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  • dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Dec 5, 2014 7:19 AM Flag

    good luck in trying to "come back at a lower price. I've heard that many times (and I even said something like that at least one time). But the only time that I really saw it "comeback" was a few weeks ago when it hit 80. After today, you might not even see anything less than 95.

    Oh - there is another time I saw someone say they'd wait for a drop. A friend, only about 3 years ago, bought at about 28, and sold at 35. He said he wanted his profit, and would buy back at a lower price. when it hit 32, I told him to buy back. He did - when it hit 60. Shrewd. Very Shrewd.

    Good luck to you traders. I'm very very happy to be long on Disney.

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    goin out on a limb

    by nylsia21998 Dec 4, 2014 10:30 PM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Dec 5, 2014 7:14 AM Flag

    Your not going out on a limb at all.

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    Disney Divi

    by pv_r959 Nov 21, 2014 9:57 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Dec 4, 2014 9:04 PM Flag

    I think Disney believes that it has issued too many shares to purchase companies (Pixar, Marvel, Lucas), and would like to tighten up its ship. 1.7 billion shares is a lot of shares. I think they would like to see something closer to 1 billion.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by jeddiemack Nov 13, 2014 11:06 PM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Dec 4, 2014 7:59 AM Flag

    Boy, was I wrong.

    This was very very surprising. They easily could have issued a lower dividend. They must be very very optimistic.

    A lower dividend would have allowed them to focus on stock buy backs more, and allowed them to increase dividends later. The increase in dividends could work against stock buy backs (because they have less money for buybacks at a higher price). But then, again, they must really be confident in the future.

    It only confirms my opinion that they will hit 125 in the next year or so. And it also confirmed that the recent drop to 80 was a buying opportunity of huge proportions.

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    Still sticking to story

    by robbrush Dec 3, 2014 1:34 PM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Dec 3, 2014 3:49 PM Flag

    keep sticking to it.

    why today?? as opposed to later this week??

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    Head Winds

    by dcdcdc131313 Nov 21, 2014 8:28 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Nov 27, 2014 8:56 AM Flag

    We may have well broken through. It is over 11.70 this Thanksgiving morning. Having the markets open their but closed here may have taken some of the drag off of it.

    Even though I find the 11.50 euro threshold an interesting 'boundary", I usually don't believe in such artificial numbers. Still, it has hesitated and fallen back when it hit this number before. And it would translate into 14.60 U.S. It is a something to be thankful

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    Head Winds

    by dcdcdc131313 Nov 21, 2014 8:28 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Nov 25, 2014 8:09 AM Flag

    As always, I spoke to soon. Yesterday, it fell back to 11.50. Maybe today, it will be different - it is over 11.70 as I type this. It would be nice to hold that .

    If the euro was merely .04 higher, ing would be over 15.

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    Head Winds

    by dcdcdc131313 Nov 21, 2014 8:28 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Nov 24, 2014 7:20 AM Flag

    Maybe, Maybe just maybe, we are breaking out a little overseas today. ing seems to be over 11.50 so far today - 11.60, and the euro is up a little (although down compared to a few days ago). If this "trend" continues, maybe we can see 15 by the end of the week.

  • dcdcdc131313 by dcdcdc131313 Nov 21, 2014 8:28 AM Flag

    the head winds are driving me crazy.

    ing seems to have rebounded to nearly 11.50 euros, which it was two days ago, but fell off yesterday. 11.50 is really about the year high, imo.

    but the euro is off today, so that the dollar comparison is off.

    the euro is under 1.25. about 6 months ago, it was pressing 1.40.

    if the euro rebounded, it would add 1.5. If the European economy was doing better, that could add another 20%.

    and if the markets were respecting ing for what it is, that could add 25 - 50%.

    it will take some time - maybe 5 to 10 years. but patience will have this stock doing well.

    but in the meantime, its driving me crazy.

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    by jeddiemack Nov 13, 2014 11:06 PM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Nov 15, 2014 12:04 AM Flag

    I'm betting 1.00.

    But the dividend is irrelevant. They will not let it be a drag on its stock repurchases, not its expansions. At 1.00 it is consistent with past percentages, and is an even number - I would have thought that they would have increased it more last year, but that would have meant that they would be looking at more than 1.00 for this year, and they are not ready for that.

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    quarterly earnings on Wednesday morning

    by dcdcdc131313 Nov 3, 2014 11:04 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Nov 15, 2014 12:00 AM Flag

    This stock should be doing much better. It has really come back to solid financials.

    I would have thought that it would have bumped up to 15 by now. Yes the weak euro is hurting, but it should be making more.

    I suspect that they will spin off the insurance unit to shareholders. That is undervalued. On the other hand, they are steadily selling off Voya, perhaps because its stock price is doing nicely, and it is even stronger to them with the strong dollar.

    but, again, they should be over 15 by now. they are making nice money, get consistently good reports from analysts, have taken off the yoke of their state aid by paying it off, and should be announcing some dividend soon - which will make them more attractive to a portion of the market that needs dividends.

    I'm hoping that it breaks 15 by the end of the year. As next year unfolds, it may steadily approach 20. And as the European market steadily improves over the following year, with a strengthening euro, you may well see it break 30 by 2017.

  • Quarterly earnings on Wednesday morning - that means (hopefully in a addition to getting good news on that front) we will get confirmation of the payoff date to the state reimbursement (hopefully by the end of the year), and a date for the next dividend (within 3 months - although they were typically issued in May and November previously). No real big news, but it will add certainty to all this confusion.

    ING has some head winds now - a week euro (it is near highs on a euro basis - today the euro is under 1.25 - if it was approaching 1.4, we would be approaching 16). It also has a week Euro economy. If we had some nice tail winds, we could be approaching 20, with a good day on Wednesday.

    Actually, as we gain certainty, a better euro economy, and a better euro, you could see a real nice rise - but I would suggest that we are 2 years before we really begin to see that.

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    by robinfamily1818 Oct 31, 2014 9:19 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 31, 2014 6:23 PM Flag

    I don't get it - the stock comes out with earnings that meet expectations, goes up over one point, and just one post today. Maybe that is a good sign that this is a solid company - just a solid no nonsense company that doesn't carry all the chatter and baggage that too many companies seem to carry. Maybe I picked a nice company to be interested in.

    In the interim, they seem to be coming out of the recession that hit the the auto industry. They now have a positive net worth. They should be paying down their debt, creating more value. And maybe others will catch on that they are making about 2.50 plus a year, with growth, that will translate into a nice price.

  • dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 28, 2014 4:26 PM Flag

    I think that they just might be able to, at least occasionally, have something at a nice price - and for those of us on the east coast that may be worth something to them.

  • dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 28, 2014 7:27 AM Flag

    Well, today we might really begin to see the next push to 15. Yesterday was a disappointment. Maybe the mark down of a couple of ratio's disappointed the markets, although the company said that it was pleased with the results (at least that's what I think they might have said based upon the brief reports in the news).

  • dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 26, 2014 2:57 PM Flag

    I don't know if they are paying it "immediately", but it will be done by the end of the year. If it was to be done "immediately", it would have been completed by the time you finished your post.

    But this is good news. I think you will see 15 within the next week. I personally think you will see a jump to 15 tomorrow.

  • dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 23, 2014 9:01 AM Flag

    The market seems to be discounting that, focusing on the actual sales (perhaps a good barometer given this difficult quarter), with it seemingly rebounding off of the early premarket lows.

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    by rsgensburg Sep 30, 2014 7:17 PM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 23, 2014 8:04 AM Flag

    Shouldn't we be hearing of the European stress test soon?

  • dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 23, 2014 7:59 AM Flag

    I will be listening. I hope you will too.

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    back up the truck

    by robinfamily1818 Oct 16, 2014 10:23 AM
    dcdcdc131313 dcdcdc131313 Oct 17, 2014 9:08 AM Flag

    I repeat. This is a buying opportunity.

    I will add this. I have said that if Disney falls apart, it is because of something else other that Disney - i.e., a depression, or other world wide crisis - and then the last thing you should worry about is the stock market. And, maybe, the Ebola crisis is something to worry about along those lines - but again, if it does become something horrid world wide (which there is little chance in my opinion), then the last thing you should worry about is what we have put into disney.

    But let's put this into perspective - yes travel (airplanes, cruises, and trips to busy parks) may have raised some concerns. But Disney is a destination trip that is something you plan a few months from now. In three weeks, this may all be over, so, except for reservations in the future, there will be little short term issues. And, if we get through the next 3 weeks, then we will find people catching up on their winter plans.

    You will see 90+ by the end of the year.

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