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davebugs 54 posts  |  Last Activity: 10 hours ago Member since: Feb 17, 2000
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    Not much of a pop

    by storagelh 20 hours ago
    davebugs davebugs 10 hours ago Flag

    I just got home and catching up a little bit.

    I'll have to look things over a bit and the CC transcript. I won't be around tomorrow much either.

    But heavy volume, nothing stupid on the call that I heard listening occasionally.

    And up over 3%, and even on my options trade I piggybacked the other day.

    Remember a lot of folks play catch up tonight on the news and ER's. Even professional firms without the balls to do actual research so they wait on what mgmt tells them.

    I doubt we were on any high lists today because I don't see new crackpots on the MB.

    But tomorrow could be still interesting.

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    advanced packaging

    by bot_feeder 21 hours ago
    davebugs davebugs 10 hours ago Flag

    My god they can't take another "flip chip" hit again...

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    by bot_feeder 22 hours ago
    davebugs davebugs 21 hours ago Flag

    Historically KLIC wasn't so well run.

    I made a TON of money off KLIC when it was more cyclical.

    I used to start to buy when no earnings, start to sell as soon as it had Earnings. Worked very well for liek 5 cycles.

    Now they will still always be cyclical, but with the much better financials are a much better company. Less profitable to trade, but a better company IMO.

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    by crosscourtforehand 23 hours ago
    davebugs davebugs 21 hours ago Flag

    Took until 8:49 until question abotu "enhancing shareholder value" - like they aren't executing well, and making a ton of money.

    Quit pestering the fells, let him run the business!

    I've heard part of the call, but may have to leave now.

    Premarket looking good.

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    by crosscourtforehand 23 hours ago
    davebugs davebugs 23 hours ago Flag

    I'm thinking it reads pretty good.

    Notice after hours yesterday it was over 14 and so far pre-market the same.

    The call will be interesting, I likely won't be able to be on it though.

    Lip service about paying attention to shareholders whatever, but NO acuisitions, dividend, or anything. Keep that cash, and the market seems to be coming to you. Heck - even wedge did well (relatively speaking).

    Now, to be able to understand Bruno....

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    Conf call

    by bot_feeder Jul 29, 2014 12:59 AM
    davebugs davebugs 23 hours ago Flag

    I believe KLIC's have alwasy been then. I keep notes. Because Yahoo is useless by telling you earnings date, but not even before or after the bell.

  • Was a nice blip down today if anyone was looking to add some.

    I help out for more options but didn't get any more.

    I may have to miss the call tomorrow.

    Hopefully KLIC's price can adjust on it's own merits, not the latest war/skirmish.

  • Slide on friday too.

    Keep an eye on the options too...

    Heavy volume so far today in the first 10 minutes.

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    LOOK AT THOSE JAN 2915 14 strike calls!!!!

    by davebugs Jul 25, 2014 3:56 PM
    davebugs davebugs Jul 25, 2014 3:58 PM Flag

    Jan 17th 2015 14.00 strike - I added a few at 1.20 (HOD).

    More activity on Aug 14's too.

  • I had to buy me a few for the ride!

    Just walked in the door and placed teh trade.

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    by storagelh Jul 25, 2014 7:36 AM
    davebugs davebugs Jul 25, 2014 8:19 AM Flag

    I give up. Who is art?

    The quarterly Earning Release I understand.

    I haven't traded AMAT in years, I'll have to keep an eye on them and how the aquisition is going.

  • davebugs davebugs Jul 25, 2014 6:44 AM Flag

    Other simple "tell's" are volume of common or options - which is why I started this thread activity on both sides (calls AND puts) of a strike price that is actually under MAXPAIN.

  • And I'm a LONG time holder.

    They will likely try to get this stock price up before annual meeting that really isn't that far off. Otherwise how can mgmt stand up there AGAIN and justify their performance the last several(bordering on many) years?

    Of course I've thought that before.

    Atleast they stopped purchasing other companies(especially with cash).

    NEWP did buy a small laser company yesterday.

  • davebugs davebugs Jul 24, 2014 10:25 PM Flag

    MAXPAIN is an options term. Basically the stock will end up at the price that will screww the most options owners.

    Pushing the bait I made comments on here on this MB over the years. I don't have the time for the market I used to. Basically it's this: Often an individual such as yourself won't have a clue about lets just say insider information about a stock. And rarely does anyone ever get prosecuted for insider trading - just blatant, really stupid folks. That said it could be someone like a supplier or customer for instance with knowledge the rest of us don't have who is placing bets.

    Often you can spot this "pushing the bait" and still make money off of it. In other words you don't need to actually know the information or who is causing the action in the stock. But can often observe the "pushing the bait" that is being done and play along and make decent returns.

    In other words something is definatly pushing the bait/bobber(like a kid uses) trying to rob the bait but smart enough to not swallow the hook. But you can see the bobber move to there has to be a fish...

    If you think the bait is being pushed unnaturally you can place your own bets.

    Personally I've traded KLIC since the late 90's. Typically cyclical trading every few years by "scale in, scale out, online commissions are cheap".

    I have seen some bait pushed over the years.

    Other than standard DD and following this company for years including CC's, transcripts, etc. some simple data points I use are the simple finviz chart, MAXPAIN, and "pushing the bait".

    finvix and MAXPAIN take no analytical skill, so simple things like that is all some folks use. I'm more of a fundamentalist but over the years look at these other key points mostly because they are all a lot of folks pay attention to. Again - you don't have to be at the bleeding edge of the trend, you just need to be able to recognize it soon enough to perhaps play it in the same direction.

    Don't be greedy.

    I'm at max post

  • May want to look at the Aug 16th 14's that are ITM and traded some calls and twice as many puts today and to the naked eye is under MAXPAIN which looks to be 15's.

    I'm watching to try and decide if to play before ER if I have time to analyze and I think I can get a feel for it by folks "pushing the bait".

    So just a heads up on the activity today.

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    Stuck in this range

    by storagelh Jul 22, 2014 9:49 AM
    davebugs davebugs Jul 22, 2014 5:12 PM Flag

    No mans land right now.

    Next week's ER will likely move it a bit. Just never know which way with KLIC.

    I may do something with options but unsure if I'll be buying or writing some. Often I let the premium determine that as much as some other simple factors. Because I won't risk more than 1/4 of my holdings or add the equivalent of another 1/4 or 1/5.

    Gotta love KLIC though.

    No-one here constantly posting about a dividend or buyback.

    Bruno hasn't squandered the money on a n aquisition.

    Life is good...

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    Trying to buy back some trading shares under 21.00

    by davebugs Jul 16, 2014 10:07 PM
    davebugs davebugs Jul 19, 2014 9:23 AM Flag

    Got them - I believe on the market dip due to the plane being blown out of the sky - I was out all day. I believe I got them at 20.86 I'd heve t look, certainly not the low but for these trading shares that's just fine.

    Closed the week at 21.32 on above average volume on a general market up/recovery day.

  • Just missed getting them today.

    Hard to tell what this sleepy little stock will do from time to time now with an activist involved.

    But I plan to trade half of my position a litlte at a time like I usually do. Including buying back some trading shares I recently sold.

    Good luck folks, assuming anyone out there actually pays attention to this MB.

    Remember to do all or nothing or the fills are bizarre, I've had them fill almost entirely with 1 and 2 share transactions. Which reminds me I need to change my order...

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    OT: BLUE

    by dcxavier Jul 11, 2014 9:24 PM
    davebugs davebugs Jul 14, 2014 11:39 AM Flag

    Just sold my remaining TEVA at 54.87

    Not done with DD on BLUE yet, ATHN having a bit of a bounce today.

    Won't touch MYL.

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    OT: BLUE

    by dcxavier Jul 11, 2014 9:24 PM
    davebugs davebugs Jul 12, 2014 8:01 AM Flag

    When I ge ttime fo rtome DD - thanks.

    I recently sold all my COV rather than wait on the deal.

    Bought some ATHN as a spec.

    Only have a wee little drug exposure with JNJ and TEVA and about to sell the TEVA.

    A few little spec guys mostly from this MB I believe. Not my area of expertise at all. So I appreciate the mention so I can hopefully get to some DD.

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