entirely superfluous.
    Will not interrupt your concentration again.
    Success in your vocation,


  • Like a skillfully-played tennis match,it is now advantage Russia.England,France,Germany,Italy want to renew business with Russia,and articles exposing the internal machinations of the Ukranian oligarchs and the government of Poroshenko are intended to weaken western support for the Ukraine.
    The country to watch now is Poland. If Poland begins to shift its posture on the Ukraine to neutral,watch the Russian stocks move ahead on volume.

  • ( first quarter operating profit decrease by 19 % )
    CEO James Henderson says results were impacted by the introduction of the point-of-consumption tax in December, and the increase in the machine games duty (MGD ) rate last month.

  • The pullbacks in BFR,BMA,GGAL should begin to abate soon.
    Recent results in the numbers from Mendoza and from Santa Fe provinces indicate that the Argentine population is not going to allow itself to be tricked by the machinations of the Victory Front. Nothing is certain about the outcome of the October election,but the best offensive efforts by Mrs. Kirchner and her supporters may have already been witnessed. Her promises are likely to become more preposterous and distant if the poll numbers once again begin to slide.
    Selling put options below the market on these three issues, selling some distant calls and buying near-to-the-market calls might be considered.
    When BFR was trading at $23., I sold the 22 /12 calls of July17th @$256. each.

  • A respectful reminder to both of you:
    If it were not for the heroism and fury of the Red Army during the Second German World War, we would most likely be speaking German and Japanese today, if we were still alive.
    For the Allied countries to boycott the ceremonies in Moscow is a shameful episode in the conduct of foreign policy.WE should honor the fallen soldiers on the eastern front who fought against the national evil of Hitlerism on their Victory Day. By presenting a strong contingent of our highest citizens in Moscow, we would demonstrate our willingness to separate the moral imperative of the Allied victory from the present contentious discourse over the Ukraine.Conflicting personalities and policies at the highest levels of government are inconsequential compared to the many millions whose lives were lost in order to secure our freedom.

  • What is the explanation from TD as to why you cannot purchase shares in SBERBANK ?
    You might do a circuitous route and buy Direxion Daily Russia Bull 3x ( RUSL ) or Market Vectors Russia (RSX ).
    RUSL will provide you with plenty of action. Both issues have a percentage of their holdings in SBERBANK and exposure to Russian equities in other sectors.
    Will look forward to your reply.
    Success in your efforts and in your trading.

  • Will read your messages on the Santander message board.
    Any pertinent comments concerning Santander and the Spanish economy and political gymnastics will interest me.
    I have traded this stock a great many times over a great many years.

    Have a nice day wherever you are located !

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 Mar 22, 2015 4:56 PM Flag

    Mr. Nisman is scarcely cold in the grave, and the accusations and mudslinging have been launched against him without Mr. Nisman being able to defend himself.When the Victory Front is finished kicking the dead body beyond recognition, the abuse and vitriolic accusations and rumors will begin against the candidates of the likely opponents to the Victory Front in the approaching October elections. The Victory Front will not give up power without a brutal fight,- down and dirty !

    The almost perpendicular rise in the equities traded on the Bolsa since the weekend elections of August 10th and 11th, 2013, should now begin to effect the physical pull of gravity. The dirt and the mud will fly from the hands of the Kirchner supporters, and it is likely that the poll numbers for the Renewal Front will begin to waver. Any drop, even the slightest, will effect the shares traded both in Buenos Aires and in New York. Expect to witness sharp drops in the stocks of Banco Macro, Grupo Financiero Galicia, BBVA BANCO Frances, and Inversiones y Representaciones.The volume in recent days has been huge and the run-up to new 52-week highs evident across all these stocks. Volatility which is already at a high level, is likely to respond to every new accusation and every new poll number, damaging to the Renewal Front or not !

    Take a long deep breath, and be sure to take your calm-down pill !

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 Mar 15, 2015 2:01 PM Flag

    Concerning your October 26, 2014 posting :

    For the time being, you are quite probably correct in that few people are looking at this message board. However, that situation is likely to change once sports betting is allowed legally to expand in our country.
    I did make a first posting on the William Hill message board, WIMHF. I have built a stock position on William Hill through that symbol. In retrospect, I should have purchased my shares over time, using WIMHY, where you posted your remarks last October.

    I will look for any comments that you wish to make on both boards.

    Stay well, and stay strong -

  • dasamaru40 by dasamaru40 Mar 11, 2015 2:08 PM Flag

    Trading in the shares of William Hill is active in London, but largely inactive in WIMHF.
    The reason can be focused on few shareholders in the U.S.A., as the company did not operate in our country for quite a long time, thus the absence of ADRs..This explanation came from a previous CEO to whom I wrote many years ago. However, with the entrance into Nevada,and other exposure through favorable research reports, a noticeable increase in share trading is likely to occur.

    Other companies in this sector have experienced significant operational problems in the execution of their business model. As long as William Hill can avoid over-paying for any acquisition, and execute positively, its footprint in the U.S.A., Australia, Spain and Italy should hold the interest of investors in this sector of the market.

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